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Where can I find the ice arrow?

Also where can I get the fire arrow and the last magic spell I have the fire and the wind 1 I ju ss need 1 one

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XTApocalypse answered:

The Fire Arrows can be obtained by shooting an arrow into the sun from the plaque on the last of the bridged islands in Lake Hylia. However, you have to shoot the sun as it's rising, and only after you've completed the Water Temple... use the Sun's Song to make things easier.

The Ice Arrows are the reward for completing the Gerudo Training Ground mini-dungeon.

Nayru's Love, the last of the three spells, is given to you by a Great Fairy living in the Desert Colossus. If you look to the right from the entrance (or follow the wall behind you to the left from where the Requiem of Spirit teleports you) you should see two palm trees marking the entrance to the fountain. Blow up the wall with a bomb to reveal the entrance.
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mradonis92 answered:

The ice arrow is in a treasure chest which you get after completing the gerudo trading ground. the fire arrow is obtainable by shooting the sun in lake hylia with a regular arrow. the last magic spell is in the dessert near the spirit temple. there will be a spot along the wall that you can blow up with a bomb and through that whole is the fairy's fountain with the final spell. hope that helps
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pro_gamer19 answered:

Ice Arrow: Gerudo Training Ground chest.

Fire Arrow: Shoot the Sun with an arrow at Lake Hylia from the plaque next to the medallion platform when it is morning (shouldnt matter if you dont do it RIGHT after the Water Temple, so dont stress about that.)

Magic Spell: for Nayru's Love, go to the Desert Colossus, and blow up the crack in the wall

Hope this helps.
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