Question from noahdefer

How do I put the zora eggs in the apuariam?

It won't let me put them in there all i says is this item doesn't work ... Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Raidramon0 answered:

There's a specific spot you have to put it in. I believe it's in the middle.
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EstherIchigo answered:

You have to stand in the middle.
It's really frustrating sometimes because the location is sometimes hard to find but if you stand around the middle it should work.
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texasman14 answered:

I found that talking to the old man usually helps because after I did that in let me dump them where ever I wanted(in the aquarium.
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SunCrusherDude answered:

Talk to the man, then climb on top of the aquarium, equip any bottles that have an egg in them, and just dump them in.
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