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W A L K T H R O U G H   B Y   S L E D D O G

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1.  I N T R O D U C T I O N   A N D   S T O R Y

This game is kind of tough to get used to, but I've dreamed of
an action game like this for years and years!  This is my first
walkthrough, so you'll have to bear with me.  The story's like
this: There's this guy in green who's fighting an evil desert
guy for these three golden.. eh.. sorry, wrong game.  Anyhoo,
if you played the game that came before this, "BattleTanx64",
you'll probably have some idea of what's going on.  This game
is much better, though. (This is all based on certain opinions.
I.e. Better graphics, cooler story, sweeter levels,) Anyway,
Madison (you know, Griffin's wife who was captured by the U.S.
government.) and Griffin fought their way back to San
Francisco after the Apocalypse and are now trying to build a
better society.  They have a baby boy named Brandon (what a
mouthful) who has a psychic power called "the Edge".  But
Griffin has been seeing the evil face of Cassandra and believes
that they are going to have to fight again.

2.  B A S I C   C O N T R O L S

Personally, I like the default control settings the best, but
you can customize them if you want.  The default settings are
like this:

Z BUTTON: Fire primary weapon
A BUTTON: Use special weapon
B BUTTON: Change special weapon
C> BUTTON: Rail right (not all tanks have this)
<C BUTTON: Rail left (not all tanks have this)
R BUTTON: Strafe
L BUTTON: Change view
C^ BUTTON: Switch between base Goliath and offensive tank
Cv BUTTON: Not used
SUICIDE: All C buttons at once

Also, somewhat off the subject, unless you are really lazy
(like me), don't turn on the unlimited ammo option!  If you do,
in campaign mode there will be lots of power-ups that you can't
use. (Why would you want to turn it on? The game starts you out
with plenty!)

3.  T A N K S

These are all of the tanks that you can use in the game.  Not
enough?  Deal with it.  Rumor has it that Cassandra has some
"secret tank", and yes, it does exist, but you can only get it
using a GameShark, so it won't be mentioned in this walkthrough.

The M1 is the standard tank and, believe it or not, one of my
personal favorites.  There are only a few levels that you
shouldn't use this tank. (which I will explain as I get there.)
Unless you're fighting a Goliath or Rhino, you'll probably win
in campaign mode with this tank.

You can't use this tank in campaign mode, but, for the sake
of multiplayer purposes, I will do my best to explain it. The
M2 is almost exactly like the M1 except its armor isn't as good
and its a little faster, not to mention it has two cannons.

If you've taken out all of the Goliath tanks, this is the tank
to have in battlelord mode.  Other than that, it's a waste of time.
(It can be destroyed by one goliath shell and uses up too much

The rattler is exactly like the mototank except its bigger, a
little slower, and can fire faster.

The inferno is probably the worst tank in the game, so I won't
even bother explaining it.  Okay okay, it's a really weak tank
with a flamethrower (YAWN!)

Another one of my personal favorites.  The rhino is extremely
well armored from the front, but extremely weak from the back.
This is the one to have in levels where you are moving forward.
(ex. Tower Bridge, Brandenburg Gate, Escape from Berlin, etc.)
This is the hardest enemy tank to fight in campaign mode. Some
people say that the goliath is but it isn't. Trust me. The
rhino is.

Its just like the M1 as far as armor and firepower goes. It
has less traction because it floats, but it can strafe better
than any other tank. (Use the C buttons to strafe this one) It
can also go right over mines (NOT bouncing betties) without
getting hurt
PS: If you're going fast enough, you can kill small tanks like
the rattler and the mototank just by bumping into them!

This tank is not available in campaign mode, but its pretty neat.
It has rather good armor and (check this out) swarmer missiles
for its main weapon!! A must have in multiplayer. (use the Skull
Riderz or the Cold Warriors)

My all time favorite tank, if only it were available in campaign
mode!  Somewhat weak armor, rather fast, and lasers for its main

This tank is pretty cool, but it's also pretty weak.  It's
pronounced "flippy", for those of you wondering.  If you use the
C buttons you can flip it over.  Possibly the most maneuverable
tank in the game.

This is the king of campaign mode tanks!  Its rather expensive,
but you won't need it until later levels anywayz.  It has the
best armor and ammo of any tank, but its really slow.

I put a star by this because you can't actually use this tank.
Its just a tank that you have to fight in campaign mode. What
it is is a goliath with more armor and machine guns mounted on
either side.  Its hard to kill, but not as hard as a rhino.

4.  P O W E R - U P S

The power-ups are the little cubes that spin around on the
battlefield.  There are three main categories: accessories,
weapons, and traps.


RADAR - makes targets appear as dots on map and as different
things on screen.  On the screen, blue triangles are friendlies,
all other triangles are enemies, white circles are objectives,
and all other circles are bases

HEALTH - you will probably see more of these than any other item.
The name is self explanatory

AMMO - this is technically a weapon, but it is not counted as
one due to the fact that it is completely useless unless
unlimited ammo is turned off

STAR - these appear for a short time after you kill an enemy
tank.  They replenish ammo and a little bit of health

CLOAKING - this makes your tank invisible to enemies (except when
you're firing) for a limited amount of time.  Great to have in
battlelord mode

SHIELDS - it gives you a force field that repels enemy fire.
After you have been hit a lot, it will turn redder and eventually
disappear altogether

TURBO - this gives your tank a boost of speed for about five
seconds.  Don't use this power-up in a mototank or rattler because
you will explode on contact with another object.

TANK BUCKS - You will only see these in campaign mode, and they're
not really accessories, but I didn't know where else to put them,
so I just put them here, because they're not weapons or traps.
They give you extra tank bucks.  There is usually more than one in
any one place.  Let me briefly explain the point of tank bucks.
Different tanks cost different amounts of tank bucks.  If you run
out of tank bucks, the game is over.


SWARMERS - these fire three missiles at one time.  Good weapon if
you are a really lousy shot like me.

LASERS - beam of light that shoots out of your tank. (Kill a mototank
with this. Ha ha!)

PLASMA BOLTS - your tank fires three green things that bounce off of
walls and hit tanks (including yours).

GUIDED MISSILES - if you fire one of these, hold down the A button
and you can steer the missile! These are great for taking out goliath
tanks from a safe distance.

FLAMETHROWER - good weapon at close range, useless anywhere else.
(you can use these to defuse mines, but grenades work better.)

NUKE - this is the most powerful item in the game (look at the name,
does that help?).  Deploying a nuke will give you about five seconds to
get as far away from it as possible (a fallout shelter is best, though
not all levels have one) before it explodes into a gigantic fireball
sending out a huge concussion wave destroying almost everything on the
map (i.e. buildings, gun buddies, TANKS yours included, etc.). Think I'm
exaggerating? See for yourself!

GRENADES - these are useless against tanks, but necessary to complete the
game.  You'll use them to blow up enemy minefields (they work on
bouncing betties too) from a safe distance.


MINES - lay these down and they will explode when a tank runs
over them (including yours)

BOUNCING BETTIES - these are cool!  Lay them down, and when a
tank (yep, yours too) gets within their radius, they will
rocket up out of the ground and shoot lasers in all

GUN BUDDIES - you can plant these in a certain spot and they
will automatically fire at enemies. You will find that taking
out enemy gun buddies is an incredibly annoying task.  There
are three types of gun buddies: minis pop up out of the ground
and fire machine gun shots at you, mediums are the only kind
that you can get, and bigs fire two shots at once and take two
normal hits to kill.

THE EDGE - this is not really a trap power-up, actually, its not
really a power-up at all.  You have a one-time use of this
weapon from level 7 on.  It will send out a wave that will do
two things: one, it will cause the enemy's tank/gun buddy to go
berserk so that it is easily killed, two, it will (dun dun dun!)
convert an enemy tank so that it will fight on your side.

4.  G A M E   W A L K T H R O U G H


What? You need help on THIS level????!!!! (okay, okay, how can
I do this without hurting someones feelings..)  Just blow up
all of the enemy tanks on the map.  You even have friends to
help!  Make maximum use of the gas tanks in the level, but
don't blow up friendlies with them.
DIFFICULTY (No stars) *and it doesn't even deserve that many!


What is this, Star Fox?!  Trust me, it gets harder later on.
You start out in this shed literally on top of a radar power-up.
Once you get out, turn left, and watch out for the submarine
(shoot the conning tower twice to sink it, but don't waste your
time on it).  Turn and watch out for the inferno (scary!) tank
and go in the tunnel.  Turn left at the first turn and you can
catch the inferno off guard.  Use the grenades that you picked
up earlier (if you didn't, just shoot them) on the different-
looking wall section, and around the next corner to get rid of
the puny inferno tanks.  After you get out of there, just go as
fast as you can to the blue circle (don't worry about the boats).


This level is not particularly hard, its just extremely annoying.
Run over the white car to get the turbos (you probably wont need
them but get them anyway) and jump over the concrete and turn
right.  Destroy the mototanks and the bunker (weird-looking
greenish thing) and then get the two gun buddies on the other
side of the railroad.  Go in the building and get all the power-
ups.  Go to the other side of the building and destroy the M2
(watch out, he has guided missiles) and any other tanks that may
be there.  Go around and shoot the other bunker.  (Don't blow up
the gas stations unless you are a good distance away, trust me
on this one.)  On the other side of the railroad, all the bunkers
are easy to find, so I wont tell you where they are. Be careful
crossing the railroad tracks because if you get hit by a train
you will die, so don't spend too much time crossing.  *A tip: you
can shoot right through the wall next to the last building on the
left side of the railroad, good glitch if you have radar, useless
if you don't.  After you have destroyed all of the bunkers, get
rid of the tanks.  At the end of the road, there is a hornet tank
on the right.  Don't freak out, he probably won't even get a
chance to fire if you just shoot him (swarmers are good!).  If
you didn't go slow taking out the bunkers you should have about
15 kills.  This is the last of the easy levels (for now), so get
ready to rumble.


This level is semi-difficult, and if this is your first time
playing, you will probably die at least once, so don't panic.  I
have seen many strategies for this level, and they all fail,
so I'll do my best to keep you from hurting yourself over this
not-too-hard level. You will start out on top of a radar power-up,
and that's good because you will need radar in this level.  If you
die, there is another radar power-up on the right.  Be careful with
those boxes, because the explosions that they make are huge. When
you go out, take out the big gun buddy at the end of the road, but
don't bother taking out all of them (aren't those things ANNOYING??!)
because you will just get killed.  Try to take it out from as far away
as you can go, because if you don't about a hundred or so gun buddies
will start shooting at you.  Cross over the tracks and use the
trains as cover (that means DON'T SHOOT THE BOXCARS!!) from the
very pesky gun buddies.  Blast the fortified door to the building
(if you're playing with two people there will not be a door) and
kill the (gasp!) mototanks inside and free the prisoner.  Get all the
rest of the prisoners on this side of the railroad, and then go to the
other side.  Move back and forth continuously to avoid gun buddy fire,
and take out any gun buddies that you can.  Remember the place where
you blasted the first big gun buddy? There are lots more bigs in
there so those should probably be the last prisoners you get.  After
you get across the railroad tracks, RIP LOOSE!!! There are eight
prisoners to rescue in this level, and there are about five of them
just on this side of the tracks, so don't waste your time!  Things
to look out for: Those little cone thingys sticking out of the ground
are bombs, so don't shoot them unless you're far away. Also, the
things that look like bunkers except they're orange are fortified
bunkers.  You cant destroy them.  Don't try.
DIFFICULTY * * (Two Stars)


This level is actually rather easy, if you ask me. Two items that
you will need in this level are grenades and plasma bolts, and
there are plenty of them around, so I'm sure you can find them
without my help. A few tips for this level: Don't waste your time
looking for bunkers, because it wont make any difference. If you
see one, blast it, if not, don't worry.  Also, don't waste your
grenades on minefields because it isnt worth it. Last, there are
lots of turbos in this level, and they are a good way to get up
and down the main street more quickly.  The first thing you should
do is find some grenades.  Go to the theatre on the left first.
Go in and get the plasma bolts.  At the entrance to the actual
theatre is an opening one wall section wide.  Shoot all of your
plasma bolts through it from an angle that the tanks inside cant
see you from (and be careful not to hit yourself.).  Once you have
used up all of the plasma bolts, go in and throw a grenade at the
projector building.  There will still be enemy tanks left, but
if you move around enough, you wont take too much damage (note
that I didn't say that you won't take any damage; you will still
take some.).  Next, go to the other drive-in and destroy the mini
gun buddy.  Do this the same way that you did the last one, but
be more careful.  There are one or two goliath tanks that your
plasma bolts probably won't kill.  If you threw the grenade and
then died, but the grenade still hit the projector building,
don't choose another tank because it will only waste tank bucks.
DIFFICULTY * * (Two Stars)


This is another easy level.  All you have to do is grab the three
CD thingys and get back to the boat.  Don't worry about shooting
every enemy tank that you see; your friendlies will take care of
that.  The first data thing is in the castle-looking building to
the right (my friends say that it's the Smithsonian).   The second
one is in a building on the left with pillars (I have no idea what
this one's called.). The last one is in the capital building.  For
all of you poor people trying to get in through the front.. I pity
you!!! A lot!!!  Turn left and go as fast as you can over the jump.
Grenades are a good thing here.  DO NOT blow up the boxes in the
yard because you will EXPLODE in a LIVING BALL OF FIRE! Anyhoo,
(this is the fun part) blow up the capital building (yes, I did
say to blow up the capital building, you read it correctly) and
jump over the fence (be careful of the boxes) and shoot the
annoying gun buddies.  You now have the last data thingy!  Jump
the fence and turn right.  Run right through the wall and into
the secret passage!  Dodging and killing the puny infernos, make
your way through the passage. Once you're out, keep going straight
ahead until you get to the boat.
DIFFICULTY: * (One Star)


Anyhoo (have I used that word too much?), This is the first hard
level in the game.  The objective is simple.  All you have to do
is destroy all of the tanks and bunkers in the level.  That isn't
as easy as it sounds.  Since the tanks all move around, I can't
really present an in-depth walkthrough for this level, so I'll just
give you some tips.  There are a lot of firsts in this level.
This is the first level where you have to fight an Annihilator
(this is the only tank that deserves a capital letter), and it's not
really that hard if you have a good special weapon.  Also, this is
the first level of the game where you have the Edge. This is also
the first level where you see a nuke (I said SEE a nuke.  You can't
get to it.  Bummer!)  Don't waste the Edge on the first tank that
you see because the first tank that you see will probably be a wimpy
rattler.  Don't waste it on the Annihilator, either, because nothing
will happen, you will get mad, and I will sit back and laugh.  There
are two bunkers on either side of you as you come out of the place
where you started.  They are very easy to miss, so don't forget about
them.  In the upper-right corner of the map, there is a concrete fence
with about a zillion tank bucks, teleporters, and a nuke.  You can't
get it. Don't waste your time.  Also, sometimes a tank will go through
the outer wall and get stuck.  Things really get bad when this happens
because this means that you will have to start the level over again.
DIFFICULTY * * * (Three Stars)


You have finally reached Europe after a sweet-looking story sequence!
This is the first European level and is, in my opinion, rather easy.
This is just like the Mall level except that you have to get six, and
they aren't CDs, they're girls! This is a little different.  You have
to find your way through a maze of fallout shelters to get all the
girls.  There are two girls underground that you have to get.  The
other four are above ground.  They are all in plain sight, so I won't
tell you how to get all of them.  You see a bunch of mines, right?
Well, grenades are nice, but I like a nuke better!  Okay, let me tell
you how to obtain your very first nuke of the game!  When you get to
the area where the first building is, blast the building, get into the
tunnel, and go straight forward to get the girl and the nuke.  For
those of you poor people who did not have enough time to get
underground before the nuke exploded.. I pity you.
(Nuke.. Fallout shelter.. they kind of go together..)  The nuke
won't always blow up the mines, so sometimes you have to use
grenades. Let me tell you where to use the Edge.  You go to this
place in the back past the mines where there are gun buddies, a few
M1s, and a goliath tank.  Use the Edge here.  Once you have all of the
Iron Maidens, get back to your base.
DIFFICULTY * * (Two Stars)


This level is not really hard, just incredibly long and tedious.  Use
an M1-A1 on this level.  I know that I said to use a rhino in this
level earlier in that Tank section, but I lied.  You don't have a
rhino yet.  If you did, this level would be too easy.  But you don't,
and it's not.   One more thing: the message at the beginning of the
level says to use guided missiles to clear a path.  Ignore it.  Guided
missiles are completely useless in this level. Warning you ahead of
time, if this is your first time playing, you will probably die at
least once on this level, but you should have plenty of tank bucks by
now (if you don't it's ok because this is the first time that you have
played this game.  I pity you.). You can't panic in this level, because it 
will get you nowhere.  There are boats off to both sides of the bridge.  
Don't waste time killing them because they will just come back.  Also, 
resist the urge to use the Edge or there will be a huge fight at the end of 
the bridge that you have to get through. Grenades are extremely useful in 
this level.  When you get to the first tower, blast the door and the big gun 
buddy sitting there, doing all of this while avoiding the rather irritating 
attack boats.  When you come to a wall, be sure to blast the wall before you 
go through it, because you never know where all of the minefields are (I 
don't even remember where all of them are myself).  Have you used the Edge 
yet? No? Good.  Keep it up.  I know you're suffering. When you get to the 
second tower, go around the outside this time (on the right), blast the gun 
buddy, and crash through the gate.  You only need to go through one of the 
gates this time.  Just do like you have been until you get to a wall that 
spans the whole bridge.  Throw a grenade at it,
because there is a huge minefield behind it.  Your first glimpse will
be of about a million tanks waiting to sever your head from your body.  
Don't panic.  Don't hesitate for one second.  USE THE EDGE HERE!!!!!!!  Once 
you do that just go as fast as you can through the rest of the level, 
ignoring the bouncing betties popping up on either side of you, make the 
jump, and you're finally out of this nightmarish level.
DIFFICULTY * * * * (Four stars)


If you know where all of the rhinos are, this level is pretty easy.
But, if this is your first time playing, this level will be
ridiculously difficult.  Guided missiles and grenades are essential in
this level. Before you go through any wooden door in this level, check
for minefields, because they are everywhere.  Always use guided
missiles before you go around corners, because you never know where a
rhino is waiting.  If you see a rhino with a guided missile, hit it
close to the back and you will take it out in one hit!  If you don't
see the rhino before it sees you, you will have to fight it.  When
fighting a rhino, don't freak out.  Your best bet is to try and get
behind it.  If you can get one or two hits from behind, that should
take it out.  Other than that there's really not much to say about
this level.  The only tanks that you will encounter (not including
the attack boats) are rhinos, two mototanks, and an annihilator.
Use the Edge in the middle after you fight the annihilator.  If
you're lucky, you might get a rhino hiding behind the buildings.
There's two or three rhinos hiding in the middle, so you might just
get one, but it doesn't always work, and usually doesn't, but it's
the best place to use the Edge in this level.  Just destroy all of
the tanks.  I think there's radar somewhere in this level, but I
could be wrong.  Don't waste your time looking for it, but it could
be very helpful..
DIFFICULTY * * * * (Four stars)


This level is a queenlord battle, so it's easy if you're good at
battlelord mode, but hard if you aren't.  For those of you who don't
know, let me briefly explain exactly what a queenlord battle is.
The object of the game is to get all of the enemy's queenlords and
bring them to your base, while protecting your own queenlord in your
base. If your base is attacked or if your queenlord is captured, a
yellow message will flash up in the middle of the screen and that
annoying lady will tell you that your fortress is under attack or that
your queenlord has been captured.  (In the original BattleTanx64 they
even told you when your goliath tank was being attacked!  It gets
old..)  If any enemy gets all four queenlords, you lose and have to
start the level over.  All four bases are guarded by a goliath tank
on a rail.  In this level, if you can take out the goliath tanks, you
shouldn't have a problem getting to the base and grabbing the
queenlord.  Here are the three ways to take out the goliath tanks
(it doesn't matter which base you use each one at, you pick): One,
use the Edge and steal the base for yourself.  You still have to get
the queenlord out of the base and bring it back to yours; the Edge
doesn't actually convert the base, just all the tanks in it.  The
second way is to use cloaking to take out the goliath tank, and the
third way is to take it out from a safe distance with guided missiles.  
Another thing about the level is that most of the bridges have minefields 
protecting them, so grenades are nice.  Also, it would probably be a good 
idea to take out the subs.
DIFFICULTY  * * * (Three stars)


This level is easy, all things considered.  You really shouldn't need
to navigate the endless mess of fallout shelters.  The tunnel that you
need to go in is the one the Eiffel Tower's end of the street on the
left.  Go in get the beautiful tank bucks that you are probably in
desperate need of by this point, take out the fortified door, and go
up under the tower.  Ignore the rhino that we can all see so
(unless you want to use the Edge here) and go back through the tunnel
and when you come back up, you should see the generator of the Eiffel
Tower.  Throw one tank shell at it and then get back into the tunnel
before it hits, or face the wrath of a nuclear explosion.  The Eiffel
Tower just met its end, and so did that rhino that was sitting under
DIFFICULTY * (One star)

L E V E L  1 3 - P A R I S : C H A M P S  E L Y S E E S

This level is HARD!!! After watching a cinema sequence where you find
out that it was (spoiler) Cassandra who created the girl-killing virus,
you come to another famous landmark (that cannot be destroyed, though
it is the spawn of el Diablo). All you have to do is take out all of
the tanks; simple, but not easy.  There are three main types of tanks
in this level: Rhinos, goliaths, and hovers.  The hovers are probably
the least of your worries.  If you can find a nest with goliaths and
rhinos, use the Edge there, and maybe you won't be taking out about 70
tanks all alone.  There is an annihilator at the end of the street
under the big stone arch (how do you spell it; is it Arc de Triomphe?),
but he shouldn't be a problem.  Don't waste your time looking for the
bunkers, because they will probably be out of tanks by the time you
find them all, anywayz.  Other than that, there really isn't much that
I can do for an in-depth walkthrough.  One more thing: guided missiles
are helpful if you can buy enough time to use them without getting shot
or blown up.
DIFFICULTY * * * * * (Five stars)


Another famous landmark.  Unfortunately, you don't get to blow this
one up.  This level is pretty hard, but not as hard as the last one.
This is the first convoy level of the game.  Either a rhino or an M1-A1
would be your best guess on the tank to use here.  The four red tanks
that you see must be protected at all costs.  Go out ahead and blow up
all of the mines and bouncing betties before your convoy gets there.
If you run out of time, blow yourself up on the mines; trust me, you
didn't die in vain.  If you lose all four of those tanks, you lose the
level.  Watch out, the enemy has marksman tanks.  Also be careful for
the rhinos and infernos that come from behind.  When you get to the
fortified gates at the end, watch out for the hornets behind them.
DIFFICULTY * * * * (Four stars)


It's a War Zone!!  A very easy one at that.  In this level you have to
rescue three boys that look exactly like Brandon and get them back to
your base.  This is not a queenlord battle; the Brandonoids in your
base cannot be recaptured by the enemy.  This level is very easy, but
don't get used to it.  None of the Brandonoids are guarded by goliath
tanks.  All three of them are in buildings which look alike.  Don't
worry about that gigantic minefield in the middle of the map;
grenades are pretty hard to find and it's a waste of time looking for
them, since it doesn't take too much longer to just go around.  There
is a fallout shelter in this level if you can find it.  I'll try to
tell you where it is, but I'm not too good with directions.. Next to
the building at the end of the street where you get the first
Brandonoid, around the corner, there are two walls that you can break
through.  The entrance to the fallout shelter is right there in front
of you now.  The fallout tunnels are a good quick link between the
first two Brandonoids, but watch out because there is a goliath tank
down there. When you get out of the building where the second
Brandonoid was, turn left and go down the street and left around the
corner and wow!  You found the third Brandonoid!  Now all you have to
do is get back to your base..
DIFFICULTY * * (Two stars)


This level is really hard.  This is, fortunately, the last convoy
level in the game but it is definitely the hardest of the two.  Stay
with your tanks and clear out anything in front of them that is
blocking their way, or they will stop (did I forget to mention that at
Brandenburg Gate?) and become very vulnerable to enemy fire.  Stay out
in front of the convoy and go slow, but not so slow that the convoy
stops.  If you see an enemy coming, get rid of it.  You also have to
bear with quite possibly the hardest obstacle in the entire game in
this level.  There is a railroad track that you and your convoy have
to cross in this level.  As you have probably figured out (the hard
way) by now, if you get hit by the train, you automatically die.
Guess what: The same thing happens to your convoy!!  Trust me; a few
unsuccessful attempts at this level and you will be TEARING YOUR HAIR
OUT BY THE ROOTS!!!!  I do not enjoy this level one tiny eency weency
bit, if you haven't figured that out already.  Watch out for the
fortified gate at the end.  I don't think I really needed to tell you
that, you're smart, but I had to take up space or nobody will read
this walkthrough (not like they will anyway, the game is about a
million years old).  Fear not, o weary traveler!  Only two more levels
before you reach the end of the rainbow which has no pot of gold and
never did!
DIFFICULTY * * * * * (Five stars)


Home sweet home!  And what a nice welcome, too!  De-rail your goliath
tank and go to the boat farthest to the left and get to the left side
of it so that you can kill the rhinos that come out before they turn
towards you.  After about 20 rhinos come out, go to the next boat and
get the infernos.  Then get the hornets and the rattlers.  If you die,
use a goliath tank when you come back.  I know they're expensive, but
this is the second-to-last level of the game!!  Once again, the opening
message lied!  There are about 85 enemies, not 70!!  After your kill
number reaches about 83 or so, you win the level.  Killing all of the
tanks is not hard, but it does get very old after a while.  Once you
win you will watch a cinema sequence where Cassandra, still trying to
get her hands on Brandon, uses the Edge to try to get Brandon back but
Madison and Griffin win. It's actually quite touching (sniffle!).
DIFFICULTY * * (Two stars)


This is where you finally have to fight Cassandra!  It's not hard,
just TEAR IT UP!!!  Use any item that you have to kill the enemies!
Don't worry about dying because this is the LAST LEVEL OF THE
GAME!!!!!!  Cassandra is in the middle of the map.  Use flamethrowers
to kill her, but do it quickly or she will cloak and you won't be able
to see her.  All you have to do is kill her, then sit back and watch
the final cinema sequence with the cheesy fireworks; you've earned it!
DIFFICULTY * * * (Three stars)

6.  M U L T I P L A Y E R   S T U F F

I am a big fan of multiplayer games like this! So, to satisfy my own
personal tastes, I will present detailed multiplayer info including
gangs, levels, and some helpful tips and tricks.  Have fun blowing your
friends up.  You will undoubtedly burn them to a crisp solely due to
the fact that you have my walkthrough and now know everything about
the game!  Good shooting!


Here is how I will explain the gangs:
#. [Name of gang], [2x tank], [tanks], [item]

Griffin's Army, 2x M1, Goliath Inferno Mototank, gun buddies
Madison's Militia, 2x Flpe, Rhino Rattler Mototank, health/guided m.
Skull Riderz, 2x Mototank, Hornet Rattler Inferno, mines/grenades
Storm Ravens, 2x Rattler, Hovertank Flpe Mototank, lasers
Shadow Ops, 2x Hovertank, Rhino Marksman Inferno, teleporters
Crimson Guard, 2x Inferno, Goliath Rhino Mototank, plasma bolts
Iron Maidens, 2x Goliath, M1 Rhino Inferno, shields
Les Miserables, 2x M2, Inferno Rattler Mototank, swarmers/bouncing b.
Cold Warriors, 2x Hornet, Goliath M1 Marksman, nuke?


All of the levels that are available on campaign mode are available in
battlelord and deathmatch mode (with a few exceptions, such as Tower
Bridge and Tower).  The levels that you can't play are made up for
with levels that you don't normally go to in campaign mode.  I will
give a list of all of the levels, but I will only explain the ones
that are not encountered in 1P mode.  The levels marked with a star
are not available in 1P mode.


PANHANDLE - Getting retro, this is a level from the original
BattleTanx64 that is perfect for battlelord and deathmatches.
LAKEPARK - This is the perfect queenlord level! There are items
virtually everywhere! There are lots of good hiding spots in this
level, but the dock in the middle isn't one of them..
CROSSFIRE - It's supposedly in Paris but it could really be anywhere.
This is the ultimate deathmatch level!  Items are scarce, but the
layout of the level will make you almost INVINCIBLE!!!
RAILYARD - This is the ultimate level for whatever type of battle
you're doing!  It's full of trains and railroad tracks, but it's also
full of items and places to hide!  All four battlelord bases are

T I P S  A N D  T R I C K S

If you blow yourself up by pressing all four of the C buttons, you
will not start out with the power-up that your gang normally gets, so
use that only in emergencies.

The Cold Warriors don't always start out with a nuke (I DID put that
question mark there for a reason!); usually you start out with diddly

Getting past goliath defenses can be painful, but if you do it right
it will be painfully easy.  (Except on the goliath tank that you're
blowing up!)  If it's a computer's tank, cloaking works best.  If not,
your best bet would be to use guided missiles.  You'll need a lot,
because it takes four or five hits to kill a goliath tank.  A nuke
weakens it, but will rarely (next to never) kill it.  That is,
assuming that you're not INSANELY close to the goliath tank..

C H E A T  C O D E S

(It's not really cheating, it's just assisted gameplay..)

Note: all of these codes were taken directly from the game.  In other
words, all of these codes can be "found" by beating the game numerous
times, but I didn't have to.  Look in the credits.  I have no idea
what the WRDRB code does. It says that it is a secret level, but it
doesn't work like a normal code.  Maybe I should look up how it works
somewhere, or it could be that my game is just a piece of crap.

To enter cheat codes, go to the INPUT CODE command and enter the code
on the screen. Duh.

Invincibility - H P P Y H P P Y
All Weapons - R C K T S R D G L R
Level Select (campaign mode) - 8 O D Y S
Custom Gang - T R D D Y B R R K S

8.  C U S T O M   G A N G S

The TRDDYBRRKS code works different from the other codes.  You'll
notice that once you enter the code, the code will disappear and the
words "CUSTOM GANG" will appear.  By entering different things after
this appears, you can change what the gang gets.  You can enter one
letter, like "X", or three letters, like "SSG".  Doing that will get
your custom gang different tanks and power-ups.  The game can store
up to 4 custom gangs simultaneously.

9.  L E G A L   S T U F F

Nintendo - Why in the world would I EVER want to give them credit?!
It's their console for crying out loud!
3DO - Contrary to popular belief, I do have to give credit to the
developer of the game.  It was a sweet game, 3D0!

Special thanks to Dustin Ratliff for the cheat codes. Ur awesome, dawg!

I am not affiliated with Nintendo, 3DO, or anybody else that was/is
involved with this game.

HTMLizing this walkthrough:
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www.gamefaqs.com.  Here's why: They are the only ones who keep my FAQ
updated.  If you are viewing this walkthrough at a site other than
gamefaqs.com, please e-mail me at the provided address and let me know!
Webmasters: If I find this walkthrough on your website, I will have
no alternative but to take legal action against you.  I'm serious!

10.  C O N T A C T   I N F O

Please be reasonable with what you send me for emails!  DO NOT send me
emails telling me about typos or I might just tear my hair out.  My
spellchecker is far from perfect (very far from perfect).  Other than
that, feel free to send me any love letters, criticism, death threats,
etc. to me at sleddog116@hotmail.com. Actually, you can send me
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yes, please do not send me porn.  I get enough just being on mailing
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gave me a million bucks, but I want to see the money first.  Other
than that, forget it.


This document is (c) 2002 sleddog116.

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