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What is The BEST gameshark code EVER for Goldeneye?

I am looking for ways of living up gameshark on goldeneye, but none of the codes are really good enough! I need help!

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Vinnyboy333 answered:

There is one where you can pass trough the wall and you can even rebuilt the level with it once your in the level...

i do not know the game shark code....but i saw my friend doing it....and it was the most amazing thing lve seen in goldeneye o.O

you can replace actor and object....thats great!
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Mouser05 answered:

There are no clipping codes that allow you to access the rest of the maps in multiplayer, or areas in the game that were cut out.
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hoggy110 answered:

I think the Walk Through Doors/Objects is the best. Saves a lot of work, and it also freaks out the enemy (you dont see it, but they freaked out)
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