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Asked: 3 years ago

Do I need to collect 100 bananas per stage?

If i'm trying to get 101% in the game, do I only need to get the banana medal in each stage, or will I need to actually collect every banana.

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To get 101%, you must collect all of every item in the game (minus the colored bananas).

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No, you don't need to go through collecting all the bananas for each Kong.

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You only need to get 75 of each color banana in each stage, which gets you the five banana medals for the stage. Those are what count towards the 101%.

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No you do not have to get all 100 just 75 to earn you the banana medal for each Kong as they do count in the 101% completion.

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No. Just 75 to get a Banana Medal. That counts toward 101% as for each kong.

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No, you do not. The bananas have two purposes: first of all, they open up the final boss of each level, with an increasing quantity required for each level. Secondly, getting 75 bananas of one color in a level nets you a medal. It will never be necessary to get more than 75 for any reason whatsoever, and only 15 banana medals are needed to complete the game out of a possible 40. I have verified that not all 40 are required to complete the game 101% due to a certain glitch: if you do not get the hideout helm banana medals before completing hideout helm they become unobtainable and simply float where they appeared - you cannot grab them.

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Not really requirement, unless you're 100% collection. If not, then just get 75 for Banana Medals to get Rare Coin.

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It doesn't matter if you collect all of the colored bananas. to get 101% you have to get every character, clear each of the 8 bosses, and clear each world.

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100 bananas is just for the extreme completionists.
If you're actually interested, and it won't hurt to be, there are plenty of great walkthroughs on their locations.

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