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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I save barri in Drunkengits?


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From: slashdragon123 5 years ago

I think you mean in Rock Solid.

Anyway, go to the bar and roll the passed out rock guy around the dance floor, up the slope and onto the button. This will open the door under Berri.
Head over to the keg at the bar, have a drink, then position yourself in front of the dancing rock guy and the newly opened doorway. Start urinating on him so he curls up into a ball, then keep doing that until he rolls into the doorway. He will end up on the ledge above.
Now that he's up there, get to the first aid station and fix yourself up. Now, go through the same doorway and push the rock guy (he's still in a ball) along the ledge. MAKE SURE the dancing women don't knock the rock guy of or you WILL have to start over. When you get him past the women, roll him onto the switch. This will open up two new doorways.
Repeat the drinking and urinating process on the rock guys close to the newly opened doorways. When you push the first guy into the doorway, he will hit Berri's cage. When you push the second guy into the other doorway, he will BREAK Berri's cage. She'll run of and you don't talk to her at all. Grab the cash on her ledge and your done here. Try to leave and the bouncer will take you to the boss.

Hopefully this is what you meant because I explained it the best I could.

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Barri? Who's Barri? Do you mean Birdy? Or that little bat Barry?

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Oh, BERRI, sorry about that. Anyways, this is as simple as I can put: check an FAQ. I'm sure every FAQ will have a detailed walk through regarding this, as it is one of the more difficult puzzles. Plus, it'll help you in the future. (War, anybody?)

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