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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes             Real Name: Aaron Baker
Playstation                          E-Mail: Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au
By: Wayalla                          Version 1.0

                      1)TABLE OF CONTENTS




 -Blue Spy
 -Fort Plastro
 -Living Room A
 -Living Room B


 -Against Infantry
 -Against Tanks
 -Against Helicopters
 -Against Spiders
 -Other tips

 -Button cheats
 -X-Ploder 900 codes
 -AMAA demo codes

 -South map
 -West map
 -North map
 -East map

 -Game modes


 -Basic Tips

 -Level count
 -Other FAQs
 -The End

                         2)THIS FAQ
GAME: Army Men: Sarge's Heroes   BY: wayalla
SYSTEM: Playstation              REAL NAME: Aaron Baker
TYPE: Action                     EMAIL: azzbake@yahoo.com.au
GUIDE: FAQ/Walkthrough           CREATED ON: Wordpad
UPDATES: 1 each month            VERSION: 1.0                WALKTHROUGH


I don't have a problem with anyone e-mailing me to correct any errors,
or pointing anything that is wrong with the information that has been
put in. I don't mind either if you contribute any information, I will
gladly accept it and put it in this FAQ and you will get full credit for
all the information you contributed.


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Updates to this FAQ will be about 1 each month:
This is version 1.0

Version 1.0
First release to gamefaqs


This document is (C) 2002 Aaron Baker, and can be used on your own site.
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                         3)GAME BASICS

To at least start playing Amry Men, Sarge's Heroes, your playstation
must be set up and woirking.
-Set your playstation up
-Insert disc
-Watch or skip movie by pressing X
-Wait for menu to load

Simple isn't it.
Before you even go to play, slect opttions on the main menu by pressing
X when 'options' is highlighted. First of all, select the sound levels
you want by going into 'audio'. Press Left and Right to make the sound
lower/higher for sound effects and music.

Next, set the difficulty of the game, for beginners, select easy, for
people that have finsihed this game at least once, select Normal, For
veterans and Pros at this game, select hard.

Next go to controller 1 and select what configuration you want and
vibration on or off.

Now if you are new to the Army Men series, choose Bootcamp to perfect
your skills. I have made a big section of Bootcamp later on in this FAQ,
go there if you need help.


X: Shoot bullet

S: Crawl, Duck

O: Change weapon

T: Jump

L1: Quick turn around

R1: First person aim

L2: Strafe left

R2: Strafe right


Sarge: You play this guy. He loves being in warzones and is very brave.
	 Always honours Jack Grim and proud to be on the green team.

Jack Grim: Leader of the green team, fights against the tan. Leader and
	     the commander of the green. orders Sarge and everyone else.

Hoover: Minesweeper. This guy is a little scardycat and well suited to
the minesweeping job, the only thing he can do.

Riff: Big musly man. Because he is so touth, he carries a Bazooka and
	anything that gets in the way of that bullet, well you know.

Thick: The name says it all. he is a machine-gunner with no brain.
Fires rapid rounds a muntion.

Shrap: Mortar man. Likes everything to do with surfing and acts real
	 cool. Is deadly with the mortor.

Scorch: This guy is facinated with fire. He likes to turn the tan into
a big puddle of glue. He's crazy.

General Plastro:  Leader of the Tan. He likes killing little green men
with his new super weapon.

Vikki: Daughter of Jack Grimm, Viki is a brave girl who is kind of a
spy who records fottage with her camera.


M16: Standard gun, but it isn't really a machine gun. Start off with
this weapon as well as 25 bullets. tap of X fires 1 bullet.

M-60: Machine gun, not very useful as bullets can go off target. Hold
down X for rapid fire.

Bazooka: Fires a bazooka shell, used to destroy big moving objects such
as helecopters and tanks.

Sniper Rifle: Used to kill enemies from far away. USe R1 to manual aim
and target an enemy and shoot for a 1 shot kill.

Mines: Place them in the path of a tank, and when the tank runs over it,
it can have a nasty affect.

Flamethrower: Used to melt the opposition. press X to fire and it melts
anything in the range of the flame.

Grenades: blows up things within a certain radius of the explosion.
Press X and hold it down to set position.

Mortor: Same as grenades, but more powerful. Hold down X to set
position, let go when in the right position.

1 player mode against the Tan army. You play as Sarge in around 18
levels. This is called story mode.

Practise all your weapons and skills here in the green army bootcamp.
Essential before playing a campaign.

Verse a friend or anyone else that thinks they are better than you at
this game. Team 1 is green and team 2 is Tan.

Change all the settings for the game, such as Difficuly, sound, and even
play an Army Men Air Attack level.

Here you can watch any FMV sequence in the game, even if you haven't
gotten up to that level yet, you can still watch it.

Basically, see who created this Army Men game.

View all the info from characters from the game. They all have their own
stats and the weapon that they specialise in.

Press Up or Down to highlight a feature,
Press X to select a feature,
If at any time you need help, press O.


This section is just a really small walkthrough just helping you with
specific hard parts of the level and/or making it to the finish.

                      ACT I

Level 1: Attack

Being the first level in the game, this is quite easy if you have worked
out all the enemy AI.
General Plastro and his men have raged war on the green base, wanting to
kill every green soldier. Don't you hate that guy.
Let the airstrike kill the 2 guys in front of you, now follow the road
all the way around killing all tan soldiers on the way and get to the
bridge and kill the 2 guys on there. After that, Jack Grimm will come
out of the bushes. Go up to him. Once again, kill everyone and lead Jack
to the minefield, but first get the minesweeper near you off the track.
Hold down X to use the minsweeper and clear the whole path of mines. Let
Jack catch up to you once you are past the mine field, kill everyone in
this section and follow the road round and kill the 2 guys near the
helecopter. Go up to the helecopter and it is mission accomplished.
First level complete.

Level 2: Blue Spy

Hard for beginners, there is a new thing you have to face here, it is a
tank. They fire bazooka shells that will kill you in 2 shots. Learn to
master dodging bullets.
While in the helecopter, Jack Grimm and Sarge spot a blue 'spy' tank in
the village below. They need to capture the guy in the tank for
Straight up the road, kill the 2 guys and eliminate the tank and get the
bazooka from the path leading out. Continue on past the village and kill
all tan you encounter. Once you are through the 2nd village, you will
come to a tank and about 3 guys, 1 hiding behind sandbags with a machine
gun, one straight ahead of you, and the other I can't remember where,
anyway, eliminate the tank, then the 3 guys. Do kind of a U turn to your
left (looking out) and go behind the village houses. Make sure you have
3 bazooka bullets left, if you don't, go back and find some. Now you
will se a red tank, master the skill of dodging tank and enemy fire and
eliminate the tank. Walk up and you will see the portal, and then the
blue spy will come out the building. Don't bother, you can't kill him.
Walk up into the portal where he goes.

Level 3: Bathroom

Your first major protection level. This one may take you afew times to
do, espicially with the helecopter sniping at you.
Sarge spots the blue spy, and follows him through the portal. The portal
leads to a bathroom, where Sarge has to capture him.
Alright, the first major bit of trouble is the 2 guys in front of you,
so kill them. All the way along this side of the bathroom path, use the
blocks and boxes to hide from the bullets of the helecopter. Once you
kill everyone on this part, turn left at the corner, and next to a box
on your right will be a bazooka. Now aim and eliminate the helecopter
buzzing around up there, 2 bullets will force it to crash. Go around the
bathtub and eliminate all the tan and capture the blue spy. Now you have
to get him back to the portal. First of all kill the guy in front of the
blue spy, and then the guy sniping all the way back at the portal. If
you run, the spy will follow you, unless he is actually being shot at.
Kill everyone and get back to the portal with the spy.

Level 4: Riff
Another recue mission, actually quite har, there is a few hard parts in
the level, espicially with your mate.
The blue spy gave information about the tan's new super weapon and where
the Bravo team is being held. First of all, Sarge has to find Riff, who
is being held at a tan base.
As you start off, you will see a tank in front of you, just stay where
you are for a minute until it goes, don't follow it at all, you only
have a MI6. Actually this would help in the later part of the mission if
you could eliminate the tanks now. Turn back, and go through the little
part which will lead to the tank(s). Obtain the mines there and play
around with them and make the tank move so you can eliminate them.
-Follow the road all the way down, obtaining health, ammo and killing
enemies on the way. After awhile, you will come to the base, but you
can't get in. Look on your right to see a ramp leading up. Go up to
where the health is on here and jump up. Go all the way foward on the
path and jump over the wall into the tan base. Shoot the barrels by the
gate to open it, explore the base for new weapons, and you will come to
another part of the base, and a timer will start, you have to quickly
find Riff before the explosive devise blows up, aong with Riff.
Follow the road along until you find another part of the base. On the
way here, try and ignore all the enemies. Once you find the little room,
you will see Riff. Rescue him, and kill all the enemies in your way.
Make your way back to the blue tanks and hop in 1 of them and Riff will
get in the other one. Eliminate anything that poses a threat to you and
Riff, this means all tanks.

Level 5: Hoover
A hard level, due to hoover. This level took me awhile before I actually
got Hoover to safety. He kept dying.
Sarge has to find the portal leading into the garden to rescue Thick,
his best machine gunner.
At the start, just dodge bullets and fire and kill everyone, watch out
for the bazooka men to the south, and the mortor man to the north-west.
Make sure you pick up all the ammo, such as mortors and bazookas as you
will need them coming up. Somewhere, I forget where, there is a tank for
you to use. Hop in it. Wanna see something abit rude, press down to make
the tank turret go up. You will see what I'm talking about once you do
it. Anyway, get in the tank and destroy the other tank hanging around,
or alternatively, use mortor to destroy them, but you must be really
skilled to use mortar against a tank without being shot at least once.
After awhile, you will come to the X looking thiongs, Go through them
and kill the guy running. Follow the path around and kill everyoe. Once
around, kill everyone and go to the ducking green dude between the 3
logs. It's Hoover, your wussy minesweeper. Talk to him. Run up to the
minefield and protect him while he sweeps the mines. As soon as you see
the lock on target, fire 3 or 4 M16 bullets. This is the hardest part of
the level. Once past the minefield (sp?). Once Hoover is safe, run up
and shoot everyone to secure the portal, once your close enough, guys
will come out of the portal, once again, eliminate them and then go
through the portal to end the level.

Level 6: Garden
About medium difficulty, the mission is very easy in the first half, but
when you come to protecting Thick, it does start to get difficult, and
if he or you dies, it's mission failed.
After talking to Hoover, Sarge finds that Thick has been wrestled
through a portal into a garden. Sarge goes through the portal, and when
he gets up, there is all hung green army men.
No much to really say about this level, just do what you always do.
Follow all the paths around the garden, finding ammo and killing all
enemies. You will now notice that you come across a new type of enemy,
yep, thats right, it's the spider. Never let it touch Sarge. To defeat
it, try to make sure that it hasn't seen you yet, then manual aim at it
and fire around 15 machine gun bullets. A hard bit in the level is the
tank part, use a mortar or a bazooka if you can find one to destroy it,
you may even have to run past it to find the mortar, then hide and pop
out and shoot the mortar before the tank bullet can hit you. Note that
mortar kills the tank in usually one shot. After this part, climc up on
the big box and onto the barrier and obtain the SR from the part here
with the 2 guysand use the flower leaf to get back up. From here, go
around the barrier into the part you haven't been to.


                           ACT II

Level 7: Snow
Way too easy, it makes it too easy because this isn't a protecting
mission, the only one for about what, 4 missions. This is the 2nd non
protecting mission, so this makes it very easy. The previous 2 levels
have been harder than this one.
Sarge learns that his Mortar man Shrap has be captured and taken to a
secret Tan base hidden somewhere around here.
As soon as you start, you can go right and obtain some ammo, but still
equip your trusty M16. Walk down this path and kill all the Tan here,
use the logs for cover if you need to. note that you don't even have to
cross the minefield. Instead, what you can do is just go up the ramp on
the left of it, follow it up to you are past the minefiel (you can see
the sign saying it ends). When you see this, slide dwon off the ramp
back onto there. From here cross the bridge and eliminate the Tan dude
and the tank. So make sure you get a bazooka from somewhere. Cross the
bridge and go left and eliminate the tank and get the 2 bazookas, and
then go right from the bridge and continue round this path and eliminate
everyone on the way. Jump onto the bug zapper and stand on the switch to
deactivate it. Then climb onto the steel crates and climb over and it's
mission complete.

Level 8: Shrap
Pretty easy, even though it's another protection level. It also has a
time limit as well, at the 2nd part.
Sarge finds the secret Tan base and realises that they are turning green
soldiers into bugs, and Sarge hates bugs. With closer inspection, Sarge
realises that his Mortar man Shrap, is afew soldiers away from being
turned into one.
Before you go anywhere, collect the ammo. Now follow the path right and
keep on following it. This isn't the real way to Shrap, but at the end,
you have to quickly get to the helipad, so explore around the base first
to try to find the helipad, eliminating guards on the way. Once you have
worked out where the helipad is, go back and memorise the way to the
helipad, probably by a path is better. Anyway, find Shrap surrounded by
all the evil Tan, so eliminate them. Once they are all dead, head up to
Shrap. After you two have had a little chat, follow your path that you
memorised that would get you back to the helipad and follow that. You
will now see a time limit of 1 minute come up. Follow the path to the
helipad, when you first reach the first part of where the helipad is,
eliminate the spider and the Tan guy, and continue on. Now you will come
to about 3 spiders, don't worry about any of them, run through them and
sprint it to the helecopter which you should see from now. Once that is
done, it's mission accomplished. Riff, Hoover, Thick and Shrap have now
been rescued, that only leaves Scorch and Vikki Grim which you know has
been kidnapped by General Plastro.

Level 9: Fort Plastro
Basically a very easy level, most people wont have trouble completing
this level in 1,2 or 3 goes.
With Sarge still missing Scorch, Sarge is sent to rescue Vikki from the
hands of Plastro.
The basics of all levels, the first part, you are on a beach. Just run
round shooting all the Tan up ahead. Then run up and follow the path.
Kill everyone here as well, now under the lookout tower you will find a
minesweeper, you will need it just up here. Equip it and run to the sign
that says minefield. Hold X down to use the minesweeper and disable the
mines. Once you reach the end of the minesweeper, equip your M16 again
and continue on destroying the enemy. Run up here and kill everyone who
poses a threat, and until you finally come to a helecopter and the
camera veiw changes. Now you should of got a bazooka, use it on the
helecopter, 2 shots will eliminate it from ever flying again. Run up to
where it is and jump on the powerboard and press the switch on it to
turn off the bug zapper. Go back a bit and use the steel crate to jump
the fence. Now eliminate all Tan in the base and make your way to the
portal in the middle of the base.

Level 10: Scorch
An extreme;y hard level, protecting scorch is hard if you run out of
ammo, this was always my problem.
Sarge was betrayed by Vikki, Sarge was captured and thrown in the pit.
While in the pit, a big bunch of sand falls down on him and the bottom
gives way and he falls down into a secret path and jumps out at the ned
before the spider gets him.
As soon as you start, turn right and go up and kill the guy and take the
machine gun, then return to the start and go the opposite way you just
went. Equip your M-60 and kill the spider with about 25 bullets. Next
turn the corner to see another damn spider, do the same thing, it makes
it easy to kill the spider with less shots if you don't get to close to
it. Cause then it comes to you. Once the spider is dead, take the ammo
next to him and kill the 5 guys that come. After all that is done, the
thing blocking the next section will explode. Don't go in there yet,
turn right and follow the path around and obtain the minesweeper along
with 2 bazookas. zGo back and into the section with the tank, eliminate
it and then run foward and obtain some ammo from the next part. In here
there is some health and a 25 pack bullets of M16. Go back to the
minefield and use your mine detecter that you picked up and use it to
deactivate the mines. Go around the corner and collect the M-60s, but
save them for rescuing and getting Scorch to the poratl. Climb on the
block and onto the barrier and then onto the concrete to hear the music
change. Kill everyone in this section who poses a threat to you,
especially the bazooka men. Run up and jump onto the block into the
grass area you haven't been to (left side of concrete way up). You will
now be in a different grass area than before. Eliminate both tanks by
using your bazooka and find one ontop of the blocks. Find scorch near
the dog bowl once the barrier has blown up. Go to Scorch and now equip
your M-60 and battle your way out of there and follow Scorch to the
portal to end the level. Protect Scorch at all costs, espicially when
fighting that tank straight away, use mortar on it, get it from near the
concrete part with the 2 spiders on it, or use your bazooka afew times
if you have any shells.

Level 11: Showdown
I haven't played this level for awhile, but I can still remember alot of
it, for example the objectives.
The green plans to attack General Plastro before he gets the super
weapons through the portal and destroys the green nation. So Sarge is
sent to get back Vikki.
FOA, listen to the conversation between you and Grimm. Walk up with your
M16 and kill any Tan dudes on the beach. Walk up, and then I think it is
to the right and follow the path around near the bug zapper. Now you
will be able to see the switch to turn the bug zapper off. Go up to it,
and jump on the power switch, and then the bugzapper will be disabled.
Now look for the big carte around hwere you are. You need to get on this
to get into the Fort. Go up to the crate and press triangle and then up
to pull Sarge up. Now you will see a helecopter, eliminate it from ever
flying again. Jump over the fence and you will be in Fort Plastro,
again. Now you have to make it into the Portal. All I can say here is
follow the maze around and try to find the portal hidden amoungst it.
Most, infact nearly all enemy's are dumb in here and they don't know of
your presence, use this to your advantage, and even better if you can
find a sniper rifle. Once you find the portal, go to the front gate. (I
wouldn't have a clue where it is) and then you have to escort Colonel
Jack Grmm to the Portal. Once all objectives are done, is mission
completed and the end of act II

                       ACT III

Level 12: Sandbox
The first mission in the third act, and it is really hard to complete. I
can't get past here without cheats.
Sarge goes through the Portal and lands in the snadbox and he sees Vikki
being taken away.
Same as usual at the start, blat everyone who poses a threat. Then run
up the ramp abit later on and obtain the bazooka on top of it as well as
other ammo around here. Watch out for TAn that have bazookas in this
level. Follow the map around and destroy all Tan around. Only 2 tanks
are in this level, they are near the end of the level though. Also in
this level you will need to find a minesweeper around somewhere as there
is a minefield. Save all bazooka bullets, and don't even use them on the
tanks, unless you really need to. In most cases where you can't work out
where to go, you probably have to go through the little mounatin
valley's or turn behind you. At the end of the level, you will come to a
skyrocket, looks like an easy exit hey, think again. The rocket is
protected by 2 moving bazooka and machine gun shooting lego things.
First of all, don't shoot them, eliminate all guards around the outside
just to make it easier to batle the Lego things. After the guards are
all dead, pull out your bazooka and fire at the monsterous lego things.
After awhile they will be destroyed, and if all guards around the
outside are as well, go up to the Skyrocket and you will have completed
the level.

Level 13: Kitchen
This starts off to be a trciky level, but once you know where to go and
all, it is kind of easy.
Sarge rides the rocket and lands on the window ledge of the kitchen and
can see Vikki. He must rescue her
All right, as you start, you will see 2 bugs in the sink, you say, damn,
not 2 more bugs, I don't want to waste my ammo, so don't. Turn around
the opposite way to the Bugs in the sink and go that way. Run and kill
all Tan and collect ammo and health in the corner if you need to. Then
go over to the spee-dee wrap and from here, jump onto the box and do a
massive leap over ot the cereal box. From here turn right and make sure
you don't fall off the box onto the floor of the kitchen. Jump down onto
the bench and eliminate all and any Tan until you come to the toaster.
Here, make sure you have some bazooka ammo, but don't use it on the
normal Tan guards. Just use your M-60 or M16 here and kill all the Tan
that come on top of the toaster. After all they are dead, the toaster
will explode and 2 more of those lego things will appear. Hide behind
the boxes and strafe and shoot your bazooka and destroy them along with
the few Tan members behind them, and you will now see Vikki. Just go up
to her to end the level.

Level 14: Living Room A
Being the second to last level and all, this is a very hard level,
requiring last of skill to complete the mission.
Sarge goes under the dorr after being chased by the dog and finds
himself in the living roon at christmas.
ASAYS, collect the ammo and walk foward and turn left, then look left
and kill the beetle and look right. You will see a Tan guy in the corner
under a little table, eliminate him and go over there, collect the ammo
and the health if you need it. Press L1 while facing the wall to do a
quick turn around Run foward into the part you haven't been to and
eliminate the Tan soldier on the high preasent and  walk foward to the X
things and eliminate the soldiers to the right of them. In the North
west corner from here is the tank that you have to rescue. Do what you
normally do and blast your way through the enemies. Get in the tank and
from it's original starting position, drive it up and eliminate the tank
along with the little Tan soldier. You will get to Kringle camp if you
go up and turn right and follow the rug along. Under the little tree is
afew bazookas, you will need these to eliminate the Tan super weapons,
find them both by climbing on the presents and then onto the table.

Level 15: Living Room B
What do you know, this is the last level of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes.
Complete this without cheats, and you are the very best at the Army Men
Sarge must find the portal before plastro gets there.
ASAYS, collect the ammo and don't worry about the first guy running as
it's just a waste of ammo. Run foward and work your magic by killing all
Tan. Watch out though, they all have bazzokas. Once all here is dead,
contine foward and run to the right and get some ammo and health. Don't
worry about the dog at all, you can't defeat it. Find some heavy weapon
ammo somewhere as you will need it. Dodge the airstrikes and kill the
flood of Tan that comes. Follow the rug along and once again dodge the
airstrikes. Now you will come to the super weapons. Run over to the
corner next to the portal and obtain the bazooka and eliminate all 3
super weapons. Once all are dead, go up to the portal and you have just
finished Army Men Sarge's Heroes. Well done.


Q: How do I complete the first mission?

A: Read my walkthrough about how to cplete it.
Q: But I keep getting shot and killed?

A:Well look at my tips section to dodge different types of enemy fire.
Q: Is there a way to be the enemy?

A: NO there isn't, but that would be really cool playing as the Tan as
well, even though they are bad.
Q: Do you get anything special for finishing the game?

A: Well, you kind of do, once you finishe it on easy, you get afew
bloopers, on medium, even more, and on hard, more again. Bloopers are
things that have gone wrong in the movies from the game, like word
stutters and things like that.
Q: How do I get into the enemy base on the Riff mission?

A: Jump onto the part with the health on it from your right when facing
the gate.
Q: What are the cheats for this game?

A: Cheats for this game include unlimited ammo and all weapons, I will
list them later.
Q: How do I turn off the bug zapper?

A: Step on the switch on the powerpoint.
Q: How do I complete the last level?

A: With pure luck, especially on Hard mode. Iv'e only done it about 4
times using the unlimited ammo cheat, thats all.
Q: How do I defeat a tank without a bazooka?

A: There is many ways to defeat a tank without a bazooka, 1)Find a
mortar and hide behind something 2)Find some grenades 3)Find a tank of
your own, but if none of those 3 work, you will have to get past it
without battling it by strifing to dodge the bullets while running away
to wherever you have to go.
Q: How do I save the game?

A: It automatically saves after the mission when the 'checking memory
card' writing comes up.
Q: Why does Vikki take Plastro's side in the war?

A: Because she is imprisioned and she will proabably be tortured,
SPOILERS: She secretly gives the plans to Sarge when he is captured.
Q: With your North map of bootcamp, the left side of the obsticle course
is smaller than the right side where in game it clearly shows that both
of the space between the fences are the same, please update your map?

A: I don't care, the bootcamp map wasn't drawn to scale, so who cares
weather one side of the map is bigger thatn the other so why the heck
would I update my map to make it bigger because you said so you idiot.
Q: What is the difference between 'Family' mode and 'Deathmatch' mode in

A: Good question, this one had be stunned for awhile:
Deathmatch: Start off with just the M16
Family: Start off with a little family of weapons (M16,Bazooka,M-60)
Thats the only difference I found.
Q: On the level 'Scorch', I keep being shot by the tank when I'm in the
minefield, how can I get rid of the tank so it doesn't shoot me in the

A: Find the 2 bazookas next to the minesweeper.
Q: But I want to save them for later on?

A: There is more bazooka bullets later on in the level, and plus here
you get 10 bazooka bullets.
Q: How do I defeat the 2 tanks in the 'Riff' level with only mines?

A: Lure them out and place mines, or go past them and get the blue tank
after you have rescued Riff.

-Against Infantry-

-=Dodging Bullets=-
1)To dodge their bullets that they fire, use the strife buttons (L2 and
R2). THe Tan bullets don't lock on to you, so they fire at you, but by
the time the bullet actually comes to you, you have strifed out the way
and the bullet wont even go near you.

-=Firing and dodging=-
2)Use the same method as top to dodge the bullets, but get a lock-on on
the enemy, and shoot 3 M16 bullets and the enemy will die. Very simple,
and you will need to use this to even complete the first level.

-=Don't waste ammo=-
3)As soon as someone gets a bazooka they think, oh yeah, cool, it's time
to blow those little men into smitherines, but don't fire them at the
little infantry men, it's just a waste of bullets and you will probably
need them for a tank or helecopter. So conserve your heavy weapon ammo
for the bigger things.

-=Taking them out=-
4)At some occasions, you will come across 2 or 3 or 4 guys trying to
kill you at once, try and get a lock on the one that will do the most
damage to you if you are hit.Ffor example if there was a Tan guy
carrying a M16, another carrying a M-60, and another carrying a bazooka,
try to take out the bazooka guy, then the M-60 guy, and then the M16. So
basically take out the guy that poses the biggest threat to you first.

-Against Tanks-

5)Basically once again, use the 1st tip about the strfifing out the way
of the bullet that is fired.

6)To defeat a tank, you must have a heavy weapon, example: Bazooka. When
using a bazooka, use the strife method and fire once you get the lock on
symbol. But sometimes you are in a small place where you can't strafe
alot, what you can do is strafe to the right until you reach the edge,
and then jump over the flame from the bullet to your left. Sounds
complicted doesn't it.

7)To use mortar, what you have to do is try and hide behind a crate,
box, wall, or anything and press and hold down X to set where it will
go. Aim on the tank even if the crate is in the way, once you let go and
the aim is on the tank, the mortar will fire in the air, over everything
and destroy the tank. You must be very skilled when using mortar to
destroy a tank and not even be hit once.

-Against helecopters-

-=Dodging and Firing=-
8)Same as usual, but like the bathroom level, the bullets can be pelted
at you really fast that they hit you before you get a chance to strafe,
what you do is just use R1 to manual aim or just VERY QUICKLY strife and
shoot with a bazooka.

-Against Spiders-

-=Back away=-
9)One out of the two best things to do, id just back away and don't let
the spider see you, then fire about 20 bullets of you M-60 and it will
kill the spider.

10)In some missions, there might be afew spiders guarding the portal,
what you can do is just run past the spuders through the portal without
having the hassle of taking the time and shooting them when you don't
have to kill every enemy before completing the mission.

11)if the spider sees you, do either number 2, or just manual aim and
shoot with your M-60 to force it backwards.

-Helping Buddies-

12)Once you rescue a team member, you have to protect them bak to
wherever you have to go (Usually just the portal or helipad). The main
basic tip for protecting your team is to always be next to them helping
out and mainly doing the firing to protect them, in this situation, it's
OK if you lose health, you can always replenish it by finding a health
kit, but your buddy can't, and they always seem to have less health than
you if they get hit. So you be the main shooter, espicially with Shrap
and Riff.

=Some crates can be destroyed and under them sometimes in ammunition and
some health, but not always.
=Throw mortar onto a minefield and it will destroy all mines close
enough to it.
=Mortar destroys a tank in one shot, so hide behind something and aim at
the tank for there.
=Kill unaware enemies with your trusty sniper rifle.


Button Cheats

All weapons with unlimited ammo
press START to pause game play and then press SQUARE, CIRCLE, R1, L1.
The phrase 'Power Up' and a voice will confirm correct code entry.

All levels Available
At the main menu, hold SQUARE + L1 + R1 and press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.
A voice will confirm correct code entry.

Nuke Enemies
Pause gameplay, then press LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, SQUARE. The
phrase 'Nuke Em' and a voice will confirm correct code entry. Note this
can only be used once.

Bloody Chunks
Pause gameplay, then press L1, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. The phrase 'Bloody
Chunks' and a voice will confirm correct code entry.

XPloder 900 codes

Infinite Health

Infinte Health Partner

Hyper Mode (Bootcamp)

Army Men Air Attack Demo X-Ploder Codes

Infinite missiles



it doesn't matter weather your new, or old to playing the Army Men
series, it's always good to practise firing weapons and learninig new
skills at the bootcamp. Here you can use every weapon in the game and
practise against cardboard targets.


S: Sandbags
G: Grass
N: Nothing
O.C: Obsticle Course
T: Tank


|                      |_____________ ________
|                                    |        |
|  FLAMETHROWER                      |        |
|    RANGE              _____        |  N     |
|                      |     |       |        |
|______________________|_____|       |________|
|                            |
|  SNIPER RIFLE              S
|     RANGE                  S
|____________________________|       ________
|                            |      |        |
|         NOTHING            |      |        |
|______________________      |      |        |
|                      |     |      |        |
|                      |     |      |  N     |
|     MI6              |     |      |        |
|    RANGE             |     |      |        |
|                      |_____|      |        |
|                      S            |        |
|                      S            |        |


|      S             |
|      S   BAZOOKA   |
|      S    RANGE    |
|      S             |
|      S_____________|
|      |             |
|      |             |
|      |   NOTHING   |
|      |             |


|        =         =            |
|        =         =            |
|        =         =            |
|====== _=_________=____        |
|      |                |====== |
|      |                |       |
|======|      G         |__   __|
|      |                |  | |  |
|      |                |__| |__|
|===== |__________      |__   __|
|         =       |     |  | |  |
|         =       |     |__| |__|
|_________=_      |_____|O.C    |
           | O.C        |END    |
           | START
           |       _____
           |      |     |      |
           |      |     |      |
           |      |     |______|


                        _________________ ________________________
                       |                 |                        |
                       |    M-60         |                        |
                       |   RANGE         |  MINESWEEPER           |
                       |                 |     RANGE              |
                       |                 |                        |
                       |                 |                        |
                       |S S _____________|       _________________|
                       |                                          |
                       |                                          |
  ____ ________________|    ______________  S S S S S S  _________|
 |    |                |   |              |             |
 |    |   GRENADE      |   |              |             |
 |    |    RANGE       |   |              |             |
 |    |                |   |              |  MORTAR     |
 |  T |____S S S S ____|   |              |   RANGE     |
 |                         |              |             |
 |          ___________    |              |             |
 |    |                |   |              |_____________|
 |    |    VEHICLE     |   |
 |    |     RANGE      |   |
 |    |                |   |
 |    |             T  |   |
_|    |___        _____|   |


Alright, from the start, run up until you come to the good old Bazooka
range. Pick up the bazooka and turn into manual aim. To blow up 2 close
targets, fire it at the ground between them both. You only get 5
bullets, but there is about 20 targets. Fire and destroy as many targets
as you can. It doesn't matter if you don't destroy them all.
From here, once you are done, press L1 to do a 180 degree turn around
and follow the lillte path into the next section. In this section, lets
start off by doing the flamethrower range. Grab the flamethrower and
start hooting at the barrles with it. Once that is done, go down and try
the sniper rifle range. Get it and equip it. Now press R1 from where you
are, and press L2 to zoom in and L1 to zoom out, simple. Aim at the
targets and shoot at them. Note that some bullets don't hit the targets.
Go down again and now sample the M16 range. Get all the ammo and once
again manual aim and shoot to destroy the targets.  Thats all here
folks, take the path back so you can see the bazooka range. From here,
turn left and run up into the obstacle course. From here, turn left into
it and do all the jumps by pressing up + Triangle. Follow the path
around and do all the jumps. Once th last jump is done, exit the
obstacle course and your done, well, actually only if you done it in 90
seconds, but who couldn't do that hey. From here, turn left and then
left again to see the tank. Don't destroy the other tank roaming around
or you can't finish boot camp. When I first played bootcamp, I destroyed
the tank and I couldn't finish boot camp. Practise firing and all in the
tank. Once out, head upwards to the grenade range and start throwing
grenades killing or destroying as many targets as you can. Once that is
done, follow the path up into the next section. Straight ahead is the M-
60 machine gun section. Get the weapon and use manual aim to destroy all
the targets. From here, strife all the way right and obtain the
minesweeper. From here, go in the minesweeper section and press and hold
X to use your minesweeper. Locate all the mines. Once this is done, head
to the mortar range across from this. Get the mortar and eliminate as
many targets as possible. Now, equip your M16 or M-60, and what you have
to do now is go back and destroy every single target in bootcamp (excpet
for real tanks and barrels). Once all this is done, you will get the
objectives up on screen and now just go back to the start of bootcamp to
complete the mission.


Overall, I think bootcamp is pretty sweet, but here is afew things that
I think could of been better.

More weapons, it's really silly that you get 5 bazooka bullets when
there is about 20 targets, they should put more near the sandbags.

Defenetly a combat range to perfect your shooting skills, like all the
other army men series.

Sections together, all the different sections seem to be too spread out,
and why couldn't they of just put the first 3 zones to the way left as
you start right next to the start instead of all the way out there.

Not too many, as I do think the bootcamp is good.


Use manual aim to pick off the targets. Don't waste too much ammo as you
will need it for later.

Sniper Rifle
Use L1 and L2 to zoom in and out to get a good veiw of the targets and
then shoot when the aimer is on them.

Go up near the barrels and fire the famethrower, the toxic waste barrels
will catch on fire and burn anything around it. Use it as a chain

Hod down X to set the positioning. Note once you let go of X, it takes
1/2 a second before Sarge fires the grenade.

Aim at one target out far using auto aim, and then press X and nearly
hold it down and do a run through.

Press and hold down X to set positioning, best time to throw it is when
the aimer goes on top of something.

Basically hold down X for the first part, then run foward and tap X to
get rid of all near mines just around you.

You all know that you can play against a friend or your brother/sister,
anyone you want in a Sarge's Heroes battle to see who is better.

Level 9 in the game, inside of Fort Plastro

Level 2 in the game, around and inside the town

Level 7, camp thats snowy

Level 12, box with sand

Level 11, the fort at night

Just an Island

Now, I suppose everyone is wondering what the 2 different game modes
mean, I have kiond of worked out what the difference is:

Deathmatch: Verse someone in a macth where you only start off with the
basic M16.

Family: Start off with a family of weapons, actually 25 M16 bullets, 75
M-60 bullets, 5 bazooka bullets. But each level has it different, this
is just the most common one.
Before you even start, you are given how many points you want to play
to, or how many kills, which is the same thing:

3 kills: Short game
5 kills: Normal game
10 kills: Long game
-If whoever you are playing against doesn't know how to use the strafing
method, take advantage of it by just geting close enough and firing. If
the bullet is close enough, it will lock on if you are far enough away.

-If whoever you are playing aginst does know the strafing technique, use
a machine-gun on him as most of the time it can hit.

-Use manual aim to get a good shot.

-Try to work out where whoever is going to strafe next and shoot there.

-Fire next to it on the ground to cause a big explosion and if he/she
walks into it the will catch on fire.

-More ammo is always back at your base if you need it.


This section is just describing all the movies in the game and what they
are about, just in-case you missed some, you can go to 'Movies' on the
main menu and watch as many as you want.



Attack: All is peaceful in the Green village until the Tan wage war on
it. Sarge calls Colnel and askes whats going on. He must get 	  out
of there fast.
Blue Spy: Helicopter is up in the air and they spot a blue spy in the
	town 	below. Colnel orders the pilot to take the plane down while
	Sarge reminds him that he needs a medic.
Bathroom: Sarge falls through a portal and lands in the bathroom and
says that he doesn't think he is in Kansas anymore.
Riff: This movie shows Fort Plastro and the Tan leader happy until he
	is told the bad news to him that Sarge and Colnel Grimm have
	survived last nights attack.
Hoover: Vikki is recording the words of her dad's fight to never give
up on defeating the Tan.
Garden: Sarge falls through the portal and lands in the garden where he
	  find alot of hung green soldiers.
Snow: Thich and Sarge make it out of the portal in into the helcopter,
	then vikki jumps up from hiding and repots the portal to the
	green nation and then is captured by the Tan and taken to the
	secret Tan base.
Shrap: Sarge makes it to where his Mortar man Shrap is being held and
he finds that the Tan are turning green soldiers into spiders.
Fort: Plastro makes a threat to Grimm about everything he owns will
	die, na dJack is going to surrender but being a brave Sargent,
	Sarge says he will go in there and find the last Tan portal.
Scorch: Sarge falls through the portal and lands at the feet of Plastro
	  and his men. He drops his weapon to protect Vikki and they
throw Sarge in the pit where there is spiders underneath. The 	  sand
collapses and Sarge falls through and jumps out at the end 	  of the
secret tunnel just before a spider gets him.
Showdown: Sarge gets the information about plastro's plans back to
grimm, then they learn that there is going to be an attack on
the green base, so they have to attack Plastro before it 	    happens.
Sandbox: Sarge rounds up the area of Tan. While this is happening,
Vikki tries to escape, but unsuccessfully, then she is taken 	   by
tank to be stuck on a cereal box (da). The Tan throw a 	   dynamite
stick through the last portal (So the green think 	   that it is the
last portal) So Sarge jumps through it before 	   the dynamite blows up
and sees Vikki being taken away by 	   truck, and then he sees tanks
approaching Sarge.
Kitchen: Sarge finds a rocket in the middle of the sand box which he
rides and lands on the window where he can see Vikki.
Liv A: Sarge finds and rescues Vikki, then Sarge kisses her and they
jump into the dogs bowl, then they see the dog chacing after 	 them,
so Sarge runs under the door while Vikki hides.
Liv B: Sarge says what he thinks will happen. Then Plastro appears
along with 4 other Tan men. While Plastro is speaking to Sarge, 	 Sarge
knocks the Tan men off the edge with a kids block, and 	 Plastro
sasy to Sarge that he couldn't outamrt a bullet. Then  	 the dog
comes and chews up Plastro.
Win: Sarge finds the last portal with Vikki there, Sarge lights the
	dynamite and then Vikki jumps through the portal, then as Sarge
	is about to jump through, plastro comes out and wacks Sarge over
	the head with a lamp. They fight and Plastro finds as he is on
	top. Then the dog comes and chews up Plastro and Sarge makes his
	secape back into Amry Men world Where Jack Grimm and his team are
	waiting while Plastro is being chewed up and still survives
	because there is another portal that he finds instead of him
	being stuck in this world.


Finish the game to get bloopers of the things being done wrong in the
making of movies. I will not give away any of them, find them yourself.

Another thing about Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is that it is funny in alot
of parts, here is some. I don't know all the quotes word by word, but I
will do my best.

CJG: Colnel Jack Grimm
S: Sarge
P: Plastro
TM: Tan Members
OTM: Other Tan member

CJG: "Hundreds of our courageous soldiers, dead due to Plastro's new
super weapon"
S: "That thing is babrberic, it's monstorous.......... captain, can we
build one"
CJG: "Negative"

CJG: "Our engineers don't have the technology"
S: "Then where is Plastro getting these magnificent, I mean murderous


P: "Last nights attack on the green army was a complete sucess"
TM: "Yeah, woo"
OTM: "General Plastro"
P: "Yes, what is it little man"
OTM: "Sarge and Colnel Grimm have escaped our forces, and to make
matters worse, they have captured a blue spy intelligence officer"
P: "!WHAT!"
OTM "Sarge and colnel Grimm have escaped our.."
P: "I heard what you said, it was a retorical word"
Then Plastro punches the guy out the window.


S: "OK, i will make it to the portal, destroy it and save the Green
Army, not bad for a days work"
P: "Except you are forgetting something"
S: "Plastro"
P: "I will secure the portal and destroy the Green Army"
S: "Why don't you put that gun down and face me like a MAN"
P: "Because I'm the bad guy, thats why"

P: "If you wern't about to die hmmm, you could watch me wed Mrs Ms Vikki
S: "Your brain gone soft, she wouldn't marry you on your best day"
P: "How about my worst"


P: "Ha, good move, I didn't see that one coming, but do you think you
can outsmart a bullet, hmm?"
S: "Maybe not, but I bet that thing could"
P: "Ah, that thing, oh no, Mummy"


                 11)ARMY MEN: AIR ATTACK DEMO


X: Fire machine gun              S: Fire special weapon

O: Use winch                     T: Change special weapon

R1: Strafe right                 L1: Strafe left

L2: Map                          R2: Unknown

ST: Pause                        SE: Quit


I', mot going to go into alot of detail here, just general dot points:

-Go up and kill the first 2 tanks

-Find the train

-Eliminate the forces around the train

-Grab the Battery from the tan plane

-Put the battery on the battery pad

-Destroy any forces shooting the train

-Follow the train all the way along the tracks

-Shoot out things in the way of the train on the tracks

-Pick up health and ammo on the way

-Find the portal to end the level

This is the only level you get to play, so enjoy it, but you can play
this level as much as you can by going back into AMAA demo again.

                   BASIC TIPS

- When facing an enemy such as a tank, strife around it by using R1 and
L1. Doing this will dodge the bullets from enemies and you can get a
lock on with your machine gun and fire away and it will be destroyed in
afew shots.

- You can use the winch to pick up things such as rocks, then land over
the top of an enemy and press the winch button (O) again to drop the
rock over the top of an enemy and it will destroy it.

- Also all weapons and health have to picked up by using your winch,
position yourself over the weapon/item/health and press O to use your
winch and you will obtain whatever it was you picked up.


Top left
Your Radar, shows you, enemy and what direction you have to go.

Bottom left
Weapon slected, press S to see more

Bottom right


Features of AMAA (Real game, of course)
+Fly different plastic planes

+Play one-player mode or co-operative

+Hours of bloodless, toy violence

+Over 16 one-player missions that will keep you enetertained


                   LEVEL COUNT

How many levels are:

-Protection: 8

-Inside a protal: 7

-protection inside a portal 3

-Total levels in game: 15

Just to give you a little idea of whats in the game if you haven't
brought it yet.

                  MY REVIEW

Army men- Sarge's heroes:

Once again, the army men series is about a war between little figurine
army men that can move. The good side that you fight for is the Green
team, leaded by cornel Happy Jack Grim. The Tan is the veil team, they
always start the wars and all the attacks and all the green do is
retaliate, and never make the first move. Anyway, the tan is the bad,
and is leaded by the Tan Baron, a really evil guy, who wont rest until
you are dead. You play Sarge, who has help from his team throughout the
game. All you must to in most missions is kill the tan, and get to a
ceertain place and rescue your team that get captured and you must
rescue them and help them fight there way out. The game starts by your
base being attacked and you have to get out of there to the helipad for
evacuation, and you have to do it fast.

Well, the controls are actually quite hard to master, basically you can
do lots of commands but when Sarge does them, they don't look real
enough, not even the bullets look real enough. Ducking is bad, because
there is usually no need for it as you can just fight stand and do it
better, instead of crawling, that waste's time and doesn't aim properly.
Also the movement of the character is very very bad as once again, it
doesn't do it properly and doesn't look real enough.. Now, for the
funess of the game. The game is fun to play, but can get boring in the
harder levels where they are so long and hard levels that take ages to
complete. Also the game is hard in the last 7 missions, but very easy in
the first 4, as each game should really be, easy at the beginning and
hard towards the end. That is all for gameplay.

Yuh, another bad feature, the graphics are good in some places, but very
bad in other places. The first mission has actually has good graphics,
but all the levels in all the missions are cartoon like graphics, which
is I guess good for a game that isn't real and played with little army
men. the second mission is basically the same as the first, but worse. 1
level is the same as a level in the first mission. Next, we come to the
3rd missions, nothing is good here, they screwed it up with all the
battles with the enemies, plus it gets bad when your just always in the
battle field with all the enmies shooting at you, firing bazookas and
flemthrowers. So it gets really messy and its a little costrophobic
where your location is. The movies has nice graphics, as all FMVs do,
but once again, it looks so cartoonish. Now we move on to the looks of
the weapons and the enemies. The weapons look kind of real and you can
control alot of them. They look real enough, exept for you always start
off with a gun with 25 bullets, maybe they should of reduced it for the
last level in the second act, you will see when you get there. The enemy
appearence looks very bad as well, once you kill them fully, you can
always see the plastic fly off the body so they have no body features or
any face. You look the same as the enemies, but your green.

Once again, very poor. When you shoot the enemy, he makes this really
annoying and bad noise that puts you off. Also when firing a weapon,
espicially the machine gun, the bullets sound wierd and go in all sorts
of directions. But the sound of airstrikes sound very real as the blast
comes in, you will see when you tart the first mission. They have really
done a great job with the voices I must admit, they have made Sarges
team have all different voices and different accents and persinalities.
Some are dumb, others sound tough. I like the way the Tan Baron speaks,
he sounds so real.

Once you finished it, you probably wont want to play it again as it can
get very tough in the last missions that youm just want to tear your
hair out. Some missions are boring because of the longness and you can't
save it to the end. yes, this game is worth renting, but you probably
wont finish it in the days your allowed to have it. But you shouldn't
pay much to borrow it as it's not that good of a game to fork out alot
of money on just to rent it.

=Overall= 7/10
Story: 8/10- because of how far the in depthness of the war between the
two sides goes.

Gameplay: 6/10- The controls are very bad and all the actions look fake.

Graphics: 7/10- Cartoonish, but still alright.

Sounds: 8/10- Voices are good, but sound effects could be alot better.

Replay/rent: 7/10 wont want to play it again and don't pay to much to

                        OTHER FAQS

Of course, apart from this FAQ, I have created many more, here are my

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Some great internet sites to go to see Army Men series:

The maker of the game:


Look for more Army Men FAQs:


Contrib recognition
See what other FAQs/Walkthroughs/Revies I have made:


Kevin Toone
Asked me a question about the Thick level, apparently there is a big
glitch, or something.

The Videogame Master
For staying on the gamefaqs Sarges Heroes message board

The owner of gamefaqs, for posting my FAQ on his site and of course
creating www.gamefaqs.com

Me, for creating this FAQ, I got to have some credit as well you know!

For creating the ever popular army men series.

Some commn abreviations in my FAQs and others:

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SYAS: Soon as you start
DAQ: Don't ask questions


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