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How do i get the mail man mask?

I need help geting the mail man mask

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captainjedi66 answered:

Getting this mask, the Postman's Hat, is closely tied to the Kafei/Anju sidequest. However, you only need to complete certain parts of the quest if you just want this Mask.

On the afternoon of the Day 1, show Anju Kafei's Mask after the Postman has left the Stockpot Inn. Anju will ask you to meet her in the Inn kitchen that evening. There, she will give you the Letter to Kafei, which you must place in any Mailbox before the Postman picks it up in on the morning of Day 2. That afternoon, follow the Postman to the Laundry Pool, where he will deliver the letter to Kafei. Follow Kafei into the Curiosity Shop backroom, and speak to him to cue a cutscene. Then, on the afternoon of Day 3, return to the Curiosity Shop backroom and talk to the owner, who will give you the Express Letter for Mama. From here, you can either end the quest by giving the Letter to Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar yourself, and recieve a bottle filled with Chateau Romani, or take the letter to the Postman at his office. Follow him to the Milk Bar, and watch watch the cutscene as Madame Aroma allows him to flee town. When the Postman exits the Milk Bar, talk to him and he will give you the Postman's Hat!
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