Question from Shadowblade96

How do I get past surface 1?

I go through and power down the dish, get the large key, go the house you see shortly after you arrive that is locked and get the second key, go and get the bunker plans from the safe, and go into the ventilation tower after shooting its locks off. the screen says both objectives were completed, but it takes me back to the screen I saw right before the mission. Why? NOTE: I have cheats on.

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MI4_REAL answered:

You must clear the level with cheats OFF to progress.
You cannot score best times or level clears (checkmarks) with any cheats on.
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xTheSpoonx answered:

You can progress with cheats on, you just can't access those levels when you turn off cheats. Sounds like a glitch though.
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123omegamk2 answered:

Cheats must be off unless it's activated in mid-level (invincibility).
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