Question from carlbowen

Asked: 4 years ago

What do you unlock after completing bottles final picture puzzle?

I was guessing you unlock the treasure trove code cheat "wishy washy banjo" am i correct?

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From: Karin18 4 years ago

Yes, that is correct. But keep in mind that whatever you unlock is only for that game load. As in...when you turn off the game, the code isn't there anymore. So if you want any of the 'transformations' you'll have to play his games again.

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Each of the Bottles bonus codes you get will change your appearance, and it will make you look very funny, and give you a good laugh, the final cheat that he will give you will turn you into a Washing Machine, but you will still move normally like banjo, including flying, talon trot, and the Rat-A-Tat Rap.

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