Question from Phantasmguy

Asked: 5 years ago

Canary Mary Cloud Cuckooland race?

This race has thrown me on the ground, kicked me, and spat in my face. Help me get back on the winning side!

Accepted Answer

From: Judys_Knight 5 years ago

Actually the secret to beating her is to go neither too fast nor too slow, but try to stay close behind her until the end and then try to get ahead of her. Canary Mary uses some sort of rubberband AI meaning if you're going too fast she will "cheat", making it impossible to beat her.

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Just play a game who need to smash the A button, if you don't have, there's a hint, when in the course you begin to get tired pause the game, rest yourself and when you'll ready resume the game with the button B by begin to smash the A button before press the B button!
Good Luck! Mary will boost near the endline!

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Use a pen or something and be sure to pause a lot,... an energy drink might help too

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Actually, I already beat it, but thanks. I used your tactic already and it proved successful, so...thanks!

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