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When does your wife give birth?

I really need to know what you need to do!

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Warmonger222 answered:

First, you must have the Baby Bed. Give her gifts and talk to her every day for 31 days. If this is done perfectly, she will start acting strange. You can stop giving her gifts constantly. After another month she will acknowledge that she is pregnant. Roughly one month later, she will be in the bed in the morning, the midwife and her family member will be there. She will give birth at 3PM.
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scribblykakuloo answered:

2 seasons after you are married. If you give her presents everyday and are nice to her. =P Longer if you ignore her.
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savagevalentine answered:

No, three seasons, but not always exactly three seasons. Like if you marry at anytime the first winter, you'll usually get a kid fall 8th, even if you married later than winter 8th.
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MastaOOPS answered:

if you keep her happy for one month after marriage, she will become pregnant. Two months after that, she should have the baby
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