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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get Epona's song?

I know how to get to the ranch but how do I get epona's song? what am I supposed to that floating thing (thing with a lattern chained to a orange thing) is it a poe? How do I return the ranch girl to normal?

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From: Earth_Echidna 4 years ago

After you have cleared the Snowhead temple, and/or gotten the Fire Arrows, you have to get the Powder Keg licence from the large Goron, in Goron form. After you have blown up the boulder in front of the Goron Racetrack, talk to the Goron to get the licence. Use the Song of Time to save and get to the first day, which is essential. Once you have done that, buy a Powder Keg for 50 rupees, warp to Milk Road, become a Goron, use the Keg by the boulder the man is hacking at, run from it, and shoot it as an arrow as a human.
Once you have entered the Romani Ranch, clear Romani's minigame to gain access to Epona's Song, and Epona herself.

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You have to go on the First Day to get Epona's Song. The only way to do this is with a Powder Keg which becomes available after you get the Fire Arrows, so likely after you beat the second temple, Snowhead.

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