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Ooo, banana!!!Arekusu9/10
that big gorilla is hairier then everbbeast10/10
Probably Rare’s worst work on the N64.BimmyandJimmy5/10
5 Kongs + 200 plus bananas = DK64cjk4248/10
DK.....Don-key Kong....DK...Donkey Kong is here!Duke Nukem10/10
This game is great! I think everyone should get it.GOHMA9/10
Incredible! This game got me hooked! I can't believe so many people hate it!Greatest Gamer9/10
Sorry to say this, but it was a dissapointment to meGyarados6/10
What are you waiting for? Get the Donkey Kong 64 now!JCaballeros10/10
Donkey Kong 64 will have you go bananas as you play this blast of a game!KamekDSU7/10
The monkeys are back, and better than everKlonto00710/10
DK is back and this time the rest.LegendaryFrog9/10
I never want to see another banana again for as long as I liv... OOH, BANANAMatzen126/10
Good, but not as good as Banjo-KazooieMechaMrEd8/10
A great game but too repetative and difficult.mighty mosquito7/10
One Banana, two banana, three banana, floor.mikecullerne8/10
An Overall Excellent Platformer, but one that works under the addage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."mtg83858/10
Rare's update to the classic series is one great platformerNint1259/10
Gets better as it progresses. It's excellent!RareRulz9/10
Watch Your Back Kremlings. The Kongs Are Back and Bigger Than Ever.Rogue_Agent10/10
DK isn't drinking Decaf!!SMASHBrother9/10
Kong! Kong! Donkey Kong!Sour9/10
rareware gave us a bad banana...superstarluigi1/10
Kong, Kong, Donkey KongThe Game10/10
Been There........ Done That.........?themyst8/10
The game is fun for a while but lacks a certain something.Tokyo Fusion6/10
It's BANANARIFFIC!!!Undrtakr10/10
Forget fat plumbers, or pocket monsters, long live the gorilla!!Wild Gunman10/10
Same feel as Mario 64, but more refined.Yoshiegg7/10

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