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"The Bosses of Bomberman Hero"
v2.1 03/23/08
by Joseph Mostarda (e-mail:

Table of Contents
Section 1 (Copyrights) [AAAA]
1.01 - Copyrights      [AAAB]
1.02 - Version History [AAAC]

Section 2 (The Bosses) [AAAD]
2.01 - Nitros          [AAAE]
 a - @ Bomber Star
 b - @ Primus Star
 c - @ Kanatia Star
 d - @ Mazone Star
 e - @ Garaden Star
2.02 - Endol           [AAAF]
 a - @ Bomber Star
 b - @ Garaden Star
2.03 - Baruda          [AAAG]
 a - @ Primus Star
 b - @ Garaden Star
2.04 - Bolban          [AAAH]
 a - @ Kanatia Star
 b - @ Garaden Star
2.05 - Natia           [AAAI]
 a - @ Mazone Star
 b - @ Garaden Star
2.06 - Evil Bomber     [AAAJ]
 a - @ Gossick Star

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Section 1 - Copyrights [AAAA]
1.01 - Copyrights [AAAB]
Feel free to download this FAQ for your own personal use. All I ask is that you
don't sell it for profit or any form of commercial means. I also grant unlimited
permission for this FAQ to be posted on any other website, so long as proper
credit is given to me as the author of this FAQ.

1.02 - Version History [AAAC]
03/23/08 - A new version is written. Designed mainly to improve the formatting
and make it easier to navigate. I doubt there will be any further updates,
unless my contact info or something similar changes.

Section 2 - The Bosses [AAAD]
2.01 - Nitros [AAAE]
a - @ Bomber Star

The first battle against Nitros will not challenge you very much. His attack
pattern mainly consists of him charging at you, and shooting lasers out of the
arena floor. Simply dodge his attacks while pelting him with bombs.

b - @ Primus Star

The second Nitros battle is a bit more difficult, due to spinning discs that
float around the arena. Otherwise, his attacks are identical to the first
battle. By eliminating the discs, the battle will prove to be no more
challenging than before.

c - @ Kanatia Star

The third battle against Nitros is no more difficult than before, but will take
longer due to Nitros being surrounded by a protective shield. To remove it, you
must destroy the three generators slowly floating around the arena. It only
takes one direct bomb blast to destroy each.

d - @ Mazone Star

Your fourth battle against Nitros introduces some new attacks. The first, and
most dangerous, are flaming columns that shoot up out of the floor at random
intervals. However, during these outbursts, Nitros pauses near one of the
columns, setting up a very easy target for Bomberman. Nitros now drops a line of
five red bombs at random locations. Red bombs are more powerful than standard
bombs, but you can detonate them prematurely by hitting them with your own
bombs. Finally, Nitros's speed is also much quicker than before, making your
timing even more critical. As always, Nitros is easy to dodge; it's the lasers
that you must have caution for.

e - @ Garaden Star

The final battle against Nitros pulls out all the stops. All the traps and
attacks from prior battles will rear their ugly heads here. In addition, Nitros
has also learned teleportation, making it very easy for him to dodge your bombs.
Because Nitros takes more hits than usual to be finally go down once and for
all, you'll want to make extensive use of the Rolling Bomb attack. The larger
spray from the bombs is also ideal for destroying the rows of red bombs that
Nitros will set up as traps.

2.02 - Endol [AAAF]
a - @ Bomber Star

The first of the "Big Four," Endol is a crazed humanoid with a love of
electricity. The battle has two stages. In the first stage, you must jump over
circling electrical bolts while pelting Endol with bombs. After about five hits
or so, the second stage of the battle will ensue, where Endol walks around the
arena and tries to hit you with big bolts of lightning. But because he is so
slow, it's very easy to hit him on the tail, where he is vulnerable. It only
takes about five hits to bring him down... for now.

b - @ Garaden Star

While Endol himself is no more challenging than he was at Bomber Star, the arena
that you battle him in makes this battle tough. It is covered in water, and
Endol's electrical attacks are stronger and have a longer range. If they hit the
water, the entire area will be covered in electricity, so be sure to stay in the
air! Since Endol moves faster than before, you'll want to use the Rolling Bomb
attack to ensure you can hit his tail, which is still his weak point.

2.03 - Baruda [AAAG]
a - @ Primus Star

This battle takes place in the air, using the Bomber Copter. Baruda has a
piercing laser on his front side and poisonous gas bubbles that shoot from his
backside. Stay above Baruda and drop bombs onto his face. You will know when he
is about to fire his piercing laser because he will swell his body up. This
makes avoiding the attacks pretty easy.

b - @ Garaden Star

The rematch with Baruda is much more treacherous. For starters, the platform you
battle on is full of holes and very small. Secondly, you can't use the Bomber
Compter, which means Baruda's piercing laser is much more accurate, and he can
also charge at you with a fast peck attack. It is when he attempts to charge at
you that he leaves himself open for several easy shots. It only takes about 15
well placed bombs to clip this bird's wings for good.

2.04 - Bolban [AAAH]
a - @ Kanatia Star

Bolban is an evil sphinx that rules over the Kanatia Shrine. He has quite a few
attacks at his disposal, including dropping a barrage of bricks, launching a
tornado from his mouth and a jumping attack. He has two vulnerable spots,
although they are active at different points in the battle. In the first half,
you must rid Bolban of the shield guarding the jewel on his head, his weak
point. Do this by eliminating the transmitters on either side of his shoulders.
Once they are gone, attack the jewel. After enough hits, he will begin to drop
massive amounts of bricks, which do serious damage. His weak point also moves to
his tail, so you must be able to get behind him and hit the tail. The Rolling
Bomb attack will come in handy here.

b - @ Garaden Star

Arguably, the rematch with Bolban is actually easier, because it's far more
straightforward. His only weak spot, the jewel on his head, is unguarded at all
times, and you need not worry about falling bricks or tornado breath. However,
the linear arena is underwater, and you must battle Bolban with your Bomber
Marine. However, the battle is easily won by simply hitting Bolban with
everything you've got. Your torpedos pack such a large punch that all his
attacks will be easily destroyed. However, your tornadoes pack nasty splash
damage which can hurt you, so do take caution.

2.05 - Natia [AAAI]
a - @ Mazone Star

Natia is the toughest of the "Big Four" bosses. She battles you on a sloping
rectangular platform hovering over lava. Ironically, the battle isn't so much
against her as it is against her pet, Mecha-Cronus. She will hover around the
battlefield and mostly leave you alone. So, ignore her. Attack Cronus's eye
whenever it faces you. When you can't attack Cronus, it will be busy launching
missiles at you. Run in circles so the missiles hit into each other and explode.
Cronus's only other attack consists of a searing laser coming from its eye. Use
this to your advantage and hit the eye. After about eight or nine bombs, Cronus
will explode.

However, you aren't done yet. Natia hopes down onto the platform and battles you
directly. She is quick, and will hit you with knives and whips. However, she is
vulnerable at all times, so just throw bombs at her until she gives up. This
part of the battle is pretty easy, and it only takes about seven bombs.

b - @ Garaden Star

In the rematch, you will battle two Natia. Yes, she has managed to clone
herself. One Natia uses a whip and the other throws knives. All the while,
miniature Cronus will fall from the sky, but they do little, if any, damage. I
personally find the Natia throwing knives more dangerous, so eliminate her
first. Once again, she will be vulnerable at all times, making the most
dangerous part of this battle the platform. It's very small and easy to fall
off, so watch your step! Once you defeat one of the Natia, the other will either
have a whip with longer range or will throw many more knives at once. Just keep
at it until she goes down for good.

2.06 - Evil Bomber [AAAJ]
a - @ Gossick Star

As it turns out, Evil Bomber is the real brains behind all the trouble that's
been happening. Luckily, he isn't too difficult. The battle is fairly similar to
the second face-off with Baruda. He will fly around, and occasionally swoop in.
When he does, hit him with a bomb. And that's pretty much it. All you have to do
beyond that is avoid his attacks, which consist of razor-like feathers and
sudden changes in direction that may catch you off-guard. The worst part of this
battle is the endurance. Evil Bomber takes a good 10-15 bombs before he will go

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