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Notes to all the ocarina songs?

I would like a complete list of all the ocarina songs. It would be awesome if I could have them go on further than what you play. What I mean by that is, yo know how when you put the song in you can only put in 6 notes but the song keeps going to like 10. I would like all 10, or more if it has more. Thank you.

SgManiac1255 asked for clarification:

are you wanting acuall sheet music, or the notes for the orcarina in the game? some songs you cant play the full version in game you dont have that kind of range, but for actual music as MIDIs of most songs for most games and with fanally notepad 2008 or higher you can get the music for it

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cpleshek answered:

Here are the notes to the songs for the ocarina. L=Left R=Right U=Up D=Down A=A
Zelda's Lullaby- LURLUR
Saria's Song- DRLDRL
Epona's Song- ULRULR
Sun Song- RDURDU
Storm Song- ADUADU
Song Of Time- RADRAD
Prelude of Light- URURLU
Minuet Of The Forest- AULRLR
Bolero Of Fire- DADARDRD
Serenade Of Water- ADRRL
Nocturne Of Shadow- LRRALRD
Requiem Of Spirit- ADARDA
Scarecrow's Song- You make this song up yourself, to do so, go to Lake Hylia and talk to the scarecrow that let's you play songs to him. The easiest notes to do is LLUURRDD.

If any of these don't work, please e mail me at

P.S. You need to have learned the songs to play them.
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Smakit answered:

That seems to have sheet music to various songs if that is what you want.
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linkthetruehero answered:

go to Http:// and search for the item ocarina of time and you'll find all the songs
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f7ha5v18c9 answered:

if you're talking about the songs on the game.. I"m not sure if they'll work if you play them before you "get" sure to make the scarecrow song easy..
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requimofnight answered:

cpleshek is correct. Looks like all the songs are there also...

songs don't work unless you heard them in the game once already.
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