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Where is the old hag in the potion stop (mushroom)?

First, I'm playing on the VC.

I got Cojiro and took him to his owner, got the mushroom. Now when I take the mushroom to Kakariko, the person who needs it isn't there.

I've just completed the Fire Temple - do I just need to progress through the game more?

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123omegamk2 answered:

If it's day when you enter Kakariko Village, enter the potion shop next to the Bazaar and go through the back door. The hag is in the building behind it.
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Distant_Rainbow answered:

No, actually you can complete this sidequest even before you clear Forest Temple.

The hag is IIRC, behind the item shop. If you manage to go there you'll find a door; enter it to find a hag. Give her the mushroom to progress further on the sidequest.
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