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Why don't my cheats work?

I am entering a cheat code and it won't work. I've tried putting it in while it is paused and while it is not paused. I've tried putting in the code with the control pad and the control stick as the left, right, up, down parts of the cheat, and absolutely nothing is working. Not only that but the cheats I try to enter in the cheat options menu don,t work. I enter it over and over again and I don,t ever hear the sound it should make. Then when Iexit and go back to the cheat menu, the cheat is not there. I'm in desperate need of help!

qazzaq144 asked for clarification:

What Cheats exactly are you trying? If your trying to unlock a mission you have to do it on the missions screen,and you have to have done the cheat from the level before, and if your trying to do the aztec level cheat you have to have done cradle on agent. Not all cheats can be done while playing the game. Dont use the joy-stick use the D-pad. some cheats really try to trick you. When it says (example) R+C-Left you hold the right shoulder button, press C-left, and let go of both buttons, and go on to the next sequence. I've spent years trying to do some, just be patient.

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slamin6 answered:

I figured out the problem shortly after I posted my question. I was entering the right button combonations, I just wasnt putting them in exactly how I was supposed to. I read someones FAQ and he said that I need to hold down the first one or two buttons and then quickly tap the last one. This guy really helped me out. No need to past any nore answers.
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

Try using the cheats listed in the third FAQ from the top, the one by IRogers. The ones on Gamefaqs' Cheats page don't work.
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