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How do I get past ganon's castle spirit part?

i've tried almost everything I can think of but where is the light for the suns?

SpideyA provided additional details:

Do you know which wall or part it is?

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MaplePebble answered:

First, equip the fire arrows. When you reach the chamber with the four suns hanging on the wall, look up at the ceiling. There is a section in the middle of the ceiling that is blocked by ice. Unfreeze the ice with your fire arrows and a beam of light will appear.
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Distant_Rainbow answered:

If you look up the walls you'll notice that a certain part will look a bit different from the other parts. Release and detonate a Bombchu against that portion of the wall to reveal a beam of light. Then use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light into the sun symbols.

Be careful, though; there are several, and if you reflect light into the wrong symbol, you'll release a Wall Master into the room instead of opening up a passage.
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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Hmm... I can't EXACTLY remember since the last time I played this was ages ago... but I think it was one of the corners or something. Anyway, the top part of one of the walls.

Just look carefully. IIRC, the different part will be a slightly different color or bulging out or whatever; you can see where to use your Bombchu without too many problems.
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