Question from Shant826

Asked: 2 years ago

Why does my GoldenEye freeze?

My GoldenEye for some reason has been freezing for the last 2 years I have been playing it, I even changed my Nintendo console all my other games work great, but GoldenEye freezes and I cleaned the cartridge twice, and it freezes at random points during game-play, any advice?

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Get another copy.

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Do the time-honoured technique, blow it.

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It sounds like your copy of Goldeneye is damaged somehow.

Contrary to what "Barett_S" says, do NOT EVER blow into the cartridge. Moisture from inside your mouth can enter the cartridge and cause corrosion of the contacts. Always use something like a can of compressed air (available from all good computer equipment stores) to blow off any dust from cartridges.

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