Question from jimfromtx

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat the pitchfork?

I can't seem to beat the last haystack. I've tried getting Frankie to stab it, it just jumps. I've tried panning Frankie, he only gets stunned as long as the sound effect lasts. I've tried panning him after he hits the wall, all that happens is that he stands back up again immediately. How do I beat him?!

Additional details - 6 years ago

Yeah...I've jumped and hovered above the last haystack several times...all that happens is that the haystack jumps out of the way, and doesn't get forked! How do I get the thing to actually get speared? By the way, it's one of the smaller ones, I've taken out all the big ones.

Accepted Answer

From: sammehigan 6 years ago

You have to jump and then hover above the haystacks long enough for Franky to try and spear you. If you've done it right then he'll hit the haystack. Repeat for all the haystacks and he'll give up.

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