FAQ/Walkthrough by CAllcock

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/14/00 | Printable Version

 Complete FAQ and walkthrough		          	By Chris Allcock


1) Updates
2) Background
3) Story
4) Options / controls
5) Walkthrough
6) Changes
7) Hidden features
8) Cheats (NTSC)
9) Cheats (PAL)
10) Gameshark codes (NTSC)
11) Action Replay codes (PAL)
12) Enemies / Bosses
13) Weapons / Items
14) FAQ
15) Credits
16) Legal Info

1) Updates
V1.0 - 14/10/00 - Everything is new.

2) Background
Duke Nukem 64 is a conversion of the highly successful FPS (First Person 
Shooter) Duke Nukem 3D (PC). The game is far more than a simple conversion, 
however, as it features:

 * More weapons
 * New levels
 * New features
 * A new game engine
 * 2P "co-op" and 4P "Dukematch" modes
 * Bots
The game levels and enemies are mostly all updated from the PC version, and most 
levels feature bits (enemies, areas, weapons, etc) from the "Atomic Edition" - 
an add-on pack for the PC version, Duke Nukem 3D. And, of course, because this 
is a Nintendo game, the more questionable elements - such as the alcohol, the 
strippers and the swearing - have gone the way of the dinosaurs. The changes are 
documented in greater detail in section 6.

3) Story
Duke Nukem, top CIA agent and hero extraordinaire, is returning to Earth after 
defeating the Rigelatians. He's not aware, though, that during his absence, 
another race of aliens (regarding as being the scum of the universe by most of 
the other species in the galaxy) have decided to pay our little planet a visit. 
They've caused mass destruction, slaughtered innocents and worst of all - 
they're stealing our women for their own nefarious purposes.

Duke is cruising over Los Angeles in his stolen Rigelatian ship when - somewhat 
rudely - he's blown out of the sky by an alien-guided missile. "Damn!" he 
mutters as he plummets onto the roof of a nearby building, "Those alien scum are 
gonna PAY for shooting up my ride!"

So begins Duke's first ever N64 quest - through the streets of Los Angeles, down 
into the molten core of the earth and even into outer space itself. 

4) Options
Duke Nukem 64 has several sets of options, so - to avoid confusion and to make 
my life signifcantly easier - I've split them up into several subsections:

 A) New Game
 B) Load Game
 C) Options

A) New Game
New game leads you to:
 i)   Single Player
 ii)  Dukematch
 iii) Co-operative

 Choosing "Dukematch" will take you to a series of subscreens where you can 
choose the number of human players, then the number of bots, then the difficulty 
of the bots, and then finally whether you have a "Normal" game (unlimited time & 
kills), a "Time limit" game (you can choose how long it lasts for, whoever has 
the most kills wins) a "Kill Count" game (you can set the number of kills 
needed, first person to achieve this total wins) or a "Survivor" game (each 
player has one life, last one alive wins).

Choosing "Single Player" or "Cooperative" will take you to the "choose 
difficulty" screen. "Piece of Cake" is the easiest skill setting; it has fewer, 
weaker monsters. "Let's Rock" is slightly harder, "Come get some" has the 
maximum number of monsters at their full strength and "Damn I'm good" features 
the same settings as "Come get some", only the monsters will reappear (known as 
respawning) after a certain amount of time. 

B) Load Game
This takes you to an overview of what's on your controller pak, where Duke64  
saves its games. If you have a valid save file, you can pick it from the list 
and resume your game from the start of the last level you reached.

C) Options
The options screen leads to four further sub-menus, which are:
i)   Sound options
ii)  Control Options
iii) Player options
iv) Game options

"Sound options" will allow you to adjust the sound effects volume and switch 
between mono/stereo sound. (There is no in-game music in Duke64.) "Control 
options will allow you to choose one of the control styles (outlined below) and 
allow you to switch between right/left handed modes (basically whether you 
favour the d-pad or C-Buttons). Player options allows you to choose the level of 
"auto-aim" each player has, as well as if they have a crosshair or not. Finally, 
"Game options" allows you to toggle friendly fire (whether you  can shoot your 
co-op buddy or not), blood, and "messages" (stuff like 'PICKED UP A MEDKIT').

[NOTE: The options menu is also available from in-game by pressing PAUSE.]

There are four types of controller set-up available to you, switching "Right 
Handed" to "Left Handed" merely reverses the operations of the D-Pad or C-
Buttons. These settings are:

CONTROL STICK LOOK MODE (Default) [NOTE: Generally known as "Turok" style]
Look around: Analogue stick
Move forward: C-up
Move backward: C-down
Strafe: C-left, C-right
Jump / fly up / swim up: R
Crouch / fly down / swim down: B
Fire weapon: Z
Use: A
Select weapons: D-pad left, D-pad right
Select item: D-pad up, D-pad down
Use Item: L

Look up/down: D-Pad up, D-Pad down
Move around: Analogue stick
Strafe: C-left, C-right
Jump / fly up / swim up: C-up
Crouch / fly down / swim down: C-down
Fire weapon: Z
Use: R
Select weapons: A, B
Select item: D-pad left, D-pad right
Use Item: L

Look around: Analogue stick
Move forward: C-up
Move backward: C-down
Strafe: C-left, C-right
Jump / fly up / swim up: B
Crouch / fly down / swim down: A
Fire weapon: Z
Use: R
Select weapons: R+C-left, R+C-right
Select item: R+C-up, R+C-down
Use Item: R+Z

Look around: Analogue stick
Move forward: C-up
Move backward: C-down
Strafe: C-left, C-right
Jump / fly up / swim up: B
Crouch / fly down / swim down: R+B
Fire weapon: Z
Use: A
Select weapons: R+C-left, R+C-right
Select item: R+C-up, R+C-down
Use Item: R+A

5: Walkthrough

[NOTE: This walkthrough will give only basic details of how to get through the 
levels - Duke Nukem 64 has many jokes, set-pieces and weapons that can only be 
found through careful hunting around... so go and explore!]

LEVEL 1: Hollywood Holocaust
From the start, make your way off the roof (either by blowing up the C-9 
canisters or shooting out the fanblades) and drop down to street level. See that 
cinema on the left? Well, that's where you're going to go.

The main doors, unsurprisngly, are locked, so there're two ways in: The first is 
to follow the road along, and wander around the back of the cinema to find an 
unlocked fire-exit granting access to the main theatre. The second, much easier 
way is to make your own entrance. Jump up onto the crate, then onto the sloping 
roof, and then another jump onto the top of the wall that has a "No Parking" 
sign on it - you'll get a grenade launcher for your trouble. Now simply fire an 
grenade through the little "ticket booth" window (there's an alien inside on 
higher difficulty settings) and make your own entrance.

Either way, once you're in the cinema, work your way to the projection room - 
it's just down the ramp from the theatre, through a set of double doors and up a 
spiral staircase. You'll find the red access card on a shelf in there.

Reverse course, now (or just jump out the window) and work your way through the 
foyer (the large open area with drink and burgers), finding a lift (or elevator, 
for you American types) up to the arcade (which, helpfully, has "Arcade" above 
it in Pacman font). Once up there, shoot the C-9 canisters to your left for a 
quick way to clear out the room, then put your newly-found red card in the red 
card door.

You enter what appears to be a dead-end room, but walk forward and a Pig Cop 
will burst through the wall. Take it down with one of the weapons you should 
have found if you've been exploring like I said, and then go through the hole 
into a thin corridor. Either shoot out the metal plates covering the door, or 
simply pop a few into the fire extinguisher to accomplish the same effect. 
Through the hole, you'll see the exit "nukebutton" straight ahead - just shoot 
out the glass and press "Use" to end the level.

* If you find a jetpack (there's one behind the cinema screen, which can be 
blown up) you can cut this level short by simply going outside and flying to the 
* You can jump inside the building with the sloping roof (by the crate) by 
leaping through seemingly solid windows. There's an atomic health on the other 
sloping ledge.
* There's a secret cache of weapons, and a stripper (fully-clothed, thanks to 
Ninty) in a hidden room behind the red neon "Cinema" sign.
* There's a hidden grocery store in the level containing weapons - simply check 
the wall to the right of the nukebutton (the exit sign) to unearth a hidden 
teleporter and enter the shop.

LEVEL 2: Gun Crazy
When the lift stops, head into the gun shop on your left. Go over to the door 
with the 3 buttons, and push buttons 1 & 3 to access a lift leading to a grotty 
apartment. There's a small alcove in the wall with a door - open this to 
retrieve the blue access card.

Now it's time to head to Dukeburger. Exit the gun shop (boy, that window looks 
tempting) and head to the small area to the left of the yellow card door, where 
you'll find the "3D Realms Demolition Co." and the blue card slot. Insert the 
card, then push buttons 2 & 3. Finally, flick the switch to total the opposite 
building, then mooch over when it's done collapsing to find the yellow card in 
the rubble.

Head into the rear area of Dukeburger via the yellow card door and head down the 
first ramp you come across into the kitchens. There's a set of cupboards on the 
right that hold the red keycard, but be aware - picking it up will also spawn a 
load of monsters by the ramp.

Head back up the ramp, round to the right and use the red card to wander out 
into the depot area. Find the vent(in the office) and crawl through to a 
darkened area. Now, there's a very high ledge that you can't jump up - if you 
haven't gotten a jetpack yet, find the switch to open the depot doors. Now you 
can use as a crate as a "stepping stone" to make it onto a high ledge. 
Continuing through this attic well get Duke caught and taken to Death Row...

...but if you'd prefer to access the scret level, "DukeBurger", simply stand on 
the first low crate you come to. (It looks like it's stuck in the floor) then 
turn around to find a secret door in the wall has opened - hit the green tinted 
button to access DukeBurger.

* There's a secret portable medkit hidden in the rubble next to the yellow card.
* The sewers contain much bounty - simply blow up the manhole you'll find near 
the yellow keycard, and then drop down.
* Duke can use the pool table, if you so desire.

After making your way out of the depot (blowing up those C-9 bottles will make a 
lovely Duke-sized hole in the wall) you'll notice you need a blue keycard to get 
inside. Wander around the outside of the building shooting stuff until you come 
across an "Order here" drive-thru box. Clicking on this  will A) Play a Beavis & 
Butthead sound sample and B) Open a small hole in the wall behind the order box, 
revealing the blue card, so jump up and get it.

Once you've made your way inside the resturant, head for the women's bathroom 
(which will handily explode for you). You'll see a vent in the corner, simply 
crawl through to access the kitchens. (Much easier than the PC version, where 
you had to shrink yourself to get through.)

Head right fron the vent once in the kitchens - you'll find a locked red card 
door, but that doesn't matter too much as the key to get at it is just round the 
corner in a combined office/storeroom. Once you've got the red card from the 
desk, backtrack to the door (which will take all of 3 seconds) and enter the 
meat processing area. I'm sure this used to contain dogs in the PC version... 
anyway, follow the conveyor belt and from there it's a fairly linear slog into 
the MiB office...

...but once you get in there, the doors will explode and a whole horde of 
piggies will come flooding in. Shoot 'em, gib 'em, kick 'em, etc, and then look 
down behind the desk to find a switch. Flick it, and the corridor you've just 
come from will glow red, indicating a previously locked door is now open. Head 
through it, and you'll find the exit straight ahead... only to be captured by a 
second team of Pig Cops and taken to Death Row anyway... D'oh. 

* Search around in the cellars of a nearby building for weapons.
* There's an atomic health on the drive-thru window.
* Don't conserve your ammo here - you'll lose it all when you enter...

LEVEL 3: Death Row
The first thing that you'll notice upon starting this level is that those alien 
arses have taken all of your weapons. The second think you'll notice is that 
you're currently being deep-fried by an electric chair. Leap off before you 
start smelling like a Sunday lunch, and then go and investigate the control 
room. You'll find two switches - the first lowers the electric chair and grants 
access to a very useful shotgun, the second opens the curtains to the viewing 
chamber - that's your escape route. Shatter the glass and take care of the alien 
audience. It's time for a breakout.

Follow the corridor you exit into round to the right, and keep walking until  a 
wall on your right suddenly explodes. Through here is a very sadistic room 
containing two rotating gears, which Duke has to jump up to access an exploding 
wall. If you slip, it's a fatal fall... it's worth it, though, as there's a blue 
keycard, and even an atomic health if you're feeling daring.

Once the card is in your sweaty hands, head back out to the corridor and follow 
it around once more to the blue card door. WATCH OUT! This next area is coated 
with laser tripbombs, and you'll find yourself part of an impromptu decorating 
scheme unless you move carefully. Remember the forcefielded prison cells you 
pass, you'll be coming back here later.

Follow the tripbomb-laced ramps up and around until you come across an octagonal 
room containing the yellow keycard. Be warned - collecting it will set some more 
tripbombs up in the room. Some deft movement is needed to get out alive, but 
enemies won't think twice about blundering into them, so watch yourself.

Once you've got the card, head back down the ramps and through the brown door to 
find a large control room. The yellow card will allow you outside into a 
(heavily guarded) yard containing the red card, and the red card (back in the 
room you've just come from) will allow you access to two rooms which disable the 
forcefields blocking off the prison cells. Whoo.

Head back to the cells, choose "02" to investiage and you'll find that the third 
prison cell along (the furthest away from the forcefield) has a "The Rock" 
poster up on the wall. No, it means Alcatraz, not the wrestler, you dopes. 

This poster is a fake - Duke can jump through it into a prisoner-dug tunnel. 
Complete the digging with the help of pipe bombs to access the sewers, and swim 
outside to find... a large nuclear submarine. Ooooo-kay.

"I think I'll climb aboard." says Duke, helpfully. What he MEANS is that you 
need to dive underwater and search for a submerged hatch into the submarine. 
Once inside, take out the enemies and the nukebutton should be right next to 

* Getting onto the sub is much easier if you've got the scuba gear found nearby.
* Search the other cells for goodies.
* There're two atomic healths hidden behind a fake wall in the courtyard, up on 
the ledge behind a brown structure.
* There's an optional area near the electric chair room that'll reward you with 
ammo and goodies.

LEVEL 4: Toxic Dump
You should have known those alien maggots booby-trapped the sub. Oh, well, no 
time to whinge now - the room you're in is filling up with water. To get out, 
dive underwater, locate the three switches and press the top and bottom ones to 
open an escape hatch.

Once outside, you'll need to find a way into the dump. Find the nearby cave by 
wading about in the water, and then follow it up and around to get at the  blue 
card up on a ledge.

Now you can get inside the Waste Disposal Facility. Huzzah! Do so, and then take 
the first door on your left. Look carefully, and you'll notice barrels of toxic 
waste that get grabbed by a crane when they alight onto a yellow and black 
striped square. That's your ride - stand on the square yourself and you'll get 
grabbed by the crane, which will deposit you in the high regions of the building 
in a U-shaped tunnel. Follow this around to a second crane, but let a barrel of 
waste go across before you do - there's some tripbombs up ahead, and letting a 
barrel of goo detonate them is a much better idea than letting Duke's body do 
the same job.

Once the way is clear and the second crane releases you, look immediately right. 
Through some glass you'll see a control room, go in it to discover the red card 
behind a small door.

Heading back into the main area with the cranes, explore around at ground level 
and you'll find the red keycard slot, along with A) a whole sty of pigcops 
following you and B) two tunnels. These tunnels are where you need to go, but 
Duke's far too big to fit inside.

Lucky, then, that the red keycard accesses a shrinker, which will make Duke a 
couple of inches tall annd grant access to the tunnels, allowing him to unlock 
the door off to his left. (Who designed this place?) Be quick in the tunnels, if 
Duke rebigulates inside he'll get a sudden - and permenant - sense of 
claustrophobia. Hit the switch you find on the wall at the other end of the 
tunnels, then shrink yourself again for a return journey.

You've now unlocked that red door I mentioned earlier, go through to find a 
whole lot of water. Submerge and you'll find yourself in a control room that  
reveals an underwater area containing another control room (with a big orange 
tube in), some mines, and a large locked door.

The control room with the tube is where you need to be - swim into it then look 
outside again to notice a switch. Pressing this will raise the water level quite 
dramatically, so surface and then clamber across the rocks to reach - yep, 
another control room and another unpressed switch. Press this switch and the 
large underwater door will open. Revisit this door swim through.

Once you're through, you'll find - gasp! - another control room. Hit another  
switch and some large double doors will open, revealing two cogs that Duke must 
cicrumnavigate to proceed. To do this, simply watch them for a while and you'll 
notice two grey strips that indicate missing cog spokes. Swim through when these 
strips are meeting up (tricky, I know) and you'll not be smashed like a spider 
on a sponge cake. Which is nice. 

Once you've made it through, surface and you'll see a flowing waterfall. Follow 
it down into a large, octagonal area.

First things first - find a ground-level exit up to a red-hued control room, and 
then press the switch within. This will open a hole in the wall opposite, 
revealing a type of switch known to Duke fans as a "dipswitch" - the important 
thing about these are that they're shootable.

Now make your way up one of the sloping waterfalls, leap onto the ledge and 
stand on the black, roughly-rectangular ledge that's sticking out of the water - 
you'll notice it has a twin across the other side of the room. Shooting the 
dipswitch that was opened will cause these two platforms to meet each other in 
the middle - briefly - and you've got to quickly hop from one to the other while 
they're doing this. Evil, eh?

Of course, if you've got a jetpack about your person, you can just fly up to the 
exit. Either way, you'll find a tunnel filled with acid - hold your nose and 
dive in, from there it's just a swim to the exit. Watch out for octobrains.

* If you'd like a Jetpack - and who wouldn't? - notice the crack in the wall 
next to the control room that opens the first underwater door (the one marked 
02). This crack, and a series of others, will lead you to a glorious flying 
machine, making the end sections of the level a lot easier.

* Be careful when small - the enemies will try and step on you. 

LEVEL 5: Launch Facility
Your progress into this level is marred by a forcefield - turn this off using a 
switch behind the large rotating mechanism. Shortly afterwards, you'll come to a 
large room with several shielded exits and a spiralling ramp going around the 
outside. Follow this upwards and you'll come across a locked door with four 
switches - press 1,2 & 3 to unlock the door. Inside, you'll find a blue keycard 
and a switch to remove the forcefield from exit number 01. 

Now that you've opened door number one, wouldn't it be nice to see what's behind 
it? Go exploring this way and you'll find a green-brick room with another ramp 
going around the outside - off to the right, there's a locked door.

Follow this new ramp up to reach a control room with the blue keycard switch - 
inserting your goodies will make something come up - to be precise, a very 
large, impressive looking space shuttle. You'll also open that locked door, so 
head back to the green brick room and go through this new exit.

Straight ahead of you, you'll see a pair of metal doors. Enter them, and go up 
into *sigh* another control room with a red keycard (which, obviously, you 
should take) - pressing the button you find there will temporarily open the 
large door that gives access to the shuttle, so press it and then run through.

If you look, you'll notice there's a lift to the side of the shuttle - going up 
there will reveal a teleporter that takes you into the shuttle itself. Save the 
women within if you so desire, then pop the red card into the slot to make the 
shuttle glow a cosy shade of red, indicating it's ready for takeoff. 

The aliens getting their hands on this shuttle is the last thing we want, so 
head back outside and down in the lift - you'll notice that a new area has 
become available next to the big door you recently came through. Inside is a 
switch, throw it to destroy the shuttle and set NASA back by about 5 years.

Now the shuttle is in pieces, a red door next to it will have unlocked, meaning 
you can use the lift within to get at a - altogether now - control room. 
Flicking the single switch you find in here will open a hole in the wall, 
leading Duke back into the sewers. Swim along to find the exit.

 * In Duke Nukem 3D, this was a bonus level.
 * There IS no point 2.

LEVEL 6: The Abyss
God, I hate this level. But my feelings aside, Duke starts this level on top of 
a ledge near the blue keycard door. (It's partially obscured by cliffs.) To find 
the key, simply ignore the door for the moment and follow the acid over the 
mini-waterfall to find 3 paths.

Take the left path - the other two won't lead anywhere significant - and you'll 
find the blue keycard on a ledge next to a cactus. Now return to the blue 
keycard door and step through.

Jump from ledge to ledge - if you slip, you'll end up back where you found the 
blue access card - and you'll eventually come across a plaque declaring this to 
be the San Andreas Fault. Of course, it's no-one's fault as a massive earthquake 
causes a very impressive rockslide, revealing a series of hidden caves and 
temples inside the cliff...

With the 'quake over, head down to the bottom of the gorge (where the acid 
disappears into the wall) to find a set of stairs leading upwards. Climb them, 
then look left when you reach the set to find another set. Climb these as well 
to reach a large, circular wall. (Duke will say "Cool!" if you're in the right 

See that bloody handprint on the wall? Those are actually switches. Press the 
one near the odd-looking stone and it will slide over to reveal a hidden  
tunnel, follow this along to exit into a large room.

This is where it gets complicated. There are 3 handprints in this room, and they 
have to be hit in a certain order. Notice also that there's a small hole at 
floor level. The first handprint is at ground level; pressing this will make a 
series of stairs rise up out of the floor, giving access to the second 
handprint. Fair enough?

Climb the stairs and look out through the cross-shaped hole. That glowing thing 
in the distance is a shrinker, and you're going to use it in a second or ten to 
get through that little hole in the wall. But first: Next to Duke, up in the air 
slightly, is the second handprint. Pressing THIS will make a large column of 
rock slide up so that you can reach the third handprint (the rock is at the base 
of the stairs you made) but the column moves quickly, and you've got to jump 
quickly onto the column after pressing handprint 2. It may take a couple of 

Once you've done everything properly, you should be on a ledge next to the third 
handprint. Press this and the shrinker will start firing shots through the 
cross-shaped hole; one will hit you, quickly drop to the floor and run through 
the tiny little hole.

Once you've grown back, make your way across the lava - there's a steep climb up 
some rocks awaiting you. There are two bits that are likely to confuse you when 
you reach the top of these rocks. The first is where to go from here (turn 
around and you'll find a second, very narrow, very twisty passage leading down) 
and the second is an annoyingly tricky jumping from rock to rock bit. 

Once you've made it past these two obstacles, you'll find yourself outside the 
airlock of an imposing alien ship. You've come too far now to give up, so drop 
down the hole to go and face the boss.

* Search the wall in the circular pit for a grenade launcher.
* There's a portable medikit across a ramshackle bridge near the start.

BOSS 1: Battlelord
This ugly looking customer makes his first appearence here, but expect to see 
his smaller clones popping up in later levels. He has two attacks, mortars and 
chaingun. He'll also think nothing of stepping on you if you get too close. 

There's no real cheap way to beat him, the best advice is to stay close, circle-
strafe (that's strafing constantly while turning to look at your opponent, in 
case you don't know) and keep plugging away at him with your most powerful 
weapon. Remember that there's two ledges nearby with all sorts of health and 
ammo on top, as well as a couple of atomic healths at the back of the room.

LEVEL 7: Spaceport
Head through the first forcefield (the switch is on the other side of a nearby 
wall) and down into a large room. There's a blue keycard slot in a raised 
section here that opens the lift - the key you need is in a storeroom, simply go 
through a door on your right to find it.

Once the lift is unlocked, head upwards. You'll appear in another large room 
with an out of order lift, a ramp leading up to another room and some yellow 
bottles of some ever-explosive C-9. Shoot these and you'll blow a hole into the 
lift. Inside you'll find a switch which, bizarrely, opens some switches back in 
the room up the ramp.

Examine the switches and you'll see that the second one from the left is green. 
Change this so that the third one from the left is green, not the second one, 
and the door behind you will open. This won't do you any good, though, because 
there's another door behind it that requires a red keycard.

"Where's the red card?" I hear you cry, drunkenly. Well, reseting those switches 
did more than just open the door - notice how both the large rooms had a tube in 
the middle blocked off by a forcefield? The forcefields have now been removed, 
so jump into the tube - you'll land in some water containing the red keycard.

Once you've got the key, return to the previously locked door and - watching out 
for the sentry drones - make your way to the exit.

* There's a whole stash of good things if you use the jetpack to fly up the 
shaft in the out of order lift.
* There's a secret wall opposite the door in the cargo area, where you pick up 
the blue access card. Just press "Use" to open it.

LEVEL 8: Incubator
When your shuttle docks, head into the first room and press the switch on the 
opposite wall to turn on the lights and reveal an exit. Heading through this 
door will give you a choice of two paths, although it's fairly easy choice since 
one of the paths is being blocked by a forcefield. 

Head up the path to the right, up the ramp. An entire room will pop up into 
being in front of you (shades of Doom, here) but ignore it - the switch you want 
is up another ramp on your right, and in a blue flickery room with 2 atomic 

Press the switch you find in there and a camera will reveal that the forcefield 
blocking the left-hand route has gone down. Backtrack and head through to reveal 
a new area.

Aaah! Alien eggs!! Forget Ripley's "Short, controlled bursts" idea and whip out 
your sub-machine guns. Once any suspiciously-ovoid objects have been splattered, 
head left and you'll find a door with a dead-end ramp and a yellow keycard. Yay. 

Backtrack once more, and this time go right to find a yellow access card door. 
Shooting the switch (you can't press it) that you find in there will change the 
shape of the corridor outside, allowing access to a large stream of flowing 
water. Follow it, and you'll find an area that's been infested with alien eggs. 

Clearing out the eggs, you'll notice that there's a circular switch on the left 
hand side of the large pile of green goo you're clambering around on. Press it, 
and an exit (and about a billion more eggs) will be revealed. Gib 'em all, then 
simply mooch on through to the exit.

* There's a portable medikit behind the large EDF logo on the wall.
* Don't miss the armoury.
* There's a shrinker to be found if you explore the green goo enough.

LEVEL 9: Warp Factor
Star Trek fans may notice that this level is shaped like a Klingon Bird of 
Prey... but I digress. Once you've gone through the first door, take the left-
hand elevator and the room you're heading to will explode just before you reach 

Crawl through the rock and debris (a starship made of rock?) and you'll fidn the 
blue keycard past a second broken door. Head back up in the lift and - after a 
visit to the armory - head down in the right-hand lift. SLOWLY. There's 
tripbombs at the bottom, y'see, and unless you want to eat a scoop of death I 
suggest you go down, look at them (which will arm them) head back  up and then 
send a pipe bomb down in the lift to dispose them before venturing down 

Once you're down, use your blue keycard to let yourself into the right nacelle 
of the ship (a long, red glowing corridor). Take a right, and use the switch to 
call a shuttle across that takes you to the LEFT nacelle. (Still with me?)

Once in the left nacelle (yes, if it were a ship they'd be port and starboard, 
but ships aren't made out of rock) go along until you find the yellow card, a 
barrier and 3 switches. Push the middle switch to release a keycard, and then 
head back via shuttle, all the way to the blue keycard door. Now head right to 
find the yellow keycard door... and a smaller version of the first boss! Eep. 
Fortunately, Junior is a lot weaker than his big brother. Once he's dealt with, 
go through the door and up the moving ramps.

You're on the bridge now, a large circular area. Head through either of the two 
doors in the middle to find a small control centre and a switch - pressinhg the 
switch will lower the forcefield protecting the engine core, and reveal a lift.

Where is the core? Head back down the ramps from the bridge and it's straight 
ahead - you probably ran past once or twice while fighting the mini-Battlelord. 
Wait for a gap to appear in the red thingies, and then leap into the lift to 
reach a room containing the exit.

* Halfway along the left nacelle is a lift - use it to find 3 atomic healths.
* The bridge of the Enterprise is hidden on this level - see if you can find it.

LEVEL 10: Fusion Station
Follow the level along, across the bridge over the lava and into a lift that  
goes down. In this room is a sealed elevator and 4 pistons - hop into the 
pistons closest to the lift and you'll discover, by crouching, a tiny "safe 
spot" with an even tinier tunnel next to it. Look down that tunnel... there's a 
switch at the end you can shoot to open the sealed elevator and get out of this 

You're now in a room with three semi-submerged spinning things and another 
locked door. Dive underwater, and then quickly get into the door - it doesn't 
stay open indefinitely - to find another lift. 

You're now back in the lava room, on a much higher lift. Across the gap in front 
of you is a switch - shoot it once to bring a platform across to you, shoot it 
again to travel back.

Once you've crossed the gap, travel through the explosive corridor and up 
another lift. You'll emerge into a room with an Alien Beast (known as Alien 
Queen Protectors in the PC version). Kill it, then explore the holes in the wall 
to find a switch - this opens a door, bringing you out into the lava room once 

There's another shoot the switch / move the platform combo here - once that's 
out of the way, you'll enter a room with lots of enemies and an energy core. 
Take it out - from a distance - and it'll blow a hole in the wall, revealing 

You're now at the top level of the lava room, but there's no platform, so you'll 
need to use a Jetpack. (If you don't have one, look down - there's a ledge with 
one on below the door, which you can reach with a jump. Go through the doors, 
and then it's just a matter of working your way through to the exit. Whew.

* There's goodies-a-plenty to be found in the pistons, and if you can work your 
way up to the top of the exploding corridor.

LEVEL 11: Occupied Territory
Hit the switch behind you to open the doors, then work your way through the 
rooms until you come to a large, doughnut-shaped chamber which requires both red 
and blue cards, of which you have neither. D'oh. Wander over to the alienified 
green section of wall, though, and you'll notice a hole. This hole leads to a 
long passageway, at the end of which is another circular room containing the red 

The red card opens the doors to a small control centre, containing the blue 
keycard and - unfortunately - another Battlelord. Kill it if you're feeling 
bold, grab the access card and then pick one of the two doors to enter.

The doors lead to a room with a suspicous looking black wall and a switch. Press 
the switch and another door, further around the same structure, will open.

This door leads to two ramps which, in turn, lead you to a small bay overlooking 
the room with the suspicious wall. Press the button you find there, and the wall 
will rise and turn, forming a thin bridge across to a door which has the exit 
behinds it. Oh, and it will also reveal TWO Battlelords. Good luck...

* Check the holes to the left and right of the big mechanical door early on - 
there's an atomic health to be had.

LEVEL 12: Tiberius Station
Once you've made it out into the first corridor, take either of the two lifts up 
into a control area where you'll find a blue access card.

Leave the control room again and carry on down the corridor, going through the 
doors, until you come to the blue keycard door. Once you've gone through, look 
right and down. See that lift? Well, you'll need to remember where it is, since 
you're going to need to use it to climb out of the acid.

Why the acid? Because the red access card is in there, that's why, so dive in, 
grab the card and then clamber quickly onto the lift again.

Crossing the acid comes next, but it's not too difficult because there's a 
switch right by the lift that brings 3 platforms into line. Cross your newfound 
bridge and then go left to find a little lift.

Across another bridge - which can be destroyed, be careful - you'll find the red 
keycard door. Go through and you'll be in a dark, circular room with lots of 
explosive yellow C-9 bottles. Shoot them.

When the explosions have died down, explore the hole they've made and you'll 
find a vent. Crawl, jump and duck your way through it, and you'll pop out right 
next to the exit.

* Before the first main door, there're two armories waiting for you that can be 
opened by switches around the edge of the main room.
* The blue card control room has a switch that - briefly - opens the 
"Radioactive Area" door. Inside is an atomic health and a missile launcher.

LEVEL 13: Lunar Reactor
The restricted area - which turns out to be toilets - should be your first point 
of call, as it contains the blue card needed to access the crew quarters. It's 
in the second cubicle on the right.

Once it's in your clammy grip, head back to the Crew Quarters and use the card. 
Kill the battlelord, and then head into the right bunkroom, where you'll find a 
glowing red waste chute. Down you go.

This bit's tricky - you've got to press the switch on your right to move the 
waste crusher walls apart, then run through to the vent opposite before they 
move back again and smuss you up good. But! Don't run too far into the vent, as 
there's a sudden - and deep - drop on the other side.

Look down. See that blue-tinted room on the other side of the chasm? That's 
where you've got to jump to, m'dears, and if you land safely you'll see the 
yellow keycard on your left.

At this stage, it looks like you've got to go down the tunnel - but a sudden  
moonquake will make you change direction rather sharpish. It'll also open a hole 
in the wall, though - crawl through and go through the vent (caution - it CAN be 
broken by careless gunfire) and go through into the acid area.

The acid is being churned around by a large gear. Follow the gear around, 
clockwise, until you find a not-very-accessible room behind containing the red 
card. Get it, and then trek out into the acid once more and you'll see a spiral 
staircase on your left, leading upwards. Traverse it and you'll find a spot to 
plonk your card at the top.

Soooo... you're back in the station, with a yellow card. Put it to use on the 
door labelled "Reactor Core", find ANOTHER Battlelord and then take the flight 
of stairs that leads down.

This will lead you into a large room with acid in the middle and two switches on 
the far side - the left one turns the lights on, the right one brings down a 
reactor core. Choose something explosive, blow up the core and the door behind 
you will open. The place is coming down around your ears, so quickly turn left 
and run along to the exit.

* The lockers near the bunks contain goodies
* Explore with a jetpack and you'll find Yoda's cave
* There's a secret behind the monitors in the red card room

LEVEL 14: Dark Side
Once you've dealt with the eggs, head down and then go left, onto the Alpha 
transport. Call the train to you, then board it and follow the rock passage 
around into a cavern.

After the quake, head through the cavern and you'll be in a 3-pronged room. Head 
left and onto the conveyor belt that you see - it'll take you along, past some 
pistons (watch out) and dump you in a red room full of waste. Locate the 
elevator and climb out to reach a second room.

The yellow access card is in here, as are a load of slimers, so grab it and then 
quickly exit out the door back into the 3-pronged room. Now it's time to check 
out that beta transport...

Once you've unlocked the beta transport, board the train and then wander along 
to the airlock. Time for a moonwalk... once on the surface, check out the base 
of the grey structure to find a lift that leads you inside. Push the switch you 
find there and grab the atomic health - outside on the surface, a forcefield 
will have lowered.

Go through the gap where the field once was and you'll find a Battlelord - kill 
it, and then blow up the crack behind it. You'll find a dark, twisty cave, which 
leads to...

The monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mmmkay. Jump through the side that has 
light shining on it and you'll be in a green, alieny section. You can either go 
along the passageway and dive in the pool of water to find the exit to 
"Dreadnought", or if you prefer, you can take the secret route.

To go the secret way, look for a crack on your left as soon as you step out of 
the monolith. Blow it up, then crawl through the tunnel to reach "Lunatic 

* Once you get off the first elevator, there's two atomic healths behind
the first big monitor ahead of you.
* On the beta transport, ride, there's a broken light - this can be jumped
through to reveal a secret stash of health and ammo.

SECRET LEVEL: Lunatic Fringe
This level is named because it exhibits the impossible - a 720' circle. 
Basically, you'll notice that once you've completed a full lap of this level, 
you will not be in the place you started in. You would, in fact, have to do two 
complete "laps" in order to get back to your starting point. This is an effect 
that is, as far as I know, unique to the BUILD engine.

I digress. From the start, there are four switches around the outside of the 
"circle" that need to be shot in order to progress. Once you've got them all, 
the inner core of the level will open. 

There's a switch you need to press, now - it's in the shape of an alien hand, 
and it's on the edge of the inner core, on a raised platform. It can be quite 
hard to spot.

Once you've pressed it, one of the maps in the outer "circle" will open, 
revealing a very small hole. It will also start firing shrink rays at you, so 
get shrunk and then nip into the hole while you're small to find the exit. That 
wasn't so hard, was it?

* There's two atomic healths in the very centre of the level, and some alcoves 
with ammo in at various points along the 720' circle.

LEVEL 15: Dreadnought
Swim out of the tunnel that you start in and surface. If you've got a jetpack, 
there's an extremely easy way to end this level - simply shoot out the vent you 
see, fly inside and drop down to reach the boss - but those of you without 
flight capabilities will have a slightly harder time to end the level.

Once you're out of the water, look for a door with a green "handprint" switch 
next to it and go through. Round the corner - mind the Battlelord - and then go 
through into the large room with the rushing water.

Work your way up the room, and note the octagonal tunnel halfway up that's 
blocked by a forcefield. When you reach the top of the room, you'll find there's 
a switch behind the various hapless women with their spines ripped out. Eeww. 

Pressing the switch will turn off that forcefield in the tunnel I mentioned, so 
head back down one level, enter the tunnel, and then fall to meet the boss.

* The pillar in the first big room can be opened by a switch nearby.
* There's a portable medikit in the wall next to the Battlelord.

This boss is a nasty piece of work, but before you even meet him you'll find 
yourself surrounded by dozens of alien eggs. Whip out the SMGs, or something 
else that's rapid fire, and lay into 'em.

Once the eggs are gone, the door will open, and the Overlord will appear. He's 
large, ugly, and his principle attack is from the twin missile launchers mounted 
on his back. Like the first boss, he won't think twice before stepping on you if 
you get too close.

Well, he's stronger than the first boss, but he's actually slightly easier to 
avoid because rockets take a longer time to reach you than bullets. Circle-
strafe him, staying away from the walls so you don't get caught in the blast 
radius of an explosion.

Alternatively, try this. There are switches on the walls of the chamber that 
give access to a network of underwater tunnels. You can hide in the water, 
popping out to fire off a few shots and then diving to safety when he starts to 
fire at you.

Oh, and there's an atomic health in the room the boss comes from.

LEVEL 16: Raw Meat
Now you're back in L.A., hop down off the roof and enter the sushi resturant. 
The second curtained off area of the three on your left hides a secret - the 
table will sink to reveal a switch. As the camera reveals, this switch opens a 
door further along into an alien-infested area. 

Clear out the eggs. and then jump out of the window and dive into the water.  
There's a red keycard in there which you'll need for later on in the level. When 
you've got back out of the water, head back into the slime-filled room again, 
but this time carry on through into a small office area with a cash register - 
the blue keycard is in a small door on the wall.

The blue access card door is directly opposite the green alieny room, so walk 
back around one more time and head through.

Once you're through the door, head right into the sushi area, grab any goodies 
you see floating by and then go through the double-doors to your right into the 
kitchens. Take another right and you'll find a door on which to employ your red 
keycard - head down the ramp, immediately up the other ramp and a building on 
your left will explode.

Once the dust has settled down, hop through the broken window and into the 
wreckage of the building. Through a crack in the wall you'll see a bank - that's 
where you'll be going as soon as you hit the nukebutton...

* There's a Grenade Launcher in with the "Good old Boys" - press the panel
of blue lights on the right hand wall to open the cage.
* There's a cupboard near the sushi counter with stuff in.
* Check out the sink in the kitchens.

LEVEL 17: Bank Roll
From the start, walk through the tunnels and you'll pop out to the side of the 
bank. Before you can go in there, though, you'll need to investigate the garage 

As you go near, the doors will open. Grab the shrinker and then look right for a 
lift that will take you up into an office.

Once in the office, take care of the lizmen that leap through the window and 
then examine the lone desk for a button. This button lowers the bookcase, 
revealing a blue access card, and also lowers the picture on the wall to give 
you a missile launcher. Sweet.

Use the card to let yourself into the bank, and then work your way carefully
past the trip bombs until you reach a large vault door. The switch to unlock it 
is on a nearby desk.

Once in the vault, you'll be faced with a conundrum. There's a "multiswitch" 
(one with four settings) on the wall, but none of the settings will open the 
doors - that's because there's also 3 switches on an adjacent desk you need to 
consider. Push the middle one of the 3 on the desk, and then set the multiswitch 
to its third position to open the vault.

Once in the vault, follow the corridors along (taking out sentry drones and 
tripbombs as you go) until you reach a large room containing the red keycard. 
Getting the card is easy, but getting out is not - the switch to open the exit 
is by the card, but Duke can't run around the big pit of water in time. There 
are 3 ways to get around this:

 A) Use the jetpack to fly across the gap and through the door (easy)
 B) Use Vitamin X for a speed boost (medium)
 C) Jump across the corners of the pit to get across in time (hard)

All three ways are possible, but I recommend "A", especially as there's
a jetpack underwater.

Once you're out the vault, make your way back up to the room with the 
multiswitch. The red access card slot is next to the bank vault - opening it up 
will reveal a whole mass of aliens and some explosives. Shooting the explosives 
makes a BIG hole, and opens a way to reach the exit.

* There's SMGs behind the ATM machines.
* There's a jetpack behind a picture next to the desk that unlocks the
  first vault door.
* Drop down a pit whilst in the red corridors and you'll find a secret
  control room.

LEVEL 18: Flood Zone
From the tunnel, drop out into the main outside area. Our first task here will 
be to collect a blue access card - hug the left hand side of the level, ignoring 
the white building - you should come to a brown building with a much lower roof 
- one that you can jump onto. This building is bordered by a cliff.

Once on the roof, veer left and you'll find a little alcove with a woman. It's 
here that there are ledges along the cliff - jump up them and you'll find the 
blue keycard sitting at the top.

The blue card door is underwater and leads into the building you were just on 
top of - so make your way back into the water and examine the brown building 
until you find the door. Swim inside.

This room has an extremely well-hidden exit that had me stumped for ages until I 
found it - along the left hand wall (as you enter) there's a fake, semi-
transparent wall section with a door behind. Swim through. The door has "Up" 
written on it, so do what it says; swim up.

After swimming up for ages, you'll emerege in a wrecked office with a flight of 
stairs leading down. Follow them, and you'll come to a flooded room.

This room is HELL. There's an underwater passageway, but it's REALLY dark 
underwater and it's really hard to see. My advice is to have Duke face the left 
side of the room (assuming you're looking at the room from the stairs.)  That 
means he's facing away from the ledge with the alien on it, looking at a wall 
with broken pillars along the edge.

Dive underwater - night-vision will help tremendously here. If not, look 
carefully ahead of you as you dive. You should see some white, broken lights in 
the ceiling of the passageway you have to follow - go along the passageway to 
the end and look left. You'll see a broken door - swim under it and you'll find 
yourself in a liftshaft.

Swim down the shaft - it's a very long way - and you'll eventually appear in a 
flooded office with the yellow keycard. Collect it, natch.

Got the card? Now, normally to get out you'd have to swim all the way back up 
and then climb across some broken pillars to get out. I have an easier way. Look 
at the wall of the office and you'll see two thin, red curtains. The left-hand 
one is not solid - swim through and you'll see a sign telling you to swim up. Do 
so, and you'll find a hidden teleporter which will place you back at the start 
of the level, near where you need to be. Nice.

Time to find our yellow card slot, nes pa? Drop back out of the starting tunnel 
for the second time and submerge - you'll notice that one of the windows in the 
big white building ahead is open. Swim through, and - tada! - you'll find the 
yellow access slot. This reveals a flight of stairs and some air - looks 
tempting, doesn't it. But surface only if you need air - we need to go down 
before we can go up.

Head down the stairs and you'll be in a large room with two lifts - look right 
and you'll see a button. Press it and it will open the windows to the outside, 
and also reveal a red access card under the red neon sign, so go over and pick 
it up.

We need to get up on the roof of the building with the neon sign, now - if 
you've got a jetpack it's easy, but if you haven't, return to the ledge where 
you picked up the blue access card. There'll be a small tunnel there, go through 
it and you'll come out on the roof next to a helipad and the red access card 

Behind the red card door, there's a load of crates - pick your way through them 
and you'll see a brick wall with a hole in. Clamber through the hole to reach a 
sewer tunnel, then head right until you find a large hole. Drop down - don't 
worry, you'll land in water - and when you resurface, you'll find the exit on 
your left.

* Check out the roof of the white building for goodies.
* Don't forget the scuba gear behind you at the start
* There's SMGs up for grabs near the "Alley Cat" building

LEVEL 19: L.A. Rumble
Leave the sewers through the hole on the right. You'll be outside, with the
blue keycard door on your right.

Now, there's a building to your left containing two high-up windows. That's 
where you've got to go, but there's 3 ways of getting there, depending on your 

A) You have a jetpack (easy)
B) You have no jetpack (hard)

If the answer is "B", you'll need to do some jumping.

 To find the card, head around the back of the same building. First, though, 
jump on the ledge with the "Quake Site" sign to collapse the building and 
Duke'll say "I ain't afraid of no Quake!". Heh heh heh. Anyway, go down the 
alleyway, through the back doors and you'll find the blue card on a worksurface. 
You can either walk back round to open the door or, if you've got explosives to 
spare, simply blow up the crack for a quicker route.

Whichever way you choose, once you've made your way into the building, take the 
lift up to the top floor and walk out onto the balcony. Now look down and right. 
See that ledge with the 2 atomic healths? That's where you've got to jump to. 
Now, thanks to the quake, the East Town Towers building has collapsed in such a 
way that you can make it up to the window of the left hand building with a few 
deft jumps.

Once you're in the office through methods A or B, head up the flight of stairs 
to the upper floor, if you're not there already, and grab the jetpack and red 
access card from off the bookshelves.

Now examine the desk. There's a button on it that opens a secret liquor store in 
the wall (except, of course, it's not liquor, because this is Nintendo we're 
talking about...) and also the red keycard door. Card + slot = teleporter, go on 
through and watch the building get destroyed before heading off towards Movie 

* There's a marine from Doom (well, I suppose it's Doom 64) in this level. In 
the room with the blue keycard, press the cabinet with the knife lying on it to 
reveal a tunnel.
* There's a shrinker hidden on top of the East Town Towers
* All sorts of goodies can be found on ledges around the level.

LEVEL 20: Movie Set
"Damn!" says Duke, watching a helicopter fly overhead and smash into a water 
tower, "That's the second time those alien scum shot up my ride!" That's 
extremely confusing until you realise that at the end of the PC version of L.A. 
Rumble, Duke found a helicopter. They took it out for the N64 version, but 
apparently forgot about it here... tsk, tsk.

Anyway, look left and you'll see the entrance to a subway. The blue access card 
has been casually tossed under a phone in here. Also, remember that half-raised 
door, you'll be coming back here later - maybe.

Once you've got the blue keycard, head back into the street and you'll find you 
can access stage 17A. Once inside, head through the door on your right, to stage 
17B, and you'll find yourself on a mock-up of the moon's surface. Grab the 
yellow card from the set and head back through the door. Now you can access the 
PROPER part of 17A...

...which turns out to be a mock-up of an alien spaceship. Go inside the set and 
you'll find the red access card sitting next to the pilot's chair. Grab it and 
head back through to stage 17B to find the red keycard door.

Behind the red keycard door is a security camera and a machine with a switch on. 
Press the switch.

Now, you've got two choices. You can either head back to the subway, to find 
that the door is now open and you can exit to "Rabid Transit", or you can go to 
the secret level, "Area 51". If you want to do the latter, leave 17B and turn 
left. Wander outside the building until you come to stage 17C, which is now 

They're filming an Area 51 scene on 17C - look at the large purple and green 
structure and you'll see a handprint switch. Press it, and a tunnel will open in 
the wall to your left.

Crawl through this tunnel and you'll find a REAL alien spaceship, along with the 
secret exit to Area 51.

* Behind you, at the start, there's a portable medkit in the office.
* Fly into the 3DRealms logo on the big poster for a plasma cannon.
* Press the USA sign on stage 17B for a secret room.

We can't go through the blue access card door just yet, so go left and you'll 
find a ventilation shaft. Shoot out the fan, and then drop down to land in the 
middle of a strange machine. Press the only switch in sight to open an exit, 
you'll be in a strange control room.

Grab the blue card from off the floor, but notice also the sequence of lights on 
the chair. (Don't worry, I'll remind you when it's closer to the time you're 
going to use them. It's not like I expect you to REMEMBER anything...) Kill the 
aliens and then take the teleporter on your right to appear outside again. Now 
it's time to see about that door...

Once you're through the door, you'll be in a fairly long room - walk the length 
and you'll find a set of doors that require a combination. The combination is, 
er, 2. (Got to admire the complexity of a place like Area 51, haven't you.) Push 
the middle switch and the door will open. It's a long drop down the lift shaft, 
but you can pick up a portable medikit halfway down.

At the bottom of the shaft you'll find a raised platform (use the lift) with 
switches to unlock forcefields, handily numbered 1,2 and 3. The switch for 
number 3 is broken...

Head into 1 first. Take care of the Alien Beasties, and then press the switch. A 
white pillar will lower. Stand on the pillar, and one of the slots on the 
morgue-bed-thingies (y'know, the drawers where they put corpses... who do I look 
like, Dana Scully?) will lower, revealing a red keycard.

Once you've got the keycard and taken care of all the opposition, go through 
forcefield number 2.

Area number 2 contains a load of boxes, but we're not really interested in 
those. Well, you might be, but I'm not, so head down the ramp and left instead. 
You'll come across another conveyor belt system like the one in "Toxic Dump", 
but ignore it and head right.

Go around the alien ship with the bottle on (ID4, anyone?) and you'll find the 
red access card door. It reveals... a teleporter.

Go through said teleporter and you'll be in a control area of sorts. It's the 
one behind forcefield number 3 and opposite where you got the blue access card, 
for reference. Grab the yellow keycard, then reverse course through the 
teleporter. You'll be right next to the yellow card slot, so go through and into 
the lift.

Up in the control room, you'd normally have to put in an 8-figure code based on 
clues you found around the base, but there's a much easier way. Look at the left 
hand wall as you come out of the. See where it goes around a corner? The exit 
button is hidden on that diagonal bit of wall there - just walk up and press 
"use" on that area of the wall a couple of times, and Duke will end the level 
without you having to put in any codes. Pretty sweet, eh?
With that done, you're off to Rabid Transit...

* There's a way into the alien ship. Let the crane grab you, and then look for a 
switch nearby where it drops you to open the teleporter.

LEVEL 21: Rabid Transit
To start, travel past either of the rotating doors. Look left slightly, and 
you'll see a train platform, but one that's covered with explosive tripbombs. I 
hate commuting.

Take out the tripbombs with something explosive, and then wait for the train. 
Board it when it arrives and follow it all the way to a seemingly dead-end 
platform at the other end... look carefully at the walls and you'll see a crack. 
Blowing this up will reveal an abandoned car park (or parking lot, whichever 
floats your boat) and - sitting on a solitary truck in the corner - is a blue 
access card.

With this in hand, clamber out of the car park ride the train back to the first 
platform. Once you've disembarked, head left past the rotating doors. You'll 
find another (broken) train and, behind it, a second platform with - as you've 
probably guessed by now if you've been paying attention - a blue access card 

Once through the doors, you'll find a flight of stairs covered in explosives and 
eggs. Blow the lot to kingdom come, and a red access card amongst the ashes is 
your reward.

Return once more to the platform where the tripbombs were. Wait for the train to 
reach your end, but don't board it - instead, wait until it heads off away from 
you and then chase it along the track. Halfway along you'll notice a grey brick 
corridor on your right.

At the end of this corridor is a red access card door. Behind the door is a 
wierd underground temple place. In the centre of the room is a pool of water. 
Dive in and look for an underwater cave you can surface in. The exit is there.

* There's a plasma cannon inside the broken train - drop in through the roof.
* Off the main platform, there's a storage cupbaord with a portable medkit in.

LEVEL 22: Farenheit
Ah... this is my favourite level for Dukematching in. But right now we've got an 
an exit to find. From the burning cave you find yourself in, push the dumpster 
out of the way and look for a flowing water source. Jump in and follow it along 
until you can dive under to find yourself in a cave-like place.

Head into the green alien gooey bit and THEN surface, you'll find yourself in an 
underground area with both the red access card slot and the blue access card. 
Take the blue card, and then swim outside again.

The blue card allows you to open a sealed door in the first outside area, and 
you'll emerge in a larger area with a radio station to your left and a fire 
station to your right. The fire station, ironically, is on fire. 

Head to the fire station, and you'll see there's a crack in the wall. Find 
something to blow this up with and you'll find a flight of stairs that lead you 
to the upper floor. Follow the corridor along and to the right, the yellow 
keycard is sitting on top of the fireman's pole. Press the switch to lower it so 
Duke can grab it. 

Now it's time to get Duke on the radio ... station. Ha. Ha. Go outside and 
unlock the station using your yellow card. Up the stairs, turn right and you'll 
find a control area - past this, through a small grey door, you'll find a little 
room with the red keycard sitting on a ledge.

You should all know where the red card door is - you picked the blue card up 
from next to it earlier - so revisit that area and go through. Blow up the large 
crack you see (there's a grenade launcher nearby) and then climb through the 
rubble to reach the exit.

* There's a secret building hidden to the right of the fire station - fly 
through the upper middle window to get to it.
* Behind the picture in the apartment, there's a plasma cannon.
* Behind the bottles in the apartment, there's a portable medkit.

LEVEL 23: Hotel Hell
In order to even access the hotel, you'll need a blue access card. Lucky there's 
one nearby, then. Jump onto the fence, then onto the ledge of the building, then 
onto the vent, then onto another ledge to find it.

Enter the hotel and follow the room around to the left, past reception and out 
through a pair of glass doors (which you'll need to shoot out). You'll now be 
out on the street. Look left and you'll see a building with two open windows. 
Jump inside and a yellow keycard will reveal itself from a hole on the wall.

Get the keycard and walk back into the hotel. This unlocks both the stairs and 
lift, so take your method of choice and go up to the upper floor.

Once there, head left and you'll see an inviting looking swimming pool. You've 
got two choices, now. If you want to head to the final secret level, "Freeway", 
then jump into the swimming pool and swim through the waterfall - you'll emerge 
in a jungle and the secret exit will be behind some greenery on your right.

If you'd rather just got to Stadium, though, jump up onto the ledge next to the 
pool, so you're overlooking the street where you started. The 3 windows opposite 
you will raise themselves - work your way over there however you see fit - 
jetpacking, jumping, or climbing - and you'll notice a vent shaft in the middle 
of the wall. Climb in this and then drop down. Hit the exit to head to the boss.

* You can find Dr. Jones in the secret area - just keep going past the secret 
* Check the white files in reception for goodies.
* There's a secret door behind one of the wine racks on the upper floor.
* Blow up the upper floor to get at some atomic healths behind a sign.

You start the level underwater - make sure to swim past the metal bars before 
you surface, then shoot at the crack on your left when you have done to blow up 
a hole leading you out onto the street. Turn right.

At the top of the hill, you'll notice a passage leading through to the rest of 
the level. As soon as you start to enter it, it'll explode, so back up quickly. 
When you leave this passage, you'll see a collapsed building on your right. 
Climb this and it'll allow you to jump through a window into a semi-collapsed 
office. The blue access card is in here, hidden behind a pillar.

With card in hand (the last blue card! *Sniff*) head back out into the street 
and go for the white building. The blue card will give you access to a lift, and 
you'll be in a factory. Past the machinery and the flattened T-101, you'll see a 
switch on the wall. Press it and an entire secret control area will open up, 
revealing the red access card.

You've got the red card, now, so take the lift back down into the street. Head 
right, into the alley, past the fallen police car - which also explodes, so 
watch out - and you'll find the red access card door. Open it, and you'll 
find... a dead end!? Well, not quite. Shoot the fire extinguisher and a hole 
will be blown open in the wall, giving you access to the exit. Time to fight the 
final boss...

* There's a police station on the map - as well as containing as load of 
weapons, there's photos of the 3D Realms team.
* Drop down inside the collapsed building for a jetpack.
* There's a window opposite the blue keycard door that leads to a secret room.
* You can jump through the yellow and black wall sections in the factory.

BOSS: Cycloid Emperor
Looking a lot bigger and meaner than in his PC days, the Cycloid Emperor is the 
only polygonal enemy in Duke Nukem 64 and has 3 principle modes of attack. He'll 
fire missiles at you from a thingy in his left hand, and breathe octobrain 
blasts at you from his mouth. When he gets low on health, he'll also fire plasma 
bursts from his right hand. Like the other bosses, he'll think nothing of 
squashing our hapless hero if he strays too close.

The best way to beat him is to stay as close as possible, without getting 
stepped on. The missiles can't hit you, then, and neither can the breath. So 
stay close, circle strafe, and he's not too much of a problem. There's plenty of 
health and ammo strewn around the arena if you run low and because he's 
polygonal you can also stand on his head if you're feeling adventurous.

When he finally falls, congratulations! You've beaten Duke Nukem 64, and
the alien threat is over. For now.

6) Changes
There have been quite a few changes between Duke Nukem 64 and the original PC 
version, Duke Nukem 3D. I'm not going to document every single enemy movement, 
texture change or ammo alteration, though, because there are loads. Instead, 
I've listed some general changes, and then  some of the most signicant changes 
in each level.

* Duke Nukem 64 has no music.
* Duke 64 has an improved engine - certain effects, like the smoke and 
transparencies on explosions, the plasma cannon, and the better coloured 
lighting, are new to the N64.
* Duke 64 has no parallaxed skies - the PC game has cityscapes, starfields, 
moody beaches, etc and Duke Nukem 64 does not - the skies in the space levels, 
for example, are plain black. The reason for this is not known, but given that 
I've never seen any parallaxing in other N64 games either, there's a distinct 
possibility that the Nintendo 64 is not set up to handle parallaxing. 
* Duke Nukem 64 mixes in enemies and weapons from the original PC version (1.3), 
the "Atomic Edition" (1.5) and some N64-specific stuff. It also lacks some 
weapons from the PC version (the Ripper, the RPG, the Devestator and the 
Freezethrower, specifically.) 
* The split-screen Dukematch and Co-op modes are N64 only.
* The N64 version has no mirror effects.
* The PC version had circular trains, which the N64 version does not have.

* The content of the movie has changed - the PC version had an adult movie.
* The grocery store is new to the N64.
* The layout of the toilets has changed radically.
* Duke didn't say "Alien scum" in the PC version...

* This level has changed a lot - it used to be called "Red Light District".
* The gun boutique used to be an adult video store.
* The rear part of Duke Burger was a bar
* The Dukeburger depot was an adult club
* The resturant part of Duke Burger did not exist.
* There was no secret level exit on the PC version.

* The area containing the jail cells used to have a chapel in - definitely a big 
no-no in Nintendo's book.

* No signifcant changes.

* This level used to be a secret level on the PC.

* No significant changes.

* This level did not exist on the PC version, you'd simply fight the boss at the 
end of "The Abyss".

*This level is not found here on the PC, but is very similar to the level "Duke-
Burger" found on the Atomic Edition.

* The spaceship used to fire at the space station.
* These levels actually had a spacescape to look at, not just black.

* No significant changes.

* No significant changes.

* No significant changes.

* No significant changes.

* No significant changes.

* No significant changes.

* The structure and layout of this level has changed quite dramatically, with 
the addition of a "Gamma transport" and alterations to the layout of the Alpha 
and Beta sections.

* This level was known as "Overlord" in the PC version.

Again, this level did not exist in the PC version, the battle against the second 
boss took place at the end of its version of Dreadnought, known as "Overlord".

* No significant changes, but the PC version also had a second secret space 
level called "Spin Cycle". 

* No significant changes.

* The section inside the bank vault is vastly different - the PC version had a 
complicated puzzle involving cogs in order to get at the red card.

* Various level differences and differences in item placement.

* The alien ship at the end was originally a helicopter in the PC verision.

* There was no "Stage 17C" in the PC version.
* The secret exit weas behind the USA sign and led to "Tier Drops", not present 
in the N64 version of the game.

* This level has almost completely changed - there was no second train on the PC 
version, and the moving subway had mutliple cars and moved along a circular 
path, not back and forth. There was no car park in the PC version.

* The Fire Station was much smaller in the PC version.
* There was no fourth building in the PC version.
* The radio station never used to be called KNAW...

* No significant changes.

* This level was based on a rooftop, not an indoor stadium like in the N64 
version of the game.

This level was not found here in the PC version, but again is very similar
to the "Area 51" level from the Atomic Edition.

* There is no police station in the PC version, so the level is much smaller 
(and not so much fun in Dukematch).

7) Hidden Features
There are a couple of hidden features in Duke Nukem 64 to enhance the gameplay, 
detailed below.

There are three maps in Duke Nukem 64 designed exclusively for the N64 Dukematch 
game. They are:

(Castle Dukenstein) A spooky haunted house level, complete with a Frankestein's 
Monster in a hidden lab. Thunder, lightning, and - the horror - a MISSING 

(Piracy) Based on a scene from the Atomic Edition's "Babe Land" level, this 
level takes place in a battle between a castle, a pirate ship, and a smugglers 
keep. Extremely good fun.

(Shaft) Not the infamous detective, but an alieny-level that isn't really very 
much fun at all.

There is a fourth Dukematch map, "Noctus Labrynthus", that can only be reached 
using the level select cheat (see sections 8 & 9 for details).

If you've heard roarings or seen a pair of evil eyes staring at you, you're not 
alone - there's a "beast" in Castle Dukenstein; the level is designed to make 
noises and show pairs of eyes when players enter certain parts of the level. A 
way to see this for yourself is available from my website here: 

8) Cheats (NTSC)
Those of you in America or the majority of the rest of the world can use these 
cheats. They are all entered on the title screen (that's the NEW GAME, LOAD 
GAME, OPTIONS one) and are entered using a combination of the C-buttons, the D-
pad, L and R. If you've entered a cheat correctly. you'll hear a noise.

Left, Left, L, L, right, right, left, left

R, R, R, R, R, R, R, left

L, C-left, left, R, C-right, right, left, right

R, C-right, right, L, C-left, left, C-right, right

L, L, L, C-right, right, left, left, C-left (can only be used in-game)

9) Cheats (PAL)
If you live in England, Europe, Australia or New Zealand, you'll need to use 
these cheats. As with the NTSC versions, all are entered on the main menu.

left, down, L, L, up, right, left, up

R, c-right, R, L, R, R, R, left

L, C-up, left, L, C-down, right, left, right

R, C-right, down, L, C-up, left, C-right, left

R, L, R, C-down, right, up, left, C-up (can only be used in-game)

10) Gameshark Codes (NSTC)
<Taken from www.gscentral.com>

 Infinite Dum Dum's 				802A5A19 0190

 Infinite Explosive Shells                802A5A19 0160
 Infinite Grenades             	      802A5A07 00ff
 Infinite Jet Pack 			      812A5A8E 0640
 Infinite SMG Ammo      		      802A5A05 00ff
 Infinite SMGs/Grenade Launcher Ammo      812A5ABC 0101
 Infinite Expander/Missile Launcher Ammo  812A5AC0 0101
 Infinite Pipe Bombs/Shrinker Ammo        812A5ABE 0101
 Infinite Plasma Cannon/
 Laser Trip Bombs Ammo 			      812A5AC2 0101
 Infinite Expander Ammo 			802A5A0D 00FF
 Infinite Laser Trip Bomb Ammo            802A5A13 00FF
 Infinite Missile Launcher Ammo 		802A5A0F 00FF
 Infinite Bomb Ammo 			      802A5A09 00FF
 Infinite Plasma Cannon Ammo 			802A5A11 00FF
 Infinite Shrinker Ammo 			802A5A0B 00FF

 Infinite Ammo For Pistol 			802A5A01 00FF
 Infinite Ammo For Shotgun 		      802A5A03 00FF
 Have Shotgun 				      802A5ABB 0001
 Have Boots 				      802A5AB9 0001
 Have Pistol 				      802A5ABA 0001
 Have SMG 					      802A5ABC 0001
 Have Grenade Launcher 				802A5ABD 0001
 Have Pipe Bombs 					802A5ABE 0001
 Have Shrinker 					802A5ABF 0001
 Have Expander 				      802A5AC0 0001
 Have Missile Launcher 				802A5AC1 0001
 Have Plasma Cannon 			      802A5AC2 0001

 Have Laser Trip Bomb			      802A5AC3 0001
 Have All Keys 					802A5A47 000F
 Infinite Armor 					812A5A92 0064

 Infinite Vitamin K 				812A5A90 0190

 Infinite Scuba Gear 				812A5A8C 1900

 Infinite Night Vision 				812A5A5C 0640
 Infinite Holoduke 			      812A5A2C 0640

 Infinite Portable Medikit 		      812A5A4A 0064
 Infinite Protective Boots 		      812A5AA2 00C8
 Infinite Jet Pack 			      812A5A8E 0640
 Have Portable Medikit 			      802A5A4A 00FF

 Have Vitamin X 				      802A5A92 0063
 Have Infinite Shrinker Ammo 		      802A5A0B 0063

 Have Infinite Laser Tripbombs             802A5A11 0063

 Have Infinite Expander Ammo               802A5A13 0063
11) Action Replay Codes (PAL)
<Taken from www.ARHQnet.com>

 Infinite Armour 			             812A5AC2 0064

 Infinite Vitamin K 		             818A5AC0 0190

 Infinite Jet Pack                         812A5ABE 0640

 Infinite Scuba Gear 				 812A5ABC 1900

 Have All Keys                             812A5A77 000F

 Infinite Pistol Ammo                      812A5A31 00FF

 Infinite Armour                           812A5AC2 0064

 Have Shotgun  			             802A5AEB 0001

 Infinite Shotgun Ammo                     802A5A33 00FF

 Have Sub Machine Gun                      802A5AEC 0001

 Infinite Sub Machine Gun Ammo             802A5A35 00FF

 Have Grenade Launcher                     802A5AED 0001

 Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo            802A5A37 00FF

 Have Pipe Bombs                           802A5AEE 0001

 Infinite Pipe Bombs Ammo                  802A5A39 00FF

 Have Shrinker                             802A5AEF 0001
 Shrinker Ammo                             802A5A3B 00FF

 Have Expander                             802A5AF0 0001

 Infinite Expander Ammo                    802A5A3D 00FF
 Have Missile Launcher                     802A5AF1 0001

 Infinite Missile Launcher Ammo            802A5A3F 00FF

 Have Plasma Cannon                        802A5AF2 0001

 Infinite Plasma Cannon Ammo               802A5A41 00FF

 Have Laser Trip Bomb                      802A5AF3 0001
 Infinite Laser Trip Bomb Ammo             802A5A43 00FF
 Infinite explosive shells                 802A5A49 0020

12) Enemies / Bosses
This section will detail all of the enemies and bosses in the game, along with 
any particular weaknesses or strengths they may have.

PHYSICAL: A brown, red-eyed alien, approx 6ft tall, wearing blue.
DESCRIPTION: These basic enemies attack using a laser, and have jetpack 
capabilities. They are the weakest of all enemies, but can occasionally be 
dangerous when they attack in groups.
AMMO DROPPED: Pistol ammo.

PHYSICAL: Similar to the Assault trouper, but wearing red.
DESCRIPTION: These share attacks with the assault troopers, but can also 
teleport and reappear at will.
AMMO DROPPED: Pistol ammo.

PHYSICAL: A mutated policeman; A pig, approx 6ft tall, in blue L.A.R.D uniform.
DESCRIPTION: Pigcops attack with shotguns and are heavily armoured, making
them dangerous. They also have an attack whereby they will drop to the floor
suddenly. They are not found in space levels.
AMMO DROPPED: Shotgun, Used Armour.

PHYSICAL: A grey hovership, about 9ft long, with a sharks head motif.
DESCRIPTION: A flying car that attacks with twin lasers and patrols a set
path. This is piloted by two Pig Cops who will escape when the car is shot
STRENGTHS: Shrinker.

PHYSICAL: A small green blob of goo with a large mouth.
DESCRIPTION: Released from alien eggs, but occasionally found elsewhere,
they will inch their way along the floor or ceiling, whichever suits them,
and then latch onto your face, obstructing vision and draining your health.

PHYSICAL: A large brown sphere of goo, approx 1ft high
DESCRIPTION: These eggs do not move, but they will periodically release 
Protozoid Slimers until they are destroyed. Sometimes, when destroyed, they will 
leave a small pool of harmful acid behind.

PHYSICAL: A large, octopus-like creature with a large head and three eyes.
DESCRIPTION: These are generally, but not always, found under or near water. 
They have two attacks - a blast of psychic energy that will obstruct your
vision momentarily, and a damaging bite if they get in close.

PHYSICAL: A brown and black alien with a pointy face and nose ring.
DESCRIPTION: These soldiers can leap extremely high. They have a submachine-gun 
at their disposal, and can also spit gobs of powerful acid that will blur your 
vision temporarily.

SENTRY DRONE (A.K.A Probe Droid)
PHYSICAL: A green floating robot that makes a loud humming noise.
DESCRIPTION: These kamikaze robots will charge at Duke and explode on contact, 
causing severe damage.
STRENGTHS: Shrinker, missiles (they will dodge them if they can).

PHYSICAL: A large, blobby alien atop a floating disk.
DESCRIPTION: Although it looks like he's firing rockets out of his arse, the   
Commander is in fact using his floating platform to launch missiles. When 
closer, he will spin around rapidly to slash you. One of the few aliens to speak 
English phrases while roaming around.

ALIEN BEAST (A.K.A. Alien Queen Protector)
PHYSICAL: A tall, thin, vicious pointy-headed alien with sharp teeth.
DESCRIPTION: These monsters are one of the biggest enemies at about 9ft tall. 
They use powerful swipes to hunt you when close, they can move extremely quickly 
and jump extremely high. They can also fire a shrink ray at you - if you get 
caught in the blast, they will then try to step on you.
They can also "play dead", remaining static and lifeless until provoked.
STRENGTHS: Shrinker.

PHYSICAL: A large, wide, helmeted beast that wears red.
DESCRIPTION: A very large alien, with small clones found throughout later 
levels. The Battlelord has a chaingun and can also fire explosive mortar 
grenades. The larger version will also step on you. Can be detected by its 
fearsome roar.
STRENGTHS: Shrinker.

PHYSICAL: A large creature with a huge backpack and enormous mouth.
DESCRIPTION: The Overlord has fewer clones than the Battlelord, and both 
versions fire missiles rapidly out of their backpack. The larger version will 
step on you.
STRENGTHS: Shrinker.

PHYSICAL: A gigantic alien with one eye.
DESCRIPTION: The Cycloid Emperor is slow, but can fire rockets, psychich blasts 
and barrages of plasma fire. He will also step on you. Thankfully, he has no 
smaller version.
STRENGTHS: Shrinker.

13) Weapons
A listing of all Duke's weaponry, and what it does.

KICK: This "weapon" is actually quite powerful, but it is slow and Duke has to 
be next to his opponent to kick them. A last resort.
AMMO: None.

PISTOL: Duke's pistol contains 12-bullet clips, after which the weapon must be 
reloaded. The pistol is really only effective against the weaker enemies. It is, 
however, very accurate over long distances.
AMMO: Pistol Bullets
AMMO CAPACITY: 192 bullets
EXTRA GUN: 48 bullets
EXTRA AMMO: 12 bullets

PISTOL (DumDums): DumDum bullets each have the power of a shotgun shell, 
upgrading the pistol to an extremely efficient killing machine. Duke will use 
DumDums until he runs out.
AMMO: DumDum Bullets
AMMO CAPACITY: 36 bullets
EXTRA AMMO: 12 bullets

SHOTGUN: This weapon is extremely powerful at close range, and can take down an 
enemy in one shot, but is almost useless at longer ranges. However, the "spread" 
makes it possible to injure multiple enemies at once, with some distance. The 
shotgun must be reloaded after every shot.
AMMO: Shotgun shells
AMMO CAPACITY: 50 shells
EXTRA GUN: 10 shells
EXTRA AMMO: 10 shells 

SHOTGUN (explosive shells): An upgrade to the shotgun, each explosive shotgun 
shell has the power of a grenade. This blast can also hurt Duke, so watch out. 
The explosive shells must also be reloaded after each shot, and Duke uses these 
in preference until they run out.
AMMO: Explosive shotgun shells
AMMO CAPACITY: 20 shells
EXTRA AMMO: 10 shells

SMGS: These twin guns have a fast rate of fire, and do not decrease in power 
over long distances. However, they are fairly weak, and have low accuracy, and 
so are best used for clearing out rooms of weaker enemies.
AMMO: SMG bullets.
AMMO CAPACITY: 400 bullets
EXTRA GUN: 100 bullets
EXTRA AMMO: 100 bullets

GRENADE LAUNCHER: These missiles explode on contact with an enemy or after a set 
period of time, but can also be bounced around corners.
AMMO: Grenades
AMMO CAPACITY: 48 grenades
EXTRA GUN: 12 grenades
EXTRA AMMO: 12 grenades

PIPEBOMB: This remote-detonated devices can be laid around - up to 5 at any one 
time - and then detonated simultaneously by Duke.
AMMO: Pipe Bombs
AMMO CAPACITY: 50 pipe bombs
EXTRA GUN: 5 pipe bombs
EXTRA AMMO: 1 pipe bomb

SHRINKER / EXPANDER: This alien weapon has two functions - to shrink enemies, 
rendering their weapons useless temporarily so you can step on them - or to 
"microwave" enemies, causing them to expand briefly and then explode violently.
AMMO: Shrinker crystals, Expander crystals
AMMO CAPACITY: 66 Shrinker crystals, 99 Expander crystals
EXTRA GUN: 6 Shrinker & 0 Expander or 0 Shrinker and 33 Expander
EXTRA AMMO: 6 Shrinker or 33 Expander

MISSILE LAUNCHER: Fires a slow moving explosive charge at a target over an 
unlimited range.
AMMO: Missiles
AMMO CAPACITY: 50 missiles
EXTRA GUN: 5 missiles
EXTRA AMMO: 5 missiles

HOMING MISSILE LANCHER: The missiles will home in on the nearest target over an 
unlimited range. Duke uses these in preference to normal missiles.
AMMO: Homing missiles
AMMO CAPACITY: 25 missiles
EXTRA AMMO: 5 missiles

LASER TRIPBOMBS: These wall mounted devices sent out a straight laser beam - 
when the beam is broken, the devices explode.
AMMO: tripbombs
AMMO CAPACITY: 10 tripbombs
EXTRA AMMO: 1 tripbomb

PLASMA CANNON: This weapon can be charged to use between 1 and 33 plasma units 
per shot - the more units used, the more powerful the shot.
AMMO: Plasma packs
EXTRA GUN: 33 units
EXTRA AMMO: 33 units

SMALL MEDKIT: Restores 10 health.

LARGE MEDKIT: Restores 30 health (just to be different from Doom).

ATOMIC HEALTH: Adds 50 health and can extend health up to 200.

ARMOUR: 50% of damage given will be deducted from the armour total instead, 
until the armour is gone.

PORTABLE MEDKIT: Carries 100 units of health - when used, the medkit will give 
enough units to restore your health to 100, if it can, and save the rest.

VITAMIN X: Known as Steroids on the PC version, this time-limited item doubles 
Duke's speed and also the strength of his kick.

HOLODUKE: Projects a holographic copy of Duke - if enemies are closer to it than 
to you, they will attack it. It has 100 units of energy and can be turned on and 
off at will.

JETPACK: This item has 100 units of fuel - while it is fueled and active, it 
allows Duke to fly and also to hover in place.

NVGs: These night-vision goggles light up dark areas in green. They have 100 
units of energy and can be turn on and off at will.

SCUBA GEAR: This allows Duke to stay underwater for long periods without 
drowning. It has 100 units of air which will be used automatically whenever Duke 
is underwater.

PROTECTIVE BOOTS: These allow Duke to walk across hostile surfaces like acid and 
lava. They have 100 units of strength which are used up automatically whenever 
Duke lands in something hostile. 

ACCESS CARD: These red, yellow and blue keycards can be put in the matching 
coloured slot on a level to open doors or for other interesting effects. Duke 
will use a card automatically when "use" is pressed on a slot, if he has the 

14) FAQ
Q) What's an FAQ? 
A) FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, it's a section where you should 
look in case your problem has a common answer.

Q) How do YOU know what the common questions are?
A) I don't. But after several years of playing and making maps for the PC 
version, and playing lots of the N64 version, I can hazard an educated guess.

Q) What do the various difficulty settings for the bots do?
A) They mainly seem to increase the accuracy and the rate of fire. They'll also 
make the bots that bit more confident of your position - they're more likely to 
come up and attack you if they're on a higher difficulty level, rather than just 
wait around.

Q) Why do the bots only use pistols?
A) They don't, but they won't deliberately go looking for new weapons. If a bot 
happens to walk over a more powerful weapon they'll use it, but most often 
you'll find them using either pistol or kick. Shame, that.

Q) Why no music?
A) I don't know. Certainly there were midis planned at one stage. It's possibly 
to do with processor strain, but it's more likely to be lazy programming.

Q) Which levels are best for Dukematching?
A) It's a matter of personal taste, but I'd personally recommend L.A. Rumble, 
Farenheit and Piracy.

Q) Why isn't [blood/strippers/swearing/dancers/alcohol/feces] in the game?
A) Because this is Nintendo, a family-oriented company, that we're dealing with. 
They've relaxed their rules in recent years, though. If Duke Nukem 64 were to be 
released after Perfect Dark or Resident Evil 2, it would probably have gotten 
away with a lot more. 

Q) I think I have something great to add to the FAQ. Can I?
A) I'd rather you didn't. I don't have the time to maintain a regular FAQ of 
this size. If it's something big or unusual - like a new enemy - or I've missed 
something or made a mistake, then I'll correct it and credit you. If not, I 
don't really have plans to update this FAQ.

Q) You've added a load of Us in words and keep calling elevators lifts!
A) That's a statement, not a question. But you're right. I'm English, and so  I 
use English spellings and pronunciations. So there. Arse.

Q) Why did you write this FAQ?
A) Because there aren't any others, frankly. I wanted one for my site and 
requests for this FAQ seem to be reasonably high on GameFAQs "Most Wanted" list, 
and so I thought I'd step in.

Q) Can I put your FAQ on my site/message board/BBS/FTP server?
A) No. Read the Legal Info section. The only two places that should have this 
FAQ are my site and GameFAQs. Although if Eurocom and 3D Realms wanted a copy to 
host for any reason, who would I be to say no?

Q) Can I link to this FAQ, then?
A) I personally don't mind if you link directly to the version on my site, as 
long as it's clear what the person on the other end is going to view. GameFAQs, 
however, have strict rules about linking directly to their FAQs, and you'd need 
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Q) Can I go now?
A) The exit's over there.

15) Credits
Chris Allcock: To whit, me. I wrote the bloody thing, after all. I can be 
contacted thusly:
 E-MAIL: steve.allcock4@virgin.net
 WEBSITE: http://jump.to/chris@his-site/

ARHQ - www.arhqnet.com - the best collection of Action Replay codes there is, 
and my source for the PAL Action Replay codes in this guide. Cheers, Kola.

 Gameshark Central - www.gscentral.com - probably the largest collection of 
Gameshark codes on the net, and my source for the NTSC Gameshark codes in this 

Eurocom / GT Interactive: Developers and Publishers of Duke Nukem 64.

3D Realms: Original creators of Duke Nukem 3D.

Nintendo: It's their system you're playing on, boys and girls.

Rare: The creators of Perfect Dark, which I mentioned. I probably don't
      need to credit them, but it's never a good idea to upset Duncan

Capcom: The creators of the Resident Evil series, which I mentioned.

id software: The creators of Doom and Doom 64, which I mentioned.

Blazing Torch (RIP): For many golden Duking moments.

Bob Averill: For the phrase "eat a scoop of death".

Taskbaa: For being the best damn sheep one could hope to have.

16) Legal Info
Duke Nukem 64, Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem and all other references of this nature 
of copyrighted to 3D Realms. "N64" and "Nintendo 64" are copyrighted to 
Nintendo. All other references are copyright to their respective companies.

I am not associated with any of these companies, or any other company mentioned 
during this FAQ. Yet.

This FAQ must only appear on the following sites:

Chris's Corner ( http://jump.to/chris@his-site,
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You are not permitted to use this FAQ on your website, Message Board, BBS, FTP 
server, etc. It may be distributedly privately, downloaded and even printed out, 
but no money must be charged for the reproduction of the contents within. It 
cannot be used for any prizes, guides, contests, etc.

If you feel there is a legal problem with this FAQ or that someone deserving has 
gone uncredited (and as long as you're actually REPRESENTING those parties, not 
just some nosey person) then please contact me at steve.allcock4@virgin.net . 

This document is  2000 Chris Allcock.

You can wake up now.

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