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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I change day light to dark in Fungi Forest?

Can't open gates until its dark

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There is a clock in the center of the level climb up the pendulum and there will be two switches (one with a sun and one wit a moon) Hit the Sun for daytime and the moon for nighttime with your gun and the time will change. Hope that made sense, and good luck.

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In the very center of Fungi Forest, (and yes, I know, I get lost in there too) there is a giant clock. You can either use the cannon in the grass or climb up the pendulum to get to the clock face, which has a switch on either side of it. One switch has a sun on it and the other a moon. Simply shoot the switch to activate the corresponding daylight setting.

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In the very beginning of the world is a large tree you can go up to. Get up there and charge into the switch.

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