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Can or will this game ever come out for the computer or other system?

Like is there anyone who can convert this over to the computer or other system and only change graphics? i love this game so much it would be nice to duplicate this

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TyVulpine answered:

To legally do this, they'd have to get license from Microsoft, Rare, Nintendo, and whoever currently owns the 007 game license (Rare no longer does). Nintendo does not want the game to appear on M$'s consoles, really, which is what is holding back the game, even though M$ did offer royalty to Nintendo.
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SEstolemyyouth answered:

Exactly what TTF said. It'd be nice though. I miss this game. Nothing like sneaking up on someone in multiplayer with the remote mines......
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fresheadies answered:

The closest thing to this would be Goldeneye: Source, a mod for the game Half Life 2. Check it out:
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Slowmojo99 answered:

No it will not.
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