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Goldfinger... The man, with the golden touch... Wait a sec, wrong movie.Achilles Heel10/10
Bond at his bestandymancan110/10
The best FPS...No, The best game EVER createdBimmyandJimmy10/10
The best, the pinnacle, the king, the Final Fantasy VII of first person shooters.Braben10/10
I was so close to beating this game, then it froze. But the replay value made me come back to the game and play it non-stop!Casanova97310/10
Still the best after all these yearsCatacombs10/10
Sigh...if only the 007 games made now were this good...Computerbug810/10
Reflections of a GoldenEyeCrestfallen Dreamer9/10
Classic.Derek Zoolander10/10
Vodka Martini, please. Shaken, not stirred...discoinferno8410/10
He always runs while others walk. He acts, while other men just talk.falsehead10/10
When i play this game it is like I'm in heaven.FAQ GOD10/10
A revolutionary game, a timeless classic...FruMp10/10
Bond. James Bond.horror_spooky10/10
Who says movie-based games have to suck?Katon10/10
And I hate shooting games!matt9148610/10
This is the reason you bought an N64Millers C10/10
The name is Bond... James Bond!Psycho Penguin9/10
Do Not Cross...The Man with the Golden GunPyramidHead879/10
One of the best game ever created. A pure 100% MUST HAVE game.Pyro Vesten10/10
This review is For Your Eyes OnlyQXZ8/10
" The name is Bond, James Bond"RockyStarPro10/10
Shaken and PreferredShotgunnova9/10
The double-O means he has a licence to kill when he chooses... where he chooses... whom he chooses!Sonic Singularity10/10
A Movie-Based game that is actually outstanding.Storm10110/10
For England, James?SuperPhillip9/10
One of the best FPS's ever madeTFTRC Narte10/10
Rare Ltd. has once again redefined a genreTheBiggah10/10
Rare redefined the FPS GenreTheRedneck149/10
Not only is Goldeneye the most influential console FPS title, but even by today's standards it's one of the best games of all time outright.UltimaterializerX10/10
Quake? Doom? The infamous James Bond can do better!UltimaZER09/10
Best. FPS. Ever.VORTEX_OF_CHAOS10/10
Nobody Does It Better!wetwillies10/10
Not so fun in alone, but it's by far one of the best when you have three friends to play with!!Zylo the wolf8/10

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