Question from amboris

How do i unlock the secret bikers?

How do i unlock the secret guys. I beat the battle mode but i had cheat codes on. Do the cheats deactivate unlock the secret bikers?
(Do not answer unless you HAVE unlocked the secret bikers!)


gary088 answered:

Sorry, my memory's foggy but i think you have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty.
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MetalSmasher86 answered:

First, you have to beat either the medium (middle) or hard (right) path through the main game. The middle path will unlock the Silver level of Battle Mode, the right path will unlock Gold level. At level 5 on Silver level or level 4 on Gold level, the secret bikers begin to appear. They don't appear at all on Bronze level.

Once you beat the hidden bikers in Battle Mode (again, Silver or Gold level only), then you will unlock them.

And yes, cheat codes will disqualify the unlockable.
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