FAQ/Move List by Dr Dogg

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Dr Dogg's Killer Instinct Gold FAQ
Version 5.0

This is my KI Gold Faq. It was once a KI2 Faq but has since been converted
into KI Gold for use with the Nintendo 64 version of the game. If you happen
to find any errors within this text please give me an e-mail at
drdogg@fiestanet.com. Thanks and enjoy.

1) Contents 
2) General Info 
3) Key to Moves 
4) Character Moves 
5) Combos 
6) Credits

General Info

Regular Moves

Regular moves are simply basic punches and kicks. They range from quick
hits that donít do much damage, to slow, heavy damage hits that take a nice
portion of energy. 

Special Moves 

Special moves are unique moves which can be performed at any time during
the fight. They cause more damage than regular moves, but require specific
joystick and button combinations to perform.

Transition Moves

Transition moves are two special moves combined into one. After the
initial move begins, you can then change to a second special move either
before or immediately after connecting with the oppenent. Transition moves
are useful for confusing opponents and starting combos.

Combo Theory 

KI Gold has an enhanced combo system over the original KI combo system.
Every character now has the same pattern by which to do combos. You must
first start with a lead-in (opener) move. For example, Kim Wu's Tornado
Kick with 6. An opener must then be followed by an auto double. The auto
doubles in KI Gold are done by simply pressing the button directly lower
in strength. It can be punch or kick. For example, after Kim's Kick with
6, you would press either 5 or 2 for the auto double. After the auto
double, you then do another special move. With Kim Wu let's do her
Firecracker with 2. Follow that up with another auto double by pressing
1 or 4. Then end the combo. Now this is where it gets tricky. Every
character in KI Gold has four regular combo enders and one special combo
ender. In order to get the maximum number of hits from a combo ender, you
must build them up. Everytime you use a different regular ender, it adds
a hit to it. Once you've used all four regular enders, you will get four
hits for the remainder of that round. After this has been accomplished,
you can achieve five hits by doing the special ender. However, if you try
to end a combo with the special ender before youíve done the other four,
you will only get a single hit out of it. The more enders you use, the
more hits your Ultra Combo will be. If you use all five different enders,
you will get the maximum number of hits in your Ultra Combo. A list of all
the combo enders can be found in the Combos section of this FAQ.

Basic Combos

Basic Combos are several moves strung together which are unblockable after
the first hit. After you perform a combo, itís type and number of hits will
appear on the screen. The names of the combos (with the number of hits) are
as follows:
 	Triple (3) 
 	Super (4) 
 	Hyper (5) 
 	Brutal (6) 
 	Master (7) 
 	Awesome (8) 
 	Blaster (9) 
 	Monster (10) 
 	King (11) 
 	Killer (12+)

Stun Counters

A Stun Counter is a special kind of block that will stun your opponent. If
timed right, it will show up as a tan-colored explosion around the area of
contact. Counters will only work against non-special moves. This means that
you can counter a regular move much easier than in the original KI. It will
only work if the opponent uses 2, 3, 5, or 6. Charge Back and press 1 to do
a counter. It's the same for all characters. 

Stun Reversal 

After a Stun Counter has been performed, you can use a Stun Reversal to
triple the number of hits for certain special moves. For example, if you
do Jago's Stun Reversal, instead of doing a standard single hit Wind Kick,
he will do a triple Wind Kick hitting the opponent three times. Each
characters Stun Reversal is listed in the Character Moves section of this

Stun Dizzy 

After a Stun Counter has been performed, you can use a Stun Dizzy to dizzy
your opponent and open them up for a combo or anything else you wish to do.
A Stun Dizzy is basically a single move which will dizzy your opponent.
Each characters Stun Dizzy is listed in the Character Mives section of this

Special Move Counter -- Rock/Paper/Scissors

In KI Gold, Rare has added a new way to counter your opponents special
moves. You must start your special move just after your opponent starts
theres. For example, if Jago does his Wind Kick, you must start your
special move before the Wind Kick hits you. There will be a small orange
colored explosion, and your special move will take presidence. You can
then start a combo or do whatever you would normally do after the move.
Each characterís special moves are catergorized as either a rock, paper or
scissor move. All rock moves will beat scissor moves, scissor will beat
paper and paper will be rock. In the training mode found in KI Gold, you
will learn how to counter. 


A throw in KI Gold is the same as a throw in any other fighting game,
however in KI Gold you can perform an air combo immediately after. You can
do a throw by pressing either F+3 or F+6 depending on the character. You
can use them, in combos, or just as a regular throw. To initial a combo
with a throw, simply follow a throw with a jump kick or punch, then proceed
with an air combo.

Counter Throws 

Counter throws can be used in or out combos in order to counter someone
trying to throw you. By performing a throw just before your opponent tries
something, you can counter most normal and special moves also. To execute
a counter throw, simply do your characters normal throw.

Super Meter

The super meter is the bar found below your normal energy bar. When charged
it allows you to do super moves and linkers. In order to charge your super
meter, you must be the aggressor in the fight. This means that you can't
just sit back and do regular punches and kicks. You must connect with
either a move or combo, or do a combo breaker. By doing so it will fill
five boxes with red, then flash red, then fill with yellow, then flash
yellow and red. Each super move or linker will drain your super meter by
a small portion depending on the move.

Super Moves

Super Moves are moves that can only be done when your super meter is
charged up accordingly. You can use them as enders or linkers in combos,
or as a single, powerful move. Super moves can also be used as air juggles.
In some cases, after a combo has been completed you can tack on a super
move while your opponent is falling to the ground.  Every character has
five super moves and linkers. All super moves can be found in the Character
Moves section of this FAQ.

Auto Combos

Auto combos are simply basic KI combos with a new name. If you use an auto
double in your combo, it will be designated as an auto combo.

Manual Combos 

Manual combos are combos in which you don't use any auto doubles. That
means that every button pressed counts as only one hit. There is no
advantage to using maunal combos over auto combos or vice versa.

Super Combo 

A super combo is a special type of combo which can only be activated by
peforming a super move after you have strung together at least 2 other
hits. It's just a basic combo that ends in a super move. Your super meter
must be charged accordingly to do them.

Mini Ultra Combo

A mini ultra is another special type of combo which can only be activated
by a certain joystick and button combination after you have strung together
at least 2 hits. It can only be performed when the opponent's first energy
bar is flashing green. The combo must be done so that your opponent will
have no remaining energy left when the combo is completed. All mini ultras
can be found in the Character Moves section of this FAQ.

Ultra Combo

An ultra combo special type of combo which can only be activated by a
certain unique joystick and button combination after you have strung
together at least 2 hits. They can only be performed when the opponent's
second energy bar is flashing red. The more combo enders you've done, the
more hits your ultra combo will be. If you've done all five combo enders,
you will get a greater number of hits than if you only complete one ender.
You can also add a super move to your ultra combo by performing it toward
the end of an ultra combo. All ultra combos can be found in the Character
Moves section of this FAQ.

No Mercy

Every character can do one of their ultimates outside of a combo. Your
opponents second energy bar must be flashing red. However, no mercies can
now be blocked or avoided. You can perform a no mercy as many times as you
like during a match (given the right conditions), but it will leave you
open for quite some time after youíve completed the move. All no mercies
can be found in the Character Moves section of this FAQ.

Ultimate Combo

An ultimate combo, like an ultra combo is a special type of combo which can
only be activated by a certain joystick and button combination after you
have strung together at least two other hits. Ultimate combos basically end
with a no mercy and can only be performed when the opponent's second energy
bar is flashing red.  All ultimate combos can be found in the Character
Moves section of this FAQ.

Combo Breaker

Combo breakers are special moves which are used to stop combos and must be
performed between hits in a combo. After you do a combo breaker, your super
meter will raise three blocks. You do not need to charge combo breaker
moves. When using combo breakers, punches break kicks and kicks break
punches. It is no longer necessary to use the appropriate strength.

Ultra Combo Breaking

There is now a way to break ultra combos. You must first have your super
meter fully charged, then simply do one of your characters super moves. An
ultra combo breaker can only be performed during the initial part of an
ultra combo. After a certain amount of time, you will no longer be able to
break an ultra combo. All ultra combo breakers can be found in the
Character Moves section of this FAQ.

Retaliation Moves

Retaliation moves are special moves which can only be performed while you
are getting up after hitting the ground. These moves can often catch the
opponent offguard and can be used to defend against any unblockable moves
opponents may use while you are grounded. All retaliation moves can be
found in the Character Moves section of this FAQ.

Air Juggle

After you perform a combo that knocks the opponent high into the air, you
can hit them as they are falling with an air juggle move. Only certain
special moves have the ability to juggle opponents, all other moves will
simply go through them. Air juggle moves don't take off much energy but
they do add one extra hit to the combo. When you do an air juggle, the word
juggle will appear under the combo name and percentage. All air juggles can
be found in the Character Moves section of this FAQ.

Multi-Hit Juggle

Multi-hit juggles are air juggles that you can do after you've hit an
opponent with an air combo. For example, if you're Jago and your opponent
is in the air and you do a jump kick, then air combo, you can then do your
multi-hit juggle to add two additional hits to your combo. All multi-hit
juggles can be found in the Character Moves section of this FAQ.

Awesome Victory

Defeat your opponent then finish them with a "No Mercy" or "Ultimate Combo"
and you will be awarded with an Awesome Victory.

Supreme Victory 
Defeat your opponent without losing in your first energy bar and you will
be awarded with a Supreme Victory.

Ultra Victory

Defeat your opponent with an Ultra Combo and you will be rewarded with an
Ultra Victory.

1=High Quick 2=High Medium 3=High Fierce 
4=Low Quick 5=Low Medium 4=Low Fierce 
c=Charge for 2 seconds. 
DB=Diagonally Down/Back 
DF=Diagonally Down/Forward 
QCF=Quarter Circle Forward (D to F) 
QCB=Quarter Circle Back (D to B) 
QCDF=Quarter Circle Down/Forward (DB to DF) 
QCDB=Quarter Circle Down/Back (DF to DB) 
HCF=Half Circle Forward (B to D to F) 
HCB=Half Circle Back (F to D to B) 

PARENTHESIS-What this stuff means 
control: can be controlled with the joystick by pressing up or down. 
juggle: can only be performed when juggling the opponent. 
dizzy: causes you to be dizzy until you press a button. 
bounce: causes opponent to bounce up when hit. (like Reptile's Energy Ball) 
auto: causes opponent to automatically be dizzy if hit. 
down: must be done after getting knocked down. 
ultra: must do during repeated portion of ultra combo. (check General Info for details) 
linker: must do in a combo as a linker 
plinker: can be used in a combo as a linker or as a normal super move 
overhead: hits opponent high. (like an overhead) 
low: hits opponent low. 
midair: can only be performed in midair. 
ground/midair: can be performed on the ground or in midair. 
during combo: can only be performed during a combo.
1 block: you must have at least on block filled in you super meter.
1/4 meter: you must have your super meter one quarter charged. (3 red boxes) 
1/2 meter: you must have your super meter half way charged. (flashing red) 
full meter: you must have a fully charged super meter. 
anti-projectile: goes through projectiles. 
anti-air: knocks opponent out of air.
anti-all: goes through everything

Character Moves 


Height: 6'5" 
Weight: 560 lbs 
Age: Unknown 
The advanced and deadlier successor to the original Fulgore cyborg
destroyed by Jago. Activated after the time jump, its final Ultratech
commands are executed... find Jago and kill him. 

Energy Charge-HCF,K 
Energy Shield-QCB,4 (holding 4 makes it last longer) 
Eye Laser-QCDB,2/3 (projectile) 
Air Eye Laser-QCDB,3 (projectile, midair, 1 block) 
Invisibility-HCB,6 (1/2 meter) 
Teleport-B,QCB,K (1 block) 
Laser Storm-QCF,P (projectile) 
Fake Laser Storm-QCB,1 
Lock On-QCDF,4 (1 block)
Triple Laser Storm-QCF,1 (projectile, must do after Lock On) 
Twist Uppercut-QCB,HCF,3 (1/2 meter, ultra) 
Multi-Claw Spin-HCF,B,6 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Chest Spark-HCB,F,4 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Missed Uppercut to Air Laser-F,QCF,P,QCDB,3 (1/2 meter) 
Fake Laser Storm to Laser Storm-QCB,1,QCF,P (projectile) 
Fake Laser Storm to†Cyber Dash-QCB,1,HCF,K 
Fake Laser Storm to Claw Uppercut-QCB,1,F,QCF,P (anti-air) 
Fake Laser Storm to Eye Laser-QCB,1,QCDB,2/3 (projectile) 
Stun Reversal-HCF,5 (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-F,QCF,1 (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+6 (overhead) 
Air Combo-F,QCF,P (midair) 
Air Juggle-QCDB,3 
Multi-Hit Juggle-B+3 
Retaliation-F,QCF,P (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+3 
Combo Breaker-F,QCF,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-QCB,HCF,3 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-F,QCF,1 (during combo, can juggle up to 5 times after) 
Ultra Combo-F,QCF,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-HCF,B,2 (during combo, no mercy) 
Ultimate Combo-F,HCF,5 (during combo) 

Height: Variable 
Weight: Varible 
Age: Unknown 
2 millenia from now a captured relative earns freedom by slaying a fire
creature and escaping home. But now in the past, a distress call has been
answered. Glacius must free his stranded kin.

Shoulder Dash-QCF,2 
Puddle Uppercut-QCF,5/6 (ground/midair) 
Puddle Teleport-QCF,4 (ground/midair) 
Energy Regain-QCF,H4 (regains energy) 
Icy Grip-QCF,1 
Arctic Blast-QCB,P (projectile) 
Blade Uppercut-QCDB,3 (anti-air) 
Beat Down-HCF,B,2 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Fireball-HCB,F,3 (1/2 meter) 
Quad Slam-HCF,B,1 (1/2 meter, ultra) 
Reverse Uppercut-QCB,6 (1/2 meter) 
Uppercut Rush-HCF,B,6 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Puddle Uppercut to Reverse Uppercut-QCF,6,QCB,6 (1/4 meter, ground/midair) 
Stun Reversal-QCF,5 (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-QCF,3 (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Air Combo-F,QCF,K (midair) 
Air Juggle-QCF,6 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+6 
Retaliation-QCF,3 (down, anti-air,†anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+3 
Combo Breaker-QCF,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-HCF,B,1
Mini Ultra Combo-HCB,4 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-HCF,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-QCB,F,5 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-cB,HCB,4 (during combo, no mercy) 

Height: 5'9" 
Weight: 190lbs. 
Age: 22 years 
After destroying Fulgore a furious Jago is betrayed by his one-time master
the Tiger Spirit. The disguised Demon Lord used him to escape from the void
and now Jago swears vengeance. 

Uppercut-F,QCF,P (anti-air) 
Wind Kick-QCDB,K (anti-projectile) 
Laser Blade-QCDB,2/3 (2 hits once, 3 hits twice) 
Slide-QCDF,K (anti-projectile, low) 
Enduken-QCF,P (projectile) 
Red Enduken-H3,QCF,R3 (projectile, bounce) 
Fake Enduken-QCF,4 
Feel the Juice Uppercut-QCB,HCF,3 (1/2 meter, ultra) 
Fireball Barage-QCDB,1 (1/2 meter) 
Multi-Wind Kick-HCB,F,5 (1/2 meter) 
Multi-Slide-HCF,B,6 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Missed Uppercut to Wind Kick-F,QCF,P,QCDB,K 
Wind Kick to 2 Hit Wind Kick-QCDB,6,cB,F,6 (must do F,6 immediately after 1st hit) 
Wind Kick to Stop-QCDB,6,cB,F,6 
Stun Reversal-QCDB,5 (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-F,QCF,1 (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Shadow-QCDB,F,5 (full meter) 
Air Combo-QCDB,6 (midair) 
Air Juggle-QCDF,6 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+6 
Retaliation-F,QCF,P (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+3 
Combo Breaker-F,QCF,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-QCB,HCF,3 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-QCDF,4 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-QCDB,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-cF,HCF,6 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-HCB,F,2 (during combo, no mercy) 

Kim Wu 
Height: 5'4" 
Weight: 130 lbs. 
Age: 17 years 
Descendant of the heroes who banished Eyedol and Gargos, Kim is appointed
her people's guardian. With the return of Gargos, Kim must fulfill her duty
to her homeland and destroy him forever. 

Tornado Kick-QCDB,K 
Air Flame-QCDB,P (projectile, midair) 
Split Kick-QCDF,6 (overhead) 
Kick Uppercut-QCDF,5 (anti-air) 
Fire Flower-QCF,1 (ground/midair, bounce) 
Roll-F,F or B,B (anti-all) 
Snapdragon-QCB,HCF,3 (1/2 meter, ultra) 
Shadow Tornado Kick-HCB,F,6 (1/2 meter) 
Spinning Slashes-HCB,F,3 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Air Fireball-HCF,B,2 (1/2 meter, midair)
Roll to Tornado Kick-F,F,QCDB,K 
Roll to Split Kick-F,F,QCDF,6
Roll to Kick Uppercut-F,F,QCDF,5
Roll to Fireflower-F,F,QCF,1
Roll to Firecracker-F,F,QCDB,2/3 
Stun Reversal-QCDB,5 (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-QCDB,2 (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+6 (overhead) 
Shadow-HCB,F,5 (1/2 meter) 
Air Combo-F,QCF,P (midair) 
Air Juggle-QCDB,6 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+6 
Retaliation-F,QCF,P (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+3 
Combo Breaker-F,QCF,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-QCB,HCF,3 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-QCDB,4 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-QCF,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-HCF,B,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-cF,HCF,5 (during combo, no mercy, projectile) 

Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 140 lbs. 
Age: 23 years 
Made Queen of Amazonia after her part in banishing the Dark Lord Gargos.
Cast out by her tribe as Gargos returns, Maya must vanquish him to regain
her throne. 

Flip Kick-B,F,5 
Savage Blade-B,F,2 
Mantis-B,F,3 (overhead) 
Jungle Leap-B,F,6 (anti-air) 
Cobra Bite-B,F,1 (anti-air) 
Air Mantis-F,B,3 (midair, overhead) 
Tree Cutter-HCB,F,6 (1/2 meter, ultra) 
Lawnmower-HCB,F,2 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Flip Kick-HCB,F,5 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Multi-Mantis Strike-HCB,F,3 (1/2 meter) 
Jungle Leap to Air Mantis-B,F,6,F,B,3 
Jungle Leap to Double Jungle Leap-B,F,6,F,B,6 
Stun Reversal-B,F (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-B,F (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Shadow-HCB,F,3 (1/2 meter) 
Air Combo-F,B,K (midair) 
Air Juggle-B,F,6 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+6 
Retaliation-B,F,1 (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+3 
Combo Breaker-B,F,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-HCB,F,6 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-cF,B,3 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-cB,F,6 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-HCB,F,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-HCF,B,1 (during combo, no mercy, projectile) 

Height: 5'7" 
Weight: 125 lbs. 
Age: 24 years 
Eyedol's death by Orchid's hand freed massive energies, ripping Ultratech
back in time. Now 2000 years in the past, Orchid must face a new challenge,
and an even greater foe. 

Flip Kick-QCDB,K 
Sabre Dash-QCDB,2 
Sabre Spin-QCDB,3 
Airbuster-F,QCF,K (anti-air) 
Tonfa Fire-QCF,P (projectile) 
Fake Tonfa Fire-QCF,4 
Slide-QCDF,K (anti-projectile, low) 
Helicopter Kick-QCB,HCF,6 (1/2 meter, ultra) 
Tiger-HCB,F,5 (1/2 meter, plinker) 
Tonfa Charge-HCF,B,3 (1/2 meter) 
Fake Tonfa Fire to Flip Kick-QCF,4,QCDB,K
Fake Tonfa Fire to Slide-QCF,4,QCDF,K
Fake Tonfa Fire to Tonfa Fire-QCF,4,QCF,P
Fake Tonfa Fire to Air Buster-QCF,4,F,QCF,K
Fake Tonfa Fire to Sabre Spin-QCF,4,QCDB,3
Fake Tonfa Fire to Sabre Dash-QCF,4,QCDB,2
Stun Reversal-QCDB,2 (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-F,QCF,4 (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Air Combo-QCDB,K (midair) 
Air Juggle-QCDF,6 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+6 
Retaliation-F,QCF,K (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+3 
Combo Breaker-F,QCF,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-QCB,HCF,6 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-QCDF,4 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-QCDB,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-cB,HCB,5 (during combo, no mercy) 
Ultimate Combo-HCF,B,3 (during combo)

Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 400 lbs. 
Age: 46 years 
Unwilling to succumb to the beast within him, Sabrewulf was badly beaten
in the KI tournament. Captured by Ultratech, who amputated his arms, and
gave him new cybernetic limbs, he is driven berserk and now has only
revenge to live for.

Claw Spin-B,F,5 or QCF,5 
Claw Pounce-B,F,3 or QCF,3 (low) 
Claw Backflip-B,F,6 or QCF,6 (anti-air) 
Claw Cartwheel-B,F,2 or QCF,2 
Fake Howl-B,F,4 or F,B,4 
Energy Howl-F,B,1 or F,B,1 (charges super meter) 
Loopy-HCB,F,6 (1/2 meter, ultra)
Ground Spark-HCB,3 (1/2 meter, midair, dizzy, anti-projectile) 
Triple Fireball-HCB,F,3 (1/2 meter) 
Multi-Cartwheel-HCB,F,2 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Multi-Spin-HCB,F,5 (1/4 meter, linker)
Stun Reversal-B,F or QCF,5 (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-B,F or QCF,6 (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Air Combo-F,B+K (midair) 
Air Juggle-B,F,3 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+6 
Retaliation-B,F,6 (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+6
Combo Breaker-B,F,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-HCB,F,6 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-cF,B,4 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-cB,F,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-H6,R6 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-H1,R1 (during combo, no mercy) 
Note: Tapping 2F, then B+2/4 will double the Spin and Cartwheel. 

Height 5'5" 
Weight 110 lbs. 
Age 651 years 
Although destroyed by Thunder in the present, a younger Spinal still exists
in the past. Resurrected by Gargos and forced to serve him, he goes up
against the tyrant to win his freedom.

Teleport-QCB,K (need at least 1 skull) 
Skele Skewer-QCF,2 
Skull Throw-QCF,5 (projectile, must have at least 1 skull) 
Skull Scrape-QCDF,6 
Shield Absorb-B+1 
Soul Drain-QCF,1 (drains opponents super meter) 
Skull Restore-QCB,2/3 (1/2 meter, 2 gives you 1 skull, 3 gives you all 6) 
Dive Kick-D+6 (midair, overhead) 
Grim Reaper-QCB,HCF,3 (1/2 meter) 
Skull Throw-HCF,6 (1/4 meter, ultra) 
Stun Skull-HCB,HCF,5 (1/2 meter, auto) 
Multi-Sword Stab-HCF,B,2 (1/2 meter, plinker) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Air Combo-D+K (midair) 
Air Juggle-QCF,5 (must have 1 skull) 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+3 
Retaliation-D+3 (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+6 
Combo Breaker-QCB,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-QCB,HCF,6 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-QCF,3 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-QCB,3 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-D,D,4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-HCF,HCF,1 (during combo, no mercy)

T.J. Combo 
Height: 6'1" 
Weight: 220 lbs. 
Age: 26 years
After a decisive victory over Riptor in the tournament, Combo attempts to
destroy Ultratech HQ. Caught as Ultratech is ripped into the past, Combo
must escape home before it is too late. 

Tremor-cB,F,5 (low) 
Fake Dizzy-QCF,4 (press any button to stop, dizzy) 
Double Backfist-cF,B,1 
Rolling Punch-cB,F,2 (anti-projectile) 
Triple Rolling Punch-HCF,2 (anti-projectile, easier to do cB,HCF,2) 
Lunging Punch-cB,F,3 
Winding Uppercut-H3,R3 (anti-air) 
Dash-B,F,4 (anti-all, must be close to opponent) 
Lunging Overhead-cB,F,6 (overhead) 
Combo of Pain-HCB,3 (full meter) 
Shocker-HCB,5 (full meter, auto, midair) 
Multi Rolling Punch-HCB,F,2 (1/2 meter, plinker) 
Beat Down-HCB,F,1 (1/2 meter, linker) 
Lunging Punch to Rolling Punch-cB,cF,3,B,2 
Lunging Punch to Stop-cB,cF,3,B,3 
Stun Reversal-cB,F,2 (stun) 
Stun Dizzy-cB,F+3 (stun, auto) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Shadow-HCB,2 (1/2 meter) 
Air Combo-F,B,K (midair) 
Air Juggle-cB,F,3 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+6 
Retaliation-B,F,K (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+2 
Combo Breaker-B,F,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-HCB,3 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-cB,F,6 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-cF,B,3 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-H4,cF,B,R4 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-cF,HCB,F,6 (during combo, no mercy) 

Height 6'11" 
Weight 380 lbs. 
Age 31 years 
With the return of the Demon Lord to the land, Tusk leaves the arena to
issue his challenge. Only by defeating all adversaries can a hero gain the
right to face the evil Gargos.

Boot Kick-QCDB,K 
Web of Death-QCDB,3 (F+3 will add an extra hit) 
Skull Splitter-QCDF,6 (overhead, anti-projectile) 
Fake Skull Splitter-QCDF,4 
Conquer-F,QCF,P (anti-air) 
Back Stab-HCB,1 (anti-all) 
Destroyuss-QCB,HCF,3 (1/2 meter, ultra) 
Rushing Kick-HCB,F,6 (1/4 meter, linker) 
Flaming Sword-HCF,B,4 (1/2 meter) 
Shadow Sword Dive-HCF,B,6 (1/2 meter)
Fake Skull Splitter to Boot Kick-QCDF,4,QCDB,K 
Fake Skull Splitter to Web of Death-QCDF,4,QCDB,3 
Fake Skull Splitter to Skull Splitter-QCDF,4,QCDF,6 (overhead) 
Fake Skull Splitter to Conquer-QCDF,4,F,QCF,P (anti-air) 
Stun Reversal-QCDB,3 (stun) 
Overhead-B+3 (overhead) 
Shadow-HCB,F,5 (1/2 meter) 
Air Combo-cF,QCDB,K (midair) 
Air Juggle-QCDF,6 
Multi-Hit Juggle-F+3
Retaliation-F,QCF,P (down, anti-air, anti-projectile) 
Throw Counter-F+6 
Combo Breaker-F,QCF,P/K 
Ultra Combo Breaker-QCB,HCF,3 (full meter) 
Mini Ultra Combo-HCF,2 (during combo) 
Ultra Combo-HCB,2 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-F,QCF,5 (during combo) 
Ultimate Combo-HCF,HCF,2 (during combo) 

This is the section where I will list all of the people I've gotten stuff
from. I had to stop listing what I got from them because it took up too
much space. 

Matt at Pocket Change 
-Ice- of FTP 
Critics Choice 
NP Web Site 
Sek Trax


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