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&                                 Introduction                                &

This in-depth guide will cover the exact mechanics happening behind the scenes
from which affect the various NPCs comment during the Evaluation event. After
which I will layout all of the possible endings you could obtain and until
I took the time to discover these hidden mechanics, you will now gain the
knowledge of exactly what statistics are used where, to calculate which
outcome and ending scenes you get to witness, and how easy it actually is to
get the best ending, now that we finally know! This will also explain the
infamous glitch of The Shipper's elusive comment. Turns out to be either one of
two things; a mistranslation where he should have said something along the
lines of "Wow, he ships a lot of eggs!" or "Wow, he ships a lot of milk!"
instead of saying "he could ship more of this..." and secondly, could be a
programming error where to give you the negative egg and milk comments, the
game checks for incorrect values as in instead of the negative comment being
triggered by 'If the player has shipped 999 or less eggs / milk' it is actually
being calculated as "If the player has shipped 1,000 or eggs / milk.'

The Evaluation event is basically what most players would call the end of the
game as there are no unique events that take place after this, with the
exception of unique events that you haven't triggered from before Evaluation
but have met the requirements on a day after it to witness the scene(s).

Evaluation takes place immediately once you sleep on Spring 30th, year 3,
which gives the player a total of 268 days to play through the game before
Evaluation commences. If you do not get the Bad Ending, after the credits roll,
you have the option to continue the game's saved data and play for pretty much
forever as you please. The year will not exceed year 99, just so you know. It
is extremely difficult to get the Bad Ending, so it isn't something you should
worry about.

As a final note, this guide is about the conclusion of the game and will thus,
obviously have spoilers in it. You have been warned.

&                               Version History                               &

Version 1.00 - May 30th, 2011

I only expect to release this document once, in terms of content as I'm very
certain I've uncovered everything right down to the programming aspect of it
all. Updates will likely be grammatical and / or spelling fixes, or otherwise
information I either discover myself, or I'm informed of and tests prove such
information to be positive and accurate.

I completed all of this work beforehand, as I'm simply not the type of guy
that likes to submit half or partially completed work, thus the only date I
really have to provide at this time is the release date to GameFAQs.

This initial release took somewhere around 48 hours of work to compose and
analyze the game while recording and organizing the information into a decently
readable format.

&                              Table Of Contents                              &

  1) Introduction...................................................[Intro]
  2) Version History................................................[Versi]
  3) Evaluation Comments............................................[Comme]

   a) Mayor's comment...............................................[Mayor]
   b) Midwife's comment.............................................[Midwi]
   c) Potion Shop Owner's comment...................................[Potio]
   d) Doug's comment................................................[Dougc]
   e) The Shipper's comment.........................................[Shipp]
   f) Greg's comment (fisherman)....................................[Gregc]
   g) Head Carpenter's comment......................................[HeadC]
   h) Basil's comment...............................................[Basil]
   i) The Gourmet Judge's comment...................................[Gourm]

  4) Harvest Moon 64's Many Endings.................................[Endin]

   a) Bad Ending....................................................[BadEn]
   b) Good Endings..................................................[GoodE]

  5) Credits........................................................[Credi]
  6) Copyright......................................................[Copyr]

&                             Evaluation Comments                             &

I will list the comments for each NPC in order from worst comment to best

%  Mayor's comment  %

His comment is determined on a General Affection Total (GAT) scan. This byte
remains 0 throughout the entire game, and before evaluation commences, when you
sleep on Spring 30th, year 3, this value is then calculated and finalized and
remains at whatever it changes to this day, permanently for the duration of the
game. It basically adds together every affection point for every applicable NPC
(which is every single NPC with an affection value).. and changes a completely
different byte (appropriately named as the GAT byte) to the total amount, which
is what affects the comment. You can have all villagers at 0 affection, and
manipulating the GAT to 4001 or higher will give you the best comment.

Marriage, certain events, or anything else does not make any difference in his
comment. All that matters is the GAT.

0 - 1000 GAT

"He really doesn't socialize much."

1001 - 4000 GAT

"He gets along pretty well."

4001 or higher GAT

"Yes, everybody trusts him."

% Midwife's comment %

Her comment is determined on a General Girl Affection Total (GGAT) scan. This
byte remains 0 throughout the entire game, and before evaluation commences,
when you sleep on Spring 30th, year 3, this value is then calculated and
finalized and remains at whatever it changes to this day, permanently for the
duration of the game. It basically adds together every affection point for
every applicable NPC (which is ONLY the five marryable girls).. and changes a
completely different byte (appropriately named as the GGAT byte) to the total
amount, which is what affects the comment. You can have all of the girls at 0
affection, and manipulating the GGAT to 1001 or higher will give you the best

Being married or having a kid or even ever purchasing the Blue Feather makes
absolutely no difference in her comment whatsoever. All that matters is the

0 - 250 GGAT

"He really doesn't talk to the girls."

251 - 1000 GGAT

"He seems to do pretty good with the girls."

1001 or higher GGAT

"He's very popular with the girls. They all have a crush on him."

% The Potion Shop Owner's comment %

His comment is determined on the number of days you have gotten sick total. The
actual byte that records how many times you've become sick is NOT what is
scanned for the evaluation comment, surprisingly enough. Instead, like the GAT
/ GGAT, when you sleep on Spring 30th, year 3, the regular sick days byte is
scanned and that value is copied to ANOTHER byte called the Evaluation Sick Day
Total (ESDT).

10 or higher ESDT

"He gets sick a lot. He doesn't seem very strong."

3 - 9 ESDT

"He is a pretty healthy guy."

0 - 2 ESDT

"He is strong and healthy and very good about looking after himself."

% Doug's comment &

This one was an absolute headache to figure out and analyze all of the
possibilities and combinations with the complicated animal system. Alas, I have
succeeded in figuring out the exact requirements to get his good comment. To
end any questions after reading this part, no, it does not matter if the
animals are in their baby / infant / adult stage, only the type of animal

If requirements are not met

"He seems to like animals."

If requirements are met, which are:

-Must have 4 or more cows (they can be adult cows, infant cows, or baby
-Must have 1 or more sheep (they can be adult sheep, or infant sheep).
-Must have 1 or more chickens (they can be chicks, or chickens. Incubator does
not add to the total).
-Cows must be in Normal or Happy condition. Sheep must be in Normal condition.
Chickens must be in Normal condition (therefore must be fed).
-Must have obtained a horse.

"He's a guy who can talk from the heart with the animals. I am very impressed."

What you probably thought were requirements but are NOT requirements:

-Affection. All animal affection, including the animal barn, dog, and horse,
can be 0.

-Whether they are indoors or outdoors. It does not matter, as long as they're

-Whether you have won the Cow Festival, Dog Race, or Horse Race. Does NOT

-Whether you have any cows producing golden milk. It does NOT matter, none of
them can be producing golden milk, in fact they can all be producing Small

-How many animals died in your play through, or become Sick or Mad or anything
like that. It all does NOT matter. There is nothing in the game recording or
counting these things when they happen.

-A total number of times you brushed an animal, or milked, or talked to it.

% The Shipper's comment %

The Shipper actually has 2 comments, and the second one has been incorrectly
programmed / scripted into the game, because they forgot their own capacities..
either that or the comment was a complete mistranslation and he was actually
meant to say "He ships a lot of eggs!" or "He ships a lot of milk!" as in
reality, based on the statistical outcome and values of what triggers what
events, that is what he should be saying.

First comment:

Evaluation Shipped Total 0 - 8999

"I really want him to ship more stuff!"

Evaluation Shipped Total 9000 or higher

"Yeah, his numbers are impressive!"

This number is calculated in quite a funny way... It adds three values together
when you sleep on Spring 30th, year 3. Value 1 is shipped total of anything.
This byte increases when you put any harvested crops, any eggs, or any milk
into the shipping box (this does not include fish or berries or other things
you can forage from the mountains). Value 2 is total number of shipped eggs.
Value 3 is total number of shipped milk.

Why is that funny? Because your total shipped of everything byte includes how
many eggs and milk you shipped, on top of all the other crops. So why the game
adds this value and adds total shipped eggs + milk ON TOP of this value makes
no logical sense whatsoever, but that is what happens.

For example:

You have shipped 250 turnips, 500 potatoes, 20 eggs, 50 milk, and 900
strawberries when you sleep on Spring 30th. The Evaluation Total Shipped byte
is then calculated. The total shipped everything byte is 1,720 (250 + 500 + 20
+ 50 + 900), your shipped egg byte is 20, your shipped milk byte is 50. So the
calculation is therefore this.

Evaluation Shipped Total = 1,720 + 20 + 50, which equals 1,790. This is your
EST, and what causes the first comment to occur.

If the first comment is a good one (9,000 EST or higher), the second comment
can occur. If EST is 8,999 or less, the second comment will never occur. Ever!

Second comment:

This has nothing to do with EST. This comment scans 2 bytes. Eggs shipped
total, and Milk shipped total.

"Looks like he works pretty hard."

You get this comment regardless of whatever you ship. They can all be at 0,
including eggs and milk. If you ship exactly 1,000 or more eggs or milk, you
will get one of these two comments:

"Hmmm, I think he could ship more eggs."

"Hmmm, he doesn't ship much milk."

This comment replaces the second good comment if you have shipped anywhere from
1,000 - 9,999 eggs or milk (9,999 is max for eggs and milk, whereas all other
crops max out at 999). If you shipped 1,000 or more of both eggs and milk, the
egg comment has higher priority and will occur. If however, you have shipped
999 or less of both, you will get the good comment. (Strange, isn't it?).

I will make a Gameshark code where shipped eggs and shipped milk bytes will be
frozen at 999. This will fix two things.

1) The second comment, always getting the good one like you should, since the
negative second comments are glitched and should be the better comments, but
instead they are worse.

2) Where the EST is calculated, it will reduce the drastic range of it's
ridiculously unrealistic calculation by only adding 999 of eggs and 999 of milk
to the EST total instead of thousands and thousands that were already
calculated by the shipped total everything byte to begin with.

% Greg's comment (fisherman) &

This comment is determined just like the GAT and GGAT where it is calculated
when you sleep on Spring 30th, year 3. The game scans the total fish caught
byte, and copies that value over to the Evaluation Fish Caught Total, which is
the true byte which is scanned that affects the fisherman's comment. The
maximum number of fish you can get is 999, where the game caps and prevents you
from catching any more (well, you can catch them, but it doesn't add to the
total any longer).

0 - 30 Fish Caught

"I'm sorry he doesn't like fishing to much."

31 - 200 Fish Caught

"He seems pretty laid back."

201 - 999 Fish Caught.

"Yeah, he's a pretty good fisherman."

% Head Carpenter's comment &

This comment is determined by how many extensions you have. It doesn't matter
which extensions, when you sleep on Spring 30th, year 3, the game checks the
total number (max of 6) of extensions you have purchased and that are
completely built. This number is what affects the comment.

0 - 2 Extensions Built

"If you ask me, he still has a long ways to go!"

3 - 5 Extensions Built

"Well, I think it's pretty good that he's been able to do so much."

6 Extensions Built

"Yeah, his buildings on the farm are perfect! I'm impressed he has achieved so
much at such a young age!"

% Basil's comment %

This comment is determined by the number of squares on your outside farm
(greenhouse does not count for anything, especially since you can't grow grass
in the greenhouse) that are grass squares in any stage of growth. They can be
cut, eaten, half grown, fully grown, it doesn't matter so long as they are
grass squares.

0 - 50 squares of grass

"He still has a lot to learn about greenery."

51 - 119 squares of grass

"His grass fields are in pretty good shape."

120 - 480 squares of grass

"Yeah, I'd like to give him a Green Master award."

% The Gourmet Judge's comment %

This comment is determined by the number of recipes you have collected. When
you sleep on Spring 30th, year 3, a new byte calculates the total number you
have collected, and this number is what reflects his comment.

0 - 5 recipes collected

"I would like to see him collect more recipes."

6 - 34 recipes collected

"The recipes for great dishes should be shared. I hope he continues to

35 recipes collected

"Oh my, yes. He has a fabulous recipe notebook. I'd like to give him the
"Recipe Master" award"

&                        Harvest Moon 64's Many Endings                       &

After the villagers have given their comments to your father, you find yourself
inside your house with your father. Dialogue takes place and you end up outside
with him.

% Ending 1 (Bad Ending) %

If you do not have a wife and also do not have any animals, he looks at the
fields and says you were too early (mistranslation for too young) and you both
walk off the screen and you go back to your home town with your father, where
the game ends and does NOT give you an option to continue the game after the

% Ending 2 (Good Endings) %

If you have 100,000G or more in your wallet, your father will ask if you
understand what hard work is. Either answer does not affect anything other then
his response.

If you have 220 or more Happiness, your father will walk past the animal barn
with you to the north end of your farm lands, you will both look at the field
and he will ask if you like living there. Either answer does not affect
anything other then his response.

If you have some animals, you two will then walk toward the animal barn. He
will make a bad comment that you have no animals, a comment that it is lonely
with so few animals (Doug's good comment requirement is not enough), and a good
comment if you have 6 chickens, and 8 barn animals of any kind. They do not
need to be outside (why do you think he walks up to the barn?).

If you have a wife, she will now confront you and your father and inform you of
the party, if you have at least one of the possible Party NPCs at the required
affection for them to show up. If you have a baby, the baby will be in your
Wife's hands during this scene.

Now the party begins. A maximum of 10 NPCs are selected to show up for the
party. The game does not invite who has the highest affection, all the game
checks for is "does this NPC has 160 or higher affection?" and if he or she
does, that NPC will show up. Only 10 can show up, so if highest affection /
tied affection doesn't determine the order of which order they show up. What
does? Simple, there is a set list. The order will ALWAYS be the same, if a NPC
in the list doesn't meet the affection requirement of 160 or higher, the game
will skip this NPC and the next one that meets the requirements will enter the
screen and carry on down the list.

If you have 160 or higher affection for the following NPCs, they will show up
for this party segment. The order is exactly as the list is ordered.

Party NPCs:

The Shipper
Pastor Brown
The Mayor
Mayor's Wife

The NPCs that will not show up under any circumstances:

Carpenter #1 (Saw)
Carpenter #2 (Axe)
Head Carpenter
Potion Shop Owner
Harvest Sprites
The Gourmet Judge

Now that all of the guests have shown up, the ending continues.

If 11 or more NPCs meet the required affection for the party segment and you
have a wife, after they have come onto the screen, your father will say "Wow,
all these people are your friends?" and your wife will answer for you "Oh,
that's not everyone, but let's begin. Father, come this way."

If 11 or more NPCs meet the required affection for the party segment and you do
not have a wife, after they have come onto the screen, your father will say
"Wow, look at all these people!" with a big smile on his face.

If 10 or less NPCs meet the required affection for the party segment (having a
wife does not matter), after they have come onto the screen, your father will
say "......You don't have many friends, do you?"

At this point everyone leaves, including your father, and you get to enjoy one
of the two possible scenes remaining before the credits roll.

1) If you have a wife, she will talk to you and ask you a question, from which
has no affect on anything but her response.

2) If you do not have a wife, you will stand there alone in the silence of the
night, while the screen fades to the credits.

&                                   Credits                                   &

Firstly, I'd like to give Sam Van Dam credit for giving me the idea to figure
out everything involved with the Evaluation int erms of mechanics and
requirements in order to achieve the best comments. This lead me to see if any
other variable could change the concluding scenes if they were changed around,
and such tests have proved to be true in some minor cases.

Sam Van Dam, this shout-out is for you, sir. Thank you!

Next, I have to thank the makers of the Cheat Engine software, which allowed me
to view any and every byte within the game to closely monitor values as they
change in real time, right to the millisecond! This program is the magic behind
all of my testing and statistical information, everything from pointer scans,
to memory region access programming routes. Thank you!

Next, I must thank the staff of GameFAQs for looking over the document and
considering it for approval.

Next, I must thank Victor Interactive Software, the developer team that created
this wonderful game for us all to play and enjoy however we see fit without
having to worry about things like if the next boss will kill us or anything
like that!

Finally, I credit myself for the hard work put into the data collection. I'm
only satisfied when I do all of this number crunching myself, as it seems in
the past when verifying someone else's work I ALWAYS seem to find errors..
and of course for writing this document.

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          Thank you for reading, and I hope the information in this guide was
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