Question from Katchawav

How do you get the megatron hammer?

I have fallen in the hole endless times. Everytime I do make it to the top where the hammer is the timer goes off. Is there any secret to doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated....It's getting very frustrating.

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R351D3NT3V1L4 answered:

Run on the thin part. You should have enough time.
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Triforcelord25 answered:

I've found it helpful to to do the Water Temple first and get the Longshot and when close enough fire the Longshot.
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BluSpider93 answered:

Roll on the set of stairs in the center. Just make sure not to fall ;-D
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MaplePebble answered:

There are no secret techniques to passing this part, but I can offer a suggestion. Before stepping on the switch that temporarily shuts down the flames around the chest, try running up and down the stairs for practice. This way you can practice running up the stairs without feeling pressured by the timer. If ever you're about to fall off, slow down, reposition yourself, and then keep going. The staircase does get slightly wider as you near the end. When you think you've got it, press the switch. It's just a matter of patience, but you will get it.
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