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How do you get all the spells?

The grat fairys?

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Aeres116699 answered:

Din's Fire: This is required to complete the game. Once you've gotten Magic Power from the Great Fairy on top of Death Mountain, go to the Castle Town, and from there, to Hyrule Castle. There's a dead end around there with a boulder sitting in it. Bomb the boulder and you'll find the Great Fairy of Power, who will give you Din's Fire.

Farore's Wind: In my opinion, the least useful of the spells. You can get this at any time once you have access to Jabu-Jabu. On the far side of the Zora's Fountain, there's a cave with a few boulders blocking the entrance. Bomb the boulders, and you'll find the Great Fairy of Courage who grants you the spell.

Nayru's Love: You can't get this until you have access to the Spirit Temple. I'll assume you start looking as soon as you walk into the Desert Colossus (the area of desert around the entrance to the Spirit Temple). As soon as you enter the Colossus, head to the right, and walk along the rock wall. You should eventually see a crack in the wall. Bomb the crack and find the Great Fairy of Wisdom, who gives you Nayru's Love.

Din's Fire will emit a wall of flame inh all directions. Useful for attacking monsters weak to fire and solving a few puzzles.
Farore's Wind is like the Oocoo item in Twilight Princess, meaning that it will enable you to make a warp point inside any dungeon; if you leave the dungeon with the warp point created, use the Wind again to go back to that spot. Not too useful, as most dungeons generally are short enough to complete in one sitting.

Nayru's Love will make you invulerable to all damage for about a minute. Quite useful for fighting Iron Knuckles or Stalfos, although it costs lots of magic. Note that while you cannot take damage from enemy attacks, you WILL still be knocked back from attacks.
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TyVulpine answered:

There's also a Great Fairy outside Ganon's Keep (same location as the one that has Din's Fire, but in the future) that doubles your heart power (if you have 20 hearts, it'll be the same as having 40) but you can't access it until you get the Gold power golves from Ganon's Keep.
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