Question from Haru_Mclean

Asked: 5 years ago

I can't save after I beat Majora, its just shows me a tree that they drew on! HELP?!

I want to save the game after I beat it, but it won't leave the stump that they drew on. Can anyone help me?

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From: Ikonoeirei 5 years ago

It saves automatically (with the c buttons and health/magic you had after the majora fight). Oh, there is stuff to do after you beat Majora, provided you didn't get every single thing before you fought him.

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This game doesn't a save function after the final boss. Like most other Zelda games, once you beat it, there's nothing to do after, so the programmers never bothered to let you save the game afterwards.

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It saves the game as if you played the song of time, but you keep the Fierce Deity Mask.

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