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How do you beat the running guy in gerudo's valley as adult link?

there is a guy in the tent in gerudos valley that challenges you to beat his record of 02:45, but everytime I try to beat his record he gets there 1 second sooner, is there anyway to beat him, or am I just wasting my time?

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NintendoBoy259 answered:

You cannot beat the running man. It's been a "controversy" for a very long time. The game is programmed to have him beat you by one second, always. Hackers have even frozen the timer at 0:00, and he beats you by -:01. Any YouTube videos or stories about people beating him are entirely fabricated. Mr. Miyamoto, the creator of the game, has stated that he exists only to help the player learn to move around faster.
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Solus answered:

Unfortunately you cannot, he will always better your time by 1 second.
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SnuffimabobIII answered:

You can't. Period. Sure, there are people who claim to have beaten him, but they're the same guys who will swear to you that they REALLY found the Triforce... and that Stop n Swop actually exists in Banjo Kazooie (the N64 version)... and that you can kill the Star Destroyer in Shadows of the Empire... to sum it up, they are liars who try to sound cool by saying that they were the first to do something that Word of God said was impossible (because we all know that the creators of the games are out to get us by providing false info to stop us from getting items in video games).
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