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Where are all of the great fairies?

Where are all of the great fairy fountains in the game, and what do i need for each one??

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megamachopop answered:

Top of Death Mountain (Spin Attack) - At the top of Death Mountain blow up the different looking wall to find it.
Castle Grounds (Din's Fire) - Need bombs to blow up a rock to reveal a little hole to crawl through.
Area behind Zora's Domain (Farore's Wind) - Head to the top right area and use bombs to blow up a wall.
Area outside Spirit Temple (Nayru's Love) - Right when you enter the area after the sandstorm part turn right and blow up the cracked wall.
Death Mountain Crater (Double Magic Meter) - Climb up a bit from the Bolero of Fire warp location and you should find some boulders blocking an entrance. Blow them up to find it.
Outside Ganon's Tower (Defense upgrade) - After you've obtained the Gold Gauntlets head to the right of the tower and you should find a giant rock. Pull it up to reveal the entrance.

I hope this helped. And sorry if you don't get some I'm bad with names of areas.
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