• Passwords

    Level 107 Diamonds, 10 Hearts, Ace Hearts, 9 Spades, 6 Hearts
    Level 117 Diamonds, 4 Spades, 9 Diamonds, 7 Hearts, Queen Hearts
    Level 126 Diamonds, 4 Diamonds, 9 Clubs, 8 Clubs, 4 Clubs
    Level 135 Clubs, 9 Clubs, Jack Hearts, 6 Clubs, 4 Clubs
    Level 142 Hearts, 3 Diamonds, 9 Diamonds, 3 Diamonds, 2 Clubs
    Level 154 Clubs, 5 Hearts, Queen Spades, 4 Clubs, 8 Clubs
    Level 166D JS 2H AD 6H
    Level 176H 2H GC 7S 3H
    Level 186C KH 10H AC 3S
    Level 192H 3D 7H 6C 10D
    Level 24 Clubs, 5 Hearts, 10 Clubs, Queen Clubs, Queen Clubs
    Level 206D JC 3H 4C 8H
    Level 21AC JS 3C 7H 9H
    Level 229H 6C 2H 6S 2S
    Level 232H 3D 7C QD 8D
    Level 24AC 7D 6S JC 4H
    Level 25AC JC 3D JH KH
    Level 264C 6H 8C QS AD
    Level 272H 4D 6D 4C 6C
    Level 285S 9S 10S QS 9C
    Level 296D 4C 8H AC 10C
    Level 34 Clubs, 5 Hearts, 10 Spades, 9 Clubs, 4 Clubs
    Level 309C AH JH 8D AS
    Level 312H 6S 8D 7H 7D
    Level 325S 9S JS 10D 4C
    Level 33AC JC 3D JC 7H
    Level 342S 6S JH 4H KC
    Level 399H QH 5S JD AH
    Level 4Ace Clubs, 7 Diamonds, 6 Hearts, 6 Spades, 2 Hearts
    Level 405S 9C QS 7C 3C
    Level 415S 10D JH QH 4C
    Level 465D 10D KH AC QD
    Level 479H 5H 8H 3H QH
    Level 495S 9H KH 6C 8C
    Level 56 Hearts, 2 Hearts, Ace Spades, 5 Hearts, 8 Hearts
    Level 507D 4D JC KD KS
    Level 517H QC 2D 9C 2D
    Level 526D 4D 10H QC KC
    Level 536D 4D 10S 6H 6C
    Level 547C 3H AD KS 5C
    Level 559 Diamonds, Q Hearts, 3 Clubs, Q Diamonds, A Spades
    Level 566 Diamonds, Q Clubs, 10 Clubs, 6 Clubs, Q Spades
    Level 576 Diamonds, 4 Diamonds, J Diamonds, 3 Hearts, 6 Clubs
    Level 589 Spades, 4 Clubs, 10 Diamonds, Q Clubs, 6 Diamonds
    Level 599 Clubs, K Spades, 10 Spades, 3 Hearts, J Diamonds
    Level 69 Diamonds, 10 Diamonds, Jack Diamonds, Jack Hearts, Queen Hearts
    Level 606 Diamonds, J Spades, 2 Hearts, J Diamonds, 2 Spades
    Level 79 Diamonds, 10 Hearts, 10 Hearts, 7 Diamonds, 5 Hearts
    Level 8Ace Clubs, 7 Diamonds, 8 Diamonds, 5 Clubs, 8 Hearts
    Level 96 Diamonds, 4 Hearts, 9 Hearts, 6 Hearts, Queen Clubs

    Contributed By: XeroXtancy, sturmdefeater, and Mop_it_up.


  • Study Levels

    Pause the game in Puzzle mode. Change camera view with the C buttons.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

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