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Body Harvest Walkthrough Version 1.1
by Ultimo
email: ultemo@hotmail.com
Do not use this FAQ without giving proper credit
to me with my name and email.
Last Updated 5/13/99
-I added on a little info to the Siberia Section.
1.  America 1966
2.  Siberia 1991
3.  Credits
1.  America 1966

        Ok, you've started off in the first section of Los Angeles
I believe, and get into the nearest vehicle (edzil).  Now head south
down the road, where you will encounter some large bugs with gold
heads and purple bodies.  To kill them, drive right underneath them
all the while firing your laser gun to make sure they cannot shoot
you.  If you are not all the way underneath them, they will swat you
away and shoot at you.  Keep going down the road, and avoid the gun
turret type bugs for now.  There should be a harvester attack pretty
soon, so head straight for it as soon as it happens.  Always kill the
largest bug first, and then the ones that tear down buildings, saving
the smallest ones and the flying ones for last.  By the way, be very
careful when driving, because if you're not careful you will run over
civilians.  Now, after one or two harvester attacks, you must look for
the tunnel entrance to the other side of the area (it is close to 
Karl's auto shop on the map).  It looks like half a pipe sticking out
of dirt, next to a wooden house with a green door.  Go through the
tunnel, and as soon as you get out, a harvester attack will appear.
Head away from its direction to get a police truck and head as fast as
you can to the harvester direction.  Now that you have killed the 
harvester attack, a small cutscene will show another harvester 
attacking a school.  Go there and kill the harvester (look out for 
children crossing).  Now go behind the school and get into the ice 
cream truck (it should have been surrounded by children).  Press Z to 
make the music sound, and head away from the school towards the church
down the road on the right.  There should be another harvester attack
at the school soon, so get into the edzil and kill it.  Now, take a 
school bus and head away from the school towards the road blocks on 
the left.  Ram them with the bus and proceed to head away from the 
school, killing bugs all the way (don't worry toomuch about getting 
hit, the bus has strong armor).  Find the other road block which 
separates the two sections of the area (it has a police truck next to
it).  Now head on over to Karl's auto shop, and go in and talk to him.
Take his hot rod and head back to the first road block you demolished 
near the school.  Floor the gas and make the jump across the canyons.
Get out of the hot rod as soon as you can find another vehicle (you 
need the hot rod to get to the boss, and there is no way to get another
hot rod easily).  Now fight around the area and kill harvester attacks.
Find the tipper (looks like a dump truck), and head south along what 
appears to be either a highway or an air strip, and take down the road
block in the entrance.  Now head towards the end and defeat the 
turret-like bugs which appear by surprise at the end.  After you have
defeated them and any other bugs in the area, go back to where you left
your hot rod (in the event that you blew up the hot rod, jump into the
canyons with a different vehicle and try to find your way out.  Then 
find the ramp which has a parking lot with two hot rods in it.  Use 
one of these to make the next two jumps), and use it to go south past 
the road blocks, and make sure you use the right ramp to make the jump
(far left of the wide middle road section where you fought the turret 
bugs).  Make the jump and head south to where you can get into a 
helicopter, and kill the boss (shoot at his front side only, and 
don't worry about other enemies, they regenerate).

        The second area is by far the hardest in America.  First, save
and take a chopper straight north to the opening in the blue wall (it 
is at the end of a canyon, and no, you cannot take any vehicles with 
you).  Unfortunately, the next section starts out on foot.  If, and 
only if you have a shotgun, should you attempt to kill the gun turret
bugs.  Otherwise, RUN!  There is a little cave off to the right shortly
after you enter the area which contains ammo for a bunch of stuff.  
Now head down the canyon towards the town, and kill the harvester 
first.  Then head for the dusty (looks like a black station wagon), and
kill the rest of them.  My strategy for killing the gun turret bugs is
to attack when they are charging up, and go in reverse when they start
shooting.  Never get right up close to them, otherwise you will
probably get whooped.  You may want to enter one of the open houses (I
think only one white one is open) to get health.  You must get a 
shotgun for the next section, so find that too..  Now take the tipper 
and head left as soon as you get it.  You should be in another canyon.
Kill anything and everything that dares to challenge you in your mighty
tipper, and when you get to the end (where the water barrier is), ditch
the tipper and swim across.  Now take out your shotgun and go to the 
top of the hill.  Kill everything you can from there, and then move in
to finish them off by finding a vehicle (a dusty is nearby I think).
Now go past the sign south of the area and go right down the side of
the canyon.  You may want to kill flying things along the way.  Do not
bother with the road block in front of the UFO, you can't break it 
until later on.  Go down the road and I think there was a cave up there
somewhere.  You have to go into two caves near this area to get two
peices of totem pole.  Now go up into the white house, and talk to the
old Indian.  Go into the back room, and get the last totem pole peice
(one other can be found in a cave near his house, and the other one can
be found in a cave further back).  Now talk to him two more times, and
he will show you "the vision".  Now get out and head around to a new
path leading to the back entrance of the small military installation.
Don't bother trying to use the UFO, it is locked.  Get a helicopter and
fly south until you reach the blue energy wall.  Go around the west
corner and fly straight south until you reach the boss.  Kill it, and
go back to the military base.  The next entrance is right next to the
base, and you have to use a chopper to get to it.  Get out of the 
helicopter and walk through.

        This leads you to the third area of America.  Go left and head
for the white house.  Go in, talk to the man, and go to the right
and downstairs to get stuff.  There is no way to open the door, so
just go back outside and around the right side of the house.  There
is a path behind the old farmer's house.  Go all the way down, and get
into the vehicle closest-a land minx.  Now use that to kill any and
every flying and dirt enemy you come across.  There should be a dusty
nearby in case you destroy the land minx.  Now that you are safe, go
into the moat next to the military base wall and follow it southward
until you reach the real opening of the base, and go in.  Get into a
hum-vee (at least that is what it looks like), and kill the harvester
with it.  Now go to the small hangar near that area and get yourself
a new hummer out of it.  Don't bother with the other hangar, it never
opens.  Now go to another open building down the road, and enter it
to find the nitro fuel (you need this to get to the next area, so find
it!).  Now look around for two large metal doors that close when you
approach them.  Back up with your hummer, and charge at full speed
towards the doors.  Provided you have the nitro fuel, it will make you
go fast enough to make it through the doors.  This may take a couple
of tries, as you will have to drive right in the center.  Now drive
down to the large building (there may be a harvester attack at this
time, so take care of that first).  Enter the building, and look
everywhere within, gathering weapons on the way.  Eventually you will
make it to the other door.  You should be in a small canyon area with
an entryway on the other side.  Go into the door, and talk to the
small alien.  Go through the house, and after you are outside, look
through various houses nearby to find a translator.  Go back into the
house in which you found the alien, and talk to him.  Now that you
have the keycard you need, go into another building and talk to a
soldier before you try to go through the door.  He will sound the
alarm, and then you should exit the building.  Now kill all aliens
that have started attacking, and go back into that bulding with the
soldier.  He will act sorry and I think this is when he gives you
clearance to all military vehicles.  I'm not exactly sure what you do
after this, but I think you get to use the UFO (it may be after you
have killed the boss in the area, I don't remember).  In any case, you
must kill the boss who is close to the area you are in, and then get
the UFO from a man in black in one of the buildings.  Now comes the
final area of America.  Follow the path which the black alien guy
takes, and destroy all of his doomsday devices (you have to be at the
same level as the doomsday device in order to destroy it with the UFO)
.  Now go for the tower sections again, and you will have won America.
But all is not over yet.  Now you have to go into bumper-boat "Alpha 1
" mode, and fight the boss of America.  As with all bosses like this,
you must first shoot at his arms, and then the center part.  I suggest
that you fire at him while charging, because once you have flown
underneath him, he cannot counter attack very well because you are
running away at the same time!  It is an easier hit-and-run manuever.
That's it for America!  On to Siberia.
2.  Siberia 1991

         Now it's time for zombies!  Yes, the "strange life forms" are
actually zombies in this level.  For fun, go south of where you start
out to find a combine harvester, and have your way with the zombies.
But in any case, get the Vladicar and head down the path to the right
to find a harvester attack up north.  Kill the harvester guys, and if
you lose the Vladicar, there is one in that town.  Don't worry about
running the zombies over, but make sure the bugs don't assimilate them.
After that, head back to where you started out, and make a right
towards the icy lake.  Go around to the right to find a shallow area
where you can drive your car through.  Go straight ahead and make a
slow left in between two houses to discover two "hovercraft" aliens
appear in front of you.  The way to beat them is to continuosly back
up so that they have less of a chance of hitting you.  Some other
bugs may appear to the right, but they are easy.  Now go into the
house which is the farthest north.  Talk to the guy, and go downstairs.
Get the train part, and get back into the car.  There is a white house
on a hill with ammo in it, but you don't actually need it.  Now go back
across the river and down the road again, where there should be yet
another harvester attack on the town it attacked previously.  Kill,
maim, and destroy, and then head north along the road to find the train
station.  Get into the train and head forwards.  Kill everything in
your path, because they may come back to haunt you later.  When you
get close to the town, there will be a harvester attack on REAL people,
so get out of the train even if there are still bugs attacking, and get
into the six-wheeler near a house.  Kill the harvester as quickly as
you can, and demolish the rest of the bugs.  Now head north some more
to discover a parking lot full of useful vehicles.  Some bugs should
pop up to attack you at this point, and if they dont, just go into the
large building, and talk to the scientist there.  Now get out of the
building and the black alien guy should show up and take off with the
train.  DO NOT follow him, there is no way to stop him.  However, go
south a little to find a hovercraft, and walk into the building right
next to it.  Talk to the guy, take the hovercraft, and head slowly up
towards the direction in which the train left.  The train should
explode, and gas will creep out (if you are in the area, it will kill
you).  There are two harvester attacks, so take out one and then the
other (I suggest the one on the left side of the tracks, because there
are more people there).  After killing all the bugs, head south back
along where you came from originally, and try to look on the right for
a coastline.  Hovercraft out into the water and find the boss to kill
it.  Yay!

         Now on to the second part of Siberia (easy), and go through
the portal (see the map).  Go through various buildings to find
rocket launchers.  Head west to find a barrier.  After defeating the
opposition, get out of your water vehicle on the southern shore closeby
to aim your rocket launcher at the wall and fire!  Now go through and
head southward to find harvester attacks.  This part of the game was
pretty easy, and I don't remember a whole lot about it.  Just follow
your nose (or map) to find the boss, and kill it.  Make sure you do
not let your vehicle fall down a hill, on which the bottom of it is
a hard structure.  I got three vehicles stuck down there doing that.
I got some information from Mike Groman (goldeneye122@yahoo.com), who
told me that there are some nuclear reactors down here.  I remember
this, and how I messed up on the levers and let them blow up.  For me,
it was no big deal because I could just move on.  However, Mike tells
me that the order in which you are supposed to pull the levers in order
to stop the nuclear meltdown is 1,2,4,3.  I haven't tested it out, but
it's always worth a shot, right?  Thanks for the tipoff, Mike.  If 
someone else remembers more about this section, please email me
(ultemo@hotmail.com) a walkthrough, and I will gladly give you credit.

        The third part of Siberia did not take much to do either.  If
you still have the six wheeler, take it, because you'll need it in the
next section.  Go through the portal and head east to find a military
base.  Go in the barracks and talk to the guy.  Then go outside and
get into the chinook.  Take it around to the five different oil rigs.
First, get the one closest.  Then, go to the one most east, and
continue your way north-eastward to pick up all the men.  You do not
have to land perfectly on the pad, but it is useful to land in that
area closest to the door.  There are five men on each rig, so after
you hear the five sounds or see five men dissapear into the chinook,
move onto the next one.  After that is done, take the chinook back to
the base and land near the barracks (you may be under enemy fire, so
do this quickly.)  Go in the building after taking out the bugs with
the six wheeler, and talk to the guy.  He should tell you to use the
submarine tank to kill the boss.  Fire continuously and kill the shark
bugs for health.  You have to make your way through a maze-like area
going up a Z-shaped area to find the boss.  Kill it, and afterwards
save and take the six-wheeler up the hill to the north, and follow
the blue wall all the way to the portal entrance.

        The fourth part of Siberia is one of the best in the game.  If
you do not have the six-wheeler, go back to the second area and get it,
because otherwise you will die a horrible, horrible death.  Now go
through and down the road, killing bugs all the way.  There should be
a harvester attack, so head down the road to get to it and then kill
the harvester, as well as any bugs that have followed.  Now head north
and kill all and any opposition (they will come back to kill you if
you do not), and get out of the six wheeler and enter the door along
the concrete wall.  Go through, and once out the other side, go into
the huge building to the left, and once inside, make a left into the
science area.  Talk to the professor, and go outside.  Now head south-
westward to find the tank.  Take it and follow the road north to kill
everything in your path.  And I mean everything!  Now keep going north
until you reach the other military base.  Quickly get in and out of the
scud missile launcher, and back into the tank to kill off bugs which
try to ambush you.  After this, take the harrier jet and fly south
to the original military base.  Go into the building and talk to the
guy again.  I think at this point he lets you take the chinook up
north to the scud missile.  Take the chinook and hover right above
the scud missile launcher.  Lift up slowly and be careful about
carrying it to the original military base.  Land it in the fenced-in
area near the big building.  Now go talk to the guy in the building,
and then follow his instructions to fire the scud missile.  Once you
fire it, you can aim it, so aim it northwest to the military base up
there.  You must hit the missile right on the radar tower (large ball)
directly north of that military base.  Now take your vehicle of choice,
and go into the north-east section of the 1st base to find the boss 
(how convenient).  Save, and then take the harrier jet which is in that
base (now unlocked).  There should be a distress signal from Alpha 1,
your ship, so find the quickest route to get back to your original
starting point.  Fly over there and kill!  Now take the harrier into
the last area of Siberia (there should be new portal openings on the
map), and make attack runs on the tower, making sure you hit the four
things on each side before you target the central core.  After this,
it's bumper-boat time in Alpha 1 against the Siberia boss.  After
defeating him, you're done with Siberia!!!
3.  Credits
All of this FAQ was done by Ultimo, at ultemo@hotmail.com
Give credit to me if you use this anywhere!  You have my permission to
use and spread this FAQ/Walkthrough all over the world, and to publish
it anywhere, but taking credit for it is forbidden.
Please visit my home page at http://members.xoom.com/ultimo64/
Thanks for reading this far, and I hope my work has been of some help
to you.  I did not do the first two levels, Greece and Java, because
someone else already has, so look at that one for info on those levels.