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What makes the collector's edition special?

All I know is is that it has a holographic cartridge cover.

XTApocalypse asked for clarification:

There's a collector's edition?

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LemonPenguin answered:

I'm a little confused as to what you're talking about now.
If you're talking about the N64 cartridge, the Special Edition is only different in that it has a holographic sticker.
If you're talking about the Collector's Edition for the GCN, it's basically the same as the N64 version, only it freezes often and the sound is glitchy.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

The only difference between the standard and the Collector's Edition is the holographic sticker in the cartridge and the "Collector's Edition" legend in the box, also some games came with a Link, Zelda and Ganondorf action figure, but I dunno if they were exclusive to the Collector's Edition.
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destroyah898 answered:

Are u talking about the gamecubeone that has the four greatest Zelda games?
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shmarginwoof answered:

I have it. It is a gold cartridge (no, not real GOLD). With a holographic cover.That's all.
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Ikasnu answered:

It's just your standard cartridge with a 3D picture and a Gold colored casing.
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samsam87 answered:

I dont know what your talking about but i just have all zelda games ever made but i need the first one ever then i have them all AKA IM ZELDAS BIGIST FAN I EVEN HAVE LINK TO THE PAST GOLD CARTAGE
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pikachu351 answered:

I have a gold cartrage too! I gave up beacause I couldn't get past deku palace but that was 6 years ago I got past! ^_^
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A7XBroncosFan46 answered:

I have the Collector's Edition. It was the same thing except with a holographic picture. Big Whoop.
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