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Grab your whip, stake, & holy water...then Run Away...VERY FAR AWAYAzalan7/10
A horribly botched transition to 3D.Biggles2/10
A reasonable instalment in a generally outstanding series.busternuck7/10
Pretty Good Castlevania GameDoug M7/10
It was good in 2-D and it's good in 3-D!Draco.9/10
Easiest game ever.dudeman00094/10
looks like it's time to drive another stake through Drac's heartEverestMan8/10
A HORRENDOUS leap in the series from 2D to 3DFlyingkyle4/10
Skeletons on motorcycles?glass_soul7/10
The game is great in my opinion just way too shortHMyst8/10
A Very Great Game For The N64Jolie10/10
An excellent platformer.Koenma9/10
Dracula may suck (your blood) but this game doesn'tMastermind2k7/10
Don't listen to the hype, this is a solid game.Megaman19819/10
First 3-D Castlevania game made, it really maintains the feel of Casltevania and is very cinamatic.Mike/Lasher8/10
Castlevania finally makes its go around on the N64,is it worth the wait?MULDER8/10
I SO want to love it more than I'm able too...N64 Gamer7/10
Excellent-SORELY underrated!Neptune Star8/10
Castlevania 64 is quite innovative and very challenging, the graphics are spectacular and the music is excellent.Phire8/10
All those harsh words are true.RageBot4/10
WOW!!!! Number 15 in the series.RWood8/10
N64 Castlevania bleeds us drySaneasylum892/10
Like all Castlevania's there's a learning curve...SlowBurn8/10
This is a perfect game!!!XtremeGundamX9/10
Not a bad Castlevania game, but not as good as Castlevania:SotNYankeeJTC8/10
It's flawed, but ultimately enjoyableYINever7/10

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