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"Shaken...but not description for this game."

I haven't actually rented this game; I played it at a friend's house. But I have enough information for me to review it. Rareware, creators of the Donkey Kong series for SNES and will create many games to come, did a good job on this.

Gameplay - It's classic 007 action: plain and simple. Plenty of arenas to go through, and you have plenty of stuff to do. You play through a bunch of arenas (like the Facility, for example). On your way around, you can pick up some ammo for your gun; even pick up some other guns. It's really cool: my friend has it and his brother and friend can't get un-addicted (at least that's the way they were until they got addicted to Pokemon as well).

Graphics - The best I've seen in any RPG. It's so detailed, and everything - and everyone - is looking practically real. So I say this is really ''shaken - not stirred.'' You may see a slight framerate drop every once in a while, but what the heck. Mario 64's cartoony feel doesn't stand up to GoldenEye. But then again, the two are very different. The opening FMV is unbelievable.

Sounds - I don't hear any speech in the game, but the music is really well composed. I like it a lot. The sound effects are also really cool as well. Like a grunt when you shoot someone. So that is really neat.

Multiplayer - This is a really fun feature in the game. You can set a bunch of options and then set out. I played this once and from what I've seen, the value is incredible. I kept getting killed, but one time I was cornered up and my friend was threatening with the gun. When he got close I gave him the slapper and he got a taste of his own medicine. I was smirking after that.

Lasting Appeal - There isn't anything other than multiplayer and the missions, but it takes a little while to clear the game. It's worth a play.

Overall Scores

Gameplay - Classic 007 action... 10.0
Graphics - Incredible for an RPG like this one. 9.0
Sounds - Awesome music, incredible sound effects. 10.0
Multiplayer - There's a fun feature...more than a fun feature as a matter of fact... 10.0
Lasting Appeal - Quite a bit of levels and a lot of lasting appeal. 9.0

FINAL SCORE (averaged) - 9.6
What I would say about it - 10.0
Overall score - 9.8

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 03/07/00, Updated 03/07/00

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