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By Pelord (pelord@hotmail.com)
FAQ CREATED: February 6, 2000
Updated: May 30, 2005



A. Recent Updates
B. WTF Happened?
C. The Story
D. Walkthrough
E. Other

A. Recent Updates

May 30, 2005- FINAL VERSION.  Removed dead links, made sure each line
fit GameFAQ's Standards, and the like.  Also decided that I wasn't 
going to make a multiplayer FAQ.  Probably won't make any updates to 
this once the Xbox Version is released.  If I decide to make a FAQ 
based off of Xbox Version differences, it will be an all new FAQ.

March 22, 2001- Yep, more additions and corrections.  Not to mention some good
advice and hints for other places, which I either forgot to mention or just 
found out recently.  So there.

March 11, 2001- Added more "extra" stuff, and filled in missing holes, those
being a CASH location, the lives system, and cameo appearances by other Rare
characters...  Also fixed "version number", which I can never get right anyway.

March 10, 2001- All levels completed!  There is still some more stuff
I can add, though...

March 9, 2001- Added up to the beginning of the "It's War!" Chapter.

March 8, 2001- Just a little more... and already starting to do
the first corrections... sigh...

March 6, 2001- The first REAL update to the FAQ, and (hopefully)
the first appearance of the FAQ among the several FAQ sites you
may (or may not have) seen before.  The FAQ only includes a bit of
the beginning of the game right now.

B. WTF Happened?

And "WTF" is quite a good question!  Originally to be
part of the Nintendo/Rare "Cute Games" line, Rare has turned
Conker into something that no one expected... first off,
Rare changed the Rating from "E" to "M".  Well, erm... ok,
so they probably changed it a bit... right?  Wrong.  They
changed it a lot.  Instead of a cute fuzzy squirrel running
around through a place that looks like Yoshi's Story, we now
have a not quite as cute fuzzy squirrel going through a world
that would make the Outworld in Mortal Kombat look like Sesame
Street, and would make South Park look like it should be on
Toon Disney.  Speaking of South Park, someone at Nintendo said
this: "South Park has nothing on BFD".  We have to see how Conker's
newfound "testicular fortitude" holds up for release...  here are
some differences that I know about from the early versions to the
most current:

Early Versions (Conker 64, 12 Tales)

-Fuzzy Purple Cats with Hammers
-Colorful Worlds
-Friendly characters
-Non Violent Multiplayer Battle Modes
-The occasional "Oops" look
-Happy gestures

Most Recent (Bad Fur Day)

-Dragons that fart fire
-Characters that tell you where to stick it
-Multiplayer destruction
-The occasional "BEEP" sound effect
-One fingered gestures

C. Story

Conker's strange adventure begins one night at a bar called the
"Cock and Plucker".  While having a few drinks with his bar buddies,
he drinks a bit too much and gets into a bad drunken state.  Conker
staggers out of the bar, nearly pukes on a nearby stranger, and then
wonders off to a place he has never been before...

Somewhat far away from the bar, the fabled Panther King calls his
servants for a glass of milk.  He takes a gulp of about half the glass,
and then sets the glass on a nearby table.  Unfortunately, the table is
missing a leg, and it tilts over, taking the milk with it, and spilling
it on the floor.  The king gets furious, and orders the castle professor
to find a replacement for the missing leg.  And it appears that the most
suitible replacement is... Conker.

D. Walkthrough (Broken down by "chapter")
Conker wakes up to find himself with a horrible hangover.  Walk around
the fenced area until you find a way into the area.  You find Birdy the
Scarecrow, who tells you how to use the "Context Sensitive" pads.  Just
stand on them and press "B".  The first one makes a beer bottle appear,
and the second one helps get Conker out of his drunk state.  Now swim
across the water and use Conker's jumping skills to climb up to the top
of the area.  You will pass by a door, but it's locked.  You will however,
find a lever of sorts at the top.  Pull it and the door opens.  You also
meet a Gargoyle, which will throw you off of his bridge if you get too
close. Go inside the door, and Conker will be able to use his frying pan
attack.  To get out of the room, hit the key with the frying pan, and then
put it in the door.  Now go back to the Gargoyle, and hit it with the frying
pan.  The Gargoyle falls off the bridge and a large boulder falls, blocking
the exit.  Jump on top of the rock, then jump to the right to find another
"B" pad.  This will make a detonator appear, which destroys the rock, and
lets you exit the intro area.

-Windy- (Part 1)
When you first enter this area, you see the Panther King's professor
throw some chocolate out of his window.  This chocolate is Conker's
health.  The chocolate regenerates, so you can easilly fill up on health.
Go right at the "Nasty-Nice" sign to find a Queen Bee.  The hive has been
stolen and you need to get it back.  Follow the left path from the sign,
and you will find the hive, which was stolen by wasps.  Pick up the hive by
walking into it, and run back to the Queen Bee.  You will have wasps chasing
you along the way, and if you slow down, they will hit you and take the hive
back.  Be sure not to step in any honey on the way.  When you get the hive
back, the Queen Bee goes inside and shoots the wasps with a gun turret.
The Queen Bee also gives you some CASH!  Now, with your hard-earned (heh)
cash, go to the "B" pad.  Nearby, some Dung Beetles who aren't afraid to
say what's on their mind will spot you.  When you go to the "B" pad, Birdy
will give you the Instruction Manual.  Here, it tells you how to use the
Slingshot move.  Standing on the "B" pad, fire at the Dung Beetles to defeat
them.  Now, run up the hill that they were on, and you will find two paths.
Go in the cave on your right.

-Barn Boys-
In the center of this area is a large barn.  Go to the right and you will
find a mouse tormenting a purple block, which is standing on top of Jack,
a smaller blue block.  After talking to the blue block, head back the way
you came, but this time keep going, and go past the jumping blue blocks.
You will find Burt, another blue block behind them, who is guarding some
cheese.  Talk to the blue block, and Conker will tell him that the other
block sent him.  The block opens up the gate, and you can now get some cheese.
Hit the cheese with the frying pan to pick it up.  Quickly take the cheese to
the mouse, and give it to him.  You need to give the mouse three pieces of
cheese.  After doing so, the mouse explodes, and the purple block jumps down.
You can now use the blocks to jump onto the drain pipes, which will let you
climb on part of the barn roof.  You will find some CASH, as well as a switch
to open the barn.  Go inside the barn, and you will meet up with some haystacks,
as well as Franky the Pitchfork, and Ron And Reg, the paint bucket and brush.
Ron and Reg tell Franky to attack Conker.  You need to trick Franky into
hitting the Haystacks jumping around.  After all the haystacks are gone, Ron
and Reg get mad at Franky and tell him to hang himself.  Franky hangs himself
on a rope high up in the barn, even though he has no neck...  Before leaving
the barn, pull the lever in the room to release the King Bee and some smaller
bees as well.  When you leave the barn, the Hay-Bot appears inside it.

Before you deal with the Hay-Bot, go talk to the King Bee.  He talks about the
sun flower and how he wants to "pollenate" her.  You now need to round up the
smaller bees scattered throughout the area.  The first group of bees is near
the King, where the wooden block is.  Take them over to the sunflower and then
go find the other bees.  Look near where the cheese was, near the switch to open
the barn, on the large water tank, and high up near the start of the level.
After you get all the bees to the sun flower, the King Bee does his business,
while Conker watches in awe (or disgust, perhaps).  You can now use the sun
flower to reach the high up ledge with some CASH.

Now, go to where the wooden block is, and when it stops jumping around, jump
on top of it and enter the small entrance to the barn.  In this area, you meet
up with some bats.  When you see the light bulb appear over Conker's head, wait
for a bat to get close, and press "B" to blast it with a blowtorch.  Eventually
you will reach a "B" pad, which lets you use throwing knives.  Use them to free
Franky.  If you jump down from here, Ron and Reg will yell at you.  Go talk to
Franky and he thanks you.  Jump on Franky and you can ride him around and use
his pitchfork attack.  Attack the Hay-Bot a few times, and the floor caves in.

You now have to fight the Hay-Bot in the sewers.  Jump on Franky and hide behind
a sewer pipe.  The Hay-Bot should fire some missiles, but they will hit the
pipe, causing it to burst and start pumping water into the area.  Due to the
electric cables above the area, you will see the Hay-Bot put on a small electric
lightshow, and then it will spin around for a bit.  While the Hay-Bot is
spinning, you will see a large red button on it's back.  Jump up to the button
and press "B" when you see the light bulb.  Conker will press the button and
damage the bot.  You then need to hide behind another pipe, and do the same
thing as before.  After doing so three times, the bot is destroyed.  Now, you
need to get out of the now flooding sewer.  Climb a ladder behind one of the
pipes, and use the "B" pad to use throwing knives on the electric cables.
After destroying several cables, the water rises and you can go up higher and
throw more knives at more cables.  When you escape the sewer, you will find a
strange character with a stone tablet.  Jump onto his stone tablet, and he
tosses you into the air.  You can now reach a ledge where you will find yet more

Finally, it's time to return to the large water tank, but this time you need to
climb up the nearby ladders while avoiding the wasps that are guarding them.  At
the very top, jump out to where the chocolate is, and press "B" when you see the
light bulb.  Conker will do his Anvil drop into the tank, which results in the
two locked gates opening up.  Inside is some CASH!

-Windy (Part 2)-
Back to the Windy world... (why is it called that?)  Earlier on, Conker
mentioned that the area to the left of the Barn level entrance smelled a bit
"pooey".  Of course, this area is what is better known as the Poo Mound.  Go
into the Poo House (heh) and you meet a beetle who offers to give you Poo Balls
if you can get some cows to crap.  Step on the floor hatch and press "B" to
enter.  You will reach an area with several ropes.  Climb them and jump to the
exit, where the poo is coming from.  You will now reach the home of the cows, as
well as a bull.  Your first objective here is to jump onto the rooftops and find
the Prune Juice Valve.  When you find it, after passing several rolling poo
balls, run around it in the direction that the arrow is pointing.  The prune
juice pours into the troth below, and a target appears as well.  Now, you have
to get the bull to charge at the target.  When the bull hits the target
successfully, the first cow is released, as well as a wall with another target
on it.  Get the bull to hit the wall, so it gets it's horns stuck in the wall.
Now Conker can jump onto the bull by pressing "B".  Face the cow, and press "B"
to charge at it.  The cow runs off to drink the prune juice.  You can guess what
happens next...  anyway, charge at the cow when it is in the middle of the area,
and it explodes!  Now you have to get two more cows, doing the same thing as
with the first one.  The only difference is that the cows take more hits before
they need to get a drink.  After the three cows have been "dealt with", you can
now dive into the remains.  Swim around a bit, and you will find a "B" pad.
This "B" pad gives Conker the swimming ability.  You can now swim into the
liquified Manure, where you can get some CASH near the exit that leads back to
the poo house.

Once you get back out to the Poo Mound area, the beetle gives you... a ball of
poo.  You can push the ball of poo around by walking into it.  Take this first
poo ball up the mountain of poo, avoiding the beetles as you go.  You need to
take the poo ball up the path that leads above the giant beetle that is asleep
on the mound.  When you reach the big beetle, Conker puts some TNT into the poo
ball, and feeds it to the beetle.  The beetle explodes, and the poo house
releases a second poo ball.  Go get the poo ball, and push it up the path that
the giant beetle was blocking.  When you reach the top of the mound, push the
poo ball into the large opening.  The poo ball falls down the mountain, and
opens up a blocked off area.  Be sure to get the CASH on top of the mound.
The poo house also releases yet another poo ball.  This time, take the poo ball
to the back of the poo mound area, where you find a "NO POO BALLS!" sign.
Push the poo ball right over the edge, and watch as it falls on an enemy.
Drop down to where the poo ball fell, and hit the switch there by pressing "B".
This gets rid of the enemies in the water, and lets you reach the opening at the
other end.

-Bats Tower-
When you enter this area, you will meet some Catfish.  They tell you that there
is an evil Dogfish, and that they will give you some money if you can help them
out.  Swim to where the Dogfish is, and swim into the opening.  Inside this
area, you will meet a cog.  The cog seems to have a split personality, but it
gets the point across that you need to help find some missing cogs.  Ride the
rope elevator upwards, and prepare for some more bat-scorching.  The climb is
tricky, but at the very top is some CASH.  Just before you reach the top of the
tower, there is a switch that opens a door back in the water.  Swim in there,
and you will find the missing cogs.  You need to take them back one at a time.
Once all the cogs are in their place, start running clockwise around the large
wheel in the center.  This will get the cogs moving, and will also get the
Dogfish out of the way for a while.  Go back to where the Catfish are, and then
lead them to the safe.  The Catfish will open the safe and you can go inside.

Inside the safe, you will see a spinning wheel with letters on it.  You need to
use the slingshot (stand on the "B" pad) to hit the letters that spell "OPEN".
Once you do so, the hatch below you opens up.  On the "B" pad, press "B" and
Conker will put on a spotlight helmet.  Of course the light runs off of battery
power, and doesn't last long.  Swim down, and be sure to avoid the large
mechanical Clang.  There are several places where you can hide and get some
air.  At the very bottom, follow the green light path and swim to the top,
where you find a "B" pad.  This refills your light battery power.  Follow the
path with the blue colored lights.  At the top of this area is a lever which
opens a hatch.  Now swim through the yellow light path, and swim upwards.
Be sure to get some air on the way.  At the very top, you will enter a large
boiler room.

There are several fire Imp's in this room, but there is also a large beer keg.
Have Conker stand on the "B" pad, and press "B" to take a drink.  Now it's time
to piss on some bad guys!  Press "B" to start going, and press "Z" to blast 'em.
After you take out enough of the fire Imp's, the remaining two will jump into
the furnace.  The furnace boss has balls of steel... well brass at least.  Lead
the boss toward a vent on the floor, and pull the nearby chain to blast the
furnace with some ooze.  This will stun the boss for a bit, giving you enough
time to get close to it and attack.  To attack, walk up to it and press "B" when
you see the light bulb.  Conker will take two bricks and... well, you'll see...
After 4 hits, the boss is defeated.  You now need to take the remains (aka the
brass balls) and use them to escape.  Push one onto the switch near the exit,
and push the other one into the doorway that opens.  This makes your escape
route, and once you leave the boiler room, you will get some CASH!

Once you exit the safe, the Catfish want their share of the money.  Before that
can happen though, the Dogfish breaks free.  You now need to swim back to the
level entrance without getting eaten by the Dogfish.  On the way, the Dogfish
will eat the Catfish, giving you enough time to make it to the dock.  Once you
get to the dock, the Dogfish takes one last desperate chance to get Conker, but
misses and crashes into the wall.  You can now use the Dogfish as a platform to
reach the small area with the CASH, and lots of it!

Now it's time to return to the Poo Mound area and enter the place that you
opened earlier when you pushed a poo ball into the mountain.  Inside, a beetle
tells you about how a monster was responsible for the dissappearance of his
friends.  Walk around a bit, and you will find a piece of sweet corn.  When you
notice the sweet corn, a voice comes from below and asks for some sweet corn.
All you have to do it attack the sweet corn, and then walk over to the nearby
ledge, and Conker will throw the sweet corn into to poo below.  While doing 
this, a hand comes out of the ground and tries to grab you.  Sometimes it hits
the sweet corn, saving you the trouble of hitting it with the frying pan.  
After you throw in the first piece of sweet corn, follow the path until you 
find two more pieces of sweet corn.  Do the same with them, and move on to 
where you will find three pieces of sweet corn.  Throw them in, and the monster
appears... It's the Great Mighty Poo!  Guess what he wants to throw at you...

Avoid the poo balls that the Great Mighty Poo monster throws at you, and when he
decides to sing a few notes, stand on the "B" pad nearby, and throw a roll of
Toilet Paper into his mouth.  Now you have to move on to the next "B" pad, and
throw two rolls of Toilet Paper into his mouth the same way.  After that, move
to the third and final "B" pad and throw three rolls of Toilet Paper into the
boss.  The boss will sing loud enough to break the large sheet of glass in the
back of the area.  Run back there to find some CASH as well as a flusher.  Pull
on the flusher, and the Great Mighty Poo goes down the drain.  Drop down into
where the boss was flushed down, and you will find a cave entrance.  Go inside
and prepare for a tricky spot.

You now have to swim by three deadly fans.  Get by all the fans and you will be
able to climb to the top of the area, where you find some of Panther King's
guards.  At this point you should have collected at least $1000 worth of money
(you probably have a bit more though).  Give the guard the money and he lets you
pass.  Conker tricks the guard into thinking that he is an Elephant instead of a
Squirrel, so the guard doesn't bother with Conker after he passes by.  Conker
does call back his money, however.

At this point, Berri gets kidnapped by a Rock man!

-Uga Buga-
This one will take you a while.  When you enter, the only place you can go is a
building guarded by raptors.  While avoiding the raptors, reach the top of the
structure, where you will find some CASH.  Jump on top of the Uga statue, and
when you see the light bulb, press "B" to do the Anvil drop.  Keep doing so
until the statue (and Conker) fall through the building and land in the area
below.  Pound the statue some more, and a door opens.  If you go in one
direction, you will reach a dead end tunnel.  In the other direction, is the
Rock Solid club.  The club is surrounded by several drunk rock guys.  There is
also a boulder here.  You probably already figured out what you have to do...
but if not... you need to push the boulder past the rock guys, and roll it down
the dead end tunnel to move on.

After that, go through the tunnel and you will reach a huge area with a almost
just as large stone dinosaur head.  Nearby is a "B" pad with several Uga's
bowing.  Hmm... seems like a sacrifice ritual... Anyway, stand on the "B" pad
and press "B" to get out the slingshot.  You will see two switches on the wall.
One has an arrow on it, shoot it and watch as a platform moves upwards.  Shoot
the other switch (with the sun-like symbol on it) and watch the platform crash
down.  Go to the back of this area and you will find a door with the same sun
like symbol on it.  It should open, and once inside this area, run along the
narrow path until you reach a large egg.  Stand on the weird guy's stone slab,
and he will launch you upwards so you can stand on top of the egg.  Once on top
of the egg, press "B" when you see the light bulb.  Conker will hatch the egg!
Out of it comes a baby raptor... good enough to make a sacrifice?  Lead the
raptor out of the area and back to the large area with the large dino head.
Go back to the "B" pad, and hit the arrow switch again.  Now, lead the raptor
onto the smashing platform, and then go back to the "B" pad and shoot the sun
like switch.  SMASH!!!!!!  The dino head is satisfied with the sacrifice, and
opens up.  And out comes another weird stone slab holding guy...  Use him to
launch onto the top of the dino head to get some CASH!  Now you need to find a
way into the dino head.  The tongue is covered in mucus, so you need to get rid
of that first. Jump into each of the dino head's nostrils, and when you see the
light bulb, press "B" so Conker puts some pepper inside the dino head's nose.
The large dino head will sneeze, and the tongue can now be climbed.  Go through
the dino head and you will finally come to the fallen Uga leader.  Conker steals
his disguise in the process.  Go back the way you came, and the Uga's that were
bowing will think Conker is their leader, and will follow him.  Lead the Uga's
to the Rock Solid club, and watch as the Uga's smash up the rock guys.  Make
sure to help them out!  Once all the rock guys are gone, the Uga's give you the
club password, and you can now go inside.

When you first enter, you will notice that Berri is trapped inside a cage.  You
will also notice that there should be an epilepsy warning sign somewhere (heh).
There is a switch near the entrance, but you need a boulder to hold it down.  Go
to the back of the club to find a boulder, then push it up the steps and on the
switch.  A door will open up.  Now it's time to piss off some rocks (literally).
Go to the "B" pad to get Conker loaded, then go to the rock guy closest to the
open door, then push him into the opening by peeing on him.  It sounds weird,
but that's how it's done.  When the rock guy goes through the tunnel, he will
appear somewhere on the upper level of the club.  Now you have to get up there
yourself.  First you need to sober Conker up with the first aid kit, of course.
If you can't see it, it is opposite of the cage Berri is in.    To get to the
upper area, you can either go through the tunnel (although you will lose some
energy) or you can jump up there with some ledges near the bottom of the steps.
Once up there, push the rock guy past the dancers, and onto the switch.  Now two
other doors will open, and you have to do the same thing as with the first
one... get some rock guys to roll through them.  Doing so will destroy Berri's
cage, and will also reveal some CASH.  Get the money and go to the exit.

The doorman will be upset that you took the money, and he will take you to
"The Boss".  The boss is obviously the leader of some Weasel mob of sorts.  He
will let Conker go if he can take a bomb and throw it into the volcano.  You
only have a limited time to take the bomb into the room with the large dino
head, through the dino head, and to the ledge where Conker throws the bomb.
Once you throw the bomb, the area fills with lava.  You have to quickly jump
across the platforms and reach the other side.  Of course, upon reaching the
other side and going to the next section, Conker gets mugged!

When Conker comes to, he notices that some Hover-Boarding Uga's have stolen his
money!  Now you have to get it back.  While the Uga's taunt Conker, one of them
falls off his board and into the lava.  Jump onto the board and start to chase
after the remaining three Uga's.  You need a lot of speed to catch up with them,
but you will need to brake a lot too, or else the dinosaurs may step on you.
When you get close enough to an Uga, smack it with the frying pan.  After the
first two Uga's are down, a gate blocks the main path and a narrower path opens
up.  After the thrid and final Uga is defeated, the regular path opens up, as
well as the gate with the CASH inside.  You will need to get some speed on the
ramp so you can jump off of it and go through the tunnel with the money in it.
This will put you inside Buga's Colouseum!

When you enter the Colouseum, walk toward the only thing that looks like a door,
and out comes Fangy the Raptor!  Quickly run to the "B" pad in the middle of the
arena, and press "B" when Fangy gets close to hypnotize him.  Jump on Fangy, and
ride him around, headbutting and snacking on Uga's.  Once all the Uga's are
gone, Buga sends in some Club-weilding Uga's.  Deal with them the same way, but
be careful, as these can attack you.  Defeat this set of Uga's and one final
group enters the arena.  This time, they throw spears at you.  Once again,
headbutt them into the lava or chomp them down.  If at any time, you get knocked
off of Fangy, you have to hypnotize him again, and restart against the group of
Uga's that knocked you off.  Defeat the three groups of Uga's sucessfully, and
Buga decides to challenge you himself.

Fangy has gained Conker's respect, so he won't attack anymore.  If you are not
riding him, he follows you around.  Jump to avoid Buga's shockwave stomps, and
jump onto Fangy when you have the chance.  Get close to Buga so that it forces
him to set up his Bone-Club attack.  When Buga lifts his bone into the air, have
Fangy bite him right in his crotch (ouch).  This would reveal what Rare would
like to call, "Buga's Arse".  Go behind Buga and face his rear end, and when you
see the light bulb, have Fangy take a bite out of crime.  Do this three times,
and not only do you win the fight, but Buga's big (or should I say, Small)
secret is now exposed (with appropriate censoring, that is).  Now exit the area
through the place where the Uga's appeared from earlier, and Conker will be at
the top of the Colouseum.  Conker looks around for Buga's cave babe, Jugga, but
passes out at the size of her.  When Conker wakes up, Jugga puts him on a higher
ledge, where some money runs away.  Go follow it, and eventually Conker will
find the well deserved CASH prize.  Exit this area and return to the Poo area,
and go back to Windy.

-Windy (Part 3)-
Upon returning to Windy, you will discover that the Queen Bee's hive has been
stolen once again.  This time, you have to go into the wasps hideout to get it.
Go inside the wasp hideout and run up to the beehive.  You now get to use the
hive's chaingun ability.  Jump in and use "Z" to shoot the wasps, using "B" to
reload when you need to.  After taking out several wasps, jump out of the hive
and start to carry it back to the Queen Bee.  You will have wasps chasing you
once again, but when you get the hive back to where it belongs, the Queen Bee
blasts the wasps with rockets, and you win a whole bunch of CASH!  Although it
isn't required, you can go back to the entrance to the wasps hideout, and jump
into the small hole to the left of the door, then go through the tunnel, and
when you reach the other side, jump to the hole above theentrance to the wasps
hideout, and go through there to get some well hidden CASH.

Now run up the hill leading to the Windmill.  You will have to avoid several
earthworms along the way.  At the top of the hill, you meet Mr. Barrel.  You
should have enough money at this point to use his service, so don't worry about
it.  Jump onto Mr. Barrel and ride him down the hill, smashing the evil
earthworms as you go, steering left with the control stick most of the way.
At the bottom, Mr. Barrel goes flying into the blocked off area in the water,
and Conker gets knocked out.  When Conker wakes up, it's nighttime.  Go inside
the newly opened area.

Yay, it's a "Spooky" level.  Right at the start, some rocks will block the
passage that you just came through.  Go forward and you should see Gregg the
Grim Reaper, who is annoyed with some Catfish.  Walk past and you will see a
locked door.  Go farther and go inside the tunnel, which leads to a lever that
opens the door.  Once back outside, go back to Gregg and he gives you a shotgun
to deal with some Zombies. Go inside the now open door, and get ready with the
shotgun, cause the Zombies are ready for you.  Hold down "R" and "Z" to aim with
the laser sight, and release "Z" to shoot.  You have to aim for the Zombies'
heads to defeat them.  You can stand on the tombstones, and watch as the Zombies
try to get you, since you can shoot them from there rather easily.  After
defeating about 12 Zombies, Gregg appears at the uppermost doorway in the area.
Go up to where he is and he opens the door leading to the next area.  Here, you
have to avoid skeleton worms on the way to the creepy house at the top of the
deadly walkway.  Go inside the house, and you will be "greeted" by Count Batula.

After a long talk with Batula, some villagers break in to the house.  At this
point, Batula turns Conker into a bat.  You have to catch some of the crazed
villagers that are around the house and in the garden by dumping your bat guano
on them and bringing them to the meat grinder, so Batula can get his fill of the
red stuff.  Unfortunately for Batula, the more he drinks, the bigger he gets, 
and eventually gets too big for the rope he is on to hold him, and he falls into
the grinder himself.  Conker turns into his squirrel self again, but now the 
house becomes filled with Zombies.  It's time to get out of this place...

Go to the main entrance stairway and blast some Zombies.  While facing the
stairs, go through the left passageway, and reach the library.  Jump onto the
bookshelves and stand on the "B" pad to get out a crossbow.  Use the crossbow on
the four bats flying around.  It doesn't seem to do anything, but you MUST kill
off the bats.  Now go back to the stairs, and go up and through the passage on
the right.  Stay on the right wall of the grinding room, and through the first
passage you come to, avoiding the Zombies. There is another crossbow "B" pad, as
well as three bats.  Defeat them, and you will see a Key in the distance.  Grab
the key, go through the grinding room, staying on the right, and you will soon
find yourself back in the library.  Safely reach the library floor without
falling down (you can lose the key that way) and go back to the stairs, and put
the key in the door.  Now a bridge to the hedge maze garden will appear.  Go
through the passage to the right of the steps that lead to the dining room.
There will be several Zombies on the way.  You can take out the Zombies in the
dining room while standing on the table, even though the Zombies stay close to
it where it's harder to hit them.  After clearing out the dining room, go
through the passage that leads to the garden.  Kill off as many Zombies as you
can (you are safe on top of the hedge walls) and get the key from the center of
the garden.  Now take the key all the way back to the locked door.  Now a ladder
will appear in the grinding room.  Go to the grinding room again and climb the
ladder.  Jump over to the ledge on the right and pull the lever.  This will
open some doors to help you get the key back to the locked door.  Jump over to
the ledge with the chocolate, then jump onto the pump machine, and over to the
ledge with the key.  Now take the key over to the door that opened when you
pulled the lever.  You will now be back in the room with the locked door.  Take
the key to the door and it opens up.  Now, jump onto Mr. Barrel and go out of
the house.  (If you want you can ride Mr. Barrel over some Zombies, but you
don't have to.)  Once outside, you have to roll Mr. Barrel down the tricky
walkway, running over the worms on the way.  After getting through here, just
roll on out of the next area, and roll down the wooden bridge, and go into the
water.  Suprisingly, Mr. Barrel can float on the water, and that's a good thing,
since you need to use him to reach the exit to the area, which should be
straight ahead.  Go into the tunnel, and pick up your well deserved CASH.  Now
leave this seemingly familiar area, and you will be hit with some not too
pleasent news...

-It's War-
It's wartime, and it seems there is a shortage of good help these days.  Have
Conker go behind the barbwire fence and enter the base.  You will see an
airplane get shotdown and block the way leading to the Tediz base.  And the
first person that the General happens to see is Conker... so he leaves it up to
Conker to clear the way.  Your first objective is to figure out how to restore
the power to the base, which for some reason does not seem to be working...
Swim into the water and you will encounter an electric eel.  Try to get the eel
to follow you through the electric "thingies" (arches) in the water.  There are
three of them you need to get the eel to go through.  The eel gets fried on the
last one, and the power is restored.  A "B" pad appears, but that's for a bit
later.  Go near the entrance and you should see a sign that says "TNT".  Follow
it up to a bathroom door and press "B" to knock on it.  You hear a flushing
sound, and a little guy with TNT on his back walks out.  He thinks you are the
janitor and asks for Toilet Paper... of course he really doesn't need it after
what is about to happen to him...  You will notice a metal block at the bottom
of the hill where you need to push the TNT guy down.  Push it over toward the
steps leading to the water.  Now go push the TNT guy down the ramp.  The block
stops him from falling down the steps.  Now you need to push him over to where
the plane is.  You can either go left or right here, it doesn't really matter.
On one side are some jumping ammo crates as well as two metal blocks that go up
and down with a crane.  Just push the TNT guy past the blocks until you reach
the plane.  Now it is time to blow him up!  Go to the "B" pad, and fire your
slingshot at the TNT guy in the distance so the TNT blows up, taking out part of
the plane.  Now go back to the bathroom and knock on the door and another TNT
guy comes out.  You have to push him the other way.  This path is covered in
hidden spider mines, which only appear when you get close to them.  Before
trying to push the TNT guy through them, check along the path for where the
mines appear, so you can be ready for them.  After getting the TNT guy past the
mines and to the plane, go back to the "B" pad again and blow him up.  With the
plane out of the way, go down to where the General is on the boat.  "What the
hell is that!?"  Conker looks around, but then the General knocks him out...

Conker wakes up to find himself on a boat leading right for the Tediz base.
Looks like you are a soldier now...  When you reach the shore, most of your
allies get blasted.  Run through the gunfire, trying to use the surviving
squirrel soldiers as a guide to find the entrance to the base.  It seems only
one other squirrel made it, and he gets shot too, so now it's up to Conker.
Conker picks up the fallen soldier's guns, and now it's time to go in...

Inside, you see a few Tediz running behind some boxes.  Go into aiming mode and
aim at the top of the tallest stack of crates in the distance.  Walk forward
until a Tedi jumps onto the stack, and shoot him.  Now move over to the boxes
just to the right, and shoot the Tediz as they run around.  Once they are all
gone, the garage-type door opens.  This hallway is filled with Tediz and lasers,
not to mention some flame-throwers.  The lasers are not too hard to avoid, and
if you are in Aiming mode when the Tediz appear, you can dispose of them 
quickly.  Tediz will come out from around corners, behind boxes, and even from
air ducts in the ceiling.  The least of your troubles are the flame-throwers, 
just don't be careless around them.  At one point in this area, Conker will jump
into an elevator, just barely escaping some attacking Spider Mines.  After 
getting through this tricky hallway, you will come to the Infirmary... full of 
mad Tedi Doctors!

The doctors are quick, but you can stay near the entrance and blast them.  They
will throw their medical instruments at you, but they aren't that dangerous.
After all the doctors are gone, go to the back to find a soldier in an electric
chair.  You also see two levers.  Pull one, and you see the soldier get fried.
Pull the next one and the exit opens up.

When you think you are safe, you have a large sentry gun pointing at you!  Stay
behind the boxes to avoid the fire, and make your moves when the gun has to
reload.  There is some chocolate around the gun, which becomes quite helpful
here.  You have to then climb the rope behind the gun, hide behind the pipe to
avoid the gunfire, then make a run to the "B" pad on the ledge.  This makes
Conker pull out a Bazooka.  Shoot the gun, and the Tedi is destroyed.  Now you
have to use the gun yourself.  Tediz will start to fill the two hallways, most
of them running directly at you, and some jumping on crates to shoot.  Keep
blasting, getting chocolate if you need it, and once the raid is over, go into
the newly opened door.

You have now stumbled onto a execution firing range.  The Tediz have a prisoner
tied up, and they start to shoot him.  Of course, the soldier is protected with
some nearly indestructible armor.  Still, you need to help him.  Take out the
leader, then gun down the four executioners.  Walk up to the soldier, and you
find out it is an old friend (well not quite a friend to Conker) named Rodent.
He tells you about his super armor, and then decides to make an escape.  Follow
the only path you can, and suddenly, some bombers appear overhead.  Walk down
the path, bewaring the shadow of the falling bombs.  Make sure Rodent is nearby,
because eventually you will run into some Spider Mines, and the only way to
avoid damage is to hide behind Rodent for cover.  After getting through this
path, you will reach a large locked door.  There is a "B" pad that will let
Conker use the Bazooka again.  Shoot the four yellow lights on the door to
destroy the lock and then go inside.

Once in this area, Rodent takes a liking to a nearby tank.  As you guessed, you
should take a liking to it as well.  Get in and shoot the small door in the
area.  Get out of the tank, and go in.  There are lots of acid pools in this
area.  Jump them, but be careful as a Spider Mine will be ready for you right
after you jump them.  Jump back over the acid pools to avoid them.  At the end
of the area is a lever that opens the large locked door outside.  The area you
are in also starts to fill up with acid.  Get out quickly, and go for the tank.

Behind the door is a large gun tower.  You need to take out it's four legs with
tank blasts.  The first leg is easy to get.  To get to the others, you need to
get Conker out of the tank, then walk up the metal bridges, and when you see the
light bulb, press "B" to Anvil Drop it, causing it to lower, and allowing the
Tank to cross.  You are safe from the gun tower's shots while in the tank, but
the Tediz are armed with Grenades.  Defeat the Tediz by shooting them, or by
driving over them.  Just be careful that you don't drive the tank over the edge!
All you are doing is taking out a leg of the gun tower, then lowering a bridge,
kill Tediz, and doing it again.  You can get the first tower leg near the start,
the second after the second bridge, the third right before the third bridge, and
the fourth one after the third bridge.  Be careful at the third bridge, a Tedi
will pop up behind you and try to suprise you.  After the tower is down, you
will be able to walk over to where the tower once was by crossing a piece of the
tower that now acts as a bridge.  Fall into the hole, and get ready for heavy

In the center of this section is what appears to be a little girl.  Go up to her
and she talks about the submarines in the water.  You have to shoot them down.
Go over to where the first group of subs appears, wait for them to fire, and run
for the "B" pad and blast them with the Bazooka.  The missiles will aim for
wherever you were standing when they fired, so when the subs fire, move out of
the way.  You have to take out three groups of subs, each one larger then the
last.  When all the subs are gone, go back to the little girl... suddenly Rodent
appears and tries to warn you that the Little Girl is really... a boss!

The little girl is part of a mutant creature, consisting of a giant Tedi and a
giant spider mine.  As soon as the battle begins, get in the tank and go for
cover inside one of the small caves.  The monster will first try to mow you
down with some large Miniguns.  Stay in your hiding place, rotate your tank
barrel toward the boss, so that you can move in and out of your hiding place
easily while having a good shot at the enemy.  First, shoot the Miniguns off
of the boss when it has to reload.  The boss will charge toward you, but you
are safe where you are.  Try to get a good shot at the little girl, and blast
it off.  The boss will turn around to pick up the girl, revealling it's weak
spot on it's back.  Shoot the weak spot, and then prepare for the boss' second
attack, electromagnetic beams.  You are still safe in your hiding place, and
you can destroy the beam enplacements just like you did the Miniguns.  The
only difference is that the beams don't have to reload.  Once the two beams
are destroyed, blast the girl off of the monster again, and shoot the weak
spot.  Now you have to be quick, for the boss will now fire "fur-tracking"
rockets at you.  As soon as you can move, take out one rocket launcher, then
go for the other.  All that is left is to shoot the girl off again, and hit
the weak spot one last time.  In despiration, the little girl activates the
self destruct mode on the base.  Time to get out...  do you think you can do
it in under 4:30?

This part isn't easy, but remember you are almost there.  You need to get
through some difficult lasers, while also dealing with Tediz.  Fortunately, the
Tediz only attack when you reach a corner, so you can be more then ready to get
them.  To avoid the lasers, you will need to crawl on the ground, jump on boxes,
crawl on boxes, and do some talented hovering jumps.  When it seems that you are
out of the base, some blue lasers block the doorway, and Tediz appear from
nowhere.  Go to the place you attacked from when you first entered this area,
and prepare for similar attacks from the Tediz.  This time, however, you have a
Bazooka!  Blast all of the Tediz to where they belong, and the last one flies
into the lasers on the door and allow you to exit.  Of course, the hardest part
is yet to come...

It's now or never, do or die once you are outside.  Run forward and turn the
corner.  Get out your Bazooka, and hold down "R" to stay in aiming mode.  Blast
the first evil beast you see, then move forward.  Face toward the right, and get
the Tedi that walks up to get you.  Turn left, and you will see yet another Tedi
sneaking up on you.  Get him too.  Now for the hard stuff, have your back to the
fence, and move right.  Once you pass the wooden X structure, you will see a
Skedar... oops, I mean a Tedi way in the distance.  You best get him.  Now put
away your Bazooka for a bit, and stay against the fence.  After turning the
corner, get the Bazooka back out, and go forward while staying close to the 
fence.  Two Tediz will appear, and you need some amazing reflexes to get them.
There is only one Tedi left, and he is... to the left... just behind the X 
structure.  It's possible to shoot him through the bottom of the X.  After 
killing off the final stuffed animal of death, you are free to go.  Still with 

You have escaped, and you even get to watch the fireworks.  Not only that, you
see a familiar face flying through the sky towards Windy...

-The Heist-

The end of the game is near... go back to Windy, and you will notice that this
area's trademark, the Windmill, has been blown sky high... by none other then
Rodent, who has crashed right into it.  Of course, he reveales a hidden entrance
leading to the Feral Reserve Bank...

Once you reach the bank, you meet up with yet another familiar face, or two.
Remember "The Boss"?  The Weasel Mob guy?  Of course you do... and with him is
Berri!  Once again, The Boss wants you to do some work for him.  He wants you to
rob the bank!  Put on your cool black suits, and get ready... to Enter the

You can see your destination in the distance, but it's heavily guarded by bank
security and Lasers.  Your job is to dispose of the security.  Hide behind a
column, and when you hear Berri running towards you, press "B" and get Keanu
Reeves style on the guards.  In the air, you can move the aiming crosshairs with
the control stick and fire with "Z".  After taking out several guards, Berri
disables a set of lasers, and you can move on to the next set.  Get by all four
sets of security (while being amused by the slow motion attack scenes) and you
reach the vault.

Berri disables the rather complex laser setup, and opens the vault.  Go inside,
and you will find CASH.  Lots of CASH.  More CASH then Conker has ever seen!
Hit some if it with the frying pan, and pick it up.  Keep picking up the money
until you see the cutscene where Conker is tired of chasing it around.  And
guess what... Conker is a MILLIONAIRE!

Of course, there comes a price...

The next rather "It be a big spoiler if I told ya" cutscene reveals the truth
behind the Panther King's need for milk.  It also reveals the final enemy.  When
you start the fight, pull on the nearby lever and the airlock opens.  Yep, an
airlock.  You are in space now...  After opening the airlock, you need to
quickly run for the spacesuit nearby.  The final enemy will try to tail swipe
you, so be ready to jump.  Get in the spacesuit and prepare for the final
fight...  Have the final enemy get close to you, and it will either try to tail
swipe you, or bite you.  If it lets out a loud yell, prepare to jump it's tail
swipe.  Otherwise it will try to bite you, in which you can avoid getting hurt
by pressing "Z".  Immediately after the final enemy does an attack, start
punching it repediately with "B".  If your punches connect, the enemy gets
knocked down.  Guess what you gotta do now?  Walk up behind the enemy, and
Conker should grab it by the tail.  Figure it out yet?  Remember Bowser from
Super Mario 64?  You had to spin him around and throw him into a mine.  Well
this boss takes a similar approach.  Slowly rotate the control stick around to
start spinning the enemy.  As Conker gains some momentum, rotate the stick
faster.  While this is happening, the boss is trying to hold on to the floor
with it's long fingernails.  Once the boss lets go of the floor, you can throw
him by pressing "B".  Throw him out of the airlock.  Unfortunately, the boss
jumps back in.  Repeat the process again.  After the second time, hover in the
air (with "A") to avoid the boss' charge attack.  Now you have to be quite quick
with your punches to land them on the boss.  At this point in the fight, it will
be quite difficult to get any hits on him after a tail swipe, so you have to try
to attack immediately after a bite attempt.  After throwing the boss out the
door for the thrid time... well... that's for you to find out.

Anyway, now Conker is king!

E. Other

The first time you die in the game, you will meet up with Gregg the Grim Reaper.
He will tell you about the "Squirrel Tails" that you can collect for extra
lives.  The only real reason for lives is so if you lose all your energy, you
can restart in the section you are currently in without having to go back to the
file select menu.  In the Barn Boys area is a hidden tail worth 10 lives every
time you get it.  To find it, jump onto the rocks behind the cheese pen, and
high jump around there until you see a light bulb appear.  Press "B" and Conker
will Anvil Drop, revealling the hidden tail.  You can then go into the barn,
come back out and get it again until you have tons of lives!

You can find Banjo and Kazooie's heads inside the Cock And Plucker.  Banjo's
head is on the wall above the fireplace, and Kazooie's head is inside the room
where you pick the "Chapters" option.

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