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Will this hit Wii Virtual Console?

When will this be able to buy on Wii Shop? I played it at my 2nd cousin's house and I loved it. This would be a great game for Wii!

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the_cajun88 answered:


The DKC trilogy is out on the VC already.
Majora's Mask is out on the VC outside of America, so the Expansion Pack isn't a problem.
The only applicable factor is Jetpac, and if Rare doesn't give permission to use it it can simply be removed or replaced like things from Diddy Kong Racing DS.

There is no reason to believe this isn't coming to the VC. The only question is when it is coming.
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Charizard06 answered:

As far as I know, there are no plans for it. But you never know.
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CrazyKirby97 answered:

It's not like the game's too long. (Kirby 64, Super Mario 64, and Zelda: Majora's Mask all take a while to get 100%) They should in just about a year or so.
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