Review by dudeman0009

"Easiest game ever."

When I bought this game I thought it sounded like a good game. I also thought it would be a hard game, but I was so wrong. The whole time I was playing, I thought the game would get harder as it went on. It did a little, but not enough. Well, Castlevania 64 is just like all the other Castlevania games, Dracula comes, someone goes to kill him. This game has some fun parts to it, but I did them without trying very hard.

Gameplay- I hated the controls. Using the ''C'' buttons for doing making your character either pick something up, and using the sub-weapon annoyed me. It should be for moving the camera. The ''L'' button should have been able to move the camera and not just the ''R'' button. I never got a good camera angle using that game. Some times when I would try to jump, it would get messed up and make the guy fall of a cliff. Fighting the bad controls and trying to get a good camera view was the hardest part of the game 1/10

Story- Dracula comes to life, You go through very easy levels, and you kill Dracula. Nothing special, but if it wasn't like that, it wouldn't be a Castlevania game. I have to give it some extra points for that fact. 7/10

Audio/Video- The sound was great, and the graphics were awesome. This totally good point for this game. I really like the music for fighting Dracula. There is a bad part of this thought; it never shows the characters grabbing their sub-weapon. 9/10

Challenge- I hated the challenge. It was SO EASY. When I got to Dracula, I thought it was going to get so much harder, but it wasn't. He looks because he has a lot of attacks, but they were very easy to dodge. Even thought he is easy, he's very fun to fight. If you want a real challenge trying doing it without dying once. I would try to do this, but I didn't like the game enough to play it again. 1/10

Overall- This was an okay game. It was too easy though (I can't say that enough). If you are very good at video games and have been playing video games for a long time, like me, don't buy this game. You'll finish it to soon without doing anything. This wasn't worth the money. 4/10

Reviewer's Score: 4/10 | Originally Posted: 08/06/01, Updated 08/06/01

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