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I waited for the third day and had the best sword went to the first day it was gone =O

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P.Sps it was a download

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From Wii Shop Channel

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Oh yeay it was majoras mask.

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I can use the ocarina but i just get that stupid first sword every time

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And on youtube you see people with the sword thats the best

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I got it.

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HylianHeroLink answered:

The Razor Sword goes back into being the Kokiri Sword after either 100 blows or you turn back the clock to the first day. In order do prevent this, you must upgrade the Razor Sword into the Gilded Sword. To do that, you must clear the Snowhead Temple on the first day. Then talk to the blacksmith and ask them to upgrade the Kokiri Sword into the Razor Sword. The first upgrade will cost 100 Rupees, so you'll need the Adult Wallet. While u wait, get a Powder Keg and blow away the rock that blocks the way to the Goron Race Track. Compete in the Goron Race as Goron Link. You'll get a bottle filled with Gold Dust for coming in first place. When morning of the second day comes, go back to the blacksmith and pick up your sword. then talk to him again. He'll ask for some Gold Dust. Show it to him and he'll do the job for free. Wait until the Dawn of the Final Day to see the blacksmith again. He'll give u the Gilded Sword when u talk to him on the Final Day. One more thing, if you don't feel like waiting for time to pass while your sword's at the smithy, you can play the Song of Double Time to advance to the points where the blacksmith will be finished.
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Triforcelord25 answered:

Let me guess your sword turned into the Ocarina of Time and you can't use it well simply don't use the SOT after it turned into the OOT turn off the game. If you recevive this answer and you already did use the SOT after your sword changed into the OOT you now have no choice but to restart your file from the beginning.
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Cupcake2350 answered:

Um, if you are talking about the Gilded Sword. Then what I usually do before I go to the first day, is I save at the owl, then I play the "Song of time" just to make sure you dont lose anything. It shoud stay with any items you also recived along with the sword. If you still have a issue please let me know.
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