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What's the best way to light all torches in Goron City?

I need to light all the torches cause I want all the masks. but no matter how fast i am i still cant light them.

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Thank you I'll try the bunny hood!

Accepted Answer

HylianAngel answered:

There are torches on both the upper level and the lower level. Walk around the Goron Shrine (Goron City) and locate all of the torches to make sure that you won't miss any torches when lighting them all. After locating them all, use a Deku Stick and light it from one of the torches in the Elder's son's room. Then remember the locations of all the torches and run like heck. Try to light them in a orderly fashion. What will really help is the Bunny Hood. It will increase your agility about two or three-fold, which will help you light all of the torches before time runs out.

To get the Bunny Hood, you need to help Grog at Romani Ranch. He is in one of the buildings at the very far end of the ranch. He is the depressed guy surrounded by baby chicks who he will not live to see hatch. To help him out, you need to use the Bremen Mask and then use your ocarina around all of the chicks. Afterwards, you will receieve the Bunny Hood. To get the Bremen Mask though, you need to listen to Guru-guru's story. This is initiated by going into the Laundry Room of Clock Town on the first or second night. He will be sitting on the bench. Talk to him, and you will receieve the Bremen Mask. If you don't know where the Laundry Room is, it's connected to South Clock Town at the southern staircase next to a mailbox.
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