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                              CASTLEVANIA 64
               A Full FAQ/Walkthrough, ver 1.3; July 2, 2007
    (c) copyright 2006-07 JHaslip - <PirateoftheFAQs(at)hotmail(dot)com>

     ,-'  ______`-.
   ,'  ,-'      `-.\      ,   __                                  /\
  /  ,'               _  /|  / /        /|   ____             _   \/
 /  /     ,'`._  ___,'/_/ |_ | |  ,-'\  \ \  \  /   ,'`._ /\,' \  /\    ,'`._
/  /    .'|`. / / __,'|_   _|| | | |\ \  \ \  \ \ .'|`. / | ,'\ \ | | .'|`. /
|  |    | | | || \__/\  | |  | | | |_\ \ | |   | || | | | | | | / | | | | | |
|  |    | | | | \  __ \ | |  | | |  _,-' | |   / /| | | | | | | | | | | | | |
\  \    | | | |  \/  \| | |  | | | \     | |  / / | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
 \  \   | |,' | /\___// | |_ | |  \ `._  | `.' /  | |,' | | |_| |_| |_| |,' |
  \  `. |_,'|_//____,'  \__/ \_/   `.__/  `-.,'   |_,'|_/ |_,'|_,'\_,'|_,'|_/
   `.  `-.______,-'/

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 C O N T E N T S :       -+- Band That Consumed My Guide; Life In Your Way -+-

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         I.  Introduction                           Ctrl + F (SECTONE)
             a. Needed Information

        II.  Story                                  Ctrl + F (SECTTWO)

       III.  Controls                               Ctrl + F (SECTTHREE)
             a.  Controls

        IV.  Walkthrough                            Ctrl + F (SECTFOUR)
             a.  Forest of Silence
             b.  Castle Wall
             c.  Villa
             d.  Tunnel - Reinhardt
             e.  Waterway - Carrie
             f.  Castle Center
             g.  Duel Towers - Reinhardt
             h.  Tower of Science - Carrie
             i.  Tower of Execution - Reinhardt
             j.  Room of Clocks
             k.  Clock Tower
             l.  Castle Keep

         V.  Item List                              Ctrl + F (SECTFIVE)

        VI.  Bestiary                               Ctrl + F (SECTSIX)

       VII.  Legal Disclamer                        Ctrl + F (SECTSEVEN)

    + What's new?!
        I've touched up a few sections, and just updated some information. I
        realized I haven't actually finished the faq entirely, so after I'm
        done with DK64 and Final Fantasy III, I'll have to get onto that. 


      I N T R O D U C T I O N ---------------------------- Ctrl+f (SECTONE)


Hello and welcome to my comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough on the ever-hated game 
for the Nintendo 64--Castlevania! Truthfully, I myself think that this game is 
grand and it's easily one of the best I've ever played. The story just seems to 
play well within the confines of the series (since your always in a castle), 
and the actual game play isn't bad at all. I at first thought it would suck and 
would be way to hard to dispose of enemies in a 3-D realm, but I soon came to 
realize it wasn't and it actually added a sense of difficulty that was fun to 
achieve. So read on and have fun playing.

I know that this may be really late to the list of guides already up, but I 
felt that it could do with a new more up-to-date one ~_^

- JHaslip (PirateoftheFAQs)

1.2)  Needed Information 

 -+- Just some stuff you'll need to read BEFORE using the guide! Thanks. -+-

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Before we begin I would like to quickly go over some guide rules:
1.  This FAQ is copyrighted! It may not be reproduced in any way, shape, or
    form. Unless the author has given his written consent. You may only use
    this document for personal/private use. If you would like to host this
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2.  The latest version of this faq can and always will be found at
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3.  If you would like to get in touch with me, do so--just don't send me
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One last note: Only email me about the game at PirateoftheFAQs[at]hotmail[dot]
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1. Check my email backlog. If it's filled up, you may have to wait a while
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2. I check my email once in a while. Please wait for a response, because I
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3. Please read my guide before asking questions, that's why I have a FAQ.
4. I will only post your question/tip in my guide if it is good, and has not
   been answered in this guide.

After the above has been read, enjoy yourself with the rest of the guide.


      S T O R Y ------------------------------------------ Ctrl+f (SECTTWO)


          -+- Taken straight from the begining of the game -+-

                        in the mid 19th century,
                            The Province of
                         In this time of peace
                               and plenty,
                             no--one foresees
                              the return of
                            ancient horrors...
                        But the old legends live
                         and soon the land will
                            again be plunged
                             into darkness.
                               The people
                            have returned to
                         the path of wickedness,
                         and the bonds that seal
                           their evil ruler's
                          spirit are weakening.
                           Deep in his castle,
                        he stirs from a century of
                            enforced sleep...
                          Count Dracula awakes.

                          Reinhardt Schneider...
                           Heir of the ancient
                             Belmont clan of
                             vampire hunters,
                            his blood dooms him
                           to oppose the might of
                              Count Dracula.
                           Wielding the holy whip
                             of his ancestors,
                         the young vampire killer
                            begins his quest!!


      C O N T R O L S ----------------------------------- Ctrl+f (SECTHREE)


Uh... it's the controls... if you need other information I suggest you read the 
Instruction Manual, otherwise use another guide =)

4.1} Controls

                                      | |
                           ______|           |______
                        ,-'      |  NINTENDO |      `-.
                      ,'   _                          `.
                     /   _| |_                     (^)   \
                     |  |_   _|                  (<) (>) |
                     \    |_|         (S)     (B)  (v)   /
                     |`.              ___       (A)    ,'|
                     |  `-.______   ,' _ `.   ______,-'  |
                     |      |    `. | (_) | ,'    |      |
                     |      |      \`.___,'/      |      |
                     |      !      |       |      |      |
                     |      /      |       |      \      !
                     \     /       |       |       \     /
                      `._,'        \       /        `._,'
                                    \     /

               I trust you' all are familiar with the controller?

             |     Button      |             Effect              |
             |     A Button    |      Allows you to jump         |
             |     B Button    |    This is your main attack     |
             |    Z Trigger    |   Allows you to crouch/slide    |
             |  Analog Stick   |    Moves your character         |
             |    L Button     |            No use               |
             |    R Button     |   Throws the camera behind you  |
             |  Left C Button  |         Second attack           |
             | Right C Button  |         Pick up items           |
             | Top C Button    |       First-Person view         |
             | Bottom C Button |       Absolutely nothing        |
             |     START       |  Sends you to the in-game menu  |


      W A L K T H R O U G H ----------------------------- Ctrl+f (SECTFOUR)


Now that I've bored you all to death, I think I'm going to go ahead and start 
with the walkthrough now. Too bad you're probably asleep by now... -- "Merca"

Also, except for the levels that differ between characters; Reinhardt will be 
the MAIN man. Carrie's levels will obviously be played and written in Carrie's 

5.1}                     -+- FOREST OF SILENCE -+-

 - I wouldn't be the first to say this, but man this place is rather large and 
   foreboding for first-timers.. Geez!

-- STARTING OUT ---------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Roast Beef
  Monsters -> Skeleton

Okay, so we're in a clearing with the woods to our backs. Reindhardt does his 
Mexican heart crossing prayer and then you'll be given control over him. Let's 
begin by moving forward until a lightning bolt crashes from the sky into a 
tree, setting it afire and blocking our way.. or so you think. Jump over it and 
continue onward.. when it happens again. Finally jump over this tree to find 
two platforms separated by two torches (torches are you're main source of 
items, kind of like the blocks in Mario). Gather the items you receive from 
them and then scale the smaller platform. Afterward, you'll be on top of it so 
the camera angles itself into a straightforward-view of the adjacent platform. 

Make the jump and continue holding forward on the analog stick to grasp the 
edge of the other platform. Reindhardt will climb it and after breaking the 
torch, you'll find a Roast Beef! Sweet! Jump down and take the path to your 
left, the one you passed on the way to these platforms. Oh, and keep a look out 
for what your enemies drop, especially power-ups. They'll allow you're attacks 
to be stronger.

Follow it for a while and you'll pass a skeleton on the ground. Not long after 
a cut-scene will commence..  Reinhardt comes across a dead body on the ground, 
he leans on one knee, pays heed to the village and then briskly turns around to 
find the skeleton's head moved! The ground begins to rumble and little ways off 
two more skeletons spree from the ground. The one in front of him gets up..

Okay, so it seems like we'll have to fight. You're surrounded by three 
skeletons.. it's not like their bosses or anything so easily dispose of them 
with a few lashes of your whip and then continue along the path until you are 
standing before a large gate. Jump and whip the center-middle piece three times 
to unlock and open the door... which leads to your first boss battle!

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Large Skeleton                                (  TYPE: Undead        |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Summons Skeletons                  |
|             EASY                   |   Bone Swipe          Charges (you) |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This is rather cool for your first Boss. Anyway, firstly he'll summon      |
| three skeletons from within the door area. Kill them and then use your     |
| whip to attack him twice... he'll run to different areas (outside the door |
| and with the area after the door), so just stay with him and dodge his     |
| harmful bone swipe. You're going to win.. unless you're just terrible.     |

-- ONWARD! --------------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Moon Card, Sun Card
  Monsters -> Bat, Bomb Skeleton, Bone Throwing Skeleton, Skeleton

After the battle, make some simple jumps across the platforms that rise from 
the river below (Oh, and if you look down using the first-person view you'll 
see the boss you just whipped). Upon landing on the other side you'll find that 
skeletons are regularity now. They'll come from the ground, so always keep a 
watchful eye. Anyway, continue forward until you come across a sign post. It 
reads, "route." So yeah, obviously this is the route you need to take. But  
wait! It's blocked... by a gate. Crap! So instead, let's save at the little 
white jewel next to the gate and then go down the other path.

You'll come to a rocky overhang, so pass through it to find two small buildings 
in this area. Each holds a special card. One is the Sun Card, and the other is 
the Moon Card. After swiping each from torches, get on top of the pile of 
debris to the left of the well.. left building. Jump on top of the building to 
find a jewel or what not within the torch, then jump and cling to the other 
building. After pulling yourself up, you'll find a Roast Chicken within this 
torch! So now, jump back down on the ground and follow the path out of this 

Continue following it until you come to a drop-off. Jump across the platforms 
to find yourself wedged between two stone torches looking at a lever up top a 
stone pedestal... hmmm. Watch for bats that will attack you from the sky and 
then pull the lever. This results in that gate by the Save Point opening and a 
Mini-Boss battle! Nice.

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Were-Cheetah                                  (  TYPE: Animal?       |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACK(S)               |
|                                    |   Bear Hug/Choke Slam                |
|        REALLY EASY                 |                                       |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Okay, I'm going to classify this guy as a Boss since he does get a health  |
| bar and coolio music. Here is the real strategy, run from him around the   |
| lever and stop when you're far enough ahead to get a good whip hit in...   |
| then run again. Repeat until he is no longer standing.                     |

Now let's backtrack to that gate. Once you do, pass through to find a Bone 
Throwing Skeleton in your path. Dodge his attempts to stop you and then break 
him. Err yeah. Pass on by to find yourself in another small area. There is a 
burial building to your right with breakable caskets and a fountain donning a 
torch. Firstly break the torch with the post under it saying, "A maiden sings a 
dirge." to find a cross (sub-weapon) and then enter the building.

Within here there are two caskets on two different levels. Break them both to 
receive items (usually the top one contains gold) and then leave this building.
Once back outside, take the path that isn't blocked by a gate and continue down 
it until you comes to another drop-off. Jump across the platforms and pull the 
lever, the gate then opens.. but now you need to skillfully climb down the wall 
on the really small platforms, then jump on the two larger ones in the middle 
of the river and finally back up the other wall. Backtrack back to the other 
gate to find that it's now open.

Save at the White Jewel, surrounded by poor villagers and then go through the 
gate. Follow the path as it's pretty linear until you come into yet another 
small area housing three burial buildings and a locked gate. Scourge the 
buildings and you'll find various items, and to point out a few Roast Chickens 
and possibly a Roast Beef.

Okay, well now let's go around the buildings and you'll find a ledge, and a 
platform to jump to.. with a Bone Throwing Skeleton up top it. Use one of your 
sub weapons to deal with them and then jump/cling to the ledge. Pull yourself 
up and then if you want to risk it, there is a small stone floating ledge to 
your left. It houses a torch which upon breaking holds a Special1 (jewel). 
Anyway, continue on by jumping back onto the platform and then to the other 

-- TO THE CASTLE --------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ---->
  Monsters -> Bat, Bomb Skeleton, Bone Throwing Skeleton, Skeleton, Werewolf

Pass through the stone ledge in front of you and you'll be attacked by four 
bats, followed by a werewolf. The werewolf is a little tuff, but dodge his 
leaps and then attack, followed by more dodging. Anyway, there is a statue up 
ahead where among examination it holds a Roast Chicken. The building holds a 
Sun Card, and there is another locked gate with a Save Point next to it.

Save and then head down the only other path there is, left of the statue. 
You'll come across a few enemies along the way, but eventually you'll find a 
spot you could have noticed earlier. It has a few javelins sticking out of the 
ground with skulls on them. Spooky. Scourge down the wall and at the bottom 
jump to the platform with the lever and after pulling it, jump back across the 
toxic water and climb back up the wall.

Okay, now we have to backtrack ALL the way to the first locked gate. Upon 
reaching it, you'll find it leads you into a very small area along with a 
lever. Pull it and you guessed it, the last and final gate will be unlocked.

Here it is, the final gate. So let's get ready to face that Boss again. Save 
and then enter. Once you are in this large and spacious area, run all the way 
over to the ledge to find the Skeleton mosey up it and onto the ground. Ha, 
let's kick it.

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Large Skeleton                                (  TYPE: Undead        |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Summons Skeletons                  |
|             EASY                   |   Bone Swipe          Crawls        |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| At the immediate beginning of the battle, two skeletons riding bikes try   |
| to run you over, so dispose of them and then continue attacking the Large  |
| Skeleton until you finally cripple him, leaving only one arm. After several|
| more whip attacks, he'll lose his legs and finally you'll win. He'll just  |
| use the same lame attacks he did the first time, so you're fine.           |
|                                                                            |

Now with the Forest of Silence behind you, head on over to that ledge the Boss 
climbed up to find that a cut-scene commences. Reinhardt steps close to the 
ledge and then the Castle gate lowers... Reinhardt then steps into the Castle 
of Hell. The gate closes quickly behind him..

5.2}                        -+- CASTLE WALL -+-

 - The real test begins...

-- AROUND AND AROUND WE GO ----------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Sun Card
  Monsters -> Dragon Head, Skeleton, Bomb Skeleton, Bat, Medusa Head

Okay, now we're within the Castle wall and we have a barred gate in front of 
us... So let's go save at the white jewel and then head on through the door 
next to it.

We find ourselves in a tall circular room, and guess what.. we have to climb a 
staircase that doesn't want us to. Yay! Head to the beginning of it (you'll go 
right from the camera's point of view when you enter the room) and begin 
ascending the steps. The first obstacle you come to is a break in the 
staircase. Easily jump it and keep going onward until you come to a Dragon 
Head. These thing will spit fireballs at you, so maneuver around them and whip 
it three times to dispose of it. You're now at a large gap, so wait for the 
platform to float over to you and hop on it, jump off of it and onto the other 
side when you're comfortably close (Also if you want to, drop down when you 
reach the other side to the overhang from the door you entered in. It houses a 
torch which is in fact a Sun Card).

Anyway, continue up and you'll come to another Dragon Head. After you've killed 
it, watch out for the guillotine with blood on the blade (how?) and then 
jump/climb up onto the platform. The only problem here is those darn Medusa 
Heads. They'll keep reappearing trying to knock you off the platform.

Continue on and watch for bats as you near the top of another gap. Board the 
platform and then you'll find it stops in the middle instead of going all the 
way to the other side. So you're going to have to jump/climb to the other set 
of stairs. Geez!

Our next objective involves a guillotine and a long jump to the platform, all 
while dealing with bats. Once you're on the other side, keep climbing =D 
Eventually you're going to make it to the final set of stairs. A few bats will 
try to attack you, just dispose of them and then enter the door at the top... 
and guess what. A boss!

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Twin Bone Snakes                              (  TYPE: Undead        |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Acid Breath                        |
|           MODERATE                 |   Spray of Breath                    |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Okay, at the beginning of this battle, get behind the brick door you just  |
| came out of. Jump up on top it and destroy the torch for a Roast Chicken.  |
| Now, these guys can do quite a bit of damage, but you still have your      |
| crosses right? If you do, just hide behind the brick wall and throw        |
| crosses when it's safe. You'll easily dispose of these guys without        |
| being severely injured. If you don't have crosses, just wait for one of    |
| the Dragons to attack and then run out whip their heads and then run back. |
| the problem with this strategy is.. well you're going to get hit           |
| eventually, so make sure to heal. Anyway, use one of these strategies and  |
| you'll win.                                                                |

After the battle, the Dragons that are intertwined on the grating will die, and 
you'll be able to get some goodies and then you need to pull the lever. This 
will open the gate downstairs, yay!

Okay, now another gate will lower after you turn right to go back down the 
stairs. So.. let's go this new way. Drop down onto a platform with a save point 
and a small pedestal. Save and then drop down by a Dragon Head, destroy it and 
break any torches you see. Eventually, drop down to the last floor. Their is a 
Bomb Skeleton down here, so do whatever and then if you can see there is a 
shelf with bags.. and a power up! Take it if you need it and then drop back 
down and continue on the only path there is, it'll lead to a small room with a 
hole. Drop down and you'll be back right where we were to begin with. Save and 
then enter the new room.

-- LEFT TOWER -----------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Left Tower Key
  Monsters -> Bomb Skeleton, Skeleton, Bone Throwing Skeleton, Dracula, Medusa 
              Head, Dragon Head

In this small room, the only thing you need to do is knock out the left torch 
in the middle of the room to get the Left Tower Key. It'll be red, so yeah. 
Head back to the save point and instead of going to that blue door, go to the 
other one on the opposite side of the hall. Guess what, its stairwell version 
two, and it's been improved.

Okay, so now that we're here, begin hopping across the platforms until you 
reach some stairs. Run up them to find a long walkway, run across it and you'll 
find it falls through, so jump when it begins to do so. You'll make it to the 
other side. Keep climbing the stairs and you'll find a guillotine, wait and 
then move in front of it and out of its way. You get the idea right? The rest 
of the stairs aren't too hard. Once you're at the top, wait until its night or 
use a Moon Card and then the seal on the door will disappear. It's time for you 
to venture in.

As Reinhardt enters, he'll walk over and pull the lever, it'll open a gate 
downstairs. However, lightning crackles in the background and as Reindhardt 
nears the hole in the wall, Dracula is levitating down form his tower! He stops 
in the air and provokes you to come meet your doom.. oooh spooky! He then 
disappears and you're once again in control.

Go on over to the brick staircase and jump on top, save your game and break the 
torch for a Roast Chicken. Instead of going back down the stairs, do what you 
did last time and look for another hole in the wall. Once you see it, venture 
over and go through it. You're now on a small platform with a stone torch. Drop 
down and then drop down once more. You'll land and there is a Dragon Head by 
you. Destroy it and then find another Moon Card in a nearby torch. In the 
middle of the room, there is a stone-like pedestal and on top is some Holy 
Water. Take it if you want (I prefer the Cross) and then drop down to the next 

You're now in the same last room you were in last time. Go find the hole and 
drop through, you'll land near the save point and you'll find the gate in the 
small room is open! Go on over to it after saving and head on through.

5.3}                          -+- VILLA -+-

 - I hate the Undead!

-- OUTSIDE WITH EVIL ----------------------------------------------------------

  Items ---->
  Monsters -> Three Headed Dog, Ghost, Flaming Skulls, 

As you enter the room, your health bar fills up and well.. you're about to 
fight numerous three headed dogs! Firstly two will come at you just attacking, 
so keep them at bay with your whip and sub-weapon (crosses or axes) and then 
they'll eventually die. The second wave breathes fire and will attack more 
aggressively. Finally the third wave is a single dog and when it comes the sky 
darkens (it'll be a bright red color). It'll attack the same way the second 
wave did. Once you've defeated these mutts, head on through the gate.

You'll now begin walking on a long pathway, blocked off on both sides by a 
fence. Grab the Roast Beef as you come across it and then enter the clearing 
with the water fountain in the middle. There are quite a few items up top it 
(wait until midnight and a staircase will appear), but for now, head on over to 
the left of it and save at the white jewel near the headstone. Also, watch for 
the ghosts and Flaming Skulls, they'll come at you in large numbers.

-- PRETTY FANCY ---------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Roast Beef, Roast Chicken x3, Purifying x3, Storeroom Key, 
  Monsters -> Vampire x2, Stain Glass Knight

Now, past the fountain their is a manor, so go on over to it and enter through 
the front door. Remind you of Resident Evil? You'll now be in a foyer, highly 
decorated with a staircase in front of you and a Servants' Door to your right. 
Firstly , destroy the candles and collect the jewels, then ascend the stairs.

As you do this, a cut scene commences. A vampire that looks like it used to be 
a villager will hop around the room and run on the walls and such. It'll then 
drop down in front of you with its fangs and blood all over its shirt. Nice.

Once you're back in control, deal with this guy by whipping him a few good 
times and dodge his leaps at you. You'll win fairly easily and then be given a 
clear way upstairs.. so go. When you come to the intersection on whether to go 
right or left, go left (all while breaking vases and collecting jewels) and 
finally you'll come to a door. Open it to find a small hallway on the outside 
of the building with a door not too far away. Run on over to it and then open 
and go through.

You're now in a garden, but there is nothing for you to do at the moment. So 
instead head on through the other door. It'll lead you to a staircase that you 
need to climb. After you've done this, you'll be upstairs around a corner that 
leads down a hallway infested with doors. Uh-oh. So take the first one nearby 
on the left and you'll be in a fancy little room. There is nothing in here for 
you, so go over to the adjacent door a open it for a cut-scene..

Reindhardt meets a man named Vincent, who thinks Reinhardt is a vampire at 
first. He'll then see that you're human and tell you his name, Vincent. He's 
also the best vampire slayer ever. So yeah, you owe him respect. Also, he'll 
say to stay out of his way and that Dracula is too much for you to handle. 

Afterward, take the jewel in this room, and the Purifying and then after 
talking to Vincent again you'll find that he mentions something about that Rose 
Garden we passed a little while ago at dawn.. let's head back there.

Once you're here, use a Moon Card and then wait until it turns dawn. You'd 
think you could just use a Sun Card, but nope you have to WAIT! *whistles* 
Eventually, when the clock is aligned with three o'clock in the morning, a cut 
scene will commence.

A Vampire named Rosa will come in to water some roses, even though they are 
"white roses." She sprays blood on them and then tells you if you want to kill 
Dracula you firstly need to go to the archives which requires a key, which a 
previous adventurer had..

Guess what.. that previous adventurer is none other than Vincent. So go back to 
that room upstairs, the first-door on the left and he'll now be in here. Talk 
to him to obtain the key and then be on your way out the door. Star running 
down the hallway and pass the first door on your left as it is locked. Let's 
instead, enter the second one ^_^

Once you're in here, watch for all of the ghosts. They'll do good damage 
against you and they can go invisible (nearly) and you can't touch them in this 
state. So anyway, break the vases in here for a Storeroom Key and a Roast 
Chicken. Before you leave, go all the way to the end of this room, opposite the 
black door and you'll see a lion's head mantled on the wall. Jump up on the 
dresser in front of it and search to find another Roast Chicken! Sweet. Okay, 
so now do you see the middle chandelier in this room? The one that is red? 
Break it to find another Purifying! (Whoa, that's a lot of stuff). However, 
there is one more thing we need to do. Go on over to the dark bluish, black 
door and head on through.

You'll find some white stairs, so descend them and you'll see that a cut-
scene begins. Afterward, you've now met Renon your salesperson, so buy stuff 
if you need to and then search the Knight Armor for another Purifying. 
Backtrack into the hall and use the newly found key to open the once locked 
door. (The other door near Renon leads out into the Maze, which you'll venture 
to later).

Once you've entered this room, you'll be thinking of the side-scrolling 
Castlevania games for the GBA. It's a save room with a Roast Chicken and a 
Roast Beef! So save and then go back out into the hall wand follow it until you 
reach the final door. Enter and you'll find that a cut scene starts.

Reinhardt finds a villager run into the room screaming for help. However, a 
rose drops from a vase behind you, and as Reindhardt turns to look at the vase 
he realizes the villager has no reflection in the mirror..! Crap! Just in the 
nick of time Reinhardt leaps out of the way and the vampire misses. A battle 
will then begin. Afterward, search the vase of roses to find a Purifying and 
then head on through the only other door in this room. You'll find a short 
hallway, so run along it to find that it leads to a door. Open it to find the 

-- THE ARCHIVES AND MORE! -----------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Purifying x2, Copper Key, Roast Chickenx3
  Monsters -> Stain Glass Knight, Vampire, Statue Dog, Frankenstein, Bat

Once you've entered the Archives, you'll find some Holy Water (I wouldn't take 
it and keep your crosses) search the drawer in the middle of the room for a 
Purifying and then go into the back (past the bookshelf) to find the Garden 
Key. Now remember the Maze I talked about? Yep you guessed it! Let's head on 
over to it.

Once you're outside the Mansion, head on over to the gate. You'll find two dog 
statues (you're going to hate these things in just a little bit) beside it. 
Open it and then go on through. You're now in the Maze, so continue forward and 
then take a left, you'll go across a bridge and eventually a cut-scene 

Reinhardt finds a kid in a purple robe hiding in a bush (his name is Malus), 
however, two dogs (the ones at the entrance) will come and the kid runs. You're 
going to have to follow him through the maze (which isn't hard to figure out) 
and avoid a Frankenstein guy who tries to cut you into to pieces. Afterward, 
Reinhardt lets the kid go through a gate and you'll then be back in control.

Opposite the gate you just let Malus out through is a long skinny straight-
away. So turn around and head down it, keep in mind the dogs are still there 
barking at the door. Once you come across the gap in the wall to your left, 
break the torch within it to find a Copper Key. At the end of this long 
straight-away there is a gate, open it to find yourself near a door. After 
opening it, you'll be in another room with a white jewel.. save.

Smash the candle adjacent the save point for a Roast Chicken and then go on 
through the other door. Guess what? Like teh omg! You're back in the mansion! 
So now that we figured out where that side door led to, let's go back upstairs 
and go through the various doors until you're in the hallway that leads to 
Vincent. Actually, let me just tell you to go all the way back outside and into 
the Maze =) I'm not to sure on what doors to go through to find the one that 
needs the Copper Key, but I do know it's one of the ones that a bar has to be 
lifted on. When you reach this area, you'll come out into a water way (much 
like the one you crossed to find Malus) so run to your right in the water and 
jump over the bridge. There will be a small hidden area that has a Torch just 
waiting for a Roast Chicken to be plucked from it. Now, go back to the bridge 
and follow it into another small area with a torch and a save point. Afterward, 
go on through the door nearby.

You're now in a tomb.. so trudge down the steps and you'll find yourself in a 
large room. Walk on up to the coffin on the opposite wall from where you stand 
and a cut-scene will start. A Vampire is on top of the ceiling as Reinhardt 
soon finds out and then the battle begins!

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss:  Vampire                                      (  TYPE: Vampire       |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Lunging/Slash                      |
|             EASY                   |   Feeding                            |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This battle is pretty easy, just make sure to keep an eye on your health   |
| bar and keep attacking him with your whip and sub-weapons. If you begin to |
| run low on jewels or food, check the torches lining the walls. Eventually  |
| he'll die..                                                                |

Only to be taken over by his prey who wasn't fully finished.. the woman!

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Vampire Woman                                 (  TYPE: Vampire       |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Lunging/Slash      Crawling       |
|           MODERATE                 |   Feeding         Bat Minions       |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This battle is a little tougher, but keep to the same strategy above,      |
| except when the bats become too much to burden with your whip, try using   |
| your sword. She, like the other vampire will eventually die.               |

After the battles, walk on over to the coffin for a quick cut-scene of the 
bottom of the coffin to be revealed as a secret sliding door! Sweet! When you 
are ready, jump on through the hole and into the..

5.4}                           -+- TUNNEL -+-

 - I HATE Spiders!

-- SLOWLY WE WALK -------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Roast Chicken x2, Roast Beef, Cure Ampoule
  Monsters -> Bat, Spider Woman, Dragon Head, Ghost

Right as we enter, there will be a few torches along a short path in front of 
Take what you can from them and then watch for some random bats. Once you come 
to a sign reading some kind of warning ahead (does that make sense to you?) run 
on down the ramp and avoid the falling blades. For the second ramp approach 
cautiously and wait until the blades fall in front of you, afterward jump on 
over them and mosey on over to the platform. It'll lower and the camera gives 
us an above-the-head view. Nice.

Once the platform lands, step out onto the ground to find that a cut-scene 
starts. A "beautiful" women appears from below the acid-like water. She then is 
revealed as a half-women up top a tarantula's body. Great. Once the cut-scene 
ends, you'll have to fight two of these things and then platforms will rise 
from the water. Obstacle through these platforms (there will be three of them) 
and then jump onto the ground again, right by a save point. After saving, begin 
heading along the path in front of you.

When it begins to clear out into an opening, watch for Spider Women to drop 
from the ceiling, go on over by the fire and then follow the path to your right 
which will eventually lead to a Roast Chicken and some Holy Water. Now 
backtrack to the fire and choose the only other path. You'll come to two signs, 
check the first one to find a Cure Ampoule and then follow the path to the 
left to eventually come to another red platform. Stand on it and it'll take you 

Once you reach the next floor, tap the R button to put the camera behind you 
and then begin running down the path in front of you. Eventually, you'll come 
to a dead end with two paths to choose from. Choose the one to your left and 
it'll lead you to a door marked with a Moon symbol, after it turns night (or if 
it is already) go on through and you'll find a room containing "the contract."
Afterward, backtrack to the path to your right and you'll come to a sign near 
two fires. Continue along the path past the fires until you come to a drop off 
with the acid river below. Carefully, begin trudging down the platforms until 
you reach one sitting right above the water. It'll be connected to a thin, long 
strand of rock that after you've slowly gone across it will once again connect 
to a few more rock platforms.

Once you're on solid ground again, continue along the path directly in front of 
you and pass the one to your left as you run by it. You'll eventually come to a 
door with a Sun symbol on it. Once you can enter, you'll find a Roast Chicken 
and a Roast Beef. You now need to backtrack to the path that you just passed a 
little bit ago.

Once you find it, start running along to find a moving ramp with those sharp 
blades that fall like the guillotine. Run on through this obstacle and then 
you'll find a save point to your left. Save and then continue along the path. 
You'll then find a torch up top a rock formation and a platform (also a lot of 
bats). Board the platform (the one with the "I" symbol) and wait as it begins 
to slowly move.

When it picks up its pace, stay to the right side of the platform and avoid 
being hit off by platforms following the rail parallel to yours (though I'm 
not sure you can be). Eventually a Dragon Head will come by, so try to avoid 
it's flames and use your whip or sub-weapon to deal with it. Eventually, you'll 
be placed right next to another platform/large space. So walk on to it and then 
you'll pretty much be bombarded with a Dragon Head, a few numerous Ghosts and 
your seldom gold-colored bars that come by and try to knock you off.

Anyway, once you read the sign near the torch, it'll inform you that if you 
want to exit you'll need to take the blue trolley out. So.. wait on the trolley 
and once it comes by avoid those bars from being knocked off and then while 
keeping the ghosts at bay, board the trolley.

-- OF GHOSTS AND SKULLS -------------------------------------------------------

  Items ---->
  Monsters -> Dragon Head, Flaming Skull, Spider Woman

As the trolley begins to pick up speed, there will be some bars, but don't 
worry you don't have to avoid them. Instead, you'll have to watch for Dragon 
Heads and their flames, as they'll knock you off once you've been hit by them. 
Also, the Flaming Skulls become a problem as they come in pairs, they'll even 
duck under your trolley and then come up through your feet (cheaters!). So 
mainly if you have any jewels and some crosses or axes you're in luck.. if 
not.. bare through it soldier!

Once the trolley comes to a stop, get off and walk a little ways to another red 
platform, it'll then go up.. upon its halt at the top, continue forward and 
you'll come across two poor villagers and a few bats. Dispose of them and then 
approach the cobblestone step near the edge of the ground your on. Stand on it 
and carefully jump to one of the closer ones nearby. You can get through this 
by yourself though, so once you are on the other side, you'll find another 
villager and a sign. Take the path to your left and you'll come to a door with 
another Moon symbol. Once you can go in, do so and you'll receive a Sun Card 
and some Holy Water.. whoopey. Go on back to the sign and then take the other 

Now you're lead to yet another break through in your path. You have a choice, 
you can take this new path with a lot of platforms you MUST jump (and let me 
tell you they are hard and annoying) only to find a few doors with Moon and Sun 
symbols (which lead to the contract, Roast Chickens, Sun Cards.. and that's 
pretty much it) and a save point. Or you can follow the path ahead of you to a 
Sun symbol door and get the heck outta here...

Once you do enter the Sun door, your health will be replenished and a cut-scene 
will begin (don't worry there is no boss fight). Rosa (the vampire from the 
Rose Garden) will try to commit suicide, but Reinhardt stops her, she then asks 
him to kill her which he refuses and she will then walk off.. Once you're back 
in control, head on through the door in front of you to find yourself in..

5.5}                        -+- WATERWAY -+-

- Lizard men... everywhere!

-- SWITCHES EH'? --------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Moon Card, Roast Beef
  Monsters -> Bomb Skeleton, Fire Lizard man, Lizard man, Poison Lizard men

Well now we are in Carrie's first exclusive level, so head on forward and BE 
CAREFUL. If you die before you get to the Save Point further in the level 
you'll have to restart and fight the Vampire Duo Boss again! There will be a 
hallway to your left, so take it TO IMMEDIATELY jump back (Z plus A plus Pull 
back on the Analog Stick). The floor will crumble beneath you're feet and then 
you'll need to jump over the newly made hole. There will be a ledge nearby, so 
jump on it to find that you DON'T want to climb up above you.. otherwise you'll 
fall in a large hole. Instead, go on over to the right side and fall down to 
safety.. or NOT!

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Lizard men                                    (  TYPE: Bio People    |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Lunging/Slash      Acid Breath    |
|             EASY                   |                                       |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| The only reason this is being classified as a Boss is because of the music |
| and Health Bar.. otherwise they are just freaking Lizard Men.. just blast  |
| them away.                                                                 |

Afterward step on the switch nearby and the waterfall will be silenced, 
allowing for Carrie to move onward. In this next hallway is a Save Point, so 
use it and then go on into the next tunnel, where you'll want to wait for just 
a bit. A few Fire Lizard Men will come charging at you, so step on the bricks 
and they'll fall... end of story. Continue following the path and you'll find a 
small slit within the wall, towards the ground. For some items run at the wall 
and use your slid by pressing Z and holding it in until you're under.

Afterward, continue on and you'll find another hallway. Along with it you'll 
find a White Jewel and Fire Lizard Men! Deal with them after saving and DO 
SAVE! The next and last part of this level is challenging.

When you come to your first intersection, take a left and jump onto the 
platforms in the water. Hop across them and then you'll land on the ground 
below from the last one. Once you do, go ahead and enter the hallway. See the 
shelves? You'll need to own them and make them you're "platforms" as you step 
on the switch opposite the pit. It'll then open a previously locked door, so 
head back to that intersection and just go straight through it from the first 
time point of view... O_o  Dispose of the Fire Lizard Man in your path and 
continue onward until you find to falling, spiky platforms. When they latch 
into place, hurridley run across them and step on the previously locked room's 
hidden treasure (A switch). The waterfall is now stopped, unblocking your path! 
Be careful as you make your way toward it as two Bomb-Skeleton's come for you, 
behind the waterfall is a Sun Door. Wait for day (if it's night) and then exit 
this level and view the cut-scene.

5.5}                        -+- CASTLE CENTER -+-

- Skeletons on bikes? We must be getting close...

-- NEW FEELINGS ABOUT ROSA? ---------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Moon Card, Sun Card, Roast Beef x2, Roast Chicken x4, Purifying 
  Monsters -> Motorcycle Skeleton, Vampire, Blood Spawn, Red Lizard Man,
              Knight Armor

Okay, the Castle Center... yay! However, when you first enter, there will be a 
skeleton on a motorcycle directly in front of you so deal with him and then 
continue along the hallway. Another path opens up to your right as you come to 
it, so take it as the door at the end of this hallway (the Torture Room) is 

This is a larger hallway/foyer, so you'll find a motorcycle skeleton, deal 
with it and then take the first green door on your right. However, beware! 
There are three vampires in this room, and you'll have to fight them like any 
other regular enemy at the same time. Afterward, take what they leave behind 
and then ascend the stairs nearby and open the sliding gate at the top. Once 
you do this, go on up some stairs to enter a new room.

It seems like you're outside at first, but you're not. So grab an item from the 
nearby torch and then approach the statue of the angel near the left side of 
the room, as you do a cut-scene begins. The statue begins to bleed from it's 
eyes and then the blood comes toward you and before you know it, a monster 
reveals itself. This guy isn't hard to beat, and will only spit a blood acid-
like spray at you, so deal with him by a few lashes and then collect what you 
can from the torches in this room (try to get the one on the platform high up 
near the ceiling, you'll have to grab onto the wall near it and then jump up to 
it). Now, you can leave via the other stairs.

You'll find Reinhardt in a fancy looking room, opposite the direction you come 
out of the stairs there is a knight armor statue and two doors. Search the 
armor to find a Red Jewel and then go on through the door to the left of the 
statue (the Northern door).

Whoa.. scary! This room is a dark grayish color, so head on forward to the 
knight armor to find a Roast Chicken, watch out though as Lizard Men will spray 
acid at you and try to cut you in half. Break the torch near the armor and 
then search through the remains of another torch nearby to find a Sun Card, 
also there is a Moon Card in another torch in the far corner of the room. Exit 
at the door near the Moon Card (Also search the Green Iron Maiden for a Roast 

This next room is a lot brighter, break the torch when you enter and then 
search the armor for a Roast Chicken. Now, In this room, check the green Iron 
Maiden for some Roast Beef, then hop over the collapsed stairs. Save at the 
White Jewel and continue on. You have to fight two Vampires in order to open 
the exit, but they are more powerful than most. Check the candle in the back 
for a Purifying Crystal..

This area has five main features. Two candles, one with a Cure Ampoule and the 
other with Roasted Chicken. A very large cracked wall, a door, and many sets of 
fire-breathing lion heads. When the fire stops (Four blasts) simply run past 
them. Go inside the door and you will find a lonely Lizard man. Talk to him and 
he will tell you of his curse, and then fork over the "Torture Room Key." In 
the next room you will find Malus, who is acting rather odd.

Save at the White Jewel and borrow some Magical Nitro from the cupboard. Be 
warned, if you get hit or jump whilst carrying this stuff you will go kablooie! 
Go to the cracked wall and set it down. Now, we need the Mandragora Root to set 
it off, and that can be found in the Torture Room. And what luck, you have the 
key. Remember, the Torture Room is at the very start of the level. So backtrack 
to that door and once you've gone through..

You'll find two vampires, kill them (they're easy) and then search the shelves 
for numerous items. Take a free Mandragora Root from the shelf and go to the 
green door in the hall, but instead of going in, take the nearby double door. 
Wow, a huge, dead, and odd looking ROTTING BULL! And, naturally, a Seal on a 
giant cracked wall. Lay the Mandragora Root here, then go back to the Torture 
Room to get more, and set it down next to the Nitro you set earlier. After the 
explosion, which looked rather strange, whip the candle for a Roast Beef and 
head into the door. 

In here there is a Contract, so buy any supplies you may need from Renon. The 
next area is the Library! On the shelf with the Sun Card, jump to the above 
area. When you stand on this switch, part of the ceiling will open up. You're 
now in another small room, go on over to the switch with the sun symbol and 
then the ceiling above should open up.. so, hop up there! At the very top is a 
very odd machine and a White Jewel. When you inspect the machine you are asked 
to give three numbers. The code is: 2, 4, and 8

If you read those statues placed throughout this level you'll have known that, 
anyway, after you've done this a white ball of energy will go down to where the 
bull is and will dismantle the seal upon the cracked wall.. yay! Now, backtrack 
all the way to the area where you came up the steps near the gold armor statue. 
This time take the other door.

Hmm.. well the floors are lined with large gears so yeah.. Walk on over to the 
angel statue to your left to find an inscription like the last statue. It'll 
say something about some kind of an explosion.. (we'll come to that later). 
Anyway, search some of the torches throughout the room and you should find a 
Purifying, and a Roast Chicken. Warning! Try not to fall off the small walkway 
that leads it's way through the room, because the Red Lizard Men are almost 
impossible to defeat as they block most of your attacks and will do 
catastrophicdamage in no time at all. Anyway, let's find the stairs in the far 
right-hand corner of the room and ascend them.

You're now in a fancy lookin' hall.. with some knight armor.. and a REAL LIVING 
Knight! OMGosh! Pwn! Watch it, as this dude will deal some damage to you 
with his lance. Once you are finished with him, search the armor farthest from 
the door you entered for five-hundred (500) gold. You can now leave through the 
green colored door.

The next room is a large library with many tables.. and two vampires! Kill them 
and then search the vase nearest the door for a Red Jewel. Now exit this room. 
This new room is normal, so take a Moon Card from the torch to the right as you 
enter and then search the device near the back wall (the one with the poster 
description) for a Roast Beef! Sweet (also there is a contract in the corner 
near the exit door). Now take a Sun Card from the torch near the door you're 
about to go through and then well.. go through it =P

Remember those large block guys from Mario on the SNES? The ones that dropped 
down once you fell under their shadow? Well this is the same deal except it's a 
sheet of steel with more spikes and they hurt.. a lot. Anyway, make your way 
through them and then leave through the green door on the other side of the 

Well we're now in a small corridor with door in front of us. Firstly, turn to 
your right and step near the lion's heads to see them spit fire. There is a 
pattern however, wait for them to spit fire four times and they'll pause for a 
brief period, when they do this run on through them (if you get hit by them 
it'll burn you and will only hurt a little. So anyway, there are two of these 
inconveniences and then at the end of the hallway there is a torch with a Roast 
Chicken! Now, backtrack back to that new door and head on through.

-- NITRO IS NOT SO FUN --------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Magical Nitro
  Monsters -> 

When you're in this new room, you'll find that it's more of a storage facility 
than anything (a small one at that). Save over at the jewel and then go on over 
to the jars on the shelf (we're on the other side of the shelf where Malus was 
earlier). Pick one of them up to find that they are in fact Magical Nitro. 
Which means that if you get touched or hurt you'll go kablooie.. (but you 
already knew that) so don't get hit and you'll be okay. DON'T SAVE again and 
then leave the room and enter the room we were just in a second ago (the one 
with the steel spikes).

When you're here, make you're way over to the other door and exit without being 
touched. Great. Now what you're about to hear isn't too pretty. Remember those 
two Armor Statues at the door? Well there alive now and they're coming for you, 
so try and maneuver around them and exit through the door. Aren't I helpful? =p
The next room holds nothing (thank gosh) so exit it to find yourself being 
attacked by another Armor to your left as you enter the room (I actually was 
attacked once and the other time I wasn't? WTH?). If you're quick enough it 
won't have time to hit you and you'll be on your way down the steps (I got 

Now you're back down in that area with the dragons that spit fire, so keep to 
the wall to your right and head along the slim edge until you come to the  
stairs. Go on down them and then you'll have to move EXTRA slowly. The path is 
now practically non-existent so once you've maneuvered through this mess, 
you'll find a long larger path and some grey platforms. Move quickly across the 
platforms as they fall and eventually you'll find yourself on solid ground 
again. Follow this dark gray path as it winds left and you'll find yourself in 
those gears you saw earlier. Jimmy your way easily through these contraptions 
(it's mainly just time-consuming) and make sure you don't lean into the crease 
in the walls next to the gears. If you do you'll be crushed.. and then blown to 
pieces =O

Once the gears begin to piece together, instead of getting crushed, sprint for 
the safe small area behind the second gear. Keep sprinting to these spaces 
until you find the stairs to go up onto the ground above. Once you have, go on 
out the nearby door and.. You're now in that foyer with those stairs.. which 
you'll need to go down. Afterward backtrack all the way to where the bull is.. 
in that large room. Once there, blow away the candles for 100 Gold and a lot of 
Red Jewels. Also, there is a strange block in one of the alcoves. Bash it with 
something and it will be destroyed, revealing five bags, each holding 500 

Now, set the Magical Nitro next to the Mandragora Root and watch the fireworks. 
Inside is a very large diamond, a White Jewel, and Renon's Contract. Do what 
you have to do, then step up to the diamond. It'll ask you if you want to turn 
it on.. say "yes," and then be ready to step out back into the large area to 
face a.. Oh my *@$@#@#*(@*@(#@#(@!(@ing gosh a boss!

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Decayed Bull                                  (  TYPE: Undead        |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Yellow Beam       Blue Beam       |
|           MODERATE                 |   Charge                             |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Okay, well you're facing the largest boss practically in the game (if you  |
| receive the bad ending). So first off try to wait out on the bull and      |
| memorize his tactics. Once you've seen how he works then you'll be able to |
| usually counter-attack his attacks. Anyway, his first attack involves a    |
| yellow-beam. He'll fire it at you and depending on where you're standing,  |
| you should easily dodge it. His second attack is a blue-beam, this is      |
| quite a bit harder to dodge, but it's not impossible. Lastly, he'll use    |
| his instinct attack and will jump up on his hind legs to charge at you.    |
| When he does this, Try to be close and if you're Reinhardt press Z and     |
| forward on the analog stick to slide under his legs. Eventually after you  |
| begin to pound on him time after time he'll loose his skin and then other  |
| body parts until finally his head pops off.. good job!                     |

After the battle head back toward the room where the statue of the Virgin Mary 
bled earlier.. and you'll encounter another boss..

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Rosa                                          (  TYPE: Vampire       |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Sword Attack       Green Knife    |
|           MODERATE                 |   Locked-on Fireballs                |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| You knew it was coming.. Firstly she's practically a synch to defeat. All  |
| you need to know are her attacks and then pretty much run around like you  |
| would with any other vampire and lash her with your whip.. sub-weapons can |
| help out a lot.                                                            |

Now that you've let Rosa rest in peace, head into the now working elevator 
since the large diamond has restored energy to it =D  Once you're inside it'll 
automatically bring you up onto a new level.. Once you're up top, you'll find a 
save point and two bridges. Depending on who you're playing as one or the other 
will be accessible. For Reinhardt we'll take the one the elevator door is 
facing.. and into the..

5.6}                         -+- DUEL TOWERS -+-

 - Honestly one of the hardest levels I've come across.

-- JUMPING, JUMPING, AND MORE JUMPING -----------------------------------------

  Items ----> 
  Monsters -> Medusa Heads, Were-Cheetah, Were Wolf, Minotaur, Were-Tiger

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Were-Cheetah                                    (  TYPE: Animal?      |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |    The Usual                         |
|            EASY                    |                                       |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This battle is extremely easy, however, at the beginning you'll find that  |
| you're in a caged battle. Sweet. Anyway, just dodge this idiot and whack   |
| him a lot. However, the ceiling is falling during this!                    |

Afterward, run around the platform in front of you to the platforms emerging 
from the wall. Jump on them and then onto the large platform nearby. On top, 
jump to platform from platform, doing your best to avoid the spinning spikes. 
After a little while of this..

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Were-Wolf                                     (  TYPE: Animal?       |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |    The Usual                         |
|            EASY                    |                                       |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This is the same as any other Were-Wolf, except that it is more powerful.  |
| You can do this without getting hit once, so long as you dodge and         |
| constantly keep the beast at bay with your whip.                           |

Once dead, more ledges will pop out. Get onto one of the ledges on the right 
side. Look ahead of you and you'll see a candle on it's own little island. 
Well, take a leap and you'll be on an invisible bridge. Walk there and collect 
the goodies, then look down. You can do two things from here. The easiest is 
probably to jump down using the platforms as your stopping points and 
eventually you'll be able to skip the Minotaur fight and you'll instead fight 
the Were-Tiger.

Anyway, if not then continue along and you'll find a long ledge sticking out of 
the wall. Jump onto it and then try to walk as far back on it as you can. 
You'll need all the room you can have and then you'll have to jump at the last 
second to make the jump to the other platform.. this is freaking hard but it 
CAN BE DONE. Anyway, once you're up top you'll have to fight another boss.. 
except this one is a lost STRONGER than the others.

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Aqua Minotaur                                 (  TYPE: Water Animal? |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Charges Up and Then Hits You       |
|           MODERATE                 |                                       |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This isn't entirely too hard, as the Minotaur will take a lot of time      |
| sitting and charging up until it turns red. Take this time to lay a siege  |
| of lashes on him, however once he does indeed turn red, back off as he's   |
| about to charge forth.                                                     |

Continue until you come across the final mini-boss..

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \_________________,---------------------. 
| Boss: Were-Tiger                                    (  TYPE: Animal?       |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |    The Usual                         |
|            EASY                    |                                       |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Remember this guy? Well same thing, so just run in circles and keep        |
| whipping him until he goes down into a burning pit o' fire =D              |

Now, continue onward and through the exit..

5.7}                      -+- TOWER OF SCIENCE -+-

 - Odd.

-- MATRIX ---------------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> 
  Monsters -> Machine Gun

The first part of this level is weird and somewhat difficult. It can be easy, 
but you'll have to know what you're doing. Run across the conveyor belt and 
make your way up as you dodge spiked boxes and electricity. I've found that a 
well placed bolt will dispose of those particularly nasty boxes. Anyway, at the 
top there will be an elevator which you need to take up. Once you've done so, 
save at the white jewel and enter the next area.

As you enter this new area, notice there are a LOT of machine guns with your 
name on their sights. So quickly follow the path ahead of you until you come 
across a candle with "Tower of Science Key 1" in it. Exit and then keep 
following the path. There is a door with some gold behind it further along the 
path, once you find the stairs, climb to the top of them to find a Machine Gun. 
Now, make some more jumps until you reach the other side. But try not to apply 
too much pressure to the control stick or you'll probably over compansate and 
will fall... Anyway, once you reach another area, climb some stairs only to 
fall below and then unlock the door with the Key 1 and then follow along the 
hallway until you come to three doors.

Enter through the center one since the other two lead to dead-ends and Machine 
Guns! You'll find another candle which conceals the "Tower of Science Key 2" 
within it. So... go all the way back to that area where you jumped across the 
platforms. This time use this key to unlock the door that you couldn't before. 
Save at the White Jewel which is nearby and then head into the next area.

5.7}                      -+- TOWER OF EXECUTION -+-

 - No Bosses! PWN!

-- SO MUCH BLOOD --------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> 
  Monsters -> Dragon Head, Fire Bat, Medusa Head, Flaming Skull, Red Bone-
              Throwing Skeleton

This level is pretty sweet, it's not too hard, but it gives you enough to 
challenge your skill.. you know what I mean? Anyway, take a look around at all 
of the blood, spikes, blades, and well.. the lava below.. crap.

Save at the White Jewel and then head onward avoiding the swinging pendulum 
blades and you'll find yourself on a square platform. Use caution when 
approaching the blade slits in the ground.. the ones with the blood splattered 
by them =(  As blades come down quickly through the levels and upward slowly to 
re-position themselves. Now, follow the path until you find a gap, jump it to 
reach the other side while killing the Dragon Head and then continue on until 
you reach the brick platforms that come out of the wall. These things go in and 
out of the wall somewhat slowly but that makes it difficult as the bats and 
Medusa Head's try and hit you whilst jumping from platform to platform. At the 
end, there is a lift.. that doesn't work... so grab onto the ledge above it and 
pull yourself up.

Follow the path and you'll find you're at the second level of the Tower. Along 
With some blades that slide and on the other side of path is to swinging 
pendulums and a Dragon Head. Use your sub-weapons to dispose of the enemy and 
then run on by the blades. you'll now face some more brick platforms, and 
afterward you'll find a White Jewel which you'll want to save at.. TRUST ME! 
Alright, above there are two non-working elevators, so jump on them and then 
climb up. You're now on the third level of the tower.

Their is a Red Bone Throwing Skeleton nearby that you cannot kill but two whip 
lashes should disable it for the time being. Run on by and then turn right as 
the path forks in two directions. You'll now face three brick platforms a 
pendulum and an upside down Dragon Head. Dispose of the Dragon Head with your 
sub-weapons and then hop across the platforms while avoiding the pendulum (not 
too hard). At the end you'll be on a sliding platform WAIT to jump as the 
overhang in front of you will halt your jump by sending you to the lava below.
Now you'll want to climb the platforms carefully and then you'll find yourself 
on the forth and last level of the Tower. You can use the "Execution Key" and 
unlock the door it goes to a few levels down.. (yeah no) or just follow the 
path and exit this place.

5.8}                      -+- ROOM OF CLOCKS -+-

 - Get ready.. seriously!

-- DEATH AND ACTRISE ----------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Roast Beef
  Monsters -> Death (Reinhardt), Actrise (Carrie)

Run along the hallway until you enter a small room, there is a White Jewel, a 
Contract, Roast Beef, and other sub-weapons. After you've saved you need to 
forget about the gated door for now and run along the other hallway until you 
come to a lift with a red platform. Stand on it and it'll take you up top the 
Tower to fight one of the two bosses (see above).When you get to the top a 
cut scene will commence and then the fight will start. Oh.. and the cut scene 
is absurd and well stupid.. *ducks from the blade of Konami*

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \____________,-------------------------. 
| Boss: Death                                    (  TYPE: Keeper of the Dead |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Scythe         Boomerangs         |
|           MODERATE                 |   Alien Whale?   Charge             |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This fight isn't too hard, just watch it and dodge Death's boomerangs a    |
| lot and be sure that every chance you get to whack him.. TAKE IT! Mainly   |
| because you won't receive many. Anyway, after his health reaches the half  |
| way mark he'll begin summoning a Whale from Hell.. sweet! It'll do some    |
| damage mainly because he summons it a few times in a row, but really just  |
| focus on lashing Death and you'll quickly win. Oh and aren't his wings     |
| badass?                                                                    |

After this battle, head back down the lift and into the room to find the gated 
door is well... open!

5.8}                      -+- CLOCK TOWER -+-

 - Okay, the HARDEST and most CHALLENGING level PERIOD!

-- URRRRGH! -------------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ---->
  Monsters -> Dragon Head, Flaming Blue Skulls, Red Bone Throwing Skeleton

This is the final regular level left, and man.. it's so challenging and 
hard! But the music is sweet, I'll give it that. Anyway, as you enter turn to 
your left and you'll find a platform. Jump up onto it and then walk ahead a 
little bit and jump up onto the rotating gear. Watch it! These things will 
crush you instantly if you're caught in-between them (and let me tell you it's 
easy to do).

Go across the enter rotating shaft and then on the other side of the room, jump 
across the gears to find two torches. One has a Clock Tower Key 1 within it. 
Climb up and unlock the door above with it. In this small and thin hallway 
there is a White Jewel, so save and then you'll find that the next room has 
numerous rotating gears, the catch is that you'll be jumping along the SIDES of 
them. So you can't be crushed! Just turned in circles. Anyway, there are quite 
a few Dragon Heads in here, so I suggest you just dodge there attacks and at 
the end watch for the last one in an alcove to your right. It houses a Clock 
Tower Key 2 within it. Afterward, use this key to exit the room. You'll now be 
in another short, small, skinny hallway and then you'll be.. in another room 
(the last).

You'll find a block that houses 1000 gold! So blow it up and then fall down to 
your right to land on some more gears. Hastily hop onto the shaft that doesn't 
have spikes and then travel along it until you reach a wall. Look down to find 
more gears that you need to fall down onto. Move back toward the entrance to 
find a torch, it has the "Clock Tower Key 3" inside. Take it and drop down to 
the ground, and take care of the Dragon Heads. In each corner is a torch, and 
they hold the four special weapons, obviously take the Cross (duh!).

Now get on the vertical shaft and hop on the screw, then onto those odd objects 
protruding out that come down. At the top, hop onto the next screw. Here, hop 
to the next odd looking objects and go up. You'll find many more screws, so 
jump down to the gear there. Across the gears, go towards the entrance. You 
will find the Contract and another strange block. Smash it and it will explode, 
revealing a lot of Red Jewels and even more bags of money (I believe house 500 
gold!). Buy what you need, as this is the last Contract in the game. Start 
heading in the last direction and you'll find the exit, along with a save 

5.9}                        -+- CASTLE KEEP -+-

 - This Game Has Been Amazing.

-- BOSS TIME ------------------------------------------------------------------

  Items ----> Medical Kit x3, Other Goodies!
  Monsters -> Renon, Vincent as a Vampire, Dracula X, Dracula, Ultimate Dracula

Alright, here we are.. the last level. Anyway, climb the staircase and you'll 
find yourself in a room. If you spent over thirty thousand in gold than you'll 
fight the Demon Renon.. (I thought it would have been a better deal for him..). 
If not than you can just continue on.

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \____________,-------------------------. 
| Boss: Renon                                    (  TYPE: Demon              |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Trident         Whale Summon      |
|           MODERATE                 |   Continual Fireballs   Fireball    |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| This is definitely a let-down and I think they should have done Renon a    |
| favor and left him in his "human" form. Anyway, picture this guy as a      |
| Death rip-off and fight him the same way. Just remember this..             |
| Trident = Scythe, Boomerang = Fireball, and the Whale Summon is the same.  |
| He isn't that hard..                                                       |

Afterward, take the next staircase and the Tower you come upon next is another 
optional fight. If you used a LOT of Moon and Sun cards then you'll fight 
Vincent, because he ventured to Dracula first..

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \____________,-------------------------. 
| Boss: Vincent as a Vampire                     (  TYPE: Vampire            |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Slash         Bloodsucking        |
|           MODERATE                 |   Holy Water..?                      |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Treat Vincent just like any other Vampire except that he's not too quick.. |
| anyway, his only attack that really hurts is his Holy Water.. make sure it |
| doesn't get you as it'll do some damager, otherwise just run in circles    |
| and keep whipping!                                                         |

Before you enter the final area of the game, there should be some nearby 
torches.. jump on over to them and then take a gander at the torch in the 
middle, and you'll receive a Medical Kit. There is also a rather SMALL and 
MINISCULE ledge nearby as well. If you can make the jump to it, then by all 
means do so, you'll find some more good stuff and possibly too more Medical 
Kits! Once you're finished enter Dracula's Den and save.

Go on up to the coffin to find that a cut-scene will start afterward you'll be 
in battle with the Lord of Evil.

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \____________,-------------------------. 
| Boss: Dracula X                                (  TYPE: Vampire            |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Fire Bats         Breath of Fire  |
|             HARD                   |   Shockwave         Clutch          |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| I found that when you're using Carrie this is a breeze.. Reinhardt is a    |
| different story altogether. Firstly, memorize his attacks like you did     |
| with the Bull. The only problem is that you'll have to jump to hit him in  |
| the face. Carrie all you have to do is charge up and bam you've hit him..  |
| Afterward..                                                                |

If you fought Vincent than you'll have the bad ending which isn't bad, but 
you'll find that Malus is rather odd acting as he leaves in the carriage.. 
Otherwise you'll find that "Dracula X" was but a servant to the true Dracula.. 

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \____________,-------------------------. 
| Boss: Dracula                                  (  TYPE: Vampire            |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Azure Fireballs                    |
|             HARD                   |   Shockwaves         Fire from Hell |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |
| After the camera shows off this Dracula, let's get a strategy going.. stay |
| toward the outer edge of the area. When he's using the Azure Fireballs     |
| especially When you see him appear then either charge up a bolt and let    |
| loose or run over to him and use Reinhardt's whip. As long as you get a    |
| feel for his attacks, you'll know how to counter-act to them. Towards the  |
| end of his life, he'll begin to summon fire from the ground.. so when he   |
| does this break out into a run to get away.. eventually he'll go down.. or |
| will he?                                                                   |

This reminds me a lot like the Final Boss in Zelda OoT. Dracula will transform 
into his Final and truest form! Oh my... Gwaed.

/    BOSS BATTLE                     \____________,-------------------------. 
| Boss: Ultimate Dracula                         (  TYPE: Vampire/Beast      |
|          DIFFICULTY                |               ATTACKS                 |
|                                    |   Earthquake         Wind Blow      |
|           SUPREME!                 |   Fire Dragons       Fire Breath    |
|                                    |   Orb                                |
|                                STRATEGY                                    |
|                                                                            |


      I T E M  L I S T ---------------------------------- Ctrl+f (SECTFIVE)


So this will help shed some light on the ever so dull and simple weapons, items 
and trinkets you'll find along the way to Dracula's Coffin.

                        A T T A C K  I T E M S

Attack Items are carried automatically as you pick them up. You can use them 
immediately, and as many times as you want. PROVIDED you have a sufficient 
amount of Jewels Points. You lose you're ability to use them once you have an 
insufficient amount of JP.

+ Throwing Knife
Its weak, but fast and can be effective when fighting numerous Skeletons. It 
costs one Red Jewel.

+ Axe
This is stronger, and much heavier than the measely knife. These are good to 
use, usually preferred but the crosses I do believe beat it. It'll consume two 

+ Cross
Pretty much, the power of the Axe, yet small, quick and it attacks your enemies 
twice. This is five jewels.

+ Holy Fire
It's effective, but hard to use and position to where it will actually hit your 
foe(s). Only three Jewels will suffice it's hunger.

                           R E G U L A R  I T E M S

I'll list the items that you'll receive in the game here. So read on.

+ Sun Card
Using this will change the hour to 6:00 A.M. Though there is a downfall to 
using these cards, as too many will make you fight Vincent at the end of the 

+ Moon Card
Read above, except it changes the time to 6:00 P.M.

+ Roast Chicken
These are the most common source of food throughout the game, you'll find them 
almost everywhere. They'll recover 50% of your health.

+ Roast Beef
These are rare to find, but they'll increase your health by 80%.

+ Medical Kit
I believe there are three of these throughout the ENTIRE game. If you find 
them, they act as a Cure All and will fill your health bar completely.

+ Purifying Crystal
When your bitten by one of the undead Vampires, and your status changes to a 
Vampire, you'll need to use one of these to be cured. I was only changed maybe 
once in the game.

+ Cure Ampoule
Cures poison.

+ Red Jewel
These act as hearts in the other Castlevania games, you'll find them a lot so 
always grab them. The most you can have at one time is 99.

+ White Jewel / Save Point
Use the select button to grab onto the Jewel and save your game. I love these 

+ Gold
This is the currency in the... Castle... well yeah. They'll be in bags which 
are separated by amounts in color. Get as much as you can. Though remebemer, 
spending more than 30,000 in the Contract will make you fight Renon at the end 
of the game.

+ Contract
Once you've confronted Renon, you'll be able to access the Contract whenever 
you find it. Here's what you can buy...

o Roast Chicken ...... 1500
o Roast Beef ......... 2000
o Medical Kit ........ 3000
o Purifying Crystal .. 500
o Cure Ampoule ....... 200
o Sun Card ........... 500
o Moon Card .......... 500


      B E S T I A R Y ------------------------------------ Ctrl+f (SECTSIX)


This section is a reference for you readers who need to know how to beat 
certain enemies, or are just curious as to what Konami thought of this time 
around. So alas, I give thee Bestiary.

-- SKELETON -------------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Common
Threat Level: Low
     Attacks: Uses a Bone

These guys are you're common, and solid enemy. You'll see them in almost every 
level and they act a LOT like your typical zombie. They are harmless alone, but 
once in large groups they CAN become a problem, but it's usually rare if they 
are. A simple slash or two from a whip or a spray of energy orbs will suffice.

-- BOMB SKELETON --------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Common
Threat Level: Moderate / High
     Attacks: Your common suicide Iraqi bombers

The same look as the common skeleton, the only real difference between the two 
is that these guys radiate a blue color and have electricity spazzing around 
them. They are easy to deal with, a simple slah or attack will do. However, 
they usually sneak up on you while you're fighting other enemies, if they do 
they will blow up when they get close and will do quite a bit of damage. If 
this happens and they approach, run and once you get a far enough lead turn and 

-- BONE-THROWING SKELETON -----------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Low
     Attacks: Throw Bones

Same as a Skeleton, but throw bones and stay in one spot... kill em'.

-- RED BONE-THROWING SKELETON -------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: Moderate / High
     Attacks: Throws Bones, but cannot be killed

These guys are easy to deal with... just run from them. They don't move, but 
stay in one place and throw bones you can temorarily dispose of them by 
attacking them with two hits. They will get back up though, so I advise you 
just run by them.

-- BAT ------------------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Common
Threat Level: Low
     Attacks: Bite?

What Castlevania game would be a Castlevania game without bats? Anyway, they 
are easy to kill and don't do much damage, but are probably the most ANNOYING 
enemies in the game. When you are at difficult areas of the game, i.e. a long 
jump, they'll hit you in mid-air and you'll fall to your death. Savvy? So kill 
the bastards.

-- WERE WOLF-------------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: High
     Attacks: Slash / Bite

You'll see this guy I think... twice in the entire game. He's quick, and 
acrobat and bites like a vampire. Oh and he has a LOT of health. Just be sure 
to have some power-ups equipped and dodge as best you can while attack him. 
Carrie is good with this beast. Reinhardt is an entirely different story.

-- MOTORCYCLE SKELETON --------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Low
     Attacks: Drive

Skeletons on motorcycles... bad idea. I hate Konami for these stupid things, 
but anyway, when they come at you hit them twice and they'll die. They are 
really only a threat when you are carrying the Magical Nitro... yeah. One hit 
and kabloooie.

-- WERE TIGER -----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: Moderately High
     Attacks: Bear Clasp / Swipe

This guy is sort of hard. Mainly just run in circles around a nearby column and 
once you have a good enough lead, swipe or orb blast his buttocks. Repeat until 
further instructions have been given.

-- WERE CHEETAH ---------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: Moderately High
     Attacks: Swipe

He's fast and swipes your feet out from under you... and especially for 
Reinhardt this guy is tough. Mainly because you have to stop and use your whip, 
you don't get to be a wimp and use energy orbs. Oh and you can only find the 
Cheetah while playing as Reinhardt (correct me if I'm wrong).

-- DRAGON HEAD ----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Common
Threat Level: Moderate
     Attacks: Spits Fire

Whenever you encounter Dragon like skulls about a foot off the ground connected 
by a bony spine then you've just found a Dragon Head. They aren't too hard to 
deal with, a simple slash or two will be enough for these things. Really 
they're just like the bats and are annoying in tricky situations.

-- FLAMING SKULL --------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Common
Threat Level: Easy
     Attacks: None

Much like, bats... annoying. Though they can be easily subdued with a crack of 
your whip or orb. Usually you'll find them in a line which is good for 
Reinhardt... one whip several kills =)

-- GHOST ----------------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Easy
     Attacks: None

They are the transparent figures you'll find within the Mansion of the Castle 
(where you meet Vincent). They don't do too much damage, but are annoying as 
they can appear and get you and then go tranparent and you can't hurt them.

-- MEDUSA HEAD ----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Common
Threat Level: Easy
     Attacks: None

Mirror of the Flaming Skull enemies, they'll come at you in lines generally and 
instead of inflicting a lot of damage they'll do little but knock you off 
ledges and the such.

-- STATUE DOG -----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: High
     Attacks: Bite

The statues at the beginning of the maze in Villa come alive once you enter and 
will hunt you down. If they get you, they'll bite and hold on so that you can't 
move. Which is what their friend Frankenstein wants... he'll come over and take 
away half your health with a chainsaw slash. Anyway, to disable them 
momentarily, swipe them once or twice... can't remember and they'll die for a 
second... only to get back up and grab you again. So run!

-- STAIN GLASS KNIGHT ---------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Easy
     Attacks: Slash

These knights come out of the Stain Glass windows hence their name and will 
slash at you with their sword... they're glass... break them.

-- MACHINE GUN ----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: Moderate
     Attacks: Shoots Bullets

You'll only find them as Carrie, and you can deal with them easily as you can 
just charge up orbs and shoot them at the gun. It'll fire back from long 
distances but no worries. They mainly just try to knock you off small 

-- MINOTAUR -------------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: Moderately Hard
     Attacks: Swipe / Charge

This thing is pretty dang strong, and can take a chunk out of your life very 
quickly. The only thing is, is that it takes him a while to charge up his... 
charge. So lay a lashing on him and then get out of the way. Repeat and you'll 
be in the clear.

-- VAMPIRE --------------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Moderatly Hard
     Attacks: Suck / Swipe / Energy Bolt

These guys aren't as hard as most say they are. As long as you can dodge 
somewhat well, then all you have to worry about is hitting them enough to get 
their crazy high health down until they die. There are a few kinds of Vampires, 
but mostly you have to worry about the women. They crawl and suck and... O_o... 
wow. Anyway, they summon bats and the such. Okay. We're done. Bye.

-- LIZARD MAN -----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Moderate
     Attacks: Slash / Acid Breath

You'll first encounter these guys in the Castle Center. They are like the 
updated version of Skeletons. They are strong, have better attacks and are... 
well mutant Lizards. They do take a few hits to dispose of, but be sure to stay 
far enough back so their Acid Breath doesn't get to you.

-- FIRE LIZARD MAN ------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Moderate
     Attacks: Slash / Acid Breath

Much like the other Lizards, the only difference is that they reside in hot 
areas and spit fire at you. Savvy? Dispose of them the same way.

-- POISON LIZARD MAN ----------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Moderate
     Attacks: Slash / Acid Breath

You'll find these guys in Carrie's Waterway level. They are like the Fire 
Lizard Men, except spit Poison Breath. So original eh'? A few cuts or orbs will 

-- BLOOD SPAWN ----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: Easy
     Attacks: It Spits / Throwsup blood at you.

There is only one in the ENTIRE game... it's sort of weird too. One hit will 
destroy it. Too bad, would have made a cool enemy.

-- HYDRO BORN -----------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: Easy
     Attacks: Spit Water / Push

You'll only find them in the "Tower of Sorcery," but they're dangerous because 
they shove you off platforms and the such. I avoided them most of the time. I 
guess you can attack them.

-- KNIGHT ARMOR ---------------------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Uncommon
Threat Level: Moderate
     Attacks: Slash

Actually these are the coolest looking enemies in the game. Easy. You'll find 
them numerously lined up against the Mansion's walls, but only a few are 
actually "alive." They do inflict a descent amount of damage and can be a 
nucence when you're carrying the Magical Nitro. Otherwise just attack them 
cautiously or run!

-- THE GARDENER / FRANKENSTEIN ------------------------------------------------

   Occurance: Rare
Threat Level: High
     Attacks: Slash

Not good, this guy is mad and has his sights set on you. Hit hench-mutts will 
find you and hold you fast while he tears you up with his chainsaw. You can't 
kill him, so your best bet is to run and keep the dogs at bay and stunned. 
Otherwise keep running!

*This was actually supposed to be a playable character or rather resembled one, 
but that guy was dropped =(  He even had a shotgun.


      L E G A L  D I S C L A M E R ---------------------- Ctrl+f (SECTSEVEN)


And So I Say... this guide must come to an end. I really hope you enjoyed it 
as it was fun to write. Any last words will be listed below.

9.1} Legal Disclaimer / Copyright Notice

This document is copyright (c) 2006-07 Jared Haslip (PirateoftheFAQs & 
JHaslip).  It is not to be reproduced in any way, shape, or form.  However, 
feel free to download it, print it out for personal use, or send it to your 
buddies, as long as you leave it unaltered and do not make a profit off of it. 
Doing so would be illegal, so I suggest that you don't do any such thing.

One final note: This document should absolutely NOT be found on any websites 
with the exception of <GameFAQs.com>. I will NOT allow any other website to 
host this document! I'm sorry but because of recent websites stealing guides I 
just don't want to mess with it.

9.2} Credits

I hereby mention anyone that helped me with the creation of the guide below.

+ Jesus Christ --- My Lord and Savior, for I do all things through him.
+ GameFAQs ------- This is honestly the GREATEST game site ever created and
                   CjayC has done an amazing job keeping it up-to-date.
+ Marshmallow ---- For the use of HIS walkthrough on the Castle Center, I got 
                   so confused. And his advice is really great to. Oh and I
                   used his enemy names for Blood Born and Hydro Born.
+ Osrevad -------- Obviously because he is one of the best ASCII artists I've
                   ever known and or seen. He also made the N64 controller!
+ DarkTyranitar18  When we were working on a Co-Author project for FFI&II he
                   was using the Boss formats that you've seen in this guide. 
                   There are awesome and I thank him a lot for the idea.
+ GhostofLegault - For being an inspiration to me as a writer. His guides are
                   great and I hope I can turn out to be just as good a writer.
                   Oh, and he has a good taste for music.
+ Nintendo ------- The game was made for THEIR console.. even though I never
                   used the N64 myself... erhh... O_o
+ Konami --------- They invented Castlevania.. that says it all!
+ Merca ---------- I've always liked his layout, so mine was influenced by his.
                   He's easily one of the best writers on Gamefaqs.

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