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Where can I find all four empty bottles?

Where can ifind all of them?

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wingman1313 answered:

1. At kakariko village when you return all the cuccos to the pen ad the lady nearby gives it to you. 2. at lon lon ranch after talon returns from hyrule castle play the game to find the 3 super cuccos and he'll give you a bottle of lon lon milk and you keep the bottle. 3. at lake hylia near the water entrance to get to zora's domain, navi should fly near it when you get close. 4. catch 10big poes in the future and give it to the weird guy at the place where there was a guard and 4crates in the past
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redjoko answered:

Well you dont need to get the bottles but i found a cheat on here. go to a item you can put in a bottle right when you click c push start and click a item and you have a bottle as that item.
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