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Buy this game and go splat those ants!!!Andy0079/10
A nice blend of sci-fi shooting action and world explorationbrutusmuktuk8/10
Yet another N64 hit by Rare...Coconaut9/10
Amazing. This game will cure your fear of bugs, or maybe just make you hate them.Crazyboy10/10
Get up from what you're doing and buy this game!dirtycup II10/10
Thumbs up (again) for Rare.dractilus8/10
Amazing. Simply amazing.GameBoy_9/10
This game is so good you'll end up paying $.50 per hour/over 100 hours of game timehailjh9/10
Took me 30 hours to complete this fun action shooter! There's Disco in it too!Kerred8/10
This game has it all...Action, Adventure and a Dog with a MachinegunLegendaryFrog9/10
Another great game from Rareware!MechaMrEd10/10
Yet another reason to squash some bugs...MeifestOmega9/10
Funny, perfection never smelled like green ant blood before...MManos10/10
Don't let the Naysayers fool you, slap the money down and get this game!mtg83859/10
Who Knew Blasting Bugs Was So Fun?NeoNess9/10
Rare's new shooter will keep you busy for a LONG timeNint1258/10
A very underestimated game, Yet it is so fun! A sequel would be nicePDFreak5-00010/10
Probably the most stunning Rare game yet.RareRulz9/10
Oh the joy of a good bug splattering shoot-em-up special.Rockpopple9/10
After blowing Drone guts all over the wall, I decided to write a review.Rogueight10/10
If they had a few more weapons,more and bigger multi player modes,and adjust the control and camera this game would be perfect.Truegamer8/10
People wonder why I love this game. That worries me.Wyborn10/10
A New Bug Splattering Review From the New Review Kid!Yael9/10

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