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I cannot find the cheat menu anywheres where is it?

I turn on my gme and i never see a cheat menu. all i want to do is use the invincibility cheat during game play thats all, but i cannot find the the cheat menu anywheres, lol. confused and irritated. help me please

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TTF answered:

Once you get a cheat in the game by beating a certain time on a paticular stage on a paticular difficulty, the cheat option menu will appear on the file screen. (Easiest cheat to get is on Runway on Agent level. Just enter the buliding to the left of the start building and get the key then run for the plane. That's it.)
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Slowmojo99 answered:

I say get a cheat of of gamefaqs enter it in gameplay when done cheack if not do what TTF said just cheack gamefaqs walkthroughs.
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LtMajorDude answered:

Try beating levels til you see the cheat menu.
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