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How do I get the Goron Lullaby?

I unfroze the Goron Elder, but he won't teach me the Goron Lullaby. He just says that following him won't do me any good. If it depends on time, I've tried on both morning and night of the First Day.

Confidential9 provided additional details:

I'm afraid that's not the answer I'm looking for. See, the elder does absolutely nothing when I unfreeze him. He does't even teach me the first part of the melody. How do I get him to do that?

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---Nintendo--- answered:

First talk to the Goron Elder after you unfroze him, then go with the baby Goron and talk to him, now return to the Goron Elder, unfroze him again and talk to him, he should now teach you the first part of the song, now return with the baby Goron and play him the first part of the song so he teach you the second part.
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popplenrookie answered:

Go back to the Elder's son that is crying and play the first part for him. The kid will finish the song for you and you will learn the full song. (And get the kid to stop crying, thank goodness!)

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