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1.Table of Contents

1.Table of contents
2.Legal junk
3.Version History
6.Game basics
  6.1. Controls
  6.2. Game play tips
  6.3. About the Guide
  10.1 Main Levels
  10.2 Secret Levels
  10.3 "Features" Levels
13.Closing Words

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3. Version History

.40 Started the FAQ. Finished the Weapon and monster stats, 6 Main level 
walkthroughs, 1 secret level walkthrough, and the "Features" Levels 

.50 Fixed some spelling and general errors from the first version, and added  
the walkthrough for Level 7. Also fixed a major error where I forgot to add the
Lost Soul to the Enemy list. Oops!

.60 Fixed some more errors, and added a Level 8 Walkthrough.

.70 Finally got around to updating this thing! Fixed an error in Hectic, and 
added a level 9 Walkthrough

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.70 I got sick of looking at this uncompleted Guide on Gamefaqs, so I took it 
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.80 I finally wrote a walkthrough for Level 10. I also added some more tips
to the tips section and fixed some minor grammar errors.

.90 Finished walkthrough for level 11, added the Ultimate Cheat code, and added
more to the Miscellaneous section.

1.0 Added a walkthrough for level 12. Also fixed an error in my Ultimate
Cheat description and added more to the miscellaneous section.

In 1993, Doom was created for the PC. It changed the face of
video gaming forever, offering lightning-fast game play with
little else in mind other than the fast-paced shooting of
Monsters. Although it striked controversy with parents,
Doom is a legend in the Video Gaming industry, and it always
will be.
In 1997, Doom64 was released for Nintendo's newest console, 
the Nintendo 64. It offered completely new graphics and levels
and still held onto the Fast-Paced virtual reality Game play. Some
people love it because it still has the same fun game play
with much better graphics. Some people hate it because it
is basically just more of the same. Love it or hate it, Doom64
is still a great game, and it will most likely still be being
played years from now.


Note: My stories are put together from the Playstation versions of Doom and 
Final Doom. They are different from the PC versions. I will change these to 
follow the PCís story some other time, just not right now.


Mars...the closest planet to our own. It's moons, Phobos
and Deimos, hide evidence to what happened a few years
ago. The United Aerospace Corporation (U.A.C) Had bases
on both moons. There, experiments were being tested,
including Inter-dimensional travel. They managed
to open up gateways between Phobos and Deimos and
were able to get things through one gate and out the 
other. However, the gates became very dangerous. Men
were sent into the gates, but they either disappeared
or were turned insane. Then one day, The base on Phobos
reported something evil coming out of the Gates, and
then the transmission went silent. When Deimos simply
vanished, some marines were sent up to phobos. One of
those marines was you. When you landed, you were told 
to secure the perimeter, while the rest of the men went
inside. For hours, your radio picked up the sounds of
battle. Gunfire, yells, growls, bones breaking and
then....silence. Every one of your buddies were dead.
You were forced to navigate of Phobos, all by yourself,
fighting hundreds of different Monsters along the way.
Eventually, you found a teleporter and as you stepped
in, you thought it was over. How very wrong you were.
You were transported to Deimos, which was floating
right above Hell. You were again forced to find
your way off of a monster infested Chunk of space rock,
only to get teleported right into Hell itself. Hell was obviously
no place that a living man should be, as you were faced with wave
after wave after wave of demons, including monsters with Rocket
launchers for arms and  plasma cannons on their chests. You were
barely able to make it out alive and eventually found a Teleporter
that transported you to Earth. You fell to the ground, knowing
that the terror was over... only to open your eyes and scream
in terror and anger. Earth had been completely overrun. 


Cities were on fire and the only life you could see was that of 
what you feared. The Demons had invaded your home planet, and were
now stalking the streets looking for life to destroy. Barely able
to stand up, you again fought the demons, killing all the ones on earth
in a horrific battle, only to get teleported right back into the
bowels of Hell. Even though you had just killed thousands of Demons
down there, there were still a helluva lot more of them than there
was of you, as it was basically one marine versus Thousands of hell-
spawned Demons. Fighting with every last ounce of strength you had
left, you managed to fight the Demons off. You were than teleported
to an arena type place, where you squared off with at least 50 Barons
of Hell, only to be confronted by the ugliest things you've ever seen:
2 15-feet tall spiders with Super Chainguns in their Chests. The Fatigue
was enormous as you pumped the monsters with every bullet, rocket, and 
Energy Cell you had. After what seemed like an eternity of fighting, 
the Masterminds of the invasion fell dead at your feet, and yet another
teleporter opened up. You closed your eyes as you stepped through it, expecting
to be confronted by another million members of Hell. But when you opened them,
you saw green fields. You had won. The forces of Hell retreated and everything 
was back to the way it was supposed to be. You were the lone survivor of the 
DOOM episodes, and you had just saved the world.


A few months after the events on Mars, you were transported to one of Jupiterís
moons, where the U.A.C was testing a new form of gadget, one that could seal
off gates that the Demons used. The First day was a success, as when the Demons 
started coming out of the gates, you and your buddies were able to kill them 
and the U.A.C closed the gate. However, the second day was terrible. The hordes
of demons was to big and the gate could not be closed. The demons fought and 
won and they stole the gadget, called the Quantum Accelerator. Only one Marine
survived the  onslaught. Guess who he was? You. You got to fight against the 
demons on the moon in order to prevent them from reaching earth and starting 
the whole thing over again. You managed to kill all the demons and confronted 
the Cyberdemon that was carrying the Accelerator. You defeated him and took a 
teleporter to Earth. You than destroyed the gate with the accelerator and later
destroyed the accelerator itself to insure that the gates would never be opened

Not learning after the chaos caused by hells first invasion, the UAC was again
testing inter-dimensional travel, this time on one of Jupiterís moons, hoping 
that the increased distance would help keep Earth safe. Soon after the first 
gate was opened, the minions of hell poured out. The UAC planned on such an 
attack, and had recruited numerous Marines to fight the demons. As soon as the
battle began, it was over.
Shortly after, the yearly supply ship came early. But something wasnít right. 
Upon visual contact with the ship, the UAC knew something was terribly wrong. 
The ship was definitely NOT sent from Earth. The doors on the ship opened and 
out poured Hundreds of Hell-spawned monsters. The UAC lost that battle. Somehow
,you survived, and was again forced to fight the Demons in a last-ditch effort
to prevent them from reaching Earth.

There is know story that goes along with the Master levels. They were just 
created by the design teams for a challenge.   


The planetary policy was clear. You could not go near Mars or it's moons. 
This was guaranteed by the extreme levels of radiation surrounding the bases.
The Dark corridors and large rooms that held the carcasses of demons sat 
motionless, abandoned. The bases locked and sealed. However, there was some 
movement. A single Entity that could resurrect the dead, was still living. 
Though extremely wounded, the monster was able to bring back the dead demons. 
Masked by the extreme radiation, it was able to resurrect the monsters until a 
decayed satellite noticed something. The near busted probe sent it's last 
transmission to earth. The U.A.C was horrified. Fearing an outbreak, 
they sent the bad-ass lone survivor of The DOOM episodes: you. 
Your mission is clear. Kill all the demons or they will kill you.

6.0 Game Basics

There isn't much to Doom. You run around with huge guns and shoot everything 
you can see. That doesn't mean the game isn't challenging though. If you
aren't prepared, the demons will make short work of you. Just make sure you
remember what I am about to tell you.

6.1 Controls

If you want to survive in Hell, you need to know how to move and shoot. Here
Is an overview of the default controls, though you can change them to your
liking in the options menu.

Joystick and D-pad: Move
A button: Cycle weapon(backwards)
B button: Cycle weapon(forwards)
Z Button: Fire weapon
L Button: Strafe Left
R button: Strafe right
C-Up: Toggles Map
C-down: Strafe
C-Left: Run
C-right: Use(opens doors, flips switches,etc.)
Start: Access Pause menu

These are the Control Settings I use.

Joystick and D-pad: Move
A button: Cycle weapon(backwards)
B button: Cycle weapon(forwards)
Z Button: Fire Weapon
L Button: Strafe
R Button: Toggles Map
C-Up: Use
C-down: Run
C-left: Strafe Left
C-right: Strafe Right
Start: Access Pause Menu

I use these controls because I find it easier to strafe, which is vital for
combat. But, again, the choice is entirely up to you.

6.2 Game Tips

If you see a wall that looks out of place around others, than chances
are that it is a secret. Press the USE button next to it or come back
to it when you flip a mysterious switch.

The shotgun is invaluable. While it may not have the power of other weapons,
it is still the weapon of choice against the plentiful weak enemies in
the game. Don't forget about it.

The Strafe is one of the most important moves in First-Person Shooters.
Use it constantly, as most Enemies attacks can be dodged. The strafe is
necessary against the Monsters that shoot projectiles, especially the

If you see a powerful item like a Soulsphere or a BFG9000 out in the open, be 
careful when you pick it up. Chances are it's a trap.

Barrels with UAC on the side will explode when shot. This is great for killing
groups of monsters but be careful as the blast may hurt you as well. 

Not only are they a blast, but within them are the secret demon artifacts that
when picked up, will upgrade the laser rifle, making it shoot up to three 
lasers at once and increasing the firing speed. If you gather all the artifacts
then the laser rifle will become much more powerful and effecient than the 

If two different species are attacking you, see if you can lead one of the 
enemies into the others attacks. If you do, the enemy will turn around and 
attack the enemy that injured it. They will then fight to the death. Not only
is it fun to watch, but you can kill the survivor off with ease. This will help
conserve ammo.

Enemies make a very distinct sound when they suddenly appear. As I can't write
this sound out, learn to recognise it, and if you don't see the enemy right off
the bat, be careful when entering a room you have already cleared out, as it 
may be lurking there for a suprise.

If you come across an item, such as a SoulSphere, or an ammo box, but you have
plenty of what that item gives you, remember where it is and come back for it
later when you really need it. 

7.0 Weapons


POWER: How powerful the weapon is. Graded from weak, moderate, powerful, 
very powerful or extreme.
Max Ammo: The maximum amount of ammo you can have for this weapon
Ammo acquired: Gun-How much ammo you get when you pick up a gun. 
Small ammo- How much ammo you get when you pick up a small ammo box. 
Big box- How much ammo with a large box
Best used on: What this weapon is best used on.
First Found: What level this weapon is first found on.


Power: weak
Max ammo: How many fists does a guy have?
Ammo acquired: What do you think?
Best used on: NOTHING
First found: Yes, you'll find your fists lying around.:-)

While you may be a big, beefy marine, you're not going to beat a monster
in a boxing match. Once you find a chainsaw, the fists can be forgotten 
about. If you have nothing but your hands to fight with, you can practically 
bend over and kiss your ass good-bye. Unless, of course, youíre berserk.

Power: Extreme
Max ammo: Figure it out!
Ammo acquired: Ditto
Best used on: Zombieman, Shotgun guy, Imp, Nightmare Imp, Bull Demon, Specter, 
First Found: Level 1-Staging area

When you find a berserk pack, you fist's pack more power than a rocket blast. 
One punch, even if you only barely touch them, will make a zombieman explode. 
One solid punch will kill a bull demon. However, you still have to get close 
and berserk packs are kind of rare. Also, Berserk packs only last the duration
of one level, so as soon as the level you found the pack ends, so do the super


Power: Depends
Max Ammo: Runs on gas, which apparently doesn't run out...
Ammo Acquired: N/A
Best used on: Zombieman, Shotgun Guy, Imp, Nightmare Imp, Bull Demon, Specter.
First found: Level 1-Staging Area

The chainsaw is a damn good weapon, and is alot better than your fists. The 
chainsaw is perfect for ammo conservation and is the weapon of choice against 
the bull demons, and is the perfect weapon for specters. Again, you have to get
close, so anything more powerful than a cacodemon should cause you to change 
weapons. The chainsaw has been updated from that of the original DOOM games, as
it now has two blades, which cut through enemies extremely fast.


Power: weak
Max Ammo: 400 Bullets
Ammo Acquired:  Gun-N/A Clip-10 bullets Box-100 bullets
Best used on: Zombieman
First Found: On you at start of the game.

The pistol is the gun you start the game with, and is therefore weak.
It takes many shots to kill even the weakest enemies and is absolutely
hopeless in the later levels. Once the chain gun is found, you should
forget this weapon even exists.


Power: Powerful at close range; weak at long-range
Max Ammo: 100 Shot shells
Ammo acquired: Gun-12 Shells Small box:8 shells Large Box-20 shells
Best used on: Zombie man, Shotgun guy, Imp, Nightmare Imp, Lost Soul
First Found: Level 1-Staging Area

The Shotgun will become the weapon that you will use the most often in
a game. It's has plenty of power to take out the lower enemies in one
shot, and is good against Bull demons and Specters, though I don't 
recommend it. Don't use on or against anything more powerful then a Hell


Power: Very Powerful
Max Ammo: 100 Shells
Ammo Acquired: Same as the Shotgun
Best used on: Demon, Specter, Cacodemon, Hell Knight, Baron of Hell,
First Found: Level 3-Main Engineering

The Super Shotgun is a double-barreled Shotgun that fires both barrels
at a time. This weapon has the power of a rocket at close range, and has
the advantage of not hurting you if you fire too close. However, two barrels
means that 2 Shells are used at a time. Also, it has a slower firing rate. But,
while it may only have two barrels, it does triple the damage of an ordinary 
Shotgun blast. Use this against powerful enemies in tight spaces. Another good
tactic with this weapon is that if you are a ways away from a large group of 
zombies, firing this weapon will hurt and even kill two or more of them.


Power: Each single shot is equal to that of a pistol shot.
Max Ammo: 400 Bullets
Ammo Acquired: Gun-20 Bullets  Clip-10 Bullets  Box-100 Bullets
Best used on. Groups of Zombie men, Shotgun Guys, Demons, Specters, Lost Souls
First Found: Level 2-The Terraformer

The Chain gun is a pretty decent weapon. While it's shots are only about as 
powerful as those of a pistols, it's rapid fire will tear the hide off of about
anything. The chain gun is best suited for groups of enemies, but be careful 
with it, as it eats up ammo in a hurry. Another advantage to the chaingun is 
that it's constant spray of lead will keep the enemy stunned and it won't be 
able to return fire. Be careful, though, as powerful enemies may shrug off the
attack long enough to release an attack.


Power: Very Powerful
Max ammo: 100 Rockets
Ammo Acquired
Best Used on: Hell Knight, Baron of Hell, Mancubus, Arachnotron, Cyberdemon
Mother Demon
First Found: Level 3-Main Engineering

The Rocket launcher is one of the best weapons in Doom64, or in any Doom for 
that matter. While The Super Shotgun has power equal to the Rocket Launcher, it
loses it's power at longer ranges, whereas the Rocket Launcher has the Same 
power at all ranges. It also Shoots faster and reloads quicker too. However, 
there are some drawbacks. First, if a rocket detonates at a close range, you 
will take damage from the blast. Also, ammo is pretty rare, so only use this if 
you have to. The gun also "kicks", which means it will scoot you back a little
bit with each shot fired. This gun is the secondary weapon of choice against 
the Cyberdemon. You can also eliminate groups of minor enemies with only one or
two rockets. The blast will completely decimate the target, and the explosion
of shrapenal will damage if not kill the others.


Power: Moderate
Max Ammo: 600 Energy cells
Ammo Acquired:
Best Used on: Nightmare Imps, Cacodemons, Pain Elemental, Hell Knight
First Found: Level 7-Research Lab

The Plasma rifle is a great gun as it fires high powered shots at quick speeds 
and holds quite a bit of ammo. However, the ammo is consumed somewhat quickly 
and the energy cells are quite uncommon. Also, the long streams of plasma bolts
may hide an enemies counter-attack. But even with these drawbacks, the rifle is
still a great weapon to have.


Power: Extreme
Max Ammo: 600 Energy cells
Ammo Acquired:
Best Used On: Baron Of Hell, Arachnotron, Cyberdemon, Mother Demon
First Found: Level 10-The Bleeding

The BFG9000 is the most powerful weapon in the Doom arsenal. It puts out 
immense power and the shockwave emitted when the blast hits something will 
destroy enemies around it. However this gun has many drawbacks. First, It uses 
many of the already rare energy cells with each shot, taking 40 per trigger 
pull. Also, the weapon takes about 2 seconds to charge up after the trigger is 
pulled, leaving you open to counter-attack. And lastly, the power has been 
weakened from it's PC counter part, so the shockwave emitted is less powerful. 
Use this weapon against the Hearty Barons and the Rocket Launching Cyberdemons.


Power: Depends
Max Ammo: 600 Energy Cells
Ammo Acquired:
Best used on: Depends
First Found: Level 12-Alter of Pain

The Laser Rifle is a new addition to Doom. When the weapon is first picked up, 
it is almost useless, as it has the power of a Plasma Rifle, but shoots much 
slower. However, in each secret level, there is an artifact. Each time one of 
these Artifacts are picked up, the Laser Rifle will be upgraded. If all Three 
are aquired, the Laser becomes extremely powerful, as it fires multiple lasers
at a time. The upgraded gun can tear through anything and rivals the power of 
the BFG. 

8.0 Items
Below is a list of the Items that will assist you in your nightmare. Get to 
know each one as they will prove to be very useful.

Appearance: A Blue Beaker filled with liquid
Effect: The Health bonus will provide you with 2% extra health, and can even 
take your health past the 100% mark, up to a maximum of 200%

Appearance: A small helmet with the visor Glowing green
Effect: The Armor bonus is the exact same thing as a health bonus, but it helps
your armor instead.

Appearance: A small Med kit
Effect: Provides 10% Extra health, but can't push your limit past 100%

Appearance: A large first-aid kit.
Effect: Gives you 25% extra health, but won't put you past 100%

Appearance: A green Kevlar Vest Jacket
Effect: Gives you 100% armor, but can't be used if you are past 100%

Appearance: Same as security armor, but Blue instead
Effect: Gives you 200% Armor, the maximum attainable.

Appearance: Large Blue Orb with a Demon Face inside it.
Effect: Gives you 100 Health points, pushing you past 100%

Appearance: A Dark Red Orb with Electricity bolts in the middle.
Effect: Makes it so Enemies have a hard time seeing you, and will not have as 
good of aim. I actually prefer not to use these, as it causes the enemies to
fire all over the place, and you may dodge into one of the poorly aimed

Appearance: A green orb with a Demon face in the middle.
Effect: Makes you invulnerable for about a minute. While this is working, your 
screen will be flushed white.

Appearance: A white orb with a Marine Helmet in the middle.
Effect: Will instantly give you 200% Health and armor. A very good power-up 

Appearance: A green Bio-Hazard Symbol.
Effect: The Radiation Suit will make you Invulnerable to lava and radioactive 
slime for a short period of time. Make sure you finish your job in lava quickly
before the effect wears off.

Appearance: A Black Med kit with a Red Cross in the middle.
Effect: This special med kit will not only heal you back to 100% Health, but 
will make your fists absolute killing machines. One Berserk Pack Will last 
the entire level it is found in.

Appearance: Sort of looks like a Palm Pilot with red lines on the screen.
Effect: Once this item is picked up, the map of the ENTIRE level will be 
displayed in the map screen. Even the secret areas will be shown. Areas not 
yet traveled to will be displayed in Grey.

Appearance: A visor with purple lenses.
Effect: It would be an insult to your intelligence if I explained this item.

9.0 Monsters


Appearance: What this monster looks like
Weapon: What weapons this monster uses
Recommended Weapon: The weapon of choice against this demon
Secondary Weapon: What to use if the Preferred weapon is unavailable.
Danger: How much you should worry about this monster- Low, Moderate, Average, 
High Very High, Lethal
Strength: How resistant this monster is to weapons-Weak, Average, Strong, 
Very Strong, Iron man
First Encountered: What level this monster is first Encountered in.
Abundance: How common this monster is- Very Rare, Rare, Few, Many, Abundant, 


Appearance: Walking dead guy in Marine Clothes
Weapon: Pistol, which looks like a shotgun?
Recommended Weapon: Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Pistol
Danger: Low
Strength: Weak
First Encountered: Level 1-Staging Area
Abundance: Everywhere

The Zombie men are the most common enemies in the game. But, fortunately, they 
are the weakest. Their attacks hurt you very little and they go down in one 
shotgun shot or a few bullets from a pistol. You can even take them down easily
with a few punches. Be careful when they are encountered in packs, as they are 
quite annoying in numbers.


Appearance: Same as the zombie men, but with darker clothes.
Weapon: I wonder...
Recommended weapon: Shotgun
Secondary weapon: Pistol
Danger: Moderate
Strength: Weak
First Encountered: Level 1-Staging Area
Abundance: Everywhere

The shotgun guy is basically the same as the zombie man, but they carry more
powerful Shotguns, and are somewhat stronger. However, they are still pretty 
weak, and you can still kill them in one blast from your own Shotgun.


Appearance: Dark brown, bi-pedal creatures with red eyes.
Weapon: Red fireballs and their claws.
Recommended Weapon: Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Pistol
Danger: Low
Strength: Weak
First Encountered: Level 1-Staging Area
Abundance: Abundant

While The Imp is tougher and their attacks more powerful, they are slightly 
less dangerous than the Shotgun guy, because their attacks are very easy to 
dodge and you usually don't get close to them, so they can't claw you. But 
don't underestimate them, as about 5 fireballs can take 100 un-armored health 
points from you.


Appearance: Same as Imp, but purple and slightly transparent.
Weapon: Purple Fireballs and their claws
Recommended Weapon: Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Chain gun
Danger: Moderate
Strength: Average
First Encountered: Level 3-Main Engineering
Abundance: Everywhere

The Nightmare Imp is an Imp on Steroids. It can move quicker and shoot faster 
than it's brown counterpart, and is also slightly transparent. Even worse, they
are more common than the standard Imp. Fortunately, they are still weak and 
will go down in a shotgun blast.


Appearance: Large, Pink demon with horns and lots of teeth.
Weapon: Run up and bite you
Recommended Weapon: Super Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Chainsaw
Danger: Moderate
Strength: Strong
First Encountered: Level 1-Staging area
Abundance: Abundant

The bull demons only attack comes in the form of biting you, so naturally it 
has to get close up. This should give you enough time to kill them. One Super 
Shotgun blast will kill them. If encountered in groups, back yourself up 
against a wall and shred them with a chainsaw. The weapon works nicely on them.


Appearance: Green, almost invisible Bull Demon
Weapon: Run up and bite you
Recommended Weapon: Chainsaw
Secondary Weapon: Super Shotgun
Danger: Moderate
Strength: High
First Encountered: Level 2-The Terraformer
Abundance: Many

The specter is a bull demon. The only difference is that they are almost 
impossible to see. In well-lit areas, this isn't much of a problem. But in 
heavy darkness, they become a major threat. The chainsaw is the best weapon 
against them, and the chain gun should be used if you can't see them, but they 
are far away. If you can see them, than pound them with the Super Shotgun.


Appearance: Large, floating head with small arms with chains on them and
one eye and huge mouths.
Attacks: Ball lightning
Recommended Weapon: Super Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Chain gun
Danger: Average
Strength: Strong
First Encountered: Level 3-Main Engineering
Abundance: Rare

The cacodemon is very distinguishable. They are huge floating heads with huge 
mouths.  Their fireballs are alot more powerful than an Imps, and they travel 
very fast. The Cacodemon itself is slow, and are a wide target, so hitting them
is easy.  Use the Super Shotgun; two blasts will kill them.


Appearance: Large floating heads with two mouths facing both directions.
Attacks: Spits out Lost Souls
Recommended Weapon: Chain gun
Secondary Weapon: Super Shotgun
Danger: High
Strength: Strong
First Encountered: Level 6-Alpha Quadrant
Abundance: Rare

The pain elemental is an extremely annoying demon. It has no offensive
strength on its own, but it has the terrible ability to release Lost
Souls. The Chain gun is very effective against Pain Elementals, as it
tears through the lost souls and hits the Pain Elemental at the same 
time. The rocket Launcher should not be used against them, as the Lost
Souls released might fly at you when you fire, colliding with the rocket
and therefore damaging you. Always concentrate on these before the Lost Souls,
as the Elementals can produce them much faster than you can eliminate them.


Appearance: A floating skull on fire with small horns
Attacks: Charge and ram you repeatedly
Recommended Weapon: Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Chain gun
Danger: Average
Strength: Weak
First Encountered: Level 3-Main Engineering
Abundance: Everywhere

The lost soul is really annoying. The relentlessly attack you, and while their 
ram is relatively weak, they donít let up until you kill them, and they usually
travel in groups. Fortunately, they are as weak as a Zombieman, and one Shotgun
blast will kill them. If they are encountered in groups, use the chain gun, as 
that weapon will tear through their ranks quickly. 


Appearance: 2 horse-like legs with a chest like a mans and horns. It's
hands are glowing green.
Attacks: Green Fireballs and their claws
Recommended Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapon: Super Shotgun
Danger: High
Strength: Strong
First Encountered: Level 4-Holding Area
Abundance: Many

The Hell Knight has a decent amount of power coupled with decent Strength. It 
throws green fire from it's hand, but will think nothing of clawing you if you 
get close to it. It takes 3 rockets or close-range Super Shotgun blasts to kill
them. They are also pretty common, so be prepared.


Appearance: Same as Hell Knight, But reddish with hands glowing red.
Attacks: Red Fireballs and their claws
Recommended Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapon: BFG9000
Danger: High
Strength: Very Strong
First Encountered: Level 6-Alpha Quadrant
Abundance: Few

While the Baron Of Hell may look the same as the Hell knight and does
about the same damage, it's main ability is it's strength. The Barons
are very strong; it will take 5-6 rockets to kill one. Come loaded
with plenty of health and ammo, as these demons will become very common later
on in the game.


Appearance: Big Fat Monster with Both arms as fireball spitting cannons.
Attacks: Dual fireball launchers
Recommended Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapon: Super Shotgun
Danger: High
Strength: Strong
First Encountered: Level 9-Even Simpler
Abundance: Rare

The Mancubus are very fat creatures, but don't let their weight fool you. Their
Cannons are very lethal and they fire spreads. Be careful when you get to these
monsters, and make sure that your strafing ability is high, or these monsters 
will make quick work of you. These demons require special dadge tactics, as 
their fireballs will fire in random directions, making them very hard to 


Appearance: Large Spiders with six metal legs and a huge exposed brain.
Attacks: Dual Plasma Cannons
Recommended Weapon: BFG9000
Secondary Weapon: Chain gun
Danger: Very High
Strength: Very Strong
First Encountered: Level 13-Dark Citadel
Abundance: Rare

The Arachnotrons are very dangerous. They attack with Dual Plasma Cannons and 
will not cease fire until you hurt them. Even with Full health and armor, A 
steady stream of plasma will kill you in about 3 seconds. The BFG should be 
used against them, but the rocket launcher will work also. The Chain gun is 
also a good choice as it will stun them, preventing them from firing. 


Appearance: Very Tall Monster with a metal hoof and horns. Has a big
hole in it's abdomen, exposing it's insides.
Attacks: Rocket Launcher
Recommended Weapon: BFG9000
Secondary Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Danger: Lethal
Strength: Iron man
First Encountered: Level 17-Watch your Step
Abundance: Very rare

The Cyberdemon is the King of all demons. It attacks with a rocket
launcher and has pinpoint accuracy. The BFG9000 will be invaluable
against these monsters, but it will still take 3-5 Solid shots to
kill one. If you need to, you can use the rocket launcher, but it
will take about 45 rockets before it falls. It will take about 2
Direct hits from the Cyberdemons rocket launcher to kill you, so your strafing 
ability had better be 100% perfect, or you'll be nothing but a big pile of 
bloody popcorn.


Appearance: Large Slug-like creature. Very ugly
Attacks: Homing Fireballs and flames.
Recommended Weapon: BFG9000
Secondary Weapon: BFG9000
Danger: Lethal
Strength: Iron man
First Encountered: Level 28-The Absolution
Abundance: Only one of them in the game.

The Mother Demon is the last Demon you'll face. It is very lethal
and will kill you very quickly if you don't use the BFG9000. Even
with the BFG, killing it is quite a chore, as the flames will send you
into the air while the missiles pound you all over the place.
You'll have to make perfect use of cover if you want to survive
this monster.

10.0 Walkthrough
This Guide is based on the "WATCH ME DIE!" Difficulty setting. so I
suggest using that setting if you use this guide. I will try to be as detailed 
as possible and include most of the secrets. If you see a secret I missed, 
please E-mail me about it.

10.1 Main Levels


Zombie man
Shotgun Guy
Bull Demon

New Weapons:

At the beginning of the level, immediately turn around and go
through the door and pick up the berserk pack. Walk back out
and kill the zombie men in the cages to the left and right.
Fall down off the ledge and grab the shotgun. Go through the
hall way and turn left and shoot the zombies. When you get
to about the middle of the hall, a bull demon will be released
behind you. Spin around and shoot him, then go through the door on
your right.

Kill the zombies inside of here and go to the conveyer belt.
A panel will open, exposing two zombies. Shoot them and go
the ledge they were on. Run across the small panel
on the wall and press open on the CPU panel. It opens, granting
access to the Security Armor. Go back to the conveyer belt
and go to the ledge to the right of it. Press the switch and
run back and go through the opened panel. This gives you a chainsaw.
Go left to the end of the hall. Press the switch and ride the elevator 

At the top, kill the zombies behind you. Then kill the bull demon
running toward you. Walk through the corridors, shooting the zombies.
when you see the switch, press it and back up, go down the hallway and
turn right. A panel opened, revealing the blue keycard. Grab it. If you
need armor, then go across to the other hallway. Search the walls and one of 
them will open, revealing Combat Armor. Now, go back down the elevator and 
through the blue door.

On the other side of the door, shoot the zombies and go up the stairs to the 
right. Pop the other zombies and go to the end of the hall. Take out your 
chainsaw and press the switch on the wall. This will open a door behind you. 
Spin around and hack the bull demons that are released. When they are all dead,
go into the room and press the switch. This will open another door. If your low
on health, then don't go through the door. Instead, turn right and you will see
an alcove with a switch. Run into the alcove and hit the button. This will 
lower a column in the right corner. Run to it and drop down. You will see a 
barrel and a teleporter. Ignore these and stay on the elevator. Ride it up to 
the top and you will find a Soul sphere. Pick it up and hit the switch. Ride 
the elevator down and go through the passage you opened earlier.

When your through the opening, turn left and follow the hall to another door. 
Open and kill the bull demons inside. When they are dead, go through the last 
door and kill the Imp. Hit the exit switch and you are done.


To access the secret level, Hectic, you need to find and shoot all the barrels 
around the level, except for the first one at the beginning of the level. Save 
it for last. Be sure to check the secret areas and the exit. When all are 
destroyed find one of the hidden teleporters in the level. There is one in the 
secret area where you found the soul sphere and one in the main hallway across 
from the Blue Door. Teleport back to the beginning and shoot the last barrel. 
Now, hurry and run through the door behind you were you found the berserk pack 
and you will see a teleporter next to the spot of blood on the floor. Run 
through it and you will go to the very secret level: Hectic


Shotgun Guy
Bull Demon

New Weapons:

When you start, clear out the entrance area of enemies. Then, go through the 
door. Walk forward a bit and you will see a dark hallway with red arrows on the
floor. Follow the left arrows and you will see a red square. Step on it and the
floor will drop, and you will be in a room with acid barrels and a chain gun. 
Pull out the chainsaw and very carefully step to the side of the chain gun so 
you donít pick it up but you are behind it. This will release 5 Bull Demons. 
Hold Back on the joystick and hold the fire button down. This will make the 
demons come to you and you will saw them to death. When they are dead, grab the
Chaingun and leave the way you came.

Back in the red arrow hall, follow the next set of arrows until you reach a 
switch. Flip it and the room will light up, and the column the switch was on 
will lower, revealing Combat Armor. This will also open several doors. In front
of you an opening will appear, revealing the Blue door. Shoot the enemies in 
here and walk back out into the red arrow hall. Shoot the Imps that come to 
greet you and proceed down the hall into the new opening with the blue key on a
pedestal. Clear the room out and hit the switch on the blue key column. This 
causes the key to disappear and reappear on a different column. After it 
disappears and reappears 4 times, 4 doors will open with switches in all of 
them. Go to the door WITHOUT the two computer columns inside it and flip the 
switch. Sprint back to the pedestal with the key and grab it. This will cause 
Imps to attack. Shoot them and go back to the blue room.

Go through the blue door and shoot the Imps. Now, run across the gap in the 
floor and shoot the other Imps. Run across the next gap and do the same. In the
brown corridor, shoot the Imps in the room with the rockets, then proceed down 
the hall and kill the specters. After killing them, search the wall to the 
right of where they were and a lift will lower. Ride the lift up and get some 
ammo. Go back down and you will get to a mesh cage. Grab the soul sphere to 
your left and drop out of the cage. Youíll see a door, but it needs a red key. 
Shoot the zombies in the area and go to the blue room. Save the Night Vision 
goggles for later.

Go back through the blue door and this time fall into the gap. You will get to 
a hallway with lights on the floor. As you enter, several crushing ceilings 
will activate. When you get past one, stand in the light until the other 
raises, then do the same for the rest. At the end, grab the Red Key. Imps will 
appear, so introduce them to your shotgun and go back into the crushing hall. 
Avoid the ceilings again and go through the teleporter. Go through the blue 
door and proceed to the red door.

When you get through the red door, shoot the Imps that appear. Press the switch
and the door will close. Through the mesh window, you see to vertical columns 
pounding the ground. This creates an opening. When the door opens, pick up the 
Night vision to your right and go through the opening. Shot the Imps and the 
zombies and go to the end of the hall and hit the switch. This opens the wall 
to the left go through and run up the escalator, shooting the zombies in your 
way. At the top, go through the door and shoot the enemies. Go into the green 
stairway and shoot the imps. Continue up the stairs and you will get into a 
room with numerous zombies. Shoot them all and look for a switch. Press it. Go 
through the teleporter lowered. Shoot the Imps and flip the switch. Go back 
through the teleporter and youíll find the yellow key lowered. Pick it up. 

SECRET #2: Search the room after you get the key. Youíll find an alcove, 
containing rockets.

Go back down the Stairs and through the door opposite the red one. Youíll end 
up where you fought the first Specters. Follow the route to the beginning of 
the level. Go through the Yellow door. Shoot the Imps and hit the exit switch.


Shotgun Guy
Nightmare Imp
Lost Soul

New Weapons:
Rocket Launcher (if you havenít been to Hectic)
Super Shotgun

Shoot the Shotgun Guy in front of you at the start. Pick up the Super Shotgun 
to your left and right and flip the switch in front of you. Clear out the area 
of Nightmare Imps and go through the door adjacent the Blue Door. When your 
through, youíll see this column-like structure be formed. Shoot the Imps that 
appear and go up the staircase to the left of the door. Shoot the first 
Nightmare Imp and go to the wall behind it. Itís a phony, so go through it and 
pick up the Partial Invisibility artifact. Go back out and proceed up the 
stairs. Turn left at the top and run and grab the Blue Keycard. Take note of 
the Yellow Door to the right of the Key. Shoot the Imp and run to the stairs. 
Go through another phony wall, this time to right of the carcass. This will 
give you a Invulnerability Artifact. Now, go to the Blue Door. Open it and 
shoot the Imp. Go forward and shoot the Cacodemons to your left and right. 
Then go around the column and shoot the remaining Cacodemons. Find the doors on
the column and flip the switches behind them. This lowers two teleporters. Go 
into on of them, it doesnít matter which one. Go across the balcony and flip 
the switch. This will release Lost Souls, one Cacodemon, and one Nightmare Imp.
Shoot them all and drop down via the lowered switch panel. Run across to the 
other side of the Platform and find the elevator. Ride it up and grab the 
Yellow Key. Go back to the yellow door, picking up the rocket launcher where 
the Blue Key was. Go through the door, shooting the Imps, and flip the switch. 
This will make a hole in the ground, accompanied by Imps and Lost Souls. Shoot 
them all and than go into the hole. The Switch on the Left opens the door in 
front of you, the one on the right makes the red key appear where the rocket 
launcher. Flip the one on the left first. Run to the door that opened and 
immediately run back out and go across the room to an opening in the wall. 
This gives you health and armor. Before you press the red key switch, go back 
to the pedestal where the rocket launcher was. There will be a SoulSphere that 
will disappear if the red key is activated. Go back and flip the red key switch
and grab it. Go through the red door and kill the Nightmare Imps. Before you 
press the exit switch, put your back to the switch and search the left wall. 
This will reveal an alcove with ammo in it. Grab it and then hit the exit 


Shotgun guy
Bull Demon
Lost Soul
Hell Knight

New Weapons:

When you start, you will see a switch. Ignore it and turn around and search the
wall. It is really a door. Inside, you will see a berserk pack. Sprint in and 
grab it and avoid the shotgun fire. Now press the switch. This will lower into 
a room with Imps and Bull Specters. There will also be Shotgun Guys in cages 
around the room. When everything is dead, a door will open, and a Bull demon 
will run out and attack you. Shoot it and enter the door it came out of. Shoot 
the Shot gunners and search the hall. Youíll find a Soulsphere. If youíre at 
or below 100 health, take it. If not, leave it for later. Continue through the 
hall and youíll find a room with an Imp and three switches. Kill the Imp and 
hit all three switches in any order. This will open more of the hall, and will 
also release some Shot gunners and specters. Kill them and find the newly 
opened room with stairs on both sides. Go up them and kill all the Imps at 
the top. Circle around the center panal and it will open, revealing more Imps 
and a switch that goes in and out of the ground.  Shoot the Imps. If you want 
the Chaingun, shoot the switch and run to the stairs. You will see an elevator 
with a Chain Gun on top of it. Grab it and go to the edge of the room. Find the
open corner and drop down. Kill the lost souls and go left from the elevator. 
Pick up the Blue Key and go back to where you dropped. The wall is really an 
elevator. Go up, down the stairs, and back into the Hallway.

Search around the hall and you will find another 3 switch room. Hit the 
switches and shoot the enemies that appear. Work your way around the hall and 
you will find another door. Go through it and kill the lost souls. Move right 
and go up the stairs. At the top, shoot the zombies and the Hell Knight. At the
top of the stairs, turn right, and press the CPU panel. This open two doors. 
One holds rockets and one lost soul. The other holds a Soulsphere and two lost 
souls. Go to the Blue door and open. Youíll be ambushed by three Hell Knights. 
Kill them and hit the Exit Switch.

If, instead, you want to go to the secret level, Outpost Omega, ignore the blue
door and go to the 4 switches. Press them in the following order, starting from
the stairs: #3, #1, #2, #4. This will align the columns in front of you and 
will also make Lost Souls appear. Shoot them and go through the door next to 
the Blue one. Shoot the zombies inside and go through the teleport. Once 
through, send Rockets towards the Hell Knight throwing fireballs across the 
room at you. Once heís dead, sprint across the columns and go in the red room. 
Hit the Switch and you will end the level, en route to Outpost Omega.


Shotgun Guy
Nightmare Imp
Bull Demon
Lost Soul
Hell Knight

New Weapons:

Turn left at the start. When you see the stairs with the Blue Armor above them,
go towards it. When you get to the wall, shoot the Specter to your right. Turn
to you left and youíll see a CPU panel on the wall above, adjacent to the 
armor. Press the wall underneath the panel and it will lower, revealing a 
stairwell. Climb is and you will find the armor. Grab it and drop down. 
Continue down the hall to the door. Open it and kill the Lost Souls. To get the
stuff on top of the crates, go to the wall opposite the door. Search the crates
over there and one will lower. Press the switch inside the opening and run back
to the other side of the room. A crate will of lowered. Jump on it and it will 
rise. Now, just run to the other crates and grab the goodies.

Go back out into the hall and go to the one directly opposite from it. At the 
end, open the door and shoot the Nightmare Imp. Go into the room and shoot the 
other Night Imp. Step back and shoot the barrels in front of the switch, then 
flip it. Go back into the main area and you will see an opening with barrels 
on the inside. Shoot the barrels and run into the room. Massacre the Shotgun 
Guys inside and go to the door on the right. Inside is another Shotgunner and 
some bullets. Now, go through the door on the left. Shoot the Specters and 
continue down the path, picking up the health elixirs on the way. When you see 
a mass of barrels, step back and shoot them. This will open up the path and 
kill a specter. Proceed into the area where the specter was and shoot the Lost 
Souls To the right. Press the switch and ride the elevator up. Shoot the Night 
Imps at the top and go through the door. Shoot the Imp inside and shoot the 
other one through the cage. Go to the next door and press the switch. Go out 
and continue down the balcony to the end. Do a sprint to the opening with the 
Super Shotgun. Now, leave the area.

Back in the main area, find the Hall with the Blue Door and go through the door
to the left of the hall. Inside, shoot the Imps and go down the stairs. Pick 
the Yellow Key up and go back to the main area. Proceed through the Yellow 
Door. Shoot the Zombies and find the elevator. Ride it up and flip the switch. 
If you need the Soulsphere, than stand on the lighted Floor piece of floor that
is NOT the elevator inside of the yellow door. Shoot the vent that you can, and
this will raise the floor. Shoot the other raised vent and this will 
temporarily open the bars in front of the Soulsphere. Drop down and grab it. 
Now leave the Yellow Room. 

Go into the room next to the Red Door. Inside, shoot the Shotgunners and the 
Night Imp and go through the door inside. Youíll now be in a maze of doors. 
Work your way through it, shooting the Zombies and the Hell Knights until you 
find a room with a switch. Flip it and go find the door within the maze that 
the switch opened. It leads to another switch and a Lost Soul. Shoot the enemy 
and flip the switch. Go back into the maze until you find a Blue Corridor with 
Zombies inside. Shoot the Monsters and carefully step forward, and quickly step
back when crushing ceilings activate. You can also make the rest of the Zombies
get crushed. At the end, go into the yellowish room with a zombie inside it. 
When you enter the room, a wall disappears, and a Cacodemon appears. Kill him 
and flip the switch before dropping off the ledge. Drop down and go towards the
main area, shooting another Cacodemon along the way. Go back into the yellow 
door and up the elevator. The bars have been lifted in front of the Red Key. 
Grab it and a monster will appear inside of the main area. Oh no! Itís a...
SHOTGUN GUY! AHHHH! Shoot him and go through the Red door. Shoot the Lost Souls
and find the hole In the cage surrounding the crushing ceiling. When the 
ceiling is up, dash in and grab the Blue Key, than get back out. Shoot the 
released Lost Souls and grab the stuff from the walls they were in. Go back to 
the Main Area.

Go through the Blue Door and shoot the Imps inside. Youíll find a teleport, but
itís not active. Youíll also see a hallway, but itís blocked by Metal Bars. 
Find the switch in the room and flip it, than sprint back to the temporarily 
active teleport. On the other side of the teleport, go through the two doors in
front of you. Shoot the Zombies inside the second room and flip the switch. Go 
back out the First door and turn left. Shoot the Cacodemons in the room and 
press the switch within. If you pick up the Rocket Launcher, you have to fight 
a Hell Knight. Go back out the Teleport and fight the spawned Hell Knights. 
Youíll see the bars have lifted from the hall. Go into the hall and shoot two 
more Hell Knights. When they are dead, go into the Exit Teleport. Man, thatís a
long level!


Shotgun Guy
Nightmare Imp
Pain Elemental
Lost Soul
Hell Knight
Baron Of Hell

New Weapons:

Leave the starting area and pick up the shotgun. Kill the Night Imps that 
appear in the alcoves above you and go down the right staircase. Kill the 
Cacodemon and walk toward the elevator. You will hear a door open. Hug the left
wall as you get on the elevator and you will be dumped into a hallway. Walk 
through it and pick up the goodies within. Ride the elevator up at the end and 
go through the door at the top. Kill all the zombies and go to the end of the 
hall. Flip the switch and walk towards the previous elevator, killing more 
zombies on the way. When you get near the beginning of the hall, go through 
the newly opened door. Walk to the other side of the room and flip the switch. 
This makes two Hell knights appear on two small ledges. Kill them and walkways
will rise up, allowing access to the ledges. The right ledge holds a backpack, 
the left one holds the Yellow Keycard. Do not go through the door behind the 
Yellow Key. Instead, go through the one in which you came in. You will hear a 
door open. Go to the other end of the hall and you will see a opening. Go 
inside and the floor will drop. Kill the Lost Souls and walk forward. A wall 
will lower, revealing Zombiemen and a Mega Sphere in a cage. Do NOT drop off
the ledge. Instead, shoot the zombies and then do sprint into the cage.

Leave the cage and go up the stairs. Kill the Imps and take the Rocket 
Launcher. Kill the Imps that appear and go down the right staircase. Turn left 
at the bottom and kill the Hell Knight ahead of you. Go to where he was 
standing and turn right. Go up the stairs and kill three more Hell Knights. 
Turn Left, and then left again and kill the Zombies ahead of you and run up 
the stairs to where they were standing. Take a right at the end of the stairs 
and go back down the elevator shaft. 

When you get back to the starting area, kill all the Lost Souls and go to the 
Staircase opposite you. Kill the Cacodemon at the bottom and go up the elevator
to your right. Kill the two Imps and the three Hell Knights and flip the 
switch. A walkway will rise, but itís blocked. When the walkway lowers, go back
down the elevator and up the stairs. At the top, immediately turn left and flip
the switch in the room. Go back up the elevator and flip the switch up there 
again. Run across the walkway to an opening with another switch. Wait until the
original walkway lowers before pressing the switch. Go across the new walkway 
to another opening with another switch. Again, wait for the previous one to 
lower before hitting the switch. Run across the walkway and kill all the Imps 
in the room at the end. Turn right and circle around to the front of the 
balcony. There is a Baron Of Hell on it. Kill it and go into the center of 
the room. The floor will rise. When itís all the way up, turn to where the 
Baron Was standing and run on to the balcony. Flip the switch and drop down 
onto the central Rising floor. Turn to the newly opened door and toss rockets 
at the Two Barons, One Knight, And One Pain Elemental. When they are dead, run 
onto the ledge and into the room. Sprint across the pillars to the end where 
the Pain Elemental was and press the switch. After pressing the switch, spin 
around and run out on to the first platform. Turn left and you will see a room 
halfway down the wall. Do a running jump into it and flip the switch inside. 
When you do, drop down on the ledge and run toward the opening at the end. You 
will see an opening. Run in it and kill the Specters. Continue down this hall 
to the Soulsphere. When you grab it, press the switch next to it. Leave and go 
back to the ledge where you dropped down onto. Go through the teleport.

When you get back to the rising floor room, get on the rising floor and go to 
the last room part of that room. Kill the Specters inside and grab the Blue Key
and the Combat Armor. Return to the Starting area and go through the Blue 
Door. Kill the Baron and the Two Knights inside and ride the elevator up. Turn 
left and flip the exit switch.

Level 7-Research Lab

Shotgun Guy
Nightmare Imp
Lost Soul
Hell Knight

New Weapons:
Plasma Rifle

You start off in an area in the middle of three mesh covered passages and a 
door. There is a Plasma Rifle, and the red and yellow Keycards in the other 
two. Grab the Chain gun next to the door and the two med kits behind you if you
need them and then go through the door. You will come to a four-way 
intersection room. To your right is an unlocked door, to your left is a yellow 
door, and in front of you is a small hallway. Arm yourself with the chain gun, 
walk into the hallway, and kill the zombies inside. Now go through the unlocked
door. Walk forward a little bit and some Lost Souls will appear. Kill them, and
the specter to your right. Go up the stairs and you will see the blue keycard, 
but you canít reach it. Go through the door where the Specter was and you will 
be assaulted by 4 Imps in cages. Kill them and go back into the previous room. 
Search the left wall and it will lower, revealing a passage. Inside are two 
doors that lead to the cages two of the Imps were standing. One holds a Rocket 
Launcher. The other holds some rockets. When youíve gathered the goodies, exit 
the passage and go back into the room. To your right is a door being blocked by
three bars with blue lights attached to them. Return here when you have the 
blue keycard. In front of you is a unlocked door. Go through.

You will arrive in a maze-like area, with a lot of zombies and doors. There is 
also the main Blue Keycard door. Next to it is a passage with a Combat Armor, 
but itís being blocked by a bar. Work your way around the maze, opening all the
doors and killing all the zombies. When you come to a door that has a Super 
Shotgun sitting on a pedestal, climb up on the pedestal and run onto the narrow
ledge in front of the Computer monitors. Go to the far right monitor. Itís a 
fake. Run through it and pick up the Computer area map. Now leave and continue 
searching the maze. You will come onto a room with a switch. Press it, and 
leave the room. Continue through the halls and youíll find another switch, 
this time out in the hall, not inside a room. Press it and sprint back to the 
entrance. Be careful on the way, as a Zombie and a Knight have next to the blue
door. The switch you just pressed temporarily raised the bar guarding the 
Combat Armor, so run into the alcove and grab it. If the bar closes while your 
inside, just press the use button and it will open again. Now, return to the 
room with the Blue Keycard. A bridge will have appeared, granting access to the
key. Grab it a wall will lower, revealing a soul sphere. Grab it, and return to
the room with the four cages. If you want a Plasma Rifle, open the blue bars 
and go through the door. You will have to fight an Imp, Hell Knight and a 
Specter, so decide if you want it or not. Either way, return to where the maze 
where the Blue Door was.

Go through the Blue door and kill the Zombie in the cage to your right. 
Continue on through the next door and kill the 2 Imps and the Hell Knight in 
yet another cage to your left. There is a door to your right, but itís blocked 
by bars, so ignore it for now and go to the elevator across from the entrance. 
Ride it up and kill the Imps at the top. Take note of the two switches with Red
Lights on them. Ignore the other elevator and go through the teleporter. Youíll
appear in on a ledge in the room where the blue key was. Turn around and press 
the switch, then drop off the ledge. Go back through the blue door. The bars 
that were guarding the door have lowered, so go inside and pick up the yellow 
Keycard. Kill the two Imps that appear. Take the elevator up to the Red switch 
room and go down the other elevator (in case your lost, the elevator is the 
floor inside the passage next to the teleporter. At the bottom, kill the 
Nightmare Imp. Youíll see the exit door, but itís inaccessible. Thereís also 
another door, but itís being blocked by bars. Ignore these and go through the 
Yellow door. Go down the stairs and kill the Hell Knight and the Zombies. Go 
down the stairs through the passage to the left of the entrance. Grab the 
health potions and go into the acid filled path. Stay on the outer edges to 
avoid damage. Turn left at the intersection and walk up to the metal bars. The 
will rise. Go through them and kill all the zombies and turn left. Grab the 
radiation suit and proceed to the end of the hall. Kill the Lost Souls at the
end and hit the switch, then go to the other end of the hall and turn right. 
Continue to the end of this hall and kill the Lost Souls and flip the switch 
at the end. Now, return the way you came, killing the Lost souls that were 
released along the way. Go back through the metal bars and back into the room 
with many exits. Look around the room to find stairs that lead up to a greenish
room. Go up into it. When you enter, a door closes behind you and an Imp and a 
Hell Knight appear and assault you. Kill them, then go up the Staircase to your 
right and press the switch at the top. Return to the Many exit room and go 
through the door you originally entered from. Youíll be back in the room with 
the exit door. The bars guarding the other door have lifted, so you can enter 
the door. Grab the red key and kill the Imps that appear. Now, go back up the 
elevator into the room with the two Red Key switches. Flip either one of them 
and a Hell Knight will appear. Kill him and go back down the elevator. A bridge
has risen, allowing you to reach the exit door. Open it and kill the Hell 
Knight, then flip the exit switch.


Shotgun Guy
Nightmare Imp
Lost Soul
Hell Knight
Baron of Hell

New Weapons:

At the start of the level, arm the Chain gun and flip the switch. Kill the 
Zombies and find the dim light on the floor. An elevator will lower when you 
do. Ride it up and go right. You will see a hallway with a chain gun in the 
middle. Walk down it, and the floor will lower, dropping you into a pit with 
Zombies. Kill them and stairs will appear. Now, grab the chain gun and go 
through the door to your right. Go left down the hall and flip the switch. The 
wall to your left will lower, and some Nightmare Imps will attack you. 
Introduce them to your shotgun and go into the opening they came out of. Hit 
the switch inside and continue going left down the hall. Youíll see the blue 
door and a teleporter. Donít go through the teleported yet, but instead enter 
the hallway across from the blue door. When you get in it, Nightmare Imps 
appear. Shoot them as you continue down the hall. Pick up the Super Shotgun at 
the end and more Nightmare Imps appear. Kill them as you go back through the 
hall and now go through the teleporter next to the blue door.

Kill the Imp in the window to your left and then the two Lost Souls. Drop down 
into the alcove with the blue key and grab it, then drop down into the water 
below. Go into the opening in the wall and enter it. This causes the teleporter
to lower to your level, but donít go through it just yet. Instead, find the 
blood on the floor and press the use button on the wall next to it. It will 
open, revealing Combat Armor. Go back out and the teleported will lower again. 
Quickly go through it and then go through the blue door.

Youíll emerge in maze, with the Red Key sitting on a pillar in front of you. 
Ignore it for now and work your way through the maze, grabbing the items until 
you come to a switch. Flip it. This makes some of the walls lower and also 
causes some Imps to appear. Kill them and continue looking around the maze 
until you find another switch. Switch to the Chain gun and flip the switch. 
Some Zombies and a Baron Of Hell will appear. Quickly, kill all the zombies 
with the chain gun, than kill the Baron with your Rocket Launcher. When all is 
quiet, an opening will appear somewhere on the Left Wall. Inside, a door will 
open, revealing some Rockets and some health. Grab them if you need them and 
hit the switch on the left. This makes the pillar with the Red Key to lower, 
allowing you to grab it. When you do, a wall will lower, and a Hell Knight will
attack you. Kill him and go back out through the blue door.

Go back through the teleported next to the blue door and grab the Berserk pack 
in the alcove where the Blue key was. Go back down to the room in the water and
 go back through the teleporter when it lowers. There will be a switch next to 
the Blue door. Flip it, and quickly run back through the teleported. An 
elevator has lowered. Run on it and run into the alcove when it reaches the 
top. Youíll see a Hell Knight standing next to a door. Kill him and go down 
the stairs to your left and through the Red Door. Kill the Knight, and then 
kill the Zombies in the other part of the room. Take note of the pillars with 
switches on them. Do not press them yet. Go back to where the Knight was 
standing and flip the switch in front of the pedestal with the Plasma Rifle. 
The Rifle will disappear. Now, turn around and walk up to the computer panel 
on the wall and press the Use button. Youíll will get an image of the Plasma 
Rifle sitting atop one of eight sections of floor. Each one of those sections 
is one of the Pillars you saw earlier. The Images show four different Camera 
Angles, so when you get a good idea to the Rifle is, go back and press the 
switches on that corresponding pillar. You get two tries, so if you mess up, 
you wonít be able to get the rifle. Either Way, go back through the Red door 
when youíre done.

Go back up the stairs and go left towards where the Knight was standing. Turn 
Right and kill another Knight. Continue down the hall and the stairs, and go 
across from the Yellow door. Youíll see a Soul sphere. Be prepared when you 
pick it up, as a Baron of Hell will appear when you do. Kill him and go back 
up the stairs to the unlocked door. Before you enter, find the piece of wall
that is glowing yellow and press it. Go inside the door, kill the Lost Souls, 
and grab the Yellow Key.

Go through the Yellow door. Youíll enter a huge room with 4 pedestals in the 
middle and a small Perimeter path, filled with Nightmare Imps. Run across the 
path and kill all the Imps. When you reach a certain point of the path, 4 
Barons will appear on the pedestals, along with two Knights on the pathway to 
either side of you. Kill the Knight to your right first so youíll have some 
room to maneuver, and kill the Barons and the remaining Knight with the Rocket 
Launcher. When everythingís dead, go to the walkway that leads off the path. 
Some stairs will have appeared, that let you go out onto the pedestals. Follow 
them up to a teleporter. Go through it to end the level.


Pain Elemental
Hell Knight
Baron of Hell
Lost Soul

New weapons:

Start by collecting the backpack and the shotgun shells around you, then hit 
the switch. You will rise to an area where 4 Mancubi are standing on pedestals 
around you. Circle the area and shoot them with the rocket launcher or the 
Super Shotgun. When the last one dies, Cacodemons and Hell Knights appear in 
the outside perimeter of the area. Go through one of the passages into the 
perimeter and shoot them. If you need Health or armor, there is a Combat Armor 
and a Soulsphere in windows around the perimeter. When all the monsters are 
dead, another section of perimeter opens, releasing Mancubi. Also, Pain 
elementals and Barons of hell attack. Quickly, run to the center of the area, 
grab the Invincibility orb, and open fire with your Rocket Launcher. Avoid the 
outermost perimeter, as there are darts flying around inside of it. When the 
Final enemy kisses the dirt, an exit switch appears where the Invincibility orb
was. Before you hit it, go around the level picking up everything you can, than
hit the switch and your done.


Nightmare Imp
Bull Demon
Hell Knight
Baron of Hell

New Weapons:

You start in a circular room with two doors and two barred exits. Open one of 
the doors. Be careful, opening one will open them both and they both contain 8 
Imps. Kill them all and go through one of the doors, turn left, and grab the
items up against the wall. One of the doors contains Energy Cell Packs and the
other contains two boxes of rockets. Now, turn around and walk back towards the
door. You will hear a wall lower. Quickly, run to the right of the door and
grab the item inside of the opening. Now, go through the door on the other side
of the room. Be careful when you do so, as Bull Demons will swarm the circular
room when you enter. Kill them all, then do the same thing you did to get the
item in the previous door. One side will have a Plasma Rifle, while the other
contains a Berserk pack. Killing the demons lowered the bars from one of the
exits, granting you access. Go through it and down the stairs to the door.

Open the door and kill the Nightmare Imps within. Stairs will rise up on either
side of you as
 you open the door. They both lead up to a switch. Ignore these
for now and instead walk up to the wall in front of you. Then walk backwards
away from the wall and a section of it will lower temporarily , revealing 
Combat Armor. Take it or save it for later, and then go back to the stairs. Go
up both sets and hit the switches at the top of each. Two sections of wall will
lower to either side of the armor wall, revealing staircases. Go up the right 
set first, an kill the two Hell Knights at the top. Grab the items if you need
two and then head up the left stairs. Kill the two more Hell Knights, turn left
and hit the switch on the wall. This will lower the other set of bars in the
starting area, and also lower the bars around the perimeter of the level, 
allowing access to the other side. Unfortunately, this floods the perimeter of
the level with Imps, Bull Demons, and Mancubi. Kill them all from your elevated
position and then drop down. Run around the perimeter of the level, killing any 
survivors, and then head back into the circular starting room. A Soulsphere has
appeared. Grab it whether you need it or not, as it will not be available later
and then head over to the side of the level you have not been to yet. 

Open the door and you will be in a hallway with a wooden floor. Grab the box of
shotgun shells on the floor, kill the Lost Soul that appears, and hit the 
switch on the left wall. This makes a section of wall lower on either side of
you, revealing staircases. At the top of each staircase is a group of Lost 
Souls that you can probably hear fighting. Wait a moment so that they can hurt
one another and then head up the left staircase. Kill any remaining Lost Souls
and grab the armor bonuses and 4 shotgun shells. Now, head up the right 
staircase, again killing any Lost Souls, and pick up the health bonuses. Go
down the hallway to the right of the doorway. A little ways down, you will
see the Yellow Skull Key behind some bars with a switch across from them. Hit
the to lower the bars and grab the key. Go down the stairs on the right side 
of hall, killing the specters, and open the yellow door.

Kill the 5 specters that are in this room. You will see a BFG9000 across from
you, but you cannot reach it right now. Instead, turn right and go up the 
stairs with the water running down them. Kill the Specters at the top and press 
the face on the right wall when it's eyes are open. Go back down the stairs. 
The water water level has risen, granting you access to the BFG9000. Be careful
when you grab it, as 3 Mancubi will appear near the entrance when you do. Feel 
free to use your new toy on them. When they are dead, go back up the stairs and 
go to the end of the water hall. There is a hole to your left at the end, and
two Barons of Hell will appear there when you get close. Kill them and then 
drop down into the hole. Flip the switch on the left wall and go through the 
teleporter. You will appear above the hole again. Go back down the stairs and 
go to the other end of water. Go into the alcove, grab the Shotshells, and hit
the switch that rises. Hit it, and go back to the starting point, ignoring the
Demons that spawn to intercept you. Back at the spawn, you'll notice that 4 
switches have risen. Hit any of them to exit the level. 


Shotgun Guy
Bull Demon
Lost Soul
Hell Knight
Baron of Hell

New Weapons:

You start in a small room with a chaingun, a box of bullets, and a door.Turn 
around and press the wall behind you. It opens, revealing a Berserk Pack. Now,
go through the door. You will be attacked by a swarm of Bull Demons. Kill them
and then run down one of the passages to the left or the right. It doesn't 
matter which one you choose, as the both meet up in the same place. Kill the
Shotgunners and Imps, then go down the hall on the left side. Turn right at the
end. You will see a wall. Run to either side of it and you will see an opening.
Go into it, down the stairs, and hit both of the switches at the bottom. Now,
leave and run across to the other wall. In it, you will see a section opening 
and closing. Inside is a Super Shotgun, and a Backpack. Grab them and go back
to the start of the level. The Blue Key has appeared to the right of the Blue
door. I think you can figure out what to do with it.

Inside the blue door is 2 Barons of Hell and a Hell Knight. Try and get the 
Knight to fight one of the Barons. While they are fighting, kill the other 
Baron. The other on will kill the Knight, but will be injured, so it should be
easy to finish him off. When all is quiet, Go into this hall. You will reach an
intersection, with four different passages. The one in front of you is the Red
door, and the door on the right will only open when the left door does the 
same. Open the left one and sprint to the right door. Inside is a Rocket 
Launcher. Grab it and go back into the left door. Kill the Specters inside and
take note of this room, which I will call the Specter room, as you will be in
here alot. Inside is a locked door on the left, an out of reach exit being 
blocked by bars, and a passageway on the far right. Go down there. It will lead
to a room filled with a Cacodemon, a Baron of Hell, and Nightmare Imps. There 
are also some Imps on a ledge above you and three Barons behind a pedestal. You
can kill the Barons now, and I reccomend it, as you will face all three when 
you open the red door. Anyways, when everything is dead, hit the switch on the
wall and go back to the Specter room. You will notice that stairs have risen up
to the passage blocked by bars. They will lower as you near them. Enter the 
room when they do. 

You will be in an oval shaped room with two structures in the middle and 
bridges connecting them. There are two alcoves to your left and right with a
Hell Knight in each. Kill them, and go to the 3 platforms across from the
entrance. There is a red-eyed switch in between two of them. Hit it, and Imps,
Lost Souls, and Specters will fill the room. Kill them all, and the bars 
blocking the entrance will be lowered. Go down them and back into the Specter
room. The final door will have opened. Step onto the platform within and it 
will raise you onto one of the bridges connecting the two structures. Open the
door in front of you, and kill the Hell Knight within. The door to the left is 
locked, so go right and open the door. Across from you, a Hell Knight will be 
throwing fireballs at you. Kill it if you can and step out onto the bridge. 
The doors will close and lock, and mancubi will have appeared on the platforms
to your left. Kill them and the doors will unlock. Go into the right one and 
kill the Knight if he's still alive. In front of you is the Yellow door. Ignore
it and go through the door on the right. Hit the switch, and go back across the 
bridge to the room where the first Knight was. The door will have opened, and
inside is a teleporter. Go through it and you will be on one of the platforms
where the mancubi were. Grab the yellow Skull key, but do not jump off yet.
Look across from you and you will see a switch on a wall. Sprint off the 
platform towards it, hitting it as you fall. If you miss it, go back through
the teleporter and try again. When you hit it, go back to the teleporter. A 
passage will have opened. Go in it and through the door at the end. You'll see
a SoulSphere across from you. Sprint on to the ledge and grab it. Now, go back
to the Yellow Door.

Inside is another hall with rockets on the floor grab them and kill the Imps
and Cacodemons around the corner. Okay, now on the left side of where the
enemies were there is a thin ledge that you can get on at the top of the hall.
Go back towards the yellow door until you hear a wall lower. Then, quickly
sprint onto the ledge, turn right, and run into the secret room at the end. Now
across from this secret room is another ledge. Put you back to the wall and
sprint across onto the ledge. Now, go right down the ledge into the opening. 
Go through the door at the end of this passage, and do the same thing you did
for the Soulsphere to get the Combat Armor. Go back into the hall and go down 
it until you see the red key. Grab it, and Lost Souls will appear in the room
below. Kill them, then drop down. You should recognise this room. If you want
to kill the Barons on the other side of the pedestal, now's your last chance to
do so. Go back to the red door, kill the Barons if you let them live earlier,
and go through the teleporter that lowers on the right. Kill the shotgunners 
that appear and go around the cage behind the teleporter. Hit one of the exit
switches and you're finished.


Nightmare Imp
Bull Demon
Hell Knight
Baron of Hell
Lost Soul

New Weapons:
Laser Rifle

Kill the Imp in front of you and the three Cacodemons that attack on your 
right. Turn around and go into the hallway. Press the right wall and it will 
open. Inside is a soulsphere. Take it or save it for later, and go back into 
the starting area. Across from you is an opening with a pillar in the center. 
On the other side of it is a teleporter being guarded by a Baron of Hell. Kill 
him and enter the teleporter. You'll appear on a Castle-like structure. In 
front of you are two staircases, and the red door is behind you. Go up either
of the staircases and circle around this ledge, killing everything you see and
taking notes on the Blue door, and a big switch across from the castle. Hit 
this switch and go back to the red door. Go across from the door and turn left 
into the candle lit hallway. Kill the Bull demons, go to the end of the hall
and pick up the Blue key. Now, go to the blue door. 

Enter and kill the Hell Knights. Go down the hall and take note of the yellow
door. When you pass the door, a small alcove in the wall across from it will 
open. Inside is a switch and a Security Armor. Flip the switch, go to the left
of the Yellow door, kill the Knight, and go up the stairs that appear. At the
end is a Plasma Rifle. A switch will lower in front of you when you touch it. 
Press it, and go out the blue door. Across from the door is a switch. Hit it 
and an elevator will lower. Ride it up and kill the Baron and Imps around you.
You will be on a ledge that goes around the entire castle. Go right first all 
all the way until you reach a barrier. On the left wall is a switch. Flip it, 
and go all the way around to the other side and flip the second switch. Now,
go back around until you see a Hell Knight in an alcove to your right. Kill him
and drop down off the ledge and go into the passage to the left of the alcove.
Go up the stairs and kill the Imp to the right, and also kill the Knight in the 
distance. Hit the switch on the wall to your left and an elevator will lower.
Kill the Imp and step on. Kill the 2 more Imps at the top, grab the red key, 
and flip the switch to lower the elevator. Go down it and go left to where the
Knight was. Flip the switch, and turn around. Go back towards the elevator and
a wall will have lowered straight ahead. Keep going straight and press the 
second switch. Now go back to the red door.

You'll notice stairs will have risen, granting access to the Red door. Go 
inside. There is a Laser Rifle on an Alter, but it is being guarded by 5 Barons
of Hell, 3 in front of you and 2 to either side of the door. Kill them all, and
a switch will raise in front of the alter facing towards the Red door. Grab the
Rifle and press the switch. Two more Barons will appear in front of the door.
Do your thing, and go back out the door. Now, go back to the elevator accross 
from the blue door. Go up it and go left until you see the Yellow Key. Grab it.
If you want to go to the Secret Level, The Lair, skip down to the secret level
pathway. If not, grab the Yellow key, run across to the Pedestal with the 
Soulshere, grab it, and go back to the Yellow door.

Enter the Yellow door, and go forward. At the end is a gap in the floor, ahead
of this gap is a hallway with an exit sign. Flip the switch to your right and
a pedestal will raise between you and the hallway. Use this a bridge to get to 
the Hallway. Kill the Knight and go down the hall to the exit switch. When you
near it, bars will lower in front of it. Turn around, and kill the Knight that 
emerges. His death wil raise the bars, allowing you to press the exit switch.

From the pedestal with the Soulsphere, bring up your map. You will notice that
the pedestal is shaped like an arrow. Run off the pedestal to the wall where 
the arrow is pointing. It is actually not solid, and you will pass right 
through it. Inside is a Baron of Hell. Kill him and a teleporter will lower.
Step onto it and you will complete the level on the way to The Lair.


Coming Soon! 

10.2 Secret Levels


Hell Knight

When you start, you will see 3 items in the room. Do Not grab the Soulsphere 
or the Combat Armor, as they are  booby-trapped, and you will die. However, 
you can grab the Green Armor. It is a trap also, but if you can grab the armor 
and get away quickly, you will be fine. Also, don't go through the exit 
teleporter you see, as it will take you to the second main level; without the 
rewards. If you complete this level, you will get the code for the features 
menu, which gives you level warp, all weapons, invulnerability, health boost, 
and map everything. Also, if you are already cheating, you will not be able to 
use the god mode cheat on this level. You have to go through this level on 

First, go through the door to your right. You will see the red key. Pick it up 
and prepare for battle. 3 Arachnotrons assault you. Quickly strafe to the left 
and the to the right and pick up the rocket launchers. Now, fire away. Be 
careful, itís a pretty tight space and a rocket might explode a little to 
close. When thatís done, go find the elevator that dropped you into the alcove 
and ride it up.

When your out of the door, go to your right and go through another door. You 
will see the yellow key on a raised platform. Walk forward, but quickly walk 
back as darts will start shooting all over the room and the floor will raise. 
When it lowers, walk to it and ride it up. Do the same for the rest of the 
floor and grab the key. Now, turn around and make a mad dash for the exit.

Now, go through the last door. You will see very narrow platforms above lava. 
Walk across these platforms and grab the blue key. The lava will lower, 
the door will close, and alcoves open, revealing Hell Knights. Run to the 
entrance and grab the rockets, then very carefully strafe across the bridge 
and shoot the knights. When they are dead, the entrance opens. Walk through 
and go to the wall with the multi-colored bars. Use the three keys to open the 
bars and hit the exit switch. Congratulations! You defeated the hardest level 
in DOOM64 and you now have the cheat codes.


Coming Next Update!!


Coming next update!!

10.3 "Features" Levels

Note: These levels are ONLY available through the features menu, accessed by 
beating Level 32- Hectic, or by using the Master Cheat. These levels are only 
here for a challenge, and they all contain a Cyberdemon, so good luck. Also, as
these levels are only accessible through "Features", you will begin every one
with only 100% health, no armor, a pistol, and 50 bullets. So, I will write the
guides following these conditions

"Features" Level 1-CAT AND MOUSE

Weapons Available:
Rocket Launcher

Berserk Package
Health Potions

Nightmare Imp

When you start the level, immediately turn and run down the hall to your right
Because you start right in front of the Cyberdemon. If youíre lucky, youíll 
move so fast that the Cyberdemon wonít notice you. Turn left at the end of the 
hall and go through the small alcove on the left wall. Grab the rocket launcher
and the rockets that appear. Go back out and down the left hall. Do NOT shoot 
the Imps in the  cages, as this will alert the Cyberdemon. When you get to the 
center of the area, youíll see the Cyberdemon. It will be walking around or 
standing still if it hasnít seen you. If itís standing, Do NOT shoot it, 
instead jump into the acid pit and run up to the central column. Press the 
action button and a elevator will lower. Ride it up to the top and grab the 
berserk package. I do not recommend trying this if the Cyberdemon has seen you,
as he will most likely shoot you off the column. Jump off onto the ground below
and go search the walls opposite where the Cyberdemon stands. One of them is a 
fake, and inside are some rockets and health potions. If you ever canít find 
the Cyberdemon, he might be hiding in here, so be careful. There is also one 
more alcove across from you with more rockets in it. When all the rockets and 
health have been picked up, now itís time to kill the Cyberdemon. You can kill 
it by hiding behind a wall and firing at it a couple times, running back behind
the wall when it returns fire. Be careful, as it can teleport from one end of 
the room to another. As long as you have good strafing skills and a good shot 
with rockets, the Cyberdemon will fall after about 45 rockets. When it dies, 
the level ends.

"Features" Level 2-HARDCORE

Weapons Available:
Rocket Launcher
Plasma Rifle

Blue Combat Armor


You start the level next to a Rocket Launcher, Rockets, Blue Combat Armor, and 
a crap load of Mancubi. Quickly, grab all the items and start shooting the 
Mancubi. There are about 25-30 of them, so make your shots count. They take 
three rockets a piece. Go through the entire arena and kill them all. It isnít 
necessary to kill them all, but it will make the fight with the Cyberdemon 
easier. When they are all dead, return to the starting position and grab the 
remainder of the rockets. Go forward from the entrance and go up the stairs to 
the right. You will reach a ledge overlooking another ledge with a Plasma 
Rifle, Energy Cells, a backpack, and a mega sphere. Drop onto the ledge and 
carefully grab the items except the mega sphere. Drop off the ledge without 
grabbing the Sphere and return to the entrance with the backpack and pick up 
the remainder of the rockets. Go back to the ledge. Take out the rocket 
launcher and grab the mega sphere. This causes about 15 Arachnotrons to appear.
Jump off the ledge and kill them all in a similar fashion as you killed the 
Mancubi. When all of them are dead, youíll hear the distinct growl of a 
Cyberdemon. He appears next to the entrance. Try to keep him next to the 
entrance, so youíll have two hallways you can attack him in. Unload the rest of
your rockets into him, stopping only to dodge his Counter-Attacks. You may run 
out of rockets, so if you do, use the Plasma Rifle to finish the job. He should
be weak if you hit him with a majority of the rockets, so the Rifle should kill
him pretty quick. The Level ends when the Cyberdemon dies.

"Features" Level 3-PLAYGROUND

Weapons available:
Rocket Launcher

Partial Invisibility


When you start this level, you are immediately fired upon by Arachnotrons 
standing on pedestals above you. Circle the outskirts of the area and grab the 
Rocket Launcher, Rockets, and a Partial Invisibility. The Invisibility causes 
the Arachnotronsí aim to be hindered, making them shoot all over the place. 
Direct your rockets on one enemy at a time while circling the arena. When they 
are all dead, a MegaSphere will appear in the center of the area. Pick it up 
and a Cyberdemon will appear. He is hard to see in the darkness, so start 
circling the area, firing rockets at his silhouette. You may pick up a Partial 
Invisibility orb, but I wouldnít recommend it, as this will cause him to fire 
randomly, and you may run right into one of his poorly aimed rockets. Anyway, 
kill him with the rocket launcher like in the past three levels. When he dies, 
The walls lower, and Mancubi assault you. Kill all of them and the level ends, 
and you are transported back into Level 1-Staging Area.

11. Cheats

The Master Cheat


If you canít get through Hectic, or donít want to, but still want the features 
menu, type this code. When you do, you will appear in Level 1-Staging Area with
all weapons, a backpack full of ammo, and full health and armor. 

The Ultimate Cheat


This code will does the same as the Master Cheat, but will put you in the final
level with all weapons, a backpack full of ammo, and all demon artifacts, 
making the Laser Rifle extremely Powerful.
It has come to my attention that this code will not open the features menu. You
need to use the Master Cheat for or beat Hectic for access. 

Level codes coming soon!

I am debating on whether or not to add these, as Ledmeister already has tons of
them posted. But, I probably will anyway.

12. Miscellaneous

You can get enemies to fight each other. Just lead one enemy into anotherís 
projectile and the they will start fighting to the death. You can then kill 
the survivor off with ease. Enemies will only fight if they're different 
species. The only exceptions are Zombiemen, Shotgun Guys, and Lost Souls.

If you are killed, you will still be able to see the environment. If you wait a
while, messages will start to pop up in the top left corner of the screen. Some
of these are pretty funny, so try it out.

About the Doom 64 TC. I do have this downloaded, and I suggest you do the same.
I may, in the future, rewrite my guide to follow the changes made between the 
64 and the TC versions, but I will worry about that when I finish the guide. 
For now, go look at the TC guide already on Gamefaqs. It is very well done.

13. Closing Words

So, there you go. I know the Guide isnít anywhere near complete, but I will 
continue to update it in future versions of this FAQ. If you have any questions
or comments, e-mail me at 

14. Thanks

Id software: For Creating the DOOM series.

Midway: For making this game

Nintendo: For making the Nintendo 64

My Parents: For buying me the N64

You: For reading this Guide

Peach Freak: For alerting me to an error in my Hectic walkthrough

The DOOM series: For keeping me up night and day.