Question from noahdefer

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find hot springs?

I don't know where to find hot springs.

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From: Earth_Echidna 3 years ago

After getting the Lens of Truth in the Goron Village, turn them on and talk to the ghost. He'll lead you to his grave, but keep on the Lens. Play the Song of Healing for him and recieve the Goron's mask. After the cutscene, put on the Goron's mask, and from behind, pull the grave. A pool of hot water will appear from beneath. Bottle some of it.
Now go along the path to the Goron Village again. When you see the block of ice there, pour the water (if its still hot) onto it. The water will melt, and you'll find the second-and-final pool of hot water.

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